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David Hague

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Congratulations on finishing up and welcome to DM roguesurfer!


You'll find some other UKers here as well! Feel free to jump into the many threads and discussions going on around the forums, just keep AMoL (A Memory of Light) spoilers in the spoiler forums only!


Be sure to check out the NUMEROUS social groups here, including the Black Tower, Wolfkin, and White Tower to name my personal favorites. :wink:


If you have any questions feel free to ask! :smile:

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Welcome to dragonmount!


I'll give you a tour of here. Basically dragonmount is divided into three parts- discussions, social groups and roleplaying groups. Discussions are for well discussions, both wot and non wot. Roleplaying groups for roleplaying. And social groups. They are the most interesting in my opinion. They are based on wot and are good places to hang out and make good friends. Each one has something different. I am in all of them and i love them all.

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Welcome to DM!!  We certainly do have a lot of UKers around here.  :wink:   I completely agree with your list of favorite and non-favorite characters.  LOL


Defiantely hope to see you around the Social Groups, they are all great (I used to belong to most of them but took a 3 year hiatus and only got back into Band of the Red Hand social group right now)  Each one has it's own unique theme. 


*thinks it's about time she wandered back to some of the other Social Groups she used to belong to*

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