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Long time fan, Fresh member.

Spyro Harkinian

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I've been reading the wheel of time for about 5 or 6 years now. and it is easily my favorite series. I've only ever got through Winter's Heart, and took a break until the series was finished to start reading it again. On Shadow Rising now, and almost to Fires of Heaven. This'll probably be my 4rd or 4th time reading these ones, but beyond Winter Heart, the series will be an exciting mystery I can't wait to explore.


Looking forward to making and meeting new friends in the series, and probably showing off the death metal song I wrote about the prophecies of the Dragon Reborn n_n

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Welcome to DM Spyro!  I haven't finished the series myself.  I read through Knife of Dreams and haven't finished the last 3 yet.  Just put it down and haven't gotten back to it yet.  But I will.  LOL


You may want to stay clear of some of the discussion threads as there will be spoilers for the remainder of the series.  Unless you like spoilers...you never know.  :wink:


Be sure to stop by the Social Groups and say hi or even join one or two or three...... :wink:

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Hi Spyro, welcome to DM :smile: . Having recently finished the series myself with AMoL I can say you have a lot of great reading ahead of you :smile:!


Definitely be sure to check out the social groups! *Shameless plug for the Black Tower, Wolfkin, and White Tower* :biggrin:


If you have any questions feel free to ask!

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