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[OP Tournament]: Cloud vs. Maddy


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Maddy hide behind the tall trees watching the approach of Cloud with trepidation. Thunder boomed and lightning clashed, the air reeked of ozone. She crouched but refusing to cower. Quietly she drew upon Saidin, readying her weave. Bile rose in her throat at the thought of her opponent's experience. This would be her first battle against another channeler.


Straight out of school and here I am thrown at the deep end.


Someone cackled maniacally punctuated by the boom of thunder.  Lightning painted the scenery in sharp stark relief.

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Cloud stepped on the stone tiles that paved the center of the arena in the Black Tower. He knew that he had a good chance in winning this tournament as he was one of the most powerful Soldiers around, but he wasn't foolish enough to let his guard down for he knew that even the weakest opponent should never be underestimated. Cloud felt around in the pockets of his black coat to find his Snake Angreal but noticed that he forgot to bring it with him again.. supressing a sigh he seized Saidin and drew as much as he could hold on his own. It had been a long time since he had wielded Saidin and he hated to admit that he had missed this extactic feeling of life and immense destructive power. Drawing even more of Saidin, he reached out to the sky and let thunder and lightning dance around as he was warming up for the upcoming battle. Yes, I have missed you, old friend he mumbled to himself and then he couldn't help but start laughing at something he only seemed to find funny. He looked around and noticed his opponent, Maddy, for the first time as she was hiding behind the tall trees at the end of the arena carefully watching him. You know, this battle will be quite boring if you hide all the time, so why don't you come out and fight me with everything you got.


Cloud was grinning as he weaved Air, Water and Spirit together and send the torment rushing out towards the trees, destroying them in the process and damaging Maddy as she dodged away. Not bad, he thought, this battle might prove to be more entertaining than he first expected it to be.



Attack: Cloud Dancing

Damage: 6


Cloud: 100

Maddy: 94



Out of RP: Btw this is actually my first battle and I have yet to figure out how to use my Angreal, lol. Good luck! :)

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Maddy limped out onto the battle ground, her hiding spot completely decimated. She knows that much as she appears to be cowering she wasn't really. She was actually pissing herself!


Please don't use your angreal, she prays to herself. Should've gotten her turtle while she had the chance. Now she is completely outclassed and furthermore outmanouvered.


She is going to be geography!


She drew as much Saidin as she could hold, its sickly sweet corruption bolstering her courage somewhat. She wove a simple net of fire and threw it desparately at her laughing opponent. He looked nonplussed at her determined face twisting in a grimace of effort and nonchalantly stepped aside hands in his pocket. Her fire passed away to splutter with a sad sizzle on the ground.


Attack : Fire


Damage : -1 (0)


Cloud 100

Maddy 94

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Now that Cloud had his Snake Angreal again he drew even more of Saidin and wove Air and Water to create a storm of ice around Maddy, shards of ice flying in every direction. After the mist settled he saw that his opponent was bloodied and shaken, but there was still a fire of determintion in her eyes that told him that she wouldn't give up so easily. He smiled again, but this time as an acknowledgement of her fighting spirit. The battle will end soon though, he thought, and I won't spare even a bit of mercy for a Darkfriend..



Attack: Ice Storm

Damage: 10


Cloud: 100

Maddy: 84

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Squaring herr shoulders and lifting her chin Maddy hide the pain of the attack. She refuse to give satisfaction. Despite her inexperience in battle she is more than cabaple in hiding her pain and disappointment. She would face her defeat with pride. Let it not be said that she face her enemy with nothing less than arrogance. She would like to tear the ground from beneath his feet and wipe that smirk off his face. She attacked with a weave of Earth.


Attack :EarthFire


Damage : 0


Cloud 100

Maddy 84

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