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  1. They sound like printers' marks. If so they don't have any significance to the story, they just help the publisher bind the book correctly.
  2. I hate to say this, but 3% of 20,000 is 600 not 60. So about 300 women. It is my opinion that 300 female channelers couldn't be part of the same group without some level of organisation.
  3. I understood that this was a problem that always happens with the OP. If you learn a weave one way (say as a childhood trick) it is always much more difficult for you to make the weave again using a different method (or without using your hands, or whatever). This is why Avi has so much trouble with gateways, it's a slightly different weave to here instinctive one. In general, I consider things like Travelling and Healing to not be proper Talents as they're just weaves, whereas things like Dreamwalking, Foretelling , seeing ta'veren and such which are not so mush related to the OP as Talents. I do remember that AS talk about Healing being a Talent, but I feel it's likely that they have their terms mixed up because they're too focussed on the OP as the only possible source of "supernatural" powers.
  4. The ageless look disappears instantly (or close to it)... remember Siuan and Leane, nobody could recognise them later the same day.
  5. Really? I always just assumed that this was obviously the case. The timing would be about right. Also, it's not that lame, really. The twins that herald the new age do have to be born, so they're not likely to be participating in the Last Battle anyway. They may as well be born to someone we know, otherwise a new character would have to be introduced to give birth to them.
  6. It might be that the Taint behaves differently to the True Source because the Dark One hasn't given permission to use it. This could explain the repulsive feeling of the Taint while letting it still be the True Source. Not saying this is what i really think (i'm not one to commit to opinions that i'm not sure are right), i just thought of it.
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