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Super Depressed! But happy to meet everyone.


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Well, I hate to be the depressed guy in the room, but I have to explain my personal history with the series. I've struggled with depression/suicidal thoughts since the 5-6th grade, and I loved fantasy books but they were never immersive enough or long enough. I'm only 20 now, but due to my mental issues I have very little memory of my childhood before the age of 18, but I remember reading the Wheel of Time books during middle school. I was always yelled at by teachers to pay attention, I always tried to hide the paperback books inside of my text books and they were taken away constantly. I have wonderful memories of being able to escape with these books, and its a huge bummer that its over.


I've read all of Brandon Sanderson's other books, and my favorite was The Stormlight Archive (Mistborn being a close second). So I suppose it's poetic that when one series ends I can start again at the beginning of another. (SLA is due to be a 10-book series).


I look forward to meeting fellow WoT fans and fantasy fans in general. I listen to audiobooks at work (40 hours a week) so feel free to suggest any other fantasy series.


Other series I have read and recommend:

Kingkiller Chronicles

Night Angel Trilogy

First Law Series (Finishing the last book).


So while I am really bummed I am joining in order to have long, drown out discussions about minute details that we really won't ever have an answer too. Perhaps write a bit of fan fiction.

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Well, it's great to know that WoT made such a difference in your life. And isn't the great thing about books that you can reread them until they have that worn and well loved look? :biggrin:


Personally I love rereading books, it's like being able to escape RL and dive into a familiar and comforting world filled with fictional friends :happy:



Welcome to DM, the people around here are great, I'm sure you'll fit right in :biggrin:


If you have any questions or feel like chatting, don't hesitate to PM me :happy:

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I can't imagine my life without Wheel of Time, and DM too.  I joined DM in 2003, and that was right as I started High School.  It got me through those horrible teen years, and now as an adult, it still fills my life while my husband is deployed.



I also love Stormlight Archive!  I have reread The Way of Kings so many times, I might be obsessed.

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I totally understand the escapism of the Wheel of Time. My own (foster) parents never understood how I

could read so much, or love something "fake". That actually, to me, is the greatest art of the human mind:

like gods, we can (some of us) create entire worlds and universes so thrilling, so compelling, that they make

the real one we live in fade away for awhile.

Some may love music, or art, but for me, they cannot equal being transported away for hours into a new world, one that I love.



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I completely hear that Tsukibana, and Christine.


I have a bit of an idea for a story. I love writing, so I think I'll try writing a WoT story but I'll avoid the POV of any characters from the series. They would be a bit of a legendary status and would work better that way. I'll probably try to not include any of the main characters at all.

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