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Hey people!


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Howdy all! I just finished the series last month and sought for topic discussion with fellow WoT nerds :}


My brother in law introduced me to the series last year and I started listening to the books in August or September, and so far, it's the best fantasy book series I ever read (probably becasue I've only read a few fantasy books in my life. I'm only eighteen). I'm a huge fan of Brandon Sanderson and excited about all the series he's working on/worked on, but Robert Jordan blew my mind with how in depth and satisfying his masterpeice was.


Any suggestions on starting forum topics?




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Hey Jarik, welcome to Dragonmount! You will find plenty of likeminded people in this place that are overall obsessed with the books or just greatly enjoy them.


You'll see the different boards that go for discussion of the books, or you can join a social group to become a part of the books, or you can even do roleplay!


I myself am the Social Group Leader of the Band of the Red Hand, where we do all things fun and exciting with food, travel and music, just like Mat's Band of the Red Hand in the books!


Don't hesitate to ask any other questions, there's always someone to answer them! :wink:

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Hi, Jarik! I'm Ryrin, Sitter of the Green Ajah. You will find me in the White Tower and Warders. The social groups are fun, some love to write their own characters in the WoT role play and others are interested in discussion of the books. You can cross over into all three if you like.


Shout out if you have questions or need any help.

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Social groups? Is that like a way to "continue the story" in your own unique way? That does sound sort of interesting, but I probably won't have much time for that on the forums. I mainly joined to get some theories/answers as to why certain things happened in the story and etc. The topics that deal with those are called organizations right? Or is that something related to the social groups?

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