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Hello All,


I'm Torome, it is a name I have used for a long time in various video games, forums, and sites.  I have been reading WoT since I was 15 and I am currently 26, so not the entire time the series has been out but for a good long while.  I have read each book atleast 5 with the exception of Gathering and Towers, those two I have read 3.  I have occasioned this site many times but never actually joined until now because I don't always enjoy hearing other people's theories since all too often they are right and I like to e surprised when the book comes out and I find if I'm right or not on my own.


My proudest accomplishments were that for the Crossroads and Knife book tours I was the first person in line in the first stop(Warwick, RI) for both of them.  I was just lucky that for some reason(though I can't see the reason) the tours started in the B&N that is ten minutes from my house.  The first however I was star-struck and started to babble( I was only 16).  For KoD I was 'much more mature' and was able to have a brief conversation.


I look like how Mat is described except I have both eyes and no neck scar, mainly because I'm 5'10 and 155lbs with brown hair and eyes.  However, Perrin is my favorite character because his personality is a lot more like mine.


Overall though, I felt that since the series is coming to a close in two weeks it would be nice to share some of my experiences with this world.  Good thing our world didn't end back on the 21st or we would never(if we didn't cheat) find out how their world didn't end(or did).

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Hey, I see everyone has already supported the SGs, which I do as well, but if you like playing games, the mafia games scattered around the different SGs and in the main board in the general discussion forum are really fun to play as well.  Welcome to DM!

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