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I Am Sort of New and Need A Little Help

Lady Saravhem

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HELLO EVERYBODY!! I enjoy the site I really do. I've read the books many times. and they are in a sad state. I always have trouble with binding, and think Tor should be spelled Tore.


:oops: Look I'm embaressed to say it but, I get real confused when you guys try to explain about sigs and avatars. How do I get them? Ask for them you say. But ask who, and is there a cost? What do I ask them? Where are these ppl and who are these ppl I'm suppose to ask? How do they know what to make? HELP ME I AM SO CONFUSED? I hate to sound stupid, but this is all new to me. Tell me what to do step by step in regular english. Tech stuff really confuses me. Poetry, History, and Philosphy and Mythology I can handle some what but, stuff like this flies right over me. This is the first time in many years that I have spent much time on the net and things have changed so much. I will appreciate any and all advice and assistence give to me. Thank you so very much for your time.

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Welcome to DM!


As for a siggy and avatar, there is a selection of avatars in the "Edit your profile" section. However, you can go down to the Siggy Request thread (underneath the Illuminators ORG), and you can post in there saying what exactly you want for both your siggy and avatra should you not like the current set of avatars. Then one of the siggy makers will follow your instructions, and have a go at designing something for you. There is no cost, but you could pop by the Band of the Red Hand ORG for a Brew along the way. ;)


A couple of tips.

- Avoid Empy. He keeps forgetting to take his medicine, and is quite delirious at the moment.

- And ask Egwene any question you like. She likes such things.

- Oh, and Raena will muddle your brain with her siggy.



Apart from that, may you have a great time here at DM!

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Hello Lady S :D


How is the hunt for a sig coming along? Have you been to the sig request board yet? You'll find several sigs up for auction there... all that is required is for you to post a number between 1-500 for whichever ones you like, and if your number comes up, the sig is yours :)

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:shock: what gave her that impression?? :?


You add the url to you profile... though don't worry... the sig makers will explain it to you step by step once you have your sig :wink:

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