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Potential Big Unnoticed Thing???


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Hey All,


I'm currently going through the books again in prep for the Jan release and happened to look through the forums a couple weeks ago. I'm now on Winter's Heart and came across something that I thought might fit the Big Unnoticed thing.


I reread Lucker's pinned post and didn't see anything about: THE MALE ADAM


I think it fits the requirements of first coming into the books in books 4-6 since it was part of the 'finding something that's dangerous to Rand' sequence and found by Nyneave and Elayne in Tanchico. Once they hand it in hand and were leaving in haste, they gave it to Bale Domon to drop in the ocean.


But Egeanin and Bale kept it and have given it to the High Lady Suroth (Winter's Heart Chapter 21). With the differences in the Prophecies of the Dragon that the Seanchan believe Rand must kneel to the Empress and this being a mean for this to happen... and to make matters worse, I also recall that Suroth is actually a dark friend as well ... This is a pretty significant piece of hardware with extremely relevant plot implications.


The one thing I don't know is where it goes from here. I've noticed there's a lot of things I have missed since my one and only read through starting back in 1999. This is my first time doing a reread... I'm going to continue on and if I notice anything more about the male Adam I'll let you know.



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If you're referring to the BUT from Brandon's hint pre-ToM, that was revealed to be the ashendarei.

If you're referring to some newer hint, then I doubt this is likely - since it was already used in tGS, it would be kind of lame to have it twice.

EDIT: right, spoilers... well, Hassy, you've read ToM, right?

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I think that Brandon or someone doing a Beta reading of AMoL revealed that there is another BUT.  I think in Leigh Butler's post over on TOR said it was kind of unexpected but there were 2 hints she recalled after the reveal that should have made her think of it, so this post is okay if you want to discuss that.  Then of course there is Chekov's Gun Brandon mentioned that's been "sitting on the mantle" we've seen a lot but don't recognize its significance until it comes into play.

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