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Hmmmm, where to start?

Well I did Rp'ing before over in brokenworld and was a mod there aswell before times got tough.




Well I'm a college student studying Graphic Design in Ireland *please don't request for me to say 'where's me lucky charms'*

I've rp'ed for about 2 years before taking a year break and starting again.


I'll more than likely continue some of my old characters here and run them in and out of each others stories as I have a habit of doing.

The two main ones would be Gabriel and Vaken *New character actually*

Two opposites. I have a picture drawn depicting Gabriel...



Unfortunately I've yet to draw a new picture of him so this one contains his bonded aswell from previous rps.



Unfortunately, this place is like a maze to me so I've no idea of where to look for the rules or anything else so some help would be appreciated.


Not sure what else to say here except I can do sigs but prefer to do stuble ones as you can see from viewing here... http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v642/Salaas/Sigs/

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Well what divisions are there?


I actually have no idea about anything here. couldn't even find the history of the world your playing in and recent events so I don't know if the Asha'man are there or not or they have to work with the Taint.


I'd proberly lean towards the Asha'man or other male Channelors

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The current timeline is set around 999 NE. The Black Tower exists and works in collusion with the other Dragonsworn forces such as the Band of the Red Hand, the Wolfkin and the Aiel. Asha'man still have to deal with the Taint and will do so for the foreseeable future. If you look at the bottom set of boards on the main index you'll see our Divisions - White Tower, Warders, Black Tower, etc. :)

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Hello and welcome, Salaas :)


I am a totaly newbie to the RP stuff myself... so I am totally impressed by all the questions you are asking, lol... sounds like you know your stuff 8)


Ceck out the info thread




for some of the other things here. If you are into graphics and sig making, try out the Illuminators Org.


And check out the Meets Board... for this summers London Meet!!

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Lol cheers, I just remembered some points that ppl used to ask at boards that I admined and added questions that are obvious but ppl forget to say.



London eh?


anyone else from Ireland?


Also what characters do you have?


And the illuminators will proberly be alot better than me, I've not been drawing properly in a long time and a bit rusty, I'll try and do a good picture for my sig though.. :D


Also a warning, sometimes in a Rp I would get the habit of drawing a key scene for more effect at times.


Blame my creating several comics. lol

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The Illuminators are basically all about creativity... from sig making to writing, painting and music... there is bound to be stuff you like...


Don't think anyone from Ireland at the moment... few of us from the South-West of the UK, a Norwegian and a couple from elsewhere in the UK that are confirmed already... though quite a few others that are hoping to come and some that will be attending part-time.


I only have one character at the moment, I mean I literally have just started... check out the Cairhien rebellion on the Freelanders Div boards. Could do with a few more people coming in on that! Fancy creating a character to be killed off soon? Looking for a few of those, too *g*

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cool, lol


Also Corki, if you take away the i you got my home county of Cork. I live just outside of the city so would be close to the 'sticks' in a sense.


Hmmm.. I'm working towards make a Asha'man and later on a dreadlord who likes to go rogue a bit.

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Nice part of the world, Salaas :)


Visited that part of Ireland a few years ago... had a great time... even if the weather was as wet as Devon is at the moment *g*

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Corki...tut tut...BATH...best not say that too loudly not doing so good :oops:


Welcome Salaas, Don't worry about not having much experience in the drawing front fo the Illuminators. We love people of all levels from those that want to learn to some that have been doing things for years...It also incorporates all kinds of art forms and from looking at you sig site they are a lot better than mine so you'll be more than welcome.


Good luck with the RP side.

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Coolio, and don't worry the team will be ready for their matches.


The Ireland France game had us robbed when the Ref disallowed the tocuhdown. To leave it go on til the guy had scored and was trotting back before saying it wasn't allowed was pure crap.


And Lol t'was lashing rain here for the last couple of days, light flooding happening but then what can you expect from a City buit on a couple of islands in the middle of a bog?


Tessa, I'm exploring trying out new styles atm but if you want to see some of the stuff I'm actually put up onto the net *still alot of stuff to still put up actually* Visit my account here.



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Sweet... Trying to think of what to do for it though...

I cna either do drawings or photography or something odd....


If I dye my hair and curl it I can do a Rand impression fairly well considering I'm of the same build... hee hee


Also looking at the pictures thread and wondering will I hold off showing a pic.


Could post this though.... :D



Hee hee

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yeah, go and post a pic, give Dude and Ozzie a run for their money *g*...


...or... maybe you aren't talking about the post you pic thread on the general discussions board? :roll:


The siluette would make a good Avi :)

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Ahh talking about the post your pic thread alright.

They have it spammed with their mugs.


I could post various versions of me since I changed my hairstyle for a while when in america.


Am tempted to mess around and make a special picture but want it to work correctly so might take some effort..


and Gah!

3 ppls birthdays tomorrow night!

One surprise, one 21st and one 25th...

So confused but since I said I'd help with the surprise will go to that and try to visit the others later.

I wish I knew how to do that TRavelling weave, would be handy...

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