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She's Got Legs (and She Knows How To Use Them)

John E. Kelley

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I still remember very well when I first met Lily, even if she doesn't. My first ever mafia game was Chrissy's Shakespearian Characters game and I was completely clueless. I didn't even know how to color my votes. But everyone was very patient with me and made me feel welcome. I mostly watched everyone else and tried to soak it all in. But mostly, I watched Lily and Jack. I still to this day attribute any kind of skill I may have gained to watching those two. Seeing them play was intimidating at first, how effortless they made it appear. But I slowly grew comfortable, and a lot of it was due to how much fun it was playing with her.


For a majority of my time here, that was the extent of my interaction with Lily, just playing mafia. I always wanted to get to know her, but never had the courage to reach out to her. I've told her before, but she always kinda intimidated me. I mean, she's Lily, she's like, world famous. Everyone knows and loves her. So I just continued as before, playing games with her and on other sites. But finally, one Friday night a few months back, I was drinking (shocking right?) and I had more courage than usual, so I pm'd her, just to say hi. Strangely enough, she seemed happy to hear from me. And that started a string of literally hundreds of pm's. We would seriously talk for hours at a time, until dawn sometimes. And what I learned amazed me.


My Lily is a truly amazing lady. She's simply one of the most intelligent women I've ever known. She's such a gifted writer, her novel is incredible! I fully expect to see her on every bestseller list eventually. And her generosity is unrivaled, the amount of time and energy she dedicates to this site and its' members is remarkable. She sincerely loves this place and all of us. We also talk about our families a lot and she's a wonderful mother. I think I know her kids as well as she does! She's always patient with me when I start feeling down about my situation and is always there for me when I need to vent or a shoulder to cry on. And talk about funny! She has me crying all the time from laughing so hard.


I don't like to think about anything I don't like about her, because there really isn't anything. If I had to pick, I'd say that sometimes she gets a little insecure. But if you knew her story like I do, you'd realize that it's totally understandable. I'd love to smack her ex in the mouth. :mad: But at the same time, seeing how much she's overcome, and how she hasn't let it beat her is inspiring. It's made her stronger instead of crippling her.


So yeah, that's my Lily. I can't wait to have her soul wrapped around my throat.


Oh yeah! Have you seen her legs? :wink:

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