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hi all

Phiotr AlManera

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Just registered yesterday

I am a long time reader of the series and I absolutly adore it. Read books 1-11 and the prologue (a couple of times ). Haven't read "The World of Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time" yet though but I'm really, really, really looking forward to it, especially since book 12 won't be out soon.

Get well soon RJ!!

I am a bit intimitated by the forum. I know RJ writes thick volumes but...

How the **** am I to read all of this? Are there summary's available? javascript:emoticon(':wink:')


You will be hearing of me again



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Guest Barmacral

Welcome to Dragonmount, please note that some crazies *cough*emperor*cough* will come and welcome you in in their own strange fashion. Please don't be scared off by them, they all mean for the best.


And just a side note here, "The world of Robert Jordan's Wheel of time" is referred to here as the BWB (big white book) and it is not a perfect source of information.


In any case, enjoy your stay here, and if you are into world building, check out the world building thread in the Illuminators Org!



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LOL... Hi Ph'iotr, good to see you :)


If you have a look at the info thread here on the Newbie Board, it will give you a lot of hints and tips about the forum.


One thing I found through joining DM were a lot of WoT reference sites. This one is my favourite: http://www.encyclopaedia-wot.org/


Shout, if you need help :)

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Guest Emperor

Great I have a reputation now for scaring newbies.


Hi newbie. Your name gives me a headache... wait... that is from Raena's sig.... but I feel like some illiterate fool when I try to read your name. So I am going to call you Sally for now.


Welcome Sally to DM. Check out all the orgs at least once to see where you might fit in. You can find a home anywhere at DM. I will say, without bias, that the Seanchan org is where it is at.


Saaaalllllllyyyy Sallllyyy Crocket....

something, something....errr...something!!!!

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Welcome.... eh I'll just call ya Phi. Cause it sound like Pie and who doesn't love pie?


Eh hem.... anyways... uh.... If you need to have a fun time and be spontaneousley random and jsut type the first thing that come to your mind even if it has nothing to do with the topic.... Fidlesticks is your place! We also play a Werewolf/Mafia game that is fun!


Welcome Indeed.

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I would suggest that you drag the person in question across to Fiddlesticks where there has been a duel or two in the past and you'll get a constant stream of popcorn eating, encouragement shouting bystanders :D

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