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Well hey there

Kepen heal

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Hi everyone.Thanks for stopping by to meat the new guy. I love this site.It is soo coolllll. The updates are fantastic. :oops: :D Any who what do i do here. What job am i assinged or do i get to pick my own.


Hey if you guys ever need any quotes from the WOT series i have them stacked in my notebook. If you would like to hear some just give a poke. (Not in the back though that hurts.) Hope i get accepted into your guyses eyes. Just want to fit in. (A little hard considering how wierd i am) Thanks though again.

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hi well we have the discusion section...where we discuss difrent things and stuff...just browse around the boards and read the rules on the top and the board description


then there is the org...its a friendly place to get friends and you are raised based on helping out or in some cases by spaming *s*


and lastly there is the portal stones worlds...this is where we RP...there is two alternatives..AoL (seems its sort of dying) and dragon reborn


based on this if you have any futher questions just ask...and welcome to the site *s*

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Guest Egwene

Hi Kepen heal :)


Just have a look at all the different boards and introduce yourself to people. Pretty much everyone is friendly and will be happy to answer questions you might have.


We have a lot of polls on the book discussion boards at the moment.... so why not start with leaving your votes there? Than work your way down the board. You'll soon work out what suits you best.



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are Ashaman allowed. That is somthing i would like to make my way too. I think i will stop by though. If i do ill the the guy in the black cloak sitting in he corner drinky what ever is infront of me. HAHAHAHAHAH. Any pretty ladys there???? Nudge Nudge. :oops:

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