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Music in the Wheel of Time

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So...I've always been amazed with how much music is in the Wheel of Time. There's Jak o' the Shadows, wash the spears, and many other songs mentioned that have different words depending on where you are. This made me think of a project for myself. I'm thinking I'm going to write melodies for them. I'll definitely do Jak o' the Shadows and Wash the Spears. Are there any others listed that have words in the books? What do you guys think?

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Solely based on the two songs in Hobbit that used Tolkien's lyrics, I really would love Howard Shore to be involved if WoT ever became a mini-series. I think he really hit the intent of Tolkien and could interpret RJ's intent as well.


For the Wash the Spears, I know this is kind of a bit hokey, but I kind of envision a song of the same type of sound as the song in Pocahontas-- I think it is called Savages? Obviously not that melody, but the chorus of that song is sung in a style that I think would fit the Aiel extremely well, especially for that kind of song.

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