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  1. I don't think there's a real page devoted to describing just one dress. Jordan had a thing for detailed descriptions of the way people dressed, though. Whatever you read was playing on that.
  2. The Aiel are probably better warriors but they are a force of irregulars who don't use channelers in battle. Seanchan are equipped with channeling power, the only force to do so. It's not that they have the best soldiers, it's their organizational structure that the Seanchan excel at. One united force.
  3. Just to comment on this. They don't have better channelers than everyone. They have better "battle weave" channelers which is merely one area of expertise. Its the only one that really matters. The others seem limited in there application, make ships move faster, see peoples dreams, heal people, linking. Only travelling is useful and that, frankly is easy to learn. So yes, they r being presented as better at everything. Its annoying. I agree, it makes no sense and is very annoying that an institution steeped in military tradition and has been training people to be used as weapons
  4. The Tower is in a bad state, and the Seanchan aren't planning a siege or capture or full assault of the Tower, but a raid with elite troops. I think we can discuss the specifics a bit more later.
  5. We're talking about technology on the level of the 1500s. They sailed across the ocean on thousands of Carracks, pretty much, at least that's what I deduced from the physical description of the boats. Thousands crossed the Aryth Ocean, and they've been recruiting from among the native population. With all the war and chaos you have a lot of people pushed off farms and looking for work, pay and food, and soldiering likely offers all of it. Plus they recruit women as well as men. And they're not just living off the land, they have political control over half of the continent, and a thousand year
  6. Jordan could have handled Aram, better. The kid felt lost since leaving his family and the Way of the Leaf, his life without purpose or meaning. He was constantly shadowing Perrin hoping to find something to believe in, but Perrin largely ignored him and felt uncomfortable around him. Without Perrin's attentions, Aram found Masema, and Masema had a strong set of beliefs that Aram latched onto. See, when summarized like that, it makes a lot of sense, but it all came out of the blue in the novel, and you have to piece together what happened afterwards. Much the same can be said about Ara
  7. I believe I was thirteen or fourteen, which would put it in 2000 or 2001. My dad suggested it to me, as he'd been reading it for years.
  8. If you're looking to make a thread for the main purpose of commenting on the books part by part, the blog is the way to go.
  9. 5'5" is actually around average for a woman, so take that as you will.
  10. Shaisam might make an interesting discussion, but perhaps "evil" is too broad a word. He's the Dark One, not the Evil One. Perhaps he's just the "darkness," and more specifically, the "darkness that exists in humankind." He doesn't necessarily need to encompass all evil ever. The point is, we don't know all the rules or the limits, we just know that the Dark One is necessary for humans to... umm.... have a full range of choices. We'll phrase it that way.
  11. No it isn't. We already acknowledged that was not the trope we're talking about and that the similarities go far deeper than that.
  12. Sorry for the double post, but I don't know how to copy and paste quotes. The Dark One wanted to face his adversary. The Dark One didn't want to just "win" a conventional battle, he wanted to break humankind, particularly Rand. People uniting together against him actually seemed to have a small healing effect to his influence, too.
  13. The Sea Folk are very dark skinned. As has been said, so are some Seanchan cultures, though this wasn't elaborated upon (though Tuon herself has very dark brown skin). Taraboners actually seem to be quite Arab (and note: Tarabon), and Arad Doman seems to be Persian or Indian in parallel ethnicity (the capitol, Bandar Eban, has a name similar to many Arab/Persian cities, and some have noted that Domani is nearly an anagram of Indian). While I'm not saying it isn't a little tropey, Sharans are by far not the only examples of "brown people" in the novels, nor are all Sharans "brown people." A
  14. They aren't called by the Dark One. The Dark One isn't pulling people's strings. People are dynamic. They are push and pull. They have virtues and vices. The theme of the Wheel of Time has always been about balance. Men and women, saidin and saidar, and in the end, good and evil. The Dark One isn't some devil sitting on your shoulder, he's the manifestation of the dark part of human kind that's developed into an intelligence. There may be more to the metaphysics than RJ and Brandon ever explained, but I certainly see him as the source of that darkness in us, not a puppeteer or tempter (at leas
  15. As has been said, there are far more sul'dam than damane to start. Second, the Seanchan have only been on the continent a year, maybe a little more. I assume sul'dam need training, too. Even if women from 'Randland' have been pulled aside for training as sul'dam, it may be some time before they are in use.
  16. I don't remember exactly when, but a few years back a lot of "reaction" threads started cropping up. It started with just one, but others followed. We had numerous ones floating up and down the front page. That's when the rule started, or at least was brought to my attention. Barid Bel Medar is just taking preemptive action.
  17. Uh... no reason to spoil that yet, Casalein... it was just a bit of evidence, not a full reveal...
  18. Robert Jordan was very clear in that he did not want a shared world / expanded universe scenario with the Wheel of Time, and Harriet (editor, wife, and holder of the rights to the series) and the publisher have also made it clear they want to follow his wishes. It wasn't until just before his death that RJ decided he'd be comfortable with another author just finishing the series -- he originally claimed/joked that if he died before it was finished all the notes should be burned. I'm content with what we have.
  19. To elaborate, I may be able to lift Jim off the ground, and Jim can lift me off the ground, but we can't pick each other off the ground at the same time and just hover that way. In order to lift something, I need to be braced against something else by some force. Gravity's the obvious one, but Mr. Ares also pointed out when Lanfear and Rand pinned each other to the wall.
  20. Semirhage was a savant at Healing. Her skill at manipulating the human body and her morbid curiosity gave rise to other indulgences . . . Not all of the Forsaken had very applicable talents. Aginor was essentially without skills when thrown into a relatively primitive society. Asmodean's talent and interest was composing music. Balthamel was a historian and known womanizer. Graendal was essentially a first class psychologist/psychiatrist and renowned philanthropist whose developed a talent for compulsion. Mesaana was a decent administrator who coveted a research position. Ishamael was a philos
  21. But there's no evidence to think she had been spun out during this time period, or that she was anyone "special" to the plot if she had been.
  22. - Jordan made the decision of the True Nature of the DO. He said that straight out. He and Harriet rewrote and developed the battle the way it turned out, with the possible futures, etc. But the true key of the DO being needed for the world and Rand having to discover that and just restore the prison were Jordan's directive. Finally. That was clearly the case, in my view, but I remember some heated discussions over this and blaming Sanderson for coming up with the whole "paradox" of the Dark One being necessary and how it "didn't fit" anything Jordan had done before.
  23. There are limits to strength in the One Power. It's not potentially infinite.
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