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Welcome to DM Naldo!!  I'm going to start which will probably be the first of many posts suggesting you come try out the Social Groups.  There is a group, or two or all for everyone.  It's where you can meet the crazies that call DM home.  Stop by and say hello, we always are happy to have new faces stop by and especially like it if they stay.  *grins*

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Welcome to Dragonmount! When you have a little time you should take a look through the discussion forums for some great theories, information & discussions. As many of the others have already stated you should also take a little time to check out the Social Groups and see which of them click for you (You are not limited to just one). Each group has something different to offer such as the Black Tower's tainted brownies & spam or the Band of the Red Hand's taverns & discussions on music/arts. The social groups can be a little silly at times but are almost always a lot of fun and a great way for you to interact with a number of other DM members. If you are into Role Play then you should also take a look at the RP forums.

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