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  1. I'm halfway through and enjoying myself. I think there's areas where his prose is fine. Then others where it's just awkward. I don't know how he manages to ruin perfectly good lines, especially in the prologue. Much of what Mr Ares said is right, though I'm not feeling any issues with pacing so far. I do love Sanderson's imagination. People mention it a lot with his magic system, but the settings he creates are pretty wonderful too. His imagination helps offset weaknesses in other areas. Some of his character interactions just feel fanciful and forced, though. Not all, but the style s
  2. Let me echo SamVines and also say I'm thankful that you shared your thoughts. I enjoyed your entries. Best of luck!
  3. As for the Seanchan, I think part of the point is that things aren't perfect, and aren't going to end perfectly. Also, Jordan had planned on writing a few "outriggers" that took place fifteen years later and seem like they would have heavily concerned the Seanchan Empire, Mat, and Perrin. Some have speculated that some of the issues people have may have been addressed then. Maybe not. We'll never know. Jordan only committed a two sentence pitch to paper about the idea. Everything else was in his head.
  4. The main plot could probably be condensed, but you'd have to cut out a lot of subplots and characters and parts of main plot. Simply cutting wouldn't be enough though, the entire thing would need to be rewritten.
  5. I think the Bubble of Evil was mainly a plot device to put off the trial and to try have the timeline make some sense. I agree with you on not needing to see Rand's epiphany again. I didn't even like the scene much myself. Apparently it's a favorite of many , though . . . I also agree with you on Egwene's bargain, though a lot of people dislike it, because they don't like Egwene playing the politician and trying to slowly unite all channelers under the White Tower.
  6. I think that may have been a simple matter of RJ adding some flavor to the reading experience, but you never know. I think the wounds in Rand's side are one of the things RJ would probably have thought of from the beginning.
  7. In addition to all that's been said, just because you're reading the series doesn't mean you've looked at the covers ahead of time or paid them more than a passing glance.
  8. Tywin is also a good politician and strategist. He builds alliances whether through political promotions or other types of bribes (money, marriages) or through fear. Stannis doesn't play politics, isn't interested in what those around him want (they are supposed to do their duty, the fact that they might want extra favors for services is alien to him). Stannis doesn't understand people. Tywin does. Think of all the perks Tywin gives to the Tyrells after they join him: a marriage to the king, a son in the Kingsguard, a number of promotions to the small council, etc... He makes Walder Frey Lord
  9. About a fourth of the way through my first reread I started switching over to the correct pronunciations.
  10. The series has always been about the necessity of balance. Whether the Dark One is the byproduct or root of evil in the Pattern we're familiar with, it's not clear. I've argued that he's the root. That doesn't mean I think he's actively pulling strings, but that the Wheel somehow draws on him in its weaving. Or maybe it's deeper than that, and it's not even the Pattern itself, but the make up of the souls. The Creator must, in return, be only good, unable to provide everything a soul needs to contain both light and dark from just himself. We've always thought of the Dark One as evil, but p
  11. The Bore isn't a hole. It's a bit of a misnomer. I prefer to think of the Pattern as a very big knitted blanked (or woven tapestry, if you prefer). The creation of the "Bore" was like stretching that knitting, putting strain on the threads, and loosening how the threads are woven together. Where before it was tight, now it's loose. The Pattern is the most "stretched out" at the Bore, but it exists across all of it. When the Pattern was tightly woven, the Dark One couldn't get his dirty little fingers through. Once the Pattern was "stretched out," the Dark One's able to get his fingers into the
  12. I'm not sure LTT was ever ta'veren. At the least, he was not anywhere close to the "strength" Rand is, and probably not even Artur Hawking. The Forsaken are completely unfamiliar with the concept of ta'veren in the Age of Legends. They note that sometimes LTT was considered lucky, but it's obvious they've never seen the type of Pattern warping they've encountered in the Third Age, and that perhaps explains some of their foolishness early on in trying to fight Rand one-to-one.
  13. I think Melisandre will see it that way. I'm not sure I'd say that Jon is Azor Ahai. Dany definitely is the strongest fulfillment of that prophecy. Part of me is open to the idea that Azor Ahai is about three people. Both Rhaegar and Maester Aemon insisted that the dragon must have three heads... Aemon said he'd go to Dany himself if he was in better condition. I'm not using the "dragon must have three heads" to say all three people have to marry each other, just that the prophecy is about three people born from Aerys' and Rhaella's line. Dany and Jon make the most sense for two of them... For
  14. Because if he is dead we know that 1) he is a warg and his soul will go into Ghost (see the prologue of Dance) and 2) there's a Red Priestess there who's about to see Jon Snow dead beneath a bleeding star (sigil of the guy who's getting flailed around) surrounded by smoke (from the fires) and salt (from the tears of the men stabbing him) after she's been shown Jon's face when seeking Azor Ahai in the flames. We weren't shown two different resurrections (Beric and Cat) for no reason. You got to establish the magic well ahead of time before you use it for a major plot point. Jon's oath to th
  15. Some people don't think that would have happened under Jordan, but turns of phrase and idioms are allowed under the Oath, the argument is that sarcasm is too.
  16. It's addressed in the series...
  17. RJ stated that the DO is aware of what the men channel because of the filter, and Aginor may have wanted to do some things without the DO peering over his shoulder.
  18. The goal is to cause chaos. If Elayne being alive is beneficial to civil war in Andor, it's good that she's alive. Once the civil war is over, though, her death would probably be beneficial. Maybe. It's all about whatever will keep the forces of Light in disarray and not working together. Let the Lord of Chaos rule.
  19. The Shadow didn't start the invasion until they failed with Rand at the end of tGS, it seems. Also, as for the length of Perrin/Elayne/Egwene's plot lines, I really attribute that to a "bottleneck" effect. There was so much going on at once (in some ways) that you could only progress very little in all the arcs in a book.
  20. Yeah. You answered your question. After death, he only has a small window if time to grab their thread before it is beyond his reach. Balefire means their thread isn't just cut, but burns a little bit backwards in time. It disappears before the DO is even aware they're dead. I think RJ originally planned for it to be permanent extinction, but changed his mind. He did clarify in an interview how it does work, which we've explained.
  21. Aran'gar's purpose was to be a plant among the rebels, likely organizing the Black Ajah there, sewing distrust, but ultimately ensuring that the rebels and the Tower went to war. Some suspect her of using light compulsion on Egwene.
  22. not so. all our information on the ageless look comes from first person POV's. So its all highly subjective to begin with, some inconsistencies are natural. (besides, what DOES the ageless look actually look like?) Botox.
  23. I believe Jordan was a little inconsistent in this matter.
  24. I'd think not, though Egwene may be close. Egwene was "forced" into developing faster than normal, so much so that even though her potential is the same as Elayne's and Avi's and LESS than Nynaeve, she and Nynaeve had comparable strength, at least for a time. Now I forget where I read that, but I picked it up on a reread.
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