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Green Ajah's Festival of Lights: Wheel of Fortune

Toph Beifong

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Welcome to the Wheel of Fortune! Come in and have fun. 
This is an easy game: I’ll put a word or phrase (related to winter holidays) and you can try to guess letters or the whole sentence. There’s no need to buy vowels.
The Rules: 

1. You don't need to sign up, just guess.

2. You will earn 10 points for each correct letter guess.

3. Blanks that are colored in GREEN are bonus letters. If you guess the letter in those blanks you earn an extra 5 points.

4. Guessing a word correctly will earn you 30 points but a wrong guess will cost you 20 points.

5. Please wait for at least one other person to guess letters before you guess again. Don't wait if you guess the whole word!

 (All of them are capital letters.) 
(WoT word) Word/Sentence:  _ _ _ _ E _      



Failed guesses: 



Players and Points: 




1. Brandie: 55 points (guessed D, GOODWILL, A)


2. Gayden: 20 points (guessed C, I)


3. WildTaltos: 515 points (guessed CARDS, R, FIREWORKS, A, C, failed one word, CHRISTMAS CAROLS, E, S, O, E, A, R, N, E, R, A, A, CANDY CANE, E, EGGNOG, E, R, N, REINDEER, A, O, N, A, O, I, R, E, TURKEY, E, A, I, E)


4. WolfbrotherKronos: 45 points (guessed E, B, S, E)


5. Kathleen: 57 points (guessed S, T, WREATH)


6. Elgee: 10 points (guessed S)


7. Wildfire Sedai: 60 points (guessed WRAPPING PAPER, failed CHEERS, R, T, BETHLEHEM)


8. Wheeloftime13: 10 points (guessed R)


9. Shauna: 10 points (guessed T)


10. Aiel Heart: 10 points (guessed M)


11. Cyan: 40 points (guessed MISTLETOE, A)


12. Daruya: 145 points (guessed GINGERBREAD MAN, O, ORNAMENTS, N, N, SNOWMAN, E)


13. Nyanna


14. Shauna: 15 points (guessed D)


15. Hallia: 40 points (guessed T, NUTCRACKER)


16. Sorcha: 25 points (guessed T, L)


17. Gudrean


18. Hiarthbeorn: 30 points (guessed TRADITION)



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