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  1. Yeah the amount of times I have thought "if only i could channel..." :P
  2. It says "E.O.T.W - 6" in the 1st, "E.O.T.W - 7" in the 2nd (on page 127), however the 3rd is on page 223 and says "E.O.T.W - 11". Footnotes is probably not the right word, but do these "numbers" have any significance?
  3. I have just finished rereading the series but i didn't get to read teotw. Finally got my hands on a copy today and i noticed some little footnotes, one example being on page 103, at the end of Chapter 7 (Out of the woods). Now at 1st i thought they might be regarding to prophecies or some such, but i have no idea. Oh, and my copy of teotw is the 1991 orbit version, with Moiraine and Lan riding in front of a full moon on the cover.
  4. I read through until the end of the 7th book saying "eh's saideye", and all the other common mistakes. But when i couldn't find the 8th book anywhere, i got the audio books. Listening to the whole 8th book and then basically whenever i went walking to where i was up to in the series (still do actually, great way to re-read :D) and now I'm halfway through LOC again, but i pronounce all of them like the audio books do - correctly. If you want to change the way you say it in your head read it out loud the way you want to hear it a few times, it's the best way to convert.
  5. It was Colonel Mustard in the Wine Cellar with the Candle.
  6. That was a really helpful image, Kocisz :) Thanks for all the replies, such a small detail in the WoT but now its so much clearer visualising the scenes with them in their shifts :lol:
  7. I've almost finished reading the WoT for the second time, and one constantly mentioned thing is a shift. Ive always pictured it as something like a one piece bra + panties, but i honestly have no idea. Anyone care to clarify?
  8. Rand and Galad - will Galad as a whitecloak accept him as a half brother or a channeler? Elayne and Morgase, and on the same note Suian and Moiraine.
  9. Singing hobo i have books 1-10 and new spring in .mp3 format. It was in a torrent which is like 8.5 gigabytes, ill try find the link and post it. [EDIT] http://www.torrentz.com/torrent_262761.html that has all of em, each part is about 40 minutes long but new spring is about an hour 10 If anyone hasnt tried this its awesome for walking the dog with an iPod, really good voice acting and a male for the male perspectives, female for female.
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