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  1. I drink a couple cups of coffee every day. I first started drinking coffee when I was 19 years old and was working as a ranger for the National Park Service. Back then I would get up around 4:30am and get ready for work and had a lot of long days doing 10-12 hour shifts. There was a hotel near my office in Yosemite National Park that had free coffee so I would stop by once in a while to get cup - at first I didn't like the taste but I drank it for the caffeine. It must be an acquired taste because after a while I grew to absolutely love the taste and smell of coffee. I have some fond memories drinking my coffee as I would drive my ranger truck into the mariposa grove of sequoia trees at 7am, being the only one there at that hour, enjoying the fresh snowfall from the night before. Funny how some things trigger certain memories
  2. hello there, welcome to DM !!
  3. my happy place is watching your happy place burn. (sorry, i'm in shayol ghul =p)
  4. i think that is their method of making you buy more and spend more money on a product to get the amount you desire. conspiracy all the way!! =p
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