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My "how rand wins" theory

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So ive been reading back thrue the series looking at the prophisies, and this hit me. There was some talk about rand having to use callandor to beat the dark one, most notably the "he shall hold a blade of light in his hands and the three shall be one". Now i think that dose need callandor, thats the blade of light, but i think the three that shall be one is refering to the three powers. In tgs at one point lt tells rand the resone that the seals dident work was because he had to tutch the dark one, alowing the do to taint it. What if he touched the do with the true power insted, and used callandor, and thus the other two powers to do the sealing? I guess ill find out soon, but i wanted to see what others think.

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Yeah, it's been suggested. Personally, I don't subscribe to that belief, but search for "three become one" and you'll find it (along with the other usual suspects).

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Like yoniy0 said, this theory has been proposed. One of the strongest arguments against it is that the True Power comes from the Dark One, at his discretion. Ignoring the fact that he wouldn't let Rand use it against him, the Dark One would simply not be trapped/affected by his own Power. It would be like someone trying to force you to choke yourself. They might (strong emphasis on "might") be able to force your hand to your throat, and squeeze, but the moment they let go, you wouldn't continue choking yourself. The flaw in this analogy is that, in the case of choking, they could just hold you until you died. The DO cannot die, however, and we are talking more about holding him back away from the One Power. So, you push him back with his own power (questionable) then you construct the prison with the One Power... Then what? You have let go of the DO eventually. Now what is between the DO and the One Power? Nothing. Taint occurs just like before, only this time delayed by a couple of moments.

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