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The eye of the world - numbers in footnotes?

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I have just finished rereading the series but i didn't get to read teotw. Finally got my hands on a copy today and i noticed some little footnotes, one example being on page 103, at the end of Chapter 7 (Out of the woods). Now at 1st i thought they might be regarding to prophecies or some such, but i have no idea. Oh, and my copy of teotw is the 1991 orbit version, with Moiraine and Lan riding in front of a full moon on the cover.

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It says "E.O.T.W - 6" in the 1st, "E.O.T.W - 7" in the 2nd (on page 127), however the 3rd is on page 223 and says "E.O.T.W - 11". Footnotes is probably not the right word, but do these "numbers" have any significance?

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hmm.... I have more than one copy but the one that I am looking at right now doesn't have those. Is there anything in the text, like an asterik or something that tells you to look at the foot note?


I might be able to track down my other copies to see if they have them in it.

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