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Blue Ajah Class (attn Kronos and Leala)


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Alia smoothed out the old fabric of her first shawl as she laid it on the large oak desk at the head of the classroom. As her fingers ran along it she let the memory of receiving it rush over her. She had been so filled with pride and joy, and though it was a very long time ago she knew she was no sooner to forgetting the emotion that had consumed her in that moment. 


She only stayed a moment with the blue fringed shawl before she moved on to displaying the even more ancient large quarter staff on its side atop the desk. It was made from a strong wood, though it was so aged the grain was all but impossible to gage. Carvings of the old tongue covered the staff, flowing around a symbol from long ago that had meant justice. From the top of the staff, which stood some distance above Alia's head, there hung a pure blue coloured feather about three inches long which looked almost unreal. Though it had been studied there was no consensus on which bird the feather had come from. It was generally agreed that the species had long died out. If not for the keeping weave holding the staff, Alia was sure this staff would have followed the fate of the bird long ago.


When all else was set in the class room and each chair was tucked under each desk, squared off in rows evenly across the room, Alia pulled the door open with a weave of air and let the students enter. When they were all seated she centered herself in the room and began the class.


"Welcome Accepteds. I am Alia Mariadoon, Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah. I am pleased to see so much interest in you for this class. As much as I would love to welcome you all someday to this Ajah, I am well aware that it is unlikely I will get that pleasure. Please do not feel the pressure to see yourself in one of these shawls." She gestured to the desk where it was on display, but most eyes had already found it upon entering the room and she was still fighting for some Accepted's eyes to reach her when she had started talking.


"This class is not about making you into Blue, or finding out if you have what it takes to join us. This class is about making you aware of what being a Blue Sister means and why it is that we do what we do." Alia paused to allow this reasoning to sink into the girls. She could see the flash of a few frowns cross some faces, and the flash of relief cross others. Some girls managed to hold their faces still, good reflex practice of the Aes Sedai glance. 


"In your time as Novices, you'll have done some very detailed studies of history across this land. Today we will be having a bit of a history class reflecting on our own history." The Blue paused again and waited for the girls to ready their supplies to take notes.


"So now, what does it mean to be an Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah? At this point in your training you must have at least had some curiosity about the ajahs, and have formed some semblance of an idea on what you think the Blue Ajah is all about. So please tell me now what the Blue Ajah means to you." Alia posed the question and waited for the first hesitant hand to raise. She went through the class and got the thoughts of each of the girls. Most were too timid to say more than a few words on it, most likely for fear of misspeaking on the knowledge of the Ajah in front of a Sister from it. Alia neither agreed nor corrected any of the girls, she just waited patiently to get the answers from each girl before continuing the class.


~Alia Mariadoon

Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah




OOC: Ok folks, this first day of the class is rather long and full on info dump. I know your both good rpers who don't mind maybe doing a little more vs getting it over quick, so I'm breaking this first class up into a couple different posts.


Please post getting to the class, any thoughts on what you see or hear and then give your answer to Alia's question about what your character thinks the Blue Ajah is all about. Feel free to be as long and detailed or short and sweet as your character wants to be in the presence of this Sister of the Blue! There are no right or wrong answers!

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Kira walked calmly through the halls of the White Tower.  She carried with her some sheets of paper, a pen, and some ink.  Kira was excited for the class she was about to take.  She had thought a lot about the Ajahs and had looked a bit into them.  The class she was taken was on the Blue Ajah and it was one that she felt she might fit into, so she was  excited to be a part of it.  Kira arrived at the classroom as the door opened with a weave of air.  Kira was used to the gesture by now and it no longer surprised her.  Before entering, Kira smoothed her skirts and quickly checked her hair.  Kira walked into the classroom and took a desk with an open seat next to it and smiled at the Blue Aes Sedai at the front of the room. Kira's eyes then focused on the quarter staff that lay on top of the desk.  It had a blue feather connected to it and Kira could not place what bird or animal the feather came from. She could not decipher the words on it, but still could not take her eyes off of the staff.  It intrigued her.


Kira snapped out of her daze when the Aes Sedai began to speak. "Welcome Accepteds. I am Alia Mariadoon, Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah. I am pleased to see so much interest in you for this class. As much as I would love to welcome you all someday to this Ajah, I am well aware that it is unlikely I will get that pleasure. Please do not feel the pressure to see yourself in one of these shawls."


Kira finally noticed the shawl sitting on the desk.  She had been so drawn into the staff, that the shawl had escaped her notice.  Kira let her focus go to the Aes Sedai, Alia, and listened carefully to her words. Alia continued speaking, saying that this class was not meant to recruit, but instead was meant to inform the students on what the Ajah was about.  Kira kept her face still, trying to emulate Aes Sedai.


Alia continued, "So now, what does it mean to be an Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah? At this point in your training you must have at least had some curiosity about the ajahs, and have formed some semblance of an idea on what you think the Blue Ajah is all about. So please tell me now what the Blue Ajah means to you."


Kira was the first to hesitantly raise her hand and waited for Alia to call on her before speaking, "I'm not completely sure, but I think that being a Blue Aes Sedai means being concerned with justice and causes..." Kira's voice died down as she neared the end of her sentence.  She stood their awkwardly before sitting down and waiting for others to answer.

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Aureli made her way toward the classrooms in the White Tower.  She had gathered her things, and strapped them all together, a trick she had been using since her novice days.  Her friend Kira had mentioned the class earlier.  This was to be a class about the Blue Ajah.  Aureli still wasn't certain which Ajah would be best suited to her, so any extra information would help.  When she found the class, she sat next to Kira and gave her friend a quick smile before setting her things out in front of her.  She followed her friend's gaze to the quarterstaff in front of the room.  Well, that was certainly interesting.  She also spotted a blue shawl on the front desk.  By the time Alia Sedai began to talk, she was ready to take notes.


"Welcome Accepteds. I am Alia Mariadoon, Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah. I am pleased to see so much interest in you for this class. As much as I would love to welcome you all someday to this Ajah, I am well aware that it is unlikely I will get that pleasure. Please do not feel the pressure to see yourself in one of these shawls."  Their instructor paused before continuing.  "This class is not about making you into Blue, or finding out if you have what it takes to join us. This class is about making you aware of what being a Blue Sister means and why it is that we do what we do."


Aureli was honestly surprised to hear so much chatter about that, but she kept her face smooth.  Did they seriously not know the intention of this class?  What kind of sister could you call yourself if you went with the Ajah that dangled the most baubles in front of you?  If you were to find your true calling, you had to gather as much information as possible.  Which had been her plan.  She had begun to narrow her choices down, but she still needed more information.


Alia Sedai mentioned learning about history in their times as novices, and after that she seemed to be waiting for the others to take out their notes.  Aureli waited along with her.  When they were all ready,  Alia Sedai posed a question: "So now, what does it mean to be an Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah? At this point in your training you must have at least had some curiosity about the ajahs, and have formed some semblance of an idea on what you think the Blue Ajah is all about. So please tell me now what the Blue Ajah means to you."


Kira raised her hand and offered a fairly reasonable answer.  But, Aureli felt like there was more to them than that.  She raised her hand after her friend to offer her own input.  "The Blue Ajah is certainly about causes and justice, but I understand that a major part of that is keeping in touch with people surrounding their causes, in order to keep track of their needs as they change."

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Alia smiled as the replies came in. They were all as they usually where when she held this class. Some were more sure of there answers and others more timid to try.


"Many of you had very good points, and none were truly false. In summary of your replies, I would say the class' overall thoughts are that the Blues are devoted to Causes and Contact. Very good for start, or rather, very good for a conclusion. Which really inn't a bad way to sum it up, but summing up is only good when you know the whole of the situation being summed up. So let us get started on digging in a little deeper in what exactly 'Causes and Contact' means and how and why the Blues devote their lives to it." As the blue began to speak she slowly paced across the front of the class room facing the students and letting her eye fall on each one during her speech as she walked past.


"To understand where we are today, we must start from the beginning and see where we came from. I'm sure you all know that the words Aes Sedai come from the Old Tongue, and that they translate to 'Servant of All'. You also all know that this term is given to all sisters from all Ajahs.  I'm sure you'll have learned what that term has come to mean in your learning to become Accepted. So let us not waste time on what being Aes Sedai means today. Rather, let us study now what it meant when it was first introduced.


In the Age of Legends, a Servant of All was a woman or man who spent their whole life doing just what that, serving all. Based on what we know of that time, we have ascertained that Aes Sedai worked in all manner of fields from Health to Diplomacy, much as they do today. However, it was not unknown for an Aes Sedai to dabble in many things and change from one line of ‘work’ to the next depending upon what was necessary in the course of her journeys." Alia stopped in front of the black board in the front of the classroom and wrote the word Aes Sedai and the main points she had just made about it, cuing the girls to take notes as well.


She turned back to the class when the scribbling died down and continued. "The word ‘ajah’ is also from the Old Tongue and translated it means “Sisterhood of Aes Sedai”.  It was an informal or temporary group of people gathered together for a common purpose or goal, or by a common set of beliefs.” Alia turned back to the board and added the notes on Ajah. “Please note the word ‘temporary’ in this definition. Ajahs, did in fact exist in the Age of Legends. However, they did not exist as we know them now. These groups formed as necessary to serve specific causes and when they were no longer necessary they simply disappeared.” The students shared a few classes but quickly wrote it down. 


She turned back to the class and spoke as they wrote. “When the breaking occurred Aes Sedai were left scattered, trying to survive and to help the world where they could. It was rare that more than two or three Sisters ever gathered anywhere for more than a short time and so Ajahs faded into nothing more than memories. 


Of course, individual Sisters did design ways of making note of each other. One Ajah in particular had been working together in the latest hours of the Age of Legends and devised a series of connections with the people of the world which would soon grow to be the largest Eyes and Ears network known to the White Tower.


This was the birth of the importance of the 'Contact' you all spoke about moments ago. This network of contacts created so long ago, in time as the Ajahs stabilized and formed into the system we have now, fell to none other than the Blue Ajah to maintain and grow. Now, it is true that Sisters of other ajahs have their own contacts, but none are so extensive and long lived as those known to the Blues."


Alia could see she was loosing the initial excitement of the students, most of this information would not be new to them. This was always the case when she held this class and she was not lost on what to do to draw them back in. She made her way over to the large teachers desk and retrieved her first shawl. She spun it dramatically in the air and held the old fabric out to its full extention before the class. Some of the stitching was coming loose and it looked a little worse for wear, but it held up still.


"You all know that this is an Aes Sedai shawl. You all know as well that such a shawl is known throughout the land. It marks the person wearing it as a Sister of the White Tower, and people from all ranks and professions around this world know this shawl and the meaning behind it." She lowered the shawled, folding it over her arm, "However, Sisters of the White Tower did not always use shawls to mark them. After the breaking it became imperative that the Sisters found a way to locate each other and a way to identify themselves to contacts and friends who would help them, giving them food, shelter, and aid from a myriad of foes that spanned the world hunting Aes Sedai. Not the least of which was their Brother Aes Sedai who had gone mad.” Setting the old shawl back on the desk Alia took up the ancient staff and she feel the silent surge of interest rejoin the class.


"Before there were shawls to mark the Sisters, there were staffs such as this one." Alia walked to the far edge of the class and passed the staff to the first student, motioning to have her look it over and send it along to the next student. As the staff passed through the room Alia fought the urge to watch it protectively by distracting herself with more of the lesson.


"The time after the breaking was long ago and traditions have changed so that many of these staffs are no longer around, or even remembered. This staff, however, has passed from Sister to Sister since the age of legends. The bird feather on its top is not identifiable to us and we believe it died out in the breaking. Each sister, during the course of her life, adds something special and uniquely herself to the staff and once she has returned to the Creator, that staff is given to another so that through our Sisters our causes and the things we believed in live on. If you look closely you will see the Old Touge scrolled through it, and there may even be some phases from more modern times you can make out.”


~ Alia Mariadoon

Blue Sister



OOC: Again, this got long and now I have to go. We're still in Class One, but this will help fill out your class requirement of 6 posts, and hopefully it will be easier to read in these broken up bits. Plus this took me an hour and a half to write and I have to go meet someone for lunch now lol.  


Give your characters thoughts on the generic history lesson given so far and reactions to having the staff passed to her. 

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Kira listened very carefully to the lecture that Alia was giving.  She soaked in every word and was surprised when she realized her mouth was hanging open in an unladylike fashion.  She closed her mouth and dipped her pen into the inkwell and started to take note of the things that Alia was writing on the board.  Kira was reminded that during the Age of Legends, there were once men that belonged in the ranks of Aes Sedai, and Kira shuddered when Alia mentioned their insanity.  Such men still existed in the world, but Kira had tried to ignore that fact.  Kira half raised her hand to ask a question about male channelers, but put it down.  This was not the place to discuss that.


The lesson continued and Alia approached the staff that had caught Kira's attention at the beginning of class and began to pass it around the room.  Alia explained that staves such as this one used to be used to identify Aes Sedai after the breaking.  Eventually, it became the shawl.  As Alia stated that their were words in the Old Tongue written upon the staff, the relic was handed to Kira.  Kira held it in each hand, turning it over, and gazing into it.  The staff felt warm in her hands and she was very intrigued by it.  She let her hand feel the feather on the end before finally zoning back into the lesson.  She passed the staff to Aureli and smiled and then turned to face Alia once more and continued her notes.

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When the staff found it's way back to the front of the class and through the last hands of the class, Alia took it and glided toward the table. She twisted the old staff in her grip as she walked, glancing down to take the deep history of it once again. She laid it gently against the desk and picked up the lesson again.


"That is the past. That is where we come from. I would advise you all to have a deeper look into those years on your own time if you wish. For now, that is the end of our exploration of the beginning years of the White Tower. Now, we move on to the years since, the years where the Tower is as it is now, and as it shall be when you take up your shawls to carry us into the future.


In time the Tower centered itself here the White Tower in Tar Valon, temporary Ajahs became the larger, full time groups we have now and Amrilyns were raised to oversee it all. To this date more Amyrlin Seats have risen from the ranks of Blue Ajah than any other. Part of the reason for this is quite possibly our connections to the outside world, or perhaps it is that many of our Sisters come from well versed families in the arts of Daes Dae’mar, the Great Game of Houses. But in truth when it comes to raising an Amyrlin Seat, you’re only as good as the Sisters who will support you and this is where the Blue Ajah has been truly blessed.


Now, while the White Tower is a working unit and is certainly not at odds with itself; it’s pompous to assume that a centuries old institution with so many women running it, might not have groups and even factions within itself working for a vast group of goals and ideals. And, one can’t expect that everyone will always agree on just how to accomplish those goals." Alia began slowly circling the room as she spoke, following the edges of the walls to make laps of perimitar. Most of the students silently shifted to have their eyes follow her as she went, but a few girls kept their eyes forward, or out a window, or on their paper as they tried to keep notes on all she was saying.


"The Blues, while it is known we’ve often been at odds with the Red Ajah for our choice of methodology, have close ties and connections to nearly every other Ajah in the Tower. Practical reasons are the primary reason for this, again our connections with the outside world, but many other ties are forged from experiences that Sisters share in their time in the Tower.

Since this is a bit of a hot topic among Novices and Accepted, I’ll take a brief moment to focus upon the Red and Blue Ajah relationship. Often it's said that the Blues hate Red Sisters and vice versa. This is a blanket statement and I assure you that not all Blues hate all Reds or vice versa. You might site the fact that no blue sister wears red or that no red wears blue. I can not speak for the Red Ajah in this matter but I can tell you some of the reasons for this tradition on the Blue Ajah side of things.

The tradition of not wearing red came from, yes, old feuds. But it has continued as a matter of principal; a sort of silent statement of objection to, as I said before, methodology. The Red Ajah works on a very strict “prevention” sort of policy. Take for example the cause they are most well known for: protecting the world from insane male channelers. In this they are dedicated and well respected, however, there is much disagreement on how all male channelers should be dealt with.


It was not so long ago this topic came up in the Hall of the Tower. Should the Tower study male channelers under shieldings in an effort to try to cleanse the taint of Saidin? It was a bitter topic, but it brought out the passion that both the Red and Blue Ajah hold in their hearts. Both Ajahs concentrate on their goals with a fire in their souls and the problem is, when it comes time to lay plans in how to deal with the issues before them they almost never agree. The red wishes to simply end what she fears may be a problem in the future and the blue sees that the hope of a better future is worth risk, pain, and effort even if its done so in vain for many years, eventually some sister will be successful.


I’m sure that there were many Sisters during the worst times of the breaking who feared the world would never see an organized Aes Sedai government again and now look.” Alia smiled and waved her arm out as if to display the class all gathered together in the organized class.

“I’ll be happy to talk further on that subject with any of you outside of class. Feel free to find me in the Blue Ajah Quarters but, there are many more traditions in the Blue than just not wearing red. I’d like to take some time to focus a bit more on the other Blue Ajah traditions and what they’re purposes are.” Alia made her way from the back of the class where she had ended up back to the desk where she took up the old shawl and handed it down to the first student, just as she had the staff.


"Take a look at this shawl and ask yourself, why is it that any random woman couldn't simply make a shawl like this and play at being Aes Sedai? After all once the pattern is learned it must be a simple task, if you don’t fear Tower Law catching you." She paused to let the question sink in, but only left a brief pause.


“This shawl you’re holding, however, wasn't made by some seamstress with a pattern. Each Blue Sister’s first shawl is handmade by her fellow Sisters. Each Sister in the Tower before a raising takes time to put a few bits of the stitching into it and when the Blue is raised the youngest Sister in the Tower gives the new Blue her first shawl. This is part of welcoming the new Blue into her family. To show that each of us is part of a greater whole and that with this symbol we are now a part of that unity which is even more tight knit than the Great White Tower itself.


Once a Blue is raised there is another tradition that takes place. Some of you may have seen it already, or perhaps heard of it. When a new blue is raised she is asked if she would like to go light clad save for her shawl through the Tower for all within to greet her. Why, you might wonder, would a Sister do such a thing? Well, some of this has to do with the fact that it is a matter of pride and a tradition which the Tower has nearly forgotten the origins of. The other is to show to all the world that the new Sister, still clad in her wounds and weariness from the final testing, needs only the Light and her shawl, a symbol of her new family, to protect her from anything the world has to offer." She took up the shawl from the last student and folded it gently, setting it on the desk again before conitnuing to circle the room.


"Another fun tradition is when a Sister of the Blue Ajah leaves the White Tower she always wears blue stockings. The reason for this is so that she will remember that no matter where her feet take her, they will always know where home is. In the times of the Breaking when the Aes Sedai had no home all they had was their Sisters. There is a story in a private library I’ve been privileged enough to use which details out a story of a group of Sisters who met in an Inn for a few days before traveling their separate ways in the chaotic world. Each had come weary and without good shoes or socks and so each made socks for the other all of the same look and all in the only color cloth available, blue. This was their way of telling each other that so long as one woman walked the world who was yet Aes Sedai, there was still a place they were at home, still hope, still family.” 

Alia let the idea of that story sink in a moment before continuing. “Lastly it is tradition that each Ajah keep certain weaves to themselves. Due to the fact that none of of you are Blues yet, I won’t be telling you too much about those today, simply that they exist. Again this is to instill a sense of oneness and unity with the Sisterhood of the Ajah. Few things bind us tighter than the Tower but you’ll find that in an Ajah it is vital to the causes it pursues that each member feels they have some place, someone, with whom they can trust and rely on. The Blue Ajah, despite its many varied and differing causes among their sisters, believes that they create this environment for their members.


I know that there was a lot to take in from this first class today. I hope you found something in it which intrigued you on some level. I have filled your heads with a lot of information today and I think that is enough for one day.


So, on to your homework. Based only off what little you know of the Blue Ajah already, since this is your first class about the Blues I can only assume you know very little, and what you’ve heard today I’d like you to write a small essay. The Essay should be titled either: “The importance of the Blue Ajah” or “The false importance of the Blue Ajah.” Neither essay will be wrong based on topic, rather I’m looking to see what you know, what you think you know, and what you can find in the library in one week’s time. Next class we’ll focus on the life of a Blue Sister and what all that entails.


If you have any questions you are welcome to see me after class, or find me in the Blue Ajah. Otherwise, I will see all again when we meet up for our next class.


Class dismissed.” 


Alia made her way to the large desk, pulled out the chair let herself softly drop into it to wait for the students to approach her or clear the room.


Alia Mariadoon

Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah




OOC Homework: Based on what the characters have heard over these last few posts of the 'first day' and what they may have found in the imagined research time, the characters are writing a paper on the importance (or lack of importance) of the Blue Ajah. No answer is right or wrong but the character is expected to support their argument either way. Simply saying “the blues are cool cause they had a lot of Amyrlin Seats and they do good stuff.” Just won’t cut it; nor would saying, “they are pointless and they suck.” 

Ideally this will give the player a chance to examine what they really feel about the history of the Blue Ajah and what their characters might think. This helps form a basis for if the character would or wouldn’t be drawn to the Ajah. I encourage you to check out Blue Ajah websites all over the web and even reference the WOT books. There are a lot of good sources for information or just write from your character’s biases. Have fun with it! 

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Kira left the class excited to get started on her essay.  She found the lesson intriguing and was ready to find out more.  She went often to the Blue Ajah quarters to speak with some of the Blue Sisters.  They were always willing to talk about the Ajah and talking to them made Kira more excited.  Finally, Kira sat down to work on her essay.


The Importance of the Blue Ajah

by Kira Tuvunenia


The Blue Ajah has for sometime been the Ajah that has worked at keeping in contact with many around the world.  Through this, they have been essential to the Tower.  Through the Blue Ajah, we are able to get news of what happens outside of the walls of the White Tower, but I think, more importantly, we are able to find out what the needs of the people are.  Through the Blue Ajah, the White Tower is able to meet the needs of the people.


The Sisters of the Blue Ajah have dedicated themselves to causes throughout our world.  As a result, people look to the White Tower for help and guidance.  The White Tower has many resources, and its reach is long.  We have the ability to help a lot of people, and I think that because of that, it is important for us to do so.  I think the Blue Ajah sees this, and as a result, they have dedicated themselves to doing so.


The reason why the Blue Ajah is important, therefore, is that they see a large need outside of the Tower, and have dedicated themselves to seeing that need met.  I think many Ajahs see this to an extent, but that is part of what unifies us as Aes Sedai, but it also makes the Blue Ajah more essential.  By dedicating themselves to helping others, they help other sisters focus more on theirs.


Kira put her pen down and thought.  The more she thought about the Blue Ajah, the more she liked it.  Maybe she would have a discussion with Alia Sedai after class, but she would wait closer to the end of the class.


The next day, Kira made her way back to the classroom, she had arrived early, and Alia was getting things ready for the next class.  Kira approached and handed the Blue Sister her essay.  She then said, "Good morning Alia Sedai."

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OOC:  *cough*  Catching up here!  I'll post one post for each lesson post I missed.  >.>


IC:  Once settled in, Aureli began to take notes.  Alia Sedai took note of the comments made about the Blue Ajah, then began to go into the history of the White Tower and how Aes Sedai came to be.  No matter how many times she heard the story, Aureli was always captivated by how things evolved to become how they are today.  She knew that there had once been male Aes Sedai as well as female.  It was strange to think of it that way, but that's what made it fascinating.  She knew a bit about the purpose of the shawl, but not everything.  As the shawl rotated in front of them, Aureli felt humbled.  This old shawl represented something that had held significance for thousands of years.  It meant that its owner, Alia Sedai, had passed a test she was sure to take one day, and thereby announced to the world that she was ready by a barrage of standards to go out and serve the world as a sister of the White Tower, as an Aes Sedai, as a Servant of All.  It was old and tattered, but it was loved and venerated.


It made sense that sisters would need a way to make themselves after the Breaking.  After all that work, and everything that had happened, sisters would definitely need to know who was who.  That's what made the idea of the staff so genius, really.  It was something that anyone could own, but also something that would be immediately recognizable to those who knew its meaning.  When the staff came around to her, she ran her thumb over it gently and tried for a moment to pick out any phrases she could.  It was so old, though, that she wasn't able to glean any meaning from it.  But the bright bird feathers fascinated her, too.  For something so old to last so long that the place where the most information in the world was kept couldn't identify the animal it belonged to, it was truly amazing.  To know that she was part of something so big gave her a warm, confident feeling that she needed sometimes when bogged down too much.

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Aureli noticed that Kira seemed excited about her essay.  She herself was a little nervous.  There had been a point in the lesson when she almost seemed to side with both the Blue Ajah and the Red Ajah.  Working steadily throughout the years for change was a noble cause.  But preparing for the future and paving the way was important, too.  Well, you're not taking this class because you're completely certain, that's for sure, she thought to herself.  


After some time in the library and preparation, she finally sat down at her desk to get to work.


The Importance of the Blue Ajah

by Aureli Yenda


As Servants of All, the Ajahs of the White Tower serve individual purposes, and thus, each holds their own importance.  To hold one over the other is simply individual preference.  The mission of the Blue Ajah reaches far and wide.  It could be argued that the Blue Ajah's mission is closest to the White Tower's overall mission, to serve all and see a positive change in the world, no matter what hard work is involved.  This work throughout history is seen through their traditions which include symbolic acts, such as the option to go throughout the Tower "clad in the Light" after being accepted into their ranks at a raising.  This act signifies the fight that Aes Sedai go through, and the suffering sisters endure to see the world a better place.


To be able to have a far-reaching hand in the betterment of the world, the Blue Ajah maintains the largest Eyes-and-Ears network out of all the Ajahs.  These networks serve to solidify contact throughout the world and to see the world through the eyes and ears of overs.  Their contacts can see things they cannot.  These networks help keep the work of the Blue Ajah where it needs to be.


Through my own personal experience, I know the importance of these networks.  My own mother served as one, but not for the Blue Ajah.  In her own line of work, she watched people who came in and out of our family's inn, keeping tabs on them, and making sure that her Aes Sedai contact knew what she needed to know.  Living in Tear, this was exceptionally dangerous work.  She kept the Aes Sedai's secrets well, but one night, she was assassinated.  Luckily, she had been teaching me who to look for, how to treat them, what to say, and how to use the code with her Aes Sedai client.  And because of this connection, the Aes Sedai discovered that I had the ability to learn to channel.  Without one of these networks that started so many years ago, I likely would not be in the White Tower where I am today.


Aureli thought about her essay.  The death of her mother seemed so long ago, and finding out about the Eyes-and-Ears network even further back.  She certainly felt the Blue Ajah served a wonderful purpose, and she would be delighted to be a part of it, but for herself...she still wasn't sure. 


When it came time for class, Aureli placed her essay atop her notes, and made her way to the classroom.  She saw Kira at the front of the class.  She had a feeling her friend would be picking the Blue Ajah when she was raised.  She smiled and set her things on her desk before picking up her essay and handing it to Alia Sedai with a smile.

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Liana mustered as much speed as she could because she was late for the class, a blue sister was teaching today.

She was usually in time but for some reason she had over slept today, and nearly forgot to bring a pen, ink, and paper with her.


When Liana arrived she wasn't late by much, the door had just flung open and before she walked inside she took a long breath, then she walked inside and curtsied to the sister.She sat down at one of the empty seats in the room and looked around a bit and caught a glance of the staff. It was an ancient quarter staff with blue feathers at the top of it.


There were carvings of the old tongue on the staff as well, but with only knowing a few basic words in the old tongue Liana didn't know what it said.

Then the teacher spoke up "Welcome Accepteds. I am Alia Mariadoon, Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah. I am pleased to see so much interest in you for this class. As much as I would love to welcome you all someday to this Ajah, I am well aware that it is unlikely I will get that pleasure. Please do not feel the pressure to see yourself in one of these shawls." Liana listened to the sister and thought to herself I have always wondered if the blue is for me. The blue sister gestured to her blue shawl at the desk. Liana hadn’t noticed the sister’s shawl until now, because the staff had been more interesting with all the old tongue carvings on it.


Even though her mother didn’t of course speak fluent old tongue she still knew enough to teach her daughter some of the basics. But these carvings she hadn’t seen before though, and that made it even more interesting to Liana.


The sister went on to say that the class wasn’t about making them into blue sisters or if they had what it took to be a blue sister. But rather make you aware of what it means to be a blue sister and why we do what we do. Liana thought to herself Perfect…just perfect, exactly what I want to know. She even smiled to herself and fingered with her pen.

"So now, what does it mean to be an Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah? At this point in your training you must have at least had some curiosity about the ajahs, and have formed some semblance of an idea on what you think the Blue Ajah is all about. So please tell me now what the Blue Ajah means to you." The question almost caught Liana totally off guard and she had to collect her senses again. She put down her pen and started thinking about the question seriously. Then after some of the other Accepted had answered the question Liana raised her hand and spoke up with as much confidence as she could muster “I’m not sure but from what I can recall from my readings, the blue is not concerned with means but is all about goals. And that they promote justice.” Liana lowered her hand and waited for the others to answer as well.


OOC: I'll post the two other posts tomorrow.

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As the blue sister talked about the age of legend Liana started taking notes as much as she thought was needed and interesting to know.

About the meaning of Aes Sedai and Ajah she did not write down as she already knew what they meant. But she did take note of their history though.

When the sister mentioned about the madness of the manly Aes Sedai Liana tried to keep her posture as much as she could.

Then she noticed one of the Accepted half raised her hand and taking it down at the mention of the male Aes Sedai, Liana didn't know who the person was.

But she could understand why the woman had tried to raise her hand for question about it.


After a short time of listening to the lecture the blue showed the ancient staff to everyone, and allowed them to take a closer look at it.

When the staff came to Liana she could barely hold her excitement from bursting out. She touched the blue feathers smoothly and wondered what kind of bird it could be.

But the carvings on it caught Liana's eyes the most, and she couldn't help but look even more closer now.

Maybe my mother could've translated some of it...that would have been so much fun to do together. Just...really wish she was here with me. Liana thought to herself,

and gave the staff to another accepted that sat behind her. Liana didn't recognize any of the other people in the room. Her roommate must be somewhere else,

taking a different class than her.

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Liana hadn't been entirely sure what she would actually choose, but the choice was between the green and the blue ajah.

The green or as it was also known as the battle ajah had been the first choice for her. Mostly because of her father's demise against the shadow those years ago.

After some thinking she decided to go to the libabry to do some research for her essay.


The importance of the Blue Ajah


By Liana Alore


The Blue Ajah; a small but very dedicated Ajah. The Blue dedicate their very life to a cause so important that to other sisters they seem to loose themselves.

Unlike the green they do not bond more than one warder, but unlike the red they do not despite men either. But if they do not share the Blue's cause then they are

simply in the way. Saving the world, promote justice, and other causes in the world is what a Blue is all about. They also have a vast ears & eyes network working for them.

And it is also the biggest one out of all the Ajahs. From both my own experience and by watching my mother, a network is very important. Without one you do not know

what is gong on in the world outside your own country. But I also think that the Blue Ajah is one of the most important Ajahs, not just because of their vast network, but

also because of what they try to achieve in the world. A sister that dedicate her entire life to saving the world in one way or another, is one I would be proud to be sister to.


Liana read her essay again and thought about her mother and her father, and how they would be proud of her. They probably be standing in front of her with smiling faces.

Thinking how well they've raised their daughter. Then she walked back to the class room and put down her notes and pen on her desk.

She then gave her essay to the blue sister with a luminous smile.

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Alia was deliberately late to her Blue Ajah class.  gone in early and left a few signs of life in the way of papers and books clearly themed to the ajah so the students who thought about leaving when they found she wasn't present would see that she hadn't forgotten and hopefully they would wait. She left the class room door opened and made her way through the halls of the White Tower to Accepted's horse stable to be sure the animals had been prepared as she had ordered and to check that the tower guards had sent enough escorts. She was pleased to find that all was in order and returned to the class.


The Blue wrapped her shawl snug around her shoulders and smoothed out the riding skirts to draw attention to her lower half as her blue stocking legs took their first steps into the class room. "Good morning class." She greeted, looking over the faces of the students to gauge their reactions, determining who among them had recalled the meaning behind the blue socked feet. A few girls didn't seem to pick up on her attire at all, others saw them and began to shift excitedly in their seats. The mix of different reactions was short lived though, as they would need to get a move on if they were have the time they'd need. She didn't want to keep the escorts from the Tower Guard waiting with the horses longer than need be. 


"Please hand me the essays you've worked on since our last lesson as you line up here at the door." She held out her hand waiting for the first girls to move for the door as she spoke. "One thing I'm sure I'll see in these essays is the acknowledgement of the abundance of travel among sister of the Blues. Now, I could stand here and give you tales of the works we do while we're out in the world. I could tell you how it feels to see the looks you get when you help another. I can tell you of the joys and sorrows, the stress and the pride that comes of going head first into a cause and finding a way to see it through. But you will never know the truth of it until you experience it, and its the experience of it that draws and keeps my sisters. Hurry to your rooms to retrieve anything you may need to ride; boots, a cloak, you really shouldn't need more than that though; I've packed bags for each of you with everything else you'll need. Meet back together, as quickly as you can, at the stables."


~ Alia Mariadoon

Sister of the Blue Ajah 


OOC: Post up to meeting in the Stables getting ready to go. We'll do the 'lesson' on the ride and then you can play out the feild trip after. I had ment to go straight through but my computer messed up and still is messing up so I'm going to go ahead and leave it here before I loose it all again.

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Kira smiled as Alia Sedai entered the room.  She noticed the Aes Sedai's attire seemed different and in particular she noticed that she wore blue stockings.  Kira remembered the meaning and could barely contain herself.  They were leaving Tar Valon!  Kira had not left the city since she had come here as a novice all those years ago.


Kira turned her essay into Alia Sedai, and quickly went to her room to gather a few things.  She didn't take much - only the boots and cloak suggested by Alia before heading down to the stables.  Kira was unable to keep from smiling as she walked quickly through the Tower, feeling the excitement she felt when she came here as a novice.  Upon exiting the White Tower, she went directly to the stables.


There was one thing she was unsure of about the trip.  Kira had never spent much time on a horse.  Of course she had spent time leading horses around the Inn, but she had never really spent time riding a horse.  She was sure she would be fine, she knew the basics, but there was some nervousness.  Of course, Kira was thinking of joining the Blue Ajah and she became more excited about it the more she learned.  She would want to spend more time riding if she was going to join the Ajah that spent a good deal of time traveling.


Kira arrived early, and there most of her classmates hadn't arrived yet.  Kira didn't have her own horse, so she would borrow one from the Tower.  Kira walked up to a black one that nuzzled her as she approached.  Kira petted the horse on the nose and continued smiling while waiting for direction from Alia.

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She sat at her desk cleaning up her scrabbling notes when the blue sister entered the door. Liana noticed how the blue sister was dressed and got excited.

She knew that the blue stockngs meant that they would finally be able to travel outside the tower. Without really noticing it herself, she began to smile broadly.


She handed in her essay and then went straight to her chamber to get ready for their trip. Liana almost ran over another Accepted on her way to her quarters.

She gave an exclamation of forgiveness and then hurried away. Liana couldn't wait to sit on a horse again. She had always enjoyed riding.

She looked through her different riding boots and chose some really sturdy brown ones. She put on her brown boots and her simple but warm grey cloak.


As she almost ran all the way to the stable Liana couldn't help but wear a luminous smile and some of the people she passed by stared at her.

But she was just so excited to ride again that she didn't mind all the stares she got. The only thing missing was Liana's horse that was at home. Her mother had bought the horse for her fifteen's birthday, and on that day she had taught Liana all the basics and notices how quickly Liana learned.


When she entered the stable only a few others had arrived. Liana would have to borrow a horse from the tower for the time being, until she could buy a new one.

She went from stall to stall to an approiate horse for her. A moment later a white horse nuzzled at her for attention, and so she petted it on the back.

She then waited a little nervously for the blue sister and the rest to come.

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Aureli waited anxiously, looking for Alia Sedai to open the door and announce her presence.  Normally, the teacher was there before the class, but she wasn't there today.  The class began to fill up, and still no teacher.  She had worked hard on her essay, trying to find reasons for the importance of the Blue Ajah.  Every Ajah was important, so she almost felt like she was repeating herself for part of it, but she felt satisfied with what she had produced.


Finally, the Aes Sedai walked in, ready for travel.  She even took the time to make sure her blue stockings were visible.  That made her smile.  One thing she did enjoy from the first day of class was the stories connected to the Blue Ajah traditions.  Alia Sedai asked for the essays at the door and instructed them to get ready for travel.  Bags were waiting for them it seemed.  Aureli hadn't ridden a horse since her last trip out into the city.  She handed in her essay with the rest of them, and chatted amiably with Kira as they went back to their rooms.  Aureli slipped into her white riding boots and threw her cloak over her shoulders.  She even put on the white riding gloves that had been issued by the Tower.


After she finished, she walked to the stables, wondering, like everyone else, what was in store.  Alia Sedai had hinted that they would be helping people today.  She wondered what she would find, and how she would help.  While she didn't think that the Blue Ajah would be the one she picked, the Ajah she was considering certainly had a lot of passion in helping the world, too.  She wondered what a prospective Red would do to help others without wrangling a male channeler.  She straightened up and gave Alia Sedai an enthusiastic smile when she walked into the stables.

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Alia waited for the girls to mount their horses before she climbed up onto her own. She ran her gloved hand down the back of the brown creatures neck in a friendly greeting. It had been far too long since she had taken her horse out. She made a silent vow to take her out for good long run at the sooner chance. 


When the girls were ready, their bags fastened at their horse's sides and the tower guards ready to lead them out Alia called for the girl's attention. "Now children, remember your place when we leave these walls. You are Accepted of the White Tower. While you may have become immune to the wonder of it, recall now all that it means in the eyes of those we are about to meet. You represent the White Tower. I do not need to lecture you on what exceptions that puts on you; you are not Novices and I will not lecture you on it as if you were. Stay with us as we ride, I will be giving your information and instructions as we go to explain why we are out here today."


When she finished speaking she gave a commanding nod to the tower guards and the party rode out of the stables and through out into the city of Tar Valon. She had instructed the guards to start with a slow pace, so the party crept along the streets of the city. These were the same streets the Accepted would have walked on their free days. The same faces who would have seen girls dressed as they were many times. Even so, there was still a sence of awe in their eyes as they passed, and it was in the hopes that the girl's would pick up this that they kept the slow pace. 


"Travel will have been a common theme in your essays. Justice, I'm sure, will be common too. Some will have said that Causes are the glue that holds the Blue Ajah together, but the truth is that People are drive behind the Blue Ajah. The connection we have with the people all over the world, from the labouror to the lords and ladies, is what fuels us. Without keeping the People at the core of the issue in mind, finding Justice or fighting for any Cause is an empty endeavor. 


You may argue that these are the concerns of all humanity, of all Aes Sedai, and you would be right. But no Ajah, more so than the Blues, are connected to the heart of these people. They share in one thing that the Sisters of other Ajahs do not and at this end of this lesson, I hope I’ve made that clear to all of you."


They made their way out of the city and across the bridges to the north of Tar Valon. Alia fell silent and let the girls take in all the emotion of what was mostly likely their first experience out of Tar Valon since they came to the city. Once they were truly out of Tar Valon and the girls had time to take it in and settle, she wove air and fire to amplify her voice so she wouldn't strain her voice to be sure the girls heard the rest of the lesson as they traveled the country side toward the little town they would soon approach.


"The Blue Ajah believes that each person has a mind and a voice of their own, and each as deserving of basic human rights; rights that cannot be taken away by any man, woman, or King. This is not always a popular opinion in a world where men and women are meant to bow to Kings and Queens and serve as they are told. It is for this reason that Novices and Accepted must learn to live as they do at the White Tower. To be a true servant of all who live in our world a girl must first learn what it is to be like even the most lowly of people in the world.


Imagine if, when you had come to the Tower, we had treated you as Aes Sedai right away. Perhaps you would have kept your perspective, and more the better for you if you would have, but not all girls would. Most would lose themselves in a lifestyle so vastly different than the ones they came from. Many girls who come from money would never learn what it means to go without and to live as a servant and so, if they had ever met one on the street, what do you suppose such a girl would do? Would she stop and help such a person? Would she ever understand what it means to be her? No. She would not. But now you will always remember, or so we hope.” 


“For a blue, who often lives out of her saddle bag and surrounds herself with the common people of our world it’s not so hard to remember. There have been many times in which I have found myself sleeping in a cold hard bed, or on the dirty earth. Times I’ve gone without meals, let alone sweets, and chores pale beside some of the hard work I’ve done with my bare hands in places where the One Power was dangerous to use or not a viable option. It is for these things we prepare you, to make you strong and able; to know your fellow man and to better know yourself and your own heart.” 

“Usually Blues have known exactly what they want to do for their whole lives in one fashion or another. We’re willful women by design and we have a strong sense of self that sometimes develops and grows under the pressures of Novice and Accepted life. We can be opinionated to the point of being bullheaded and perhaps that is one of our greater short comings if we have many at all. But considering the Causes which we become bullheaded about, its hard to say being stubborn is bad.” 

“Blue's are worldlier, or if you will, street-smart, because unlike the other Ajahs each blue has her own agenda which she’s working towards as well as the Ajah’s goals. And while those two things might sometimes be the same thing as what other Aes Sedai are doing, they don’t necessarily have to be and usually aren’t. For that reason alone, younger blues rarely stay in the White Tower long and instead prefer stretching their legs and their new-found resources to go back to the world they came from and make a real difference.” 

“Other Sisters see the Blue Ajah as so ready to save the world that they lose themselves. I don’t know that this is a fair assessment but I can see why they believe it. Our passions run high about the things which we care for and I can’t blame anyone for saying such a thing about us. According to some Greens a Blue Ajah sister likes men as long as they share her causes and do not get in her way. Perhaps that’s why we chose Gaidin who share a passion for our Causes. That Justice and Mercy must be a balanced working team and our beliefs have lead us to many interesting places together and helped a great deal of people.” 

“A Blue can appear to be like a Brown when it comes to researching a subject that has to do with a cause of theirs so do not believe that because a Blue might like to travel that she does not have a love for learning. I’ve spent many an hour preparing for journeys and missions with my nose placed firmly in a book. In fact, there are several blues who have championed the cause of furthering education in the world and more than once there has been talk of the Browns working with us to establish places of learning across the width and breadth of Andor and the Borderlands.” 

“For every purpose of every ajah the Blues have at least one Sister who has, in the past, shared their cause. If you’re considering another Ajah think of this first, what prevents a Blue from healing like a yellow and making her cause better health care for all the people of the world? What prevents a Blue from mediating disputes and arbitrating laws of countries between kings and queens as advisors, making her cause peace like any Gray? What prevents a Blue from taking up a sword and joining the warriors along the blight border and keeping the Shadowspawn out of the southernlands, and sharing the cause of preparation for Tarmon Gaidon like any Green? What prevents a Blue from researching the degeneration of male channelers, the arts of shielding and detection of the male channeler, thusly taking on the cause of preventing another breaking like any Red? What prevents a Blue from studying philosophies of the past and the theories of the world and its origins and thusly making learning and discovery her cause like any White? What prevents a Blue from opening schools and teaching poor children to read and write, making knowledge and its preservation her cause like any Brown?” 

“You see, the purpose for every ajah is simply a specified cause. It is the Blue Ajah alone which leaves it to the individual Sister to find her purpose and follow it and change that purpose when it is no longer necessary or something else comes along. Like our Sisters and Brothers in the Age of Legends the Blue Ajah is versatile doing what is needed today, tomorrow, and in the future.” 

As they rode and continued speaking a village came up on the horizon and soon they were entering its tiny dirt packed streets. Dismounting and tying her horse to a tree she turned to the girls and opened a small book from her pocket. 

“In the words of a blue sister two generations ago; ‘The Blue Ajah is comprised of women who have a strong sense of justice. Many pursue causes of their own or bend their energies to causes such as seeking out girls who can channel, searching for the Dragon Reborn, bettering the living conditions of villages, involving themselves in trade between Tar Valon and foreign countries and a host of other things. Its primary focus is to champion worthy causes by Aes Sedai standards and to promote justice for all men and women in all areas of the world. They are skilled at political maneuvering and able administrators. In Tower history, and since Artur Hawkwing’s time, it has been found that Blues are better suited as Amyrlins because of this openness and ability to adapt and lead those around them in what they believe in. Thusly the Blue Ajah has produced many most of which have come from very humble beginnings, returning to them for years before coming home to the Tower and working their way to the positions of respect that got them into the lauded position of Amyrlin Seat.’” Closing the book she looked at the girls, each in turn. 

“This village is like many others which great women have come from, some have become Queens, some great wisdoms and sages, and even some have gone on to become Amyrlin Seat. But all of them have one thing in common,” Alia paused looking into the eyes of the girls before her. “They all had a moment in which someone helped them and changed the course of their lives. Perhaps that help came in the form of someone assisting them in learning something new, maybe through inspiration, or perhaps just the simple act of being an open ear. Sometimes people don’t know what they most need until they are given it, or worst of all, until they lose it.” 

“Here in this village, today, you will take the objects in your packs and go out to do what a Blue does every day of her life. Today, you will take what you have been given: knowledge, caring, and objects of physical being and strive to find some cause worth spending your time upon. You will labor at that task, no matter what it is; fishing, gathering food with a local towns person, perhaps helping a child to read, maybe cooking for an elderly person or even comforting someone ill. There is no wrong cause and there is no small cause, only small people who can not realize that the most important things in the world to us are sometimes the smallest things.” 

“When the sun sets you will meet me back here at this tree, I’ll be observing you from afar and I will not assist you today. If I must step in, it had better be for a very good reason or I will not be pleased. I want to see what you can do on your own. Mischief will be harshly punished today ladies, so I advise you to behave as the representatives of the White Tower that you are. To these people you might as well be wearing shawls. Please, behave as such.” 


With that Alia set each girl out, with a tower guard to escort her throughout her day, and turned her attention to finding a more suitable location to house the horses for the day. 


~ Alia Mariadoon


OOC: The italics are the result of me being busy/lazy and totally just c/p from the previous edition of this class. Mild editing to spelling, format and exchanging Alia's name where it needed to be. Otherwise its a total copy. Sorry its so long, her lesson was very wordy (but worded well, so I kept it).


You have two options for your homework. 

#1 Write a small essay telling us how your character currently does or does not fit in with what is good and bad about the Blue Ajah and how she does or does not fit in with what the Blues would be looking for in an aspie. This shouldn’t involve your personal choice yet; however show us based on your rp thus far how they would or wouldn’t both; match with the good and bad of the ajah AND how they do or don’t match with what the blues are looking for in potential future sisters. 

Ideally this should help the player actually think through the process of “Does my character have more in common with Blues than I thought? Or have I been liking the Blues only because the characters in the book were cool?” AND… “No matter what my character wants, will the Blues realistically try to recruit her?” 

#2 Write up a scene in which your character is spending the day in the Town and what she does that day as her “cause” or multitude of “causes.” Let me see her getting her hands dirty with whatever cause she feels is fitting to spend her day on. If you’re a blue aspie this might be a good time to toy with some ideas for a cuase. If you’re not, have some fun with this and consider perhaps this is also a good time to explore the reasons you might aspire to your future ajah. A yellow aspie might find someone sick to help, a brown aspie might help a child with reading, a gray aspie might settle a dispute over a piece of property or animal based on laws of the city, a red aspie might meet someone who had once lost someone to a male channeler or who cared for a now dead male channeler thusly getting some insight into that. A white aspie might spend the day discussing philosophy with an older person in the village and maybe playing stones. A green aspie might meet a traveling borderlander and his family and spend some time talking about the lifestyle of those who always fight the shadow. Be creative and have fun!

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Kira was almost bouncing with anticipation as they arrived in the village.  She was given leave by Alia to go find some cause to assist with in the village.  Kira was unsure of what to do, but figured that she could do some exploring and something would present itself.  The Tower Guard escort followed her and and Kira looked around, unable to find anything to draw her attention.  Finally she arrived at a small inn and decided to head in to get a drink.  Inside, the inn was busy.  Many patrons sat at tables and a frazzled woman was trying to serve them.  Behind the woman a little boy was running, holding a book and trying to get the woman's attention.


"Mommy," the boy said in a high pitched voice. "Help me with my reading!"


The woman turned and faced the boy and calmly said, "I'm sorry, son, I can't right now.  Maybe later."


The young boy looked down, clearly very upset.  Kira felt a brief pain in her chest for the young boy.  She understood.  His mother was the innkeeper and was trying to serve her patrons.  She was unable to spend time with her son because she was busy working.  Kira soon smiled, realizing that she had found a cause she could help with.  Kira approached the woman and smiled at her.


"Excuse me ma'am," Kira said, giving a curtsy. "I couldn't help but overhear your coversation between you and your son.  My name is Kira Tuvunenia and I'm a represntative from the White Tower." Kira gestured to the Tower Guard behind her. "I'm here to help out with anything I can today.  If you would like, I would like to help your son with his reading. I do have some experience in teaching reading."


The woman looked at Kira and then looked at the Guardsmen and back to Kira again.  The woman thought for a moment before answering, "That would be wonderful!  Sio," she called to her son. "Take Lady Kira to the meeting room.  She will help you with your studies."


The young boy, Sio, immediately looked up and there was a smile on his face.  He ran up to Kira, grabbed her hand, and escorted her to the meeting room.  Kira sat down and Sio curled up in her lap with the book and started reading.  For as young as he was, the boy was an excellent reader.  He would occassionaly point at a word on the page and Kira would help him sound out the word.  Everytime he would get a word right, he would smile at Kira proudly.  Kira let him read to her, offering encouragement when he struggled and praise when he succeeded.


Time seemed to disappear as Kira worked with the boy.  Before too long, the mother entered, but chose to watch Kira work with her son rather than intervening.  Soon thereafter, a guardsman interrupted and said, "It is getting close to time."


Kira spoke softly to Sio, "Sio, I need to go back to my home now, but I had a very fun time today."


The boy looked up at her, sadness on his face, but nodded.  He jumped off her lap and as soon as Kira stood, he gave her a hug.  Kira leaned down to return the hug and followed the Guardsmen out of the room.  Sio's mother nodded at Kira in gratitude as she left.  They escorted Kira back to where Alia had told them to return.  Kira smiled the whole trip back.  She had accomplished something good, and it made her feel good.

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They arrived at the village and the blue sister gave each accepted a tower guard for escort as they went in their own direction looking for a cause. Liana was given an older tower guard for escort and he seemed a bit on the tough side, especially with those stone cold eyes eying the surroundings in front of them as they walked.

Liana had heard that some practiced something called the flame and the void where they put all their emotions in a flame to temporarily shut them off. It made Liana shiver a little but she could understand it somehow, since they cannot allow their emotions to get the better of them in a dangerous situation.


They walked a bit down the street of the village and a sobbing voice of a child hit a chord in Liana “Mom…mom” the child cried. She walked up to the child and sat down “What’s the matter? Are you lost and without your mother?” and the child sobbingly nodded shyly at Liana. She embraced the child and patted the child’s back. “It’s okay, I’ll help you find her.” Liana said with a soothing voice.


The tower guard glanced around to see if he could spot the young child’s mother anywhere near. But nobody that was around seemed to be the child’s mother or father for that matter. So while she held the child in her arms they decided to look for her mother.


As they walked Liana tried to comfort the child that was still sobbing in her arms. “What’s your name?” She asked to get the child to think about something else “Y-yura…” Yura answered “What a pretty name. Mine is Liana.” It seemed to help comfort the child a bit. After moment of walking they finally succeeded in finding Yura’s mother. It happened that she had accidently let go of her hand in a crowd, and in so lost her on the way. But with Liana’s help they had finally found each other again, and her mother smiled brightly at her beloved child “Thank you so much, Aes Sedai thank you so much.” The woman deeply curtsied to Liana.


Liana warmly smiled back and offered her well wish to the mother and started walking back to where they were supposed to meet at the tree with the rest.

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Alia pulled her black stockings on and let the fringe of her sky blue skirt fall to her knees over them. She tucked her white blouse in to the waist of the skirt and draped her blue ajah shall over her shoulders as she slipped her feet into blue slippers matching the deep blue of her shawl. She swept a hand by her neck lifting her long black hair from under the shawl and let it fall down her back. She gathered the pile of papers she had prepared the night before and laid them in the crook of her arm as she made her way through the Tower to the class room. 


She welcomed the girls as they made their way in and found their seats."I hope you all enjoyed your taste of the big wide world, and that your backsides aren't too worse for wear from the ride. There was much to be learned on your trip, and I hope you all took something away from it."


She turned to the board at the front of the room and wrote 'People', 'Justice', 'Goals', 'Connections', 'Travel', 'Causes'. Turning back to the class she pointed to what she wrote.


"On our first day I asked you to name what you thought being a blue was all about. These were some of the replies. These things are wide and vague." She stopped harshly, letting emphasis hit. Some of the students clearly looked ashamed and embarrassed as if they had missed the marked, or fallen short. "Do any of you wish to change your answers, now that we are further into the class? Expand on them, perhaps?"


Alia waited, and took each answer that came from the class and added it to the board. When they had each had the chance to add, even though some of them chose not to Alia looked over the words on the board. "All correct. But none of these added were truly needed. Let me tell you what the Blue Ajah truly is about.


The Blue Ajah is what ever the Sisters of the Ajah make it. It is something different to every sister who ever takes up the shawl. Each Sister devotes herself to her own cause. Something dear to her own heart, and though these causes drastically differ from sister to sister, it is the devotion to the cause that holds us together as Blues." Alia turned and erased every word except "Cause" from the board.


"It is the simplicity and the vagueness of this one word that makes the Blue ajah as defined and solid as it is. Today's lesson is about Cause.


A 'cause' is simply an idea, belief, or desire worth fighting and even dying for. Some are large, and some are not. Some can be resolved in a day or a week, some can be solved by an individual. Others take generations, and many people all working to the same end before they every get anywhere. We see these grand Causes in the formation of other ajahs; the Green's cause is fighting the Shadow, The Red's is protecting the world from the threat of male channellers. I'm sure you can see the main cause of the other Ajahs, and I will not break them down.


While such grand causes are noble, and no one will argue the importance that some devote their energies to these, the Blues recognize the idea that committing the vast majority of your life to any one cause, while respectable, isn't always realistic or fair to the many other causes which we as Aes Sedai could work with in a life span the likes of which an Aes Sedai has.


Blue Aspirants do not simply wake up on day and think, 'I will devote the rest of my life to finding women who can channel and seeing them to the Tower', then get raised and do nothing but travel to and from the tower for the rest of their days with initiates. I believe that misconception, that we wake up day as Accepted knowing exactly the cause we want to focus our every day on, is what keeps a lot of able bodied women from looking more closely at the Blue Ajah. I find that very funny as that is exactly what the aspirant of any other Ajah does.They wakes up one day, tested and tried and commit herself to a single but important Cause under the banner of another Ajah for the whole of her life.


That is not to say that Blues cannot devote themselves to a single cause as sisters of other ajahs do, it is just to say that it is more common to see a shift in causes, or multiple causes being pursued by the individuals of the Blue. Just consider, can you honestly say that in your knowledge from your past twenty years you know beyond a shadow of a doubt what it is you want to do for the next 300 years? I know speaking of age is not something done often around here, but it is no secret that the lifespan of a Sister is far longer than that of someone who cannot channel.


It if for this reason that most blues choose seemingly vague causes like, justice, freedom, education and more. In keeping it vague they can find many angles to tackle the issues, from working in small communities to the world in general. They can move from one aspect of the greater cause to another depending on circumstances and changes in the world over the centuries. 


Choosing the Blues does not mean you exclude the causes of other ajahs, in fact many blues take up the cause of other ajahs, such as fighting the shadow as the Greens do, or seeking justice as the Greys. The main difference is in the manner in which Blues go about it. While Green's are more likely to run with battles and bloodshed, Blues will find other ways to discourage the Shadow." Alia thought for moment on her Aunt who had done just that as a sister of the blue ajah to her own detriment, but before she could get sucked into her own connection to such things she carried on the lesson. It was not the time nor place to get caught up in memories.


"The Greys fight for justice, but they rarely fight with more than words and papers. Blues find unique ways to fight for justice, and unlike the Greys, Blues fight for what they believe is right, not always what 'the law' says is right.


The Causes are endless, and I will not spend my time listing the differences between the other ajahs and blues when it comes to the details. My point is simple. Blues can take up the same cause as any other ajah, and go about about achieving it in their own personal manner. They can work with sisters of other ajahs to achieve this, or go on their own. Blues also have more flexibility than other ajahs in that if after a number of years their passion for the cause fades or they find they have a new passion brewing to serve a new cause, their is nothing standing in their way from pursuing it.


There are unique causes, too, desires and passions in each individual, and if you find yourself with desire to do something with your life outside of the devotion of the other Ajahs, perhaps the Blue is the avenue for you to be able to explore that desire. Even if you know that you will not accomplish it in your lifetime, know that there will be others willing to take up your cause and follow your lead to see it accomplished. Where other ajahs focus on causes already determined, the blues are free to look to the future and see what new is needed in the world and find ways to achieve it. New fights against new enemies, new advances in technologies, new theories to prove, new laws to be made, new systems implemented in the world as the world evolves and changes. All of these could be spear headed by a Blue.


In the end, what makes a good cause is your passion to put behind it. There is no wrong cause; all things which you do for the world are good causes to have and your cause can change day to day with your experiences. Unlike the Sisters of the Ajahs, we prefer to remain true to the roots of the Aes Sedai and embrace the versatility and necessity of change from time to time. As the world and people change so too must we. Without that ability we would be lost to the world as surely as all unchanging things.


For those of you wondering, my cause is information gathering. This has led me to exploring parts of the world many other's haven't traveled, this has led to my having connections with people in every corner of the world, this had led to my having aided many Sisters of many ajahs in the advancement of their own causes. The nature of the information, and what I do with it, differs greatly and is very wide in range. One of my hobbies ties in greatly to my cause. I have a fondness, and a knack, for making codes and decoding things as well. Here, take one of these and see how you do at it yourself." Alia took the stack of papers and handed them to girl in front of her, gesturing for her to pass them through the class. "No two codes are the same, and no two messages either. It is not necessary for you to complete them, they are meant to be a bit of fun.

Now, I want each of you to write a small paper tonight about a Cause you could take up realistically based on your life experiences right now. If you were to be an Aes Sedai out in the world. Assume you have all the Tower resources at your command and all the things which make an Aes Sedai an Aes Sedai, both weaknesses and strengths. Tell me about why you’d choose it, if you were a blue that is, when we meet for our next lesson.


Class Dismissed.” 


~ Alia Mariadoon


Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah



OOC: Homework: You are to come up with a cause (that doesn’t involve the dragon reborn, ashaman, seanchan, etc as they wouldn’t be around in the time their characters would have been raised in the Tower) and tell us a bit about why your character might choose it, if you were to go blue. 

Try to think outside the box a little and realize that originality in rp is the spice of life! While its easy to take up Moraine’s cause from the books or even simply state “justice” as a cause; know that there is a lot more to any thing you pick. I could find three sisters who choose “justice" and each could easily have different views of what they are fighting for so help me to understand what it is you’re really wanting to do. 

Have fun with this. If you’re finding you’re stuck and you’re thinking “I HATE this, I don’t want to pick any one thing…” write about that. It’s a legitimate answer but tell me why. Tell me about what many things you’re thinking of and torn between. Ideally your brain storming here could help you stumble upon something you haven’t thought of yet. Write without thinking just jot notes down on paper about what your character is interested in eg: Keeping novices from being picked on without reason and expand from there. That, for example could easily develop into “Well, I don’t like to see people oppressed by those who are stronger than them or in positions of power.” And that easily becomes the cause, “Stopping oppression” or “Building better leadership in the world governments – both large and small.” 

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Kira walked calmly back to her room, thinking about her life experiences. She had a couple of ideas as to what her paper would be about. She wasn't sure if she wanted to write about just one of them and instead decided to write on the three that she felt very strongly about.


Upon arriving in her room, she stoked the fire and lit the candle on her desk. She poured some water amd sipped at it before getting out her pen, a sheet of paper, and some ink. She dipped her pen in the black ink and scribbled her name on the top, and then began work on her essay.


A Cause or Three


I have thought long and hard about a cause that I could dedicate myself to if I joined the Blue Ajah. I have determined that there are several things I would dedicate myself to, although not necessarily at the same time. These causes have come from my personal life experiences and are things I hold to be very important.


The first is helping women find their strength to defend themselves from bandits and other thugs. In my life before arriving at the Tower, I worked in my parents Inn. Oftentimes,male patrons would touch me inappropriately. I always felt violated and powerless to do anything about it. I would like to teach women that isn't the case.


Secondly, I would like to focus on educating others. As an Accepted, I worked with a Novice and taught her how to read. I also had a similar experience on our field trip. Teaching others has brought me a great amount of joy that I never thought I would have expeienced.


Thirdly, should the Last Battle come during my lifetime, I would like to help in fighting the Shadow in whatever way I can. While working on other causes, I can also practice using weapons and learn techniques to prepare for battle. I can learn healing weaves to help those injured in battle. I can help organize the evactuations of civilians should it come to that.


Really the possibilities are endless. There are many causes I could see myself serving in, and those causes can change with the times.


Kira looked over her essay, reading through it a couple of times. She smiled thinking of the many ways she could help others in her life. She set her essay down to let the ink dry, before blowing out the candle and heading to the kitchens to eat.

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Alia arrived early for the last day of class and studied the young women as they filed into the class. She had been watching them the whole time, judging those she thought may actually end up in the ajah, those who seemed to be there just to gleam as much of the inner secrets as they could and those who were just floating by and 'getting through' the class.


There were a few who she could see going blue and those she gave an extra friendly smile to as they made their way past her to their seats. When they were seated she began.


"This will be our last formal class, but know that if ever you have questions my door is always open to you. At this point, you have learned all there is to learn in a formal class, and all you are likely to learn of the inner workings of the Blue Ajah until you are wearing a shawl from our sisters on your own shoulders, where I sure you there are plenty more things to know." She caught the eye of one of the likely to join the ajah and winked. 


"That said, one more point must be made. There is only one ajah known for travel as much as the Blue, and that is Green. But where the Greens travel to battle and are often tied up with pressing matters of security, the Blues have the chance along their travels to stop, get to know people and really get to the heart of their desires.


Because of our connection with the People of the world the sisters of the Blue ajah are most often the first exposure to Aes Sedai that people have, and because of this, we have great influence in the way the world perceives the White Tower. We are often the first to hear of issues troubling the lands and we are often the first to come assist them. We are the front line, we are the Ajah still devoted to being Servants to All."


Alia moved to the desk at the front of the room and sat on top of it. "Now, I have told you all I can think to say. If there is anything more you wish to know, or want more detail on, I will spend the rest of this class taking your questions."



Alia Mariadoon

Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah


OOC: Ask away! If you have your 6 posts you can just post a sum up of the last class and congrats you're done! if you need to make up some posts or have ambition you can ask questions, or you can write up an OOC RP plan for an RP you could do if you were to become a blue.


CONGRATS GUYS! Sorry for how long this dragged out, but you did great!!

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Kira came into class.  It was a bittersweet moment for her, as she had really enjoyed the class and was excited.  She really felt like she could find a home in the Blue Ajah.  As she entered, Alia gave Kira a friendly smile that Kira returned before sitting down next to Aureli.


"This will be our last formal class, but know that if ever you have questions my door is always open to you. At this point, you have learned all there is to learn in a formal class, and all you are likely to learn of the inner workings of the Blue Ajah until you are wearing a shawl from our sisters on your own shoulders, where I sure you there are plenty more things to know."  Alia said, giving Kira a wink.


"That said, one more point must be made. There is only one ajah known for travel as much as the Blue, and that is Green. But where the Greens travel to battle and are often tied up with pressing matters of security, the Blues have the chance along their travels to stop, get to know people and really get to the heart of their desires.


Because of our connection with the People of the world the sisters of the Blue ajah are most often the first exposure to Aes Sedai that people have, and because of this, we have great influence in the way the world perceives the White Tower. We are often the first to hear of issues troubling the lands and we are often the first to come assist them. We are the front line, we are the Ajah still devoted to being Servants to All." Alia finished.


Kira thought deeply about what Alia had said.  Kira thought of her life.  She had grown up being a servant, not a slave, but a servant.  Her heart was to really a servant's heart.  She wanted to serve others.  AFter the class, she was more than sure that the Blue was where she would find her home.


Alia dismissed them, pausing for any questions the students might have.  Kira had none at this point, but knew that she would eventually take advantage of Alia's open door.  Kira also knew that soon the time would come for here testing.  She was ready for it.


Kira stood as she was dimissed and gave Alia another smile and a curtsy.  She then walked back to her room to read for awhile.

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She once read a book that the pattern represents balance; that for every bad that happens to the world, there is an equal amount good to counteract it. Ellisha wondered when that good will reach her – if ever. For what manner of grace and mercy could possibly give sufficient reason to justify this suffering? It seemed absurd – even unfair, to see other people laugh and not be able to join them. It wasn’t like she couldn’t laugh. It’s just that every time she tried it sounded forced. Hollow. As if something had been taken away and was never given back.


A sound came at her door. Three knocks that tap, tap, tapped at the door. When she didn’t get up to answer, it opened to reveal the head of Aril Corland. One of Ellisha’s… friends. The red haired woman smiled when she saw Ellisha was already up and dressed. Ellisha didn’t smile back; she couldn’t smile back.


“Beautiful morning to you, Eli.” The Accepted said in a light casual tone as she entered.  Light and too casual, the girl was trying to appear at ease in front of her. Like most people these days. Or at least – those who didn’t choose to avoid her entirely.


She sighed.


It would’ve been preferable if this girl had chosen the latter. It would’ve been less… painful, for all those involved. Yet they persist – persist with this farce that she was somehow still normal; that nothing had changed. They pretend, yet their eyes spoke the truth to her. The Eyes never lie.
She could see fear as she was looked down upon. See the pity and the concern in this woman’s eyes. It was a look you gave when you saw a rabid animal locked up in a cage. Ellisha thought it was only appropriate.


She did not respond to the girl’s attempt at a conversation starter. The girl continued as if she had, though it sounded a little bit more strained this time. Ellisha usually made people uncomfortable. It had almost become a talent of hers recently.


“I..um, thought I’d swing by and deliver you this.” She said as she watched Ellisha staring impassively back at her. Aril produced a document from the sleeves of her dress and held it up to her.


“What, is it?”
She unrolled the piece of parchment then look at the title.


The importance of the Blue Ajah
By Ellisha Falwein

Whilst the works of all Ajahs within the White Tower can be seen as important, it is good to remember that with the passing of time – missions and goals alike must also change. The Blue Ajah; the seekers of goals and the pursuers of justice, understands this fact and has engrained this ideology into its founding principles. 


From what I have been able to gather, it is a common verdict that the Blues Ajah does not have a unified front, as each individual Sister holds to her own set of goals and order of import. This would be the main basis for most arguments against the usefulness of the Blue Ajah. Yet the more I look into it, the more it becomes apparent that the critical weakness of the Blues is also its strongest attribute.


Without running the risk of being too proverbial, ‘The best of battle plans lasts only until the first arrows fly.’ Whilst the purpose of the White Tower is not always centred on the preparation of battle, the analogy still holds true to prove this point. As times pass and unforeseen circumstances arise, so must compromise be taken to adjust to the changes. If there is one thing the Blues do better than any of the other Ajahs, it would be their understanding of the need to be flexible.


To this extent, the Blues also serves a very direct purpose. Though not restricted to this goal alone, many Blues take the idea of ‘Justice’ as one of their long term goals. Maintenance of their extensive Eyes and Ears network as well as close involvement with both the high and low echelons of society, makes the Blues an important component of White Tower influence on the world.


Again to reinforce earlier points, a Blue can devote herself to any of the other six goals of other Ajahs, depending on the need of the time. Nothing in the Blue’s code of conduct, dictates that one of its Sisters can’t prepare for the last battle like any Green, heal the wounded and the sick like that of the Yellow, negotiate and moderate like a Gray, or reason and be philosophical like a White.


Extensive connection to the world at large through its Eyes and Ears network, and a healthy understanding of the need to make adjustments makes the Blue Ajah a crucial part of the White Tower. As such, it has raised the highest number of Amylians, and will likely continue to do so in the near future.


“I didn’t ask you to do this.” She said as she skim read its content.
“No, no you did not.”
There was an air of disapproval in the girl’s voice now as she said it. Ellisha knew she would be in trouble with the Aes Sedai if she did not hand in her homework. In fact, she had been expecting it.  But this…


“Why did you do it?”
The girl folded her arms beneath her breasts and awarded Ellisha with a blank stare.
“Why? Because you’re my friend.” She emphasised the end of her sentence and managed to fill it full of contempt. Ellisha held the piece of paper in front of her and said nothing.


Finally, Aril threw her hands in the air and turned around to walk out the door. “You know what Ellisha Falwein.” she spat as she slammed the door behind her.  “You’re impossible.” The framework shook to the impact of the woman’s heavy handed slam, the solid piece reverberating to the sound of silence that permeated the room.  Ellisha was once again alone to herself. Alone, and holding to an essay that wasn’t hers.


She stared at the piece of paper for what seemed like an eternity. Then, glancing back at the door, she carefully opened her leather satchel then tucked it carefully inside. As she did so, she slipped the Great Serpent ring back on her third finger, the gold glittering softly as it caught the light. It made her want to shiver. Just like the banded hem of her dress, the ring reminded her of the price she had to pay. It always brought back things she wished lay forgotten – the emotions without memories; the pain without reason. That was the price she had to pay to wear a piece of metal on her finger.


~Ellisha Falwein
Accepted of the White Tower

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The hallways outside was nearly empty when she finally walked through the door to her chamber. The inter plaza that held the Accepted quarters had only a few women lounging about this time of the day. Ellisha swung her satchel over one shoulder and followed a rear group of Accepteds who were making their way down to the main part of the Tower. A few shot sideways looks at her, their eyes like pointy daggers as she walked past and overtook them.  


When she was through to the classroom, a part of her was surprised to find their teacher had yet arrived – the part that still cared about such things at least. She spotted Aril and Venca sitting together in one of the back row seats, and averted her eyes so she did not have to look at them as she found herself a spot near the front.


A few minutes later, the Blue Aes Sedai walked through the front and greeted her class. “Good morning class,” the woman said, and the Accepteds returned with a few half hearted responses. She noticed a few of them were excited about something though but couldn’t pick out exactly what. The Aes Sedai wore a dress that had its skirt divided down the middle, but that seemed a trivial detail to get all excited about. She rubbed two fingers over her temple as the Blue informed them to hand in their essays.


She almost didn’t catch the last part of the woman’s instructions. Line up at the door? What were they doing? It soon became apparent as the Aes Sedai continued, taking sheets of paper from the gathering line of Accepted as each of them passed.
They were going to ‘experience’ what it felt like to be a Blue, it seemed. She took out the essay Aril had written for her, hesitating over the piece of paper as she glanced at the awaiting Blue.


Nearly a quarter of an hour later, Ellisha found herself standing in the stables, her pack and travelling attire draped over her Accepted’s dress. A grey stapled gelding stood to one side and Ellisha held its reigns in one hand whilst her other was tucked behind a loop in her belt. The horse made no move to acquaint itself with her and in fact, she thought it tried shying away a few times when she wasn’t looking. Even the animals could sense it, she thought as she eyed the grey animal. The something that was wrong inside her.


~Ellisha Falwein
Accepted of the White Tower 

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