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IWW - Red Ajah escape room game!


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Welcome to the Red Ajah's IWW Escape Room!


Do you have the skills to escape? Will you be stuck forever? Solve all the mini puzzles and collect the clues to solve the final puzzle to get the key to unlock the door. Fail to solve the riddles and be forever locked inside!



  • Enter the room and the door will be locked.
  • Each mini puzzle will unlock a clue for the final puzzle and your release.
  • Mini puzzles will be posted on Feb. 29th, March 2nd, and March 4th.
  • Answers for the mini puzzles must be PM'ed to the leader to receive the next clue.
  • Clues will be PMed.
  • You may work in groups or individually.
  • You may enter the game at any time.
  • Game will end on March 5th and all answers will be given.
  • The first person (or group) to PM the final answer to the leader will receive a winning signature!


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When you enter the room, your eyes first fall to a treasure chest sitting on the desk in the middle of the room.




You see the big lock on the front and try to see if it is unlocked. The lock has a letter combination on it with ten blank spaces. You need the key word to open the lock. The key word has ten letters.




As you are looking at the chest, you hear a bang behind you. You turn and see the door to the room has shut and just as you start toward the door you hear the lock click and realize you are stuck in this room.





**First clue up tomorrow!**

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Just as you are about to start screaming for someone to unlock the door, you see a mark light up in front of you. It is a glowing arrow, pointing you to a cabinet beside the door. A quick search through the drawers revels two lists.


Complete this matching game to receive your next clue!



A. Authored best seller book, It Takes a Village and Other Lessons Children Teach Us

B. Nobel prize winning scientist who discovered the element radium.

C. Pioneer of nursing and a reformer of hospital sanitation methods

D. Sewed the first American flag

E. Served a prison sentence in 2005. Her home product lines have been sold at Sears and Kmart.

F. A First Lady, served as American spokesman in the United Nations

G. Dedicated the majority of her life to helping the poor in India

H. Writer of the Battle Hymn of the Republic

I. Patriot activist for the American Revolution

J. Wrote many speeches for delivery by Susan B. Anthony

K. Wrote song America the Beautiful

L. Led the struggle for equal rights for women, including the right to vote


1. Florence Nightingale

2. Betsy Ross

3. Katharine Lee Bates

4. Martha Stewart

5. Madame Marie Curie

6. Susan B. Anthony

7. Eleanor Roosevelt

8. Julie Ward Howe

9. Mother Teresa

10. Hillary Rodham Clinton

11. Elizabeth Cady Stanton

12. Mercy Otis Warren


Remember to PM the answers!

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Keep those responses rolling in! Everyone if doing a wonderful job! 


You have completed the first task and have received the first clue! Congratulations! You are one step closer to escaping the room! As you read over your clue, another arrow appears in the air (Don't ask how, it just does) and points you to a picture on the wall. It's a crossword puzzle. Solve the puzzle to receive the next clue.





3 Argued men were also harmed by traditional gender roles

6 Number of countries where women are legally bound to obey their husband

8 US act which aims to help protect women against discrimination on the job

9 1990 band to introduce “girl Power”



1 Experienced by 99.3% of all women in Egypt

2 Number of countries which do not offer guaranteed maternity leave

4 First woman awarded the Nobel Peace Prize

5 The struggle to end sexist oppression

7 Women hold the two highest _______ ever recorded. 

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One step closer and one last mini puzzle. The arrow appears again and this time you are directed to a piece of paper beside the treasure box (What? You didn't see the piece of paper before?). This paper is a check list.


Blue Ajah

White Ajah

Green Ajah

Red Ajah

Brown Ajah

Gray Ajah

Yellow Ajah



In this task you must bring back a piece of information about any female member of each Ajah and any female of the Warders. Please find this info in a thread. Do not PM the ladies. Bonus points if you post in that thread about the IWW! Pm this info for your final clue!


Final mini puzzle and final answer must be PM. First to PM the answer to the final puzzle wins! Winners will be announce tomorrow! Get your answer in quickly!

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