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Anyone want a 3D Picture of their Character?

Jagen Sedai

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First, I hope I posted this in the right place, since I'm not talking about siggies, but more like portrait pictures.


I do 3D art and I'm getting more and more into WoT fan art, but instead of doing random characters, I think it'd be better if I had characters to work from. For example, I would love to do a picture of a Green and her Warder, but I want her to have a personality and back story.


I will add that, though I am making this offer, it depends on the volume of request if or when I would get around to doing your character. Normally I charge for such things, but in this case I want to do some freelance work for fun and for practice.


That being said, if you'd like a portrait, please link your character's biography so I can get a physical description, and a personality description at once.


Oh, and here is a link to my gallery so you can get an idea of my work: http://drowelfmorwen.deviantart.com/gallery/


Thanks :D

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Neato! What program do you use to create these?

I used to do a bit of 3D animating and modeling myself back in highschool, but those are of course bygone days.


If you're not terribly busy, do you mind doing my Blue Aes Sedai character, Ellisha?

Here's her Bio.


She's a bit wild, doesn't obey the rules (even after she attained the shawl), and will most likely be wearing a lopsided grin or a scowl.

Heck, I'll even attach my Accepted quiz answers if you feel like you need a bit more to go on. Her age should be around 35.



2.1 What kind of a woman was your character when she was enrolled as a novice and what kind of woman is she now?

Ellisha came to the White Tower as an oddball. Just past her seventeenth birthday, the Aes Sedais had found her in the middle of her teenage adolescence. She was resistant to the teachings of the White Tower, and it was only after many years (and critical events happening in her life) that she slowly allowed the lessons to sink into her personality. Ellisha has always been a very headstrong woman; refusing to obey direct orders, hating authoritative figures, and generally refusing to be pushed in any way. She was cynical, distrusting and arrogant in many ways, and even to a certain extent, liked watching others suffer for her own amusement. She simply refused to be outplayed.

She is much more in control of her outward emotions now, though in truth, that same cynic is only a skin deep away. Her headstrong personality is now also complimented by a newfound sense of ruthlessness. Due to her goal and the pressures associated with a life working in fear, she has been able to fuel elements of her old personality into a new one – one with very little pity, or sense of morality. By fighting the shadow, Ellisha has been forced to allow her soul to be partly corrupted by the darkness itself. She kills without thinking twice, and usually feels no guilt about it afterwards. To her, the Game of Houses will become all; and at the end, the destruction of the Black Ajah.


2.2 What have been the most important, defining events in her life and how have they changed her?

Ellisha’s life prior to her becoming an initiate at the White Tower revolved around the sea. Her most critically defining moment had been when she was given command of her own ship, and earned the respect of her crew.

Coming to the White Tower had been a hard experience for her, not only was she forced to give up her old life, she also found herself in a place full of people she loathed. Despite the White Tower’s best efforts, Ellisha had been able to resist their teachings right into Acceptedhood. Yet with her entrance into the Three Arches, something… snapped inside her. Her test inside the Three Arches, though ultimately triumphant in the end, left certain scars on her sanity. Memories of what happened in the Ter’Angreal had been vague, but Ellisha soon found her outlook on life take a much darker turning.

Aril Corland, her one and only friend in the Tower would be one of the only redeeming factors about her life as an initiate. The other woman had helped her come to terms with her own mental condition, and on several occasions, is the one who added sanity back into Ellisha’s life. Aril’s death however was a blow that Ellisha knew she would never recover from. Her friend’s death is the second snapping of Ellisha’s conscience, and is the reason she has been able to channel all her energy to her single minded purpose.  

2.3 What are your character’s weaknesses? Strengths? What is her inner struggle? What is her philosophy of life?

Ellisha is insane; that is both a strength and weakness. She understands her insanity quite well and through years of training in the White Tower, is able to mask it from the common eye. She is passionate to the point of fanaticism, manipulative and sly, ruthlessness and blood thirsty. She is a very dangerous individual, and a force to be reckoned with not just because of her skill in the One Power, but also because of who she is – what she represents.

She could endure things that would shatter others; for how could one be driven mad, if they were already insane?  Yet though her heart might be tainted by the dark, her soul remains true to the light; deep down, there is still a grain of good inside. Ellisha sometimes long for the things that she herself has denied. Often she will stare out into the distance and wonder where her life would lead; where trust, friendship, laughter, music, and… love, could blossom.


2.4 What Three words best describe your character’s personality?

Fanatic, ruthless, innocent

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I think it'd be better if I had characters to work from. For example, I would love to do a picture of a Green and her Warder, but I want her to have a personality and back story.

WEll if you want one I volunteer *laughs* I can send you my Taia and Reki's bios. 

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Sure, Rasheta, thanks :)

:) Taia: http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/63199-white-tower-bio-for-taia-misna-ccd-by-freelanders/

Reki: http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/64116-approved-warders-bio-for-rekinu-alasayaar-ccd-by-freelanders/ (He's 21 now so he's a bit older and more traveled then his bio states. He just didn't/hasn't updated his bio. LOL) 

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Looks great so far! If it's not too much trouble, maybe less embroidery on the dress. And the shawl should just be plain fabric with white trimmings perhaps. She's the rowdy travel worn type after all.

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Updated: I changed the dress--I don't have many plain textures and I didn't want it to blend with her plain shawl, so I chose something as subtle as I could. Embroidered wool, perhaps :) The shawl I left plain this time but added blue fringe, and also a One Power effect.



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It's DAZ Studio :D


Do you like the final picture? If so, I'll call it done~


And you can use it as you like, make a sigg, etc... ^^




Rasheta, I will have a picture for you too, soon.

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