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The First Age Planning/Bios etc


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The premise for this story is an offshoot of The First Age.  Game world assumptions differing from the First Age is as follows:






2050 Moscow, Russia, DI  (this is 5 years after the start of the first age cannon.  Nothing here affects game there, this is our own little world.  If you want to do more in this world check out the First Age.









Characters Playing:



Nox Durante - Atharim/Channeler (played by Matalina)



Emily Shale-Vanders - Channeler (played by WolfBrotherKronos)


Jared Vanders - Channeler(played by WolfBrotherKronos)


Barry Silas Gordan - Wolfkin (played by seph)


Dorian Vega - Atharim (played by Matalina)


Slade Cross - Atharim (played by Zander)




(PM me character names - bios not required)


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Barry Gordon
age: 23
Birthdate: Jan 30 2027
powers&amp: wolfkin

Psychological description
Barry is outgoing, he usually acts before he thinks. He usually makes friends wherever he goes. Barry will always try to help those in need. not just because he can, because he wants to.

Physical description:
Barry is 6'4 with a average build. He is 210 pounds and wears green contacts to cover up his yellow eyes. He does not even look intimidating, but when in a rough situation he is reliable.

Barry couldn't remember much of his childhood, he had vague memories of running and playing with his mother, and even Jeffrey at times. The thing he did remember was the pain of his father never being around. Kenneth accepted a role into the CCD government when he was a young child, he had developed a security system that was used by most of the CCD. However it was against the wishes of his mother because she knew it would hurt their son.
Barry knew even as a kid his father loved him, he told Barry whenever he did get a chance. however there was always going to be a hole that no one could fill. Barry missed his father, longed for him.

As Barry turned 11 he began to act out. He inherited his intelligence from his father, because Barry would go around inserting little viruses into various things, causing all sorts of trouble for Jeffrey and the IT fellows working for him. Barry was acting out because he had no idea what to do. He lost his mother a year ago to a sickness, Julie had been his rock, and without her it felt like he was sinking, no matter how hard he stuggled, nothing would ever get better.

Over the next few years Jeffrey became his best friend. He taught Barry when he could, but mostly he learned from the best money could buy. Barry wasn't allowed public schools. He had tutors which were the best in their respected fields.
Jeffrey eventually took over as the head of operations while kenneth was gone. Git started to develop new technology under Jeffrey. alot of it seemed like ordinary everyday gadgets, or survival gear to Barry. He thought, no he knew he could make something to follow in his father legacy, to surpass him. He would become a greater, and a better man than his father had been.

In a way Jeffrey was the male figure in his life, Barry looked up to him.... That made his decision that much harder. One day Barry came to Jeffrey stating that he was a adult now. A mere 15 years old, and he should be allowed to work for the company. Stating that he was more intelligent than most of the employees at GIT. However true that may be Barry, Jeffrey stated that his father had left instuctions for him to be sent to Milton prep before he turned 16 to prepare him for his future.. He would be sent there to learn various skills. leadership, combat, technical, and others as well. Although it wasn't Jeffrey's idea Barry had hated him for it, every time he gets close to someone they hurt him.

Barry arrived at Milton prep nervous and shaking. He had never had to function around this many people at once. There were hundreds at GIT, but this was the largest military schools in the nation. signing up for classes his advisers set him up with a guide, a sophomore at the school to show him around campus. Warner was his name, and through the next few years he became Barry's best friend. He was completely different than barry however, the man loved adventure and always seemed to get Barry in trouble. Although Barry never said no. Warner was also the one that introduced Barry to the art of sword fighting. It had started with a fencing class, and turned into not only a hobby, but something he loved.

Barry had never beaten warner, but he had given Barry praise on how quickly he learned. what took most people a year took him only 6 months. Unfortunately Warner was graduating this year and headed into the world of politics. He said its nice to have a military background. Graduation came and went, even without Warren there he practiced his sword, as much as he did his other work. Hardly leaving time for much else.

The next year Barrys graduation came, he was extremely excited to see Jeffrey again, he looked distraught and for some reason barry could tell he was worried. He smelled??? Barry stopped thinking about it once warnen walked up. "Didn't think I would miss this did you? :
He said tilting his head back and chuckling. "Sorry to interrupt" Jeffrey said, "but this came from your father". This was the first letter he had gotten in a year. Excited Barry ripped open the letter, but his smile soon faded and slowly a few tears rolled down his face.

Barry I am writing to you today from a bed at the regional hospital. I am sorry I have never
told you sooner but I was diagnosed with cancer. I was hoping to make it your graduation and spend
time with you finally as I retired a few days ago. I regret to inform you that By the time you read
this, i will most likely not be in this world any longer. Before I go, I wanted to let you know how much
I love you son, and I am sorry for not having said it enough, being around for all your birthdays,
or teaching you how to handle women. I apologize that I put work before my son, but know this I have had
a new photo placed in my wallet each year to keep me reminded. Happiness cannot be found with money, and
if you find do not push it away like I did. You and your mother were my world. I am sorry I did not provide
the world for you. Please I ask of you to take control of my company, and with Jeffrey change this world for
the better and do not repeat my mistake. I always have and always will love you my son.

Warner grabbed his shoulder as if he could tell im sorry he said... He looked at Jeffrey, "if you don't mind can i borrow him." He took him to the first place they became friends. the fencing yard. Barry he said, I do not know
what that note said, but I have a idea. I have more faith in you than you know. "Life is always going to hand us situations some good, some bad, and some that are uncomprehendable. It is how you react to the situations that makes you who you are Barry, you are my friend and nothing will change that."

Warner threw a practice sword at Barry. " you always did talk better while fighting"
"Let me see how much you improved".

As soon as Barry caught the sword he went after Warner with a flurry of strikes, left, right, left, left, but he blocked each as easily as the next. Barry went to strike over head when Warner stopped him before he could start the motion. " if you are going to fight me with emotion like that, you will lose" as he punched him in the stomach Barry folded over as his breath escaped him. Trying to catch his breath he backed away and sought to find the calmness that Warner had taught him long ago. It was harder to find than ever before, but this time when he found it, everything seemed a little different. He could notice things he hadn't seen before, and his hearing improved slightly, Barry could hear warner's footsteps as if he was walking right by his head.

Before he got to comfortable Warner leaped at him, it looked as if he ran but he never seemed out of his stance. He was able to block every strike but the last as he brushed his cheek with the practice sword." I will not hold back any longer". Barry had to focus even harder as Warner's strikes kept coming. It seemed strange but as the fight went on he could see the swords pattern more clearly, see where Warner wanted to strike. Not that it helped him that much, Warner was still in a league of his own. Barry parried his last strike and went to the offensive, not letting Warner do anything but defend. each strike was getting faster and more precise. The calmness that he had found was begging to shake there was a pressure inside his head. As if it was going to explode, his eyes were getting hazy but he had to keep fighting, to show Warner he deserved his respect he had given him.

At last everything came to a haul, and there he was laying on his back with a imprint of a practice sword on his forehead. Warner lay across on the other side on his back panting. If it wasn't him then what.... as he looked up Jeffrey was there sword in hand, if he hadn't stepped in Barry would have thrust the sword into his friends neck. " I don't remember what happened," I'm really sorry Warner"! Warner had tripped over a board laying there and fallen backwards. luckily had not seen Barry attempt to kill him before Jeffrey stepped in.

Jeffrey " I think its time to say our goodbyes. I will wait outside"
Barry " It was a technicality I didn't deserve it.
Warner" In a fight there is a winner and a loser, what determined it does not matter"

Barry you Arr my brother, promise to keep in touch. Warner agreed as both men turned away to start their lives in a separate direction.

Barry and Jeffrey arrived at the mansion when inside Jeffrey said" I think its about time we had a talk" has anything happened like today, or anything strangely cant explain:?

Barry told Jeffrey about all the effects that had been happening from voices in a low volume , to his dreams, to his nightmares. That was the only time I have ever lost any control though.

Jeffrey" good good I think we will have time. You see your father worked with the atharim. He developed weapons gadgets and anything that that were of use to them, you see he did this before he developed GIT security systems . It was all for you Barry"

Over the next few years Jeffrey had helped him control his inner beast. It was hell learning, trying to keep it from taking over.  He felt there was so much to understand still, and so many secrets he still did not know. One thing was sure, he did not know if he would ever fully control it! Jeffrey developed a serum, which seemed to calm it. Kind of like a tranquilizer for his beast half. This helped him learn to control it until his  training had a bye product of golden eyes and heightened senses. He only used the serum now when he was sleeping, because the dreams were to much for him, heck he didn't even understand any of them. Occasionally when barry became to flustered or didn't know what to do the serum was need. so it was best to always keep a little with him.

All that was left is to start his life over, hiding in plain site, as Jeffrey called it. If you could call hiding a life.

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Nox Durante:


Age: 26 - 2024
Origin: Wickita, Kansas, USA
Powers & supernatural powers: Channeler, Atharim
Birth date: Sept 23, 2024 @ 12:03am 
Psychological description: Nox can be loud and obnoxious.  He is self-centered and has an aptitude for dispensing justice, as he sees it.  Nox can make friends where ever he goes.  
Physical description:  Nox is 6'0"(1.82m) weighting approximately 180lbs(81.6kg).  His dark brown eyes and hair set him apart from his sister in a distinct way.  Nox likes to wear t-shirts with obnoxious sayings, he thinks they are funny and doesn't care if you are offended by them.  Faint scars from childhood hunting injuries, a tattoo of a chinesse dragon eating it's own tail in the shape of the infinity symbol in black with red accents on his left forearm, and tattoo across his collar bone reading "Always & Forever" with the initials DV hanging off the y.
Summarized Bio: (Full bio)
Nox was born the second twin to Bryan and Cleo Durant.  Bryan was an Atharim hunter, he met his wife after saving her from dying from some monster or another.  The twins were born 3 years later.  Bryan taught the twins how to be hunters.  At the age of 13 they went on their first hunt.
At 16 Nox watched his mother get mauled by an invisible monster - a hellhound, scarring him for life.  This event lead to the death of their father as well, leaving the twins alone.
At 18 Aurora started displaying signs she was a god but neither knew what was going on, just weird things happening.  It wasn't until they were 18 that Nox saved his sister from an oni with a fireball from his hands.  
The twins spent the next year learning how to control their power.  As the year ended and the next started they grew restless and started hunting again.  They met a hunter on the road who told them to be initiated.  They flew to Moscow, but during a fight between the twins, the plane crashed, leaving both twins with amnesia. (first age bio ends here, and rps begin here) It wasn't for months before the twins would be reunited.
In the mean time Nox became Atharim with the help of fellow hunter Aria Piccolo, who also became his partner and best friend.  
With in the next six months horror and tragedy struck as well as great things.  The first being the convocation, the Atharim's renewed attempt at removing all gods from the world, putting Nox, Aurora and Aria all on edge.  Nox and Aria met the most powerful man on the planet.  (fanfiction starts - The elements) hereThat event lead them to hunt gods with some of the best hunters Aria knew.  Nox met someone he never intended to meet, a man with whom he'd fall in love with despite his extreme tenancies towards woman, Dorian snunk in and stole in heart.
(everything here is made up new)That event served only as a detraction as Nox's world came to crashing halt when he accidentally bound aria too him.  For one month hey lay in a coma until Aria woke up and helped him find himself again.  It was another three months that they had to deal with it before their lives returned to relative normal.  In that time Nox was unaware that his sister had died, as well as his two closest friends.
For the past three years he has been living with Dorian and Dorian's son Cruz.
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Name: Slade Cross

Age: 32

Origin: Vatican City

Class/Powers: Atharim(God Savers Cult) Spec:Advanced Blades and Hand to Hand


Slade is "6'3" 235 lbs.  He has shoulder length dirty blond hair hanging down in the front and the back tied up.  He keeps a light beard trimmed neatly.  He has the tattoo of the Ouroboros on his left forearm a full length sleeve of a dragon breathing fire on his right arm and a cross covering the better part of his back.  Also a mish mash of scars one of a creature bite on his shoulder and a large blade wound on his chest.


The Cross family were one of the original families to join the Atharim traced back through many generations.  Slade and his younger sister Sara were trained from birth for their lifes calling.  Slade was trained by one of the best the Atharim, his father Zakk.  He like his father fought with 2 weapons sword and dagger.  Everyday day of youth he was training to hunt, to kill and learn the edicts of the Atharim. 


At age 30 he and his sister were sent to Moscow...to not only hunt the Gods and their monsters  but to save those he could, those sane enough to possibly help save the earth.  Sara took sick after the first year...he knew what she had...he couldn't save her...it took her....she had wanted to die, she was appalled at what she had become...she didn't understand the importance.


Slade would continue his quest...he began looking for his contacts...he would see this through....he needed something to fill the void of his loss...

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