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The Watchphone!


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Apple is currently also busy with developing an iWatch but it won't be nearly as advanced as the concept shown in that video. Google's Glass also didn't work as well as most people expected it to be; I guess it's still a little too soon for such technology to be introduced to the consumer market. I personally wouldn't buy a "smart watch" because everything you can do on such a device and more you can also do on your smartphone. And to be honest such advanced technology as shown in the concept video scares me. I don't like the idea of people becoming too reliant on technology.

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*sidles up behind Cloud and pats him on the left shoulder* How's it going, Cloud? I don't think I'd care for a smart watch much. I do need to get a smart phone one of these days. *Pats Cloud on the right shoulder* Anyhow, see you later.


*walks off and turns around to check his handiwork, sees the sign firmly attached to Cloud's back...*



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Yes indeed he is. In fact he is a Soldier of the Light.


A most useful and informative sign @ Basel.


*kicks Cloud*


Go sign up for the OP Tournament. I mean it.


Fine fine.. I was going to sign up anyway :tongue: I was just a little busy with college but I will have more than enough time after next week.


I'm an attack leader.


can I attack him?


Huh so you are my superior? :laugh:

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