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  1. Yeah its kinda sad that I wont be able to read the last book when its released due to no Ebook option until April. I'm still getting the hard back book because i have all of the others and i want to complete the set, but an ebook is my only hope to read the book when its released. I had to leave for work and i wont be back home for 9 weeks possibly, so i'm left out and wont be able to finish the series with out an ebook I have all of the others in hardback and digital copy. I love my 1st printing hard backs, but when i travel it would be next to impossible to free up that much luggage space so i have them on my tablet to save space/weight. Hard back books are wonderful things and i love everyone i have, but they are not travel friendly... nor are they friendly to those of us that don't have access to a book store when things are released. Its going to be marchish before i get to even start reading the end to this series that i started reading back in 95. And while waiting 2 more months isnt going to kill me, it's damned painful i will say lol
  2. Old thread, but i'll bite Yeah 13-16 million is impossibly small. Assuming we get a 8/92 split between urban and rural and the size of Randland i'd put the minimum number at about 71 million, and the maximum at about 200 million. But people already in the thread have pretty much made all of the points that support this and other numbers. If randland is about twice the size of Europe then it has a land mass of about 7.8 million square miles if 71 million is right then that's only a population density of 9ish people per square mile(3,096,700 square foot per person), even doubling that to 150 million population you only get 18 people per square mile (1,548,350 square foot per person) The reason that the population of the world isnt really broken down is because the story starts to lose something or its wonder. If 1% are channelers and 1/2 of those male and even if only 1 out of every 100 spark then you would have a massive amount of men going crazy and tearing the world to pieces even now. You are looking at 7500 male sparkers and 742500 males that can learn to channel per generation... no way that the Red Ajah could handle that (assuming a 150 million population) I'd just take it as fuzzy math and mostly ignore it.
  3. I'm not saying i want Rand to go full dark side/anti hero, i just kind of want him to see the trap (which he does) recognize the trap (which he does) and then don't fall for it (which we all know he will) Willingness to help others is great, but its not like a good person is being tortured... heck its not even like a bad person is being tortured... its a forsaken. One of the dark ones own chosen, the ones that happily burned utopia to ash and delighted in it. There is no tactical gain from her rescue, there's not even a moral one. All this is going to do is to turn out badly for Rand... and the worst bloody thing is he knows it, and is going to whistle happily while stepping right in to it.
  4. Yeah and like the good little hero he's going to fall right in it I fear. Just once I would like to see a hero that can recognize so obvious an attempt AND just ignore it
  5. um... i dont want to spoil anything for you so i'll just pull an RJ and say RAFO
  6. lol You forgot to use "go light" a few times
  7. If its speaking about travelling it might have to do with location more than the weave. Something could be really messing up the pattern where they are and the conversation went like the Se saw what happened when blahblah opened her gateway and was torn apart :insert statement here: It would make sense a little bit like that, but still not very much i suppose. The only "dangerous" weave is balefire but i dont think any of the wise ones even know how to make it. Maybe Avi from her time with Nynaeve and Elyane? So if its not travelling or balefire then something has happened that caused this mysterious weave to be harmful
  8. I'm going with Fortuna to Mat. It seems just the sort of weird thing that she would do from either an odd Seanchan custom that said when the empress had to breed, or because she saw an omen that demanded it for a healthy heir or some such
  9. If gender didn't matter i would be a Member of the Brown Ajah. But unlike their failings I would seek out to spread knowledge. Set us schools of higher learning and use the massive accumulated knowledge that the tower has to truly better humanity. They have one of the largest collections of knowledge on the planet and what do they do with it? They keep it locked up where only they can use it. I would use my tower wages to buy property for schools to be build (hopefully some kings and queens would agree to help) and i would pay scribes to copy the works that are locked up in various libraries so they can be passed out among the various schools in different nations. Knowledge is useless to humanity if only a few possess it, give it to all humanity and see where it goes. Even considering the oath rod i'd have a good 200+ years to set up a system that will push humanity back on track to get itself out of the stale state its in. With out the rod and having 600ish years to work i'm pretty sure my mission could bring civilization up to a point that we would no longer have to worry about trollocs anymore. "oh no trollocs are invading... with their swords and axes" "well get the machine guns out and blast them"
  10. I tired of hearing about how Rand/Mat/Perrin knows about women and... wait we're talking about on here. I'm not really tired of any of it. If a theory has been discussed 1000 times who really cares? I mean if you see the thread discussing it then either ignore the thread or reply what you want to and let it go on. Its easy enough telling someone that their theory is wrong because of extensive discussions X, Y, and Z. No harm and no foul. Or if are tired of the discussion then simply ignore the thread
  11. It doesn't really matter why they turned to the dark... by large except for Ishamael all their reasons amounted to childrens hissy fits. Its what they did to prove themselves Chosen that pretty much damns them. Most people like to point at Lanfear and Asmoden as possibly returning to the light, but nothing in their character make ups even remotely points to that. These people were raised above all others in the midst of the war of power for exactly their strength, cruelty, and ambition. Some of them might not have started 100% pure evil but after 100 years of raping and murdering their way across civilization none of them have any shred of humanity left in them. Each and every one of them rank right below the Dark One and Madashar for pure unapologetic evil. Everyone like to bring up "but lanfear loves..." "but asmodean was nice..." None of that matters. These are the very same people that severed and fed their own mothers to trollocs, that took pleasure in making people so scared of dreams that their sanity snapped from lack of sleep, that killed Millions in a war that lasted 100 years. And no matter what the other Friends of the Dark did... THESE people were the ones that stood above even them as the Chosen. Again i think the forsaken are down played to much in the book. The whole moggy thing is pretty much the low point of the wonder girls lives IMO. They took one of the most vile humans to ever walk creation and captured her... did they try to make her face justice... no they ignored the countless crimes against humanity this woman committed and instead used her as a teacher and a "poor maid". Again i'm going to reference Hitler here. in 1945 you capture hitler... do you submit him to justice, or do you ask him to teach you to draw pictures? There is something wrong with your moral compass if you do otherwise, and thats a lot of the reason i dislike the wondergirls (and Rand) they can NEVER claim a moral high ground after something like this. I often laugh at Rand for trying to use morality because he freakin hid a forsaken and help him from justice... its almost inconceivable to me that someone could do that. lol i just realized this turned into a rant... my apologies, i'm just going to stop here because its only going to get worse i fear
  12. If lanfear turns to the light i'll eat a boot. And even if she does, what does anyone expect to happen... that she becomes some great champion of the light? This is how it would happen. Lanfear "Hey guys i'm all good guy now, go light" Rand "That's awesome, remember that time you fed 3 whole cities to trollocs during the war of power?" Lanfear "yeah, but n..." Rand: [balefire] Rand "yeah yeah tell it to someone that cares" Maybe its not put forth enough in the book, but that ANYONE can like(as something than a good villian) or imagine these people coming back to the side of the light is unimaginable to me. They murdered and tortured MILLIONS during the war of power. It would literally like Hitler coming to the allies in WW2 and going "yeah i know i killed millions but i'm a good guy now"
  13. I've always wondered about strength and weakness in certain powers. As an example take Moir and Nyn. (pre lanfear encounter moir) Say Moir is strong in Air and that Nyn is weak in air (just play along and assume it's true) Would Nyn still be stronger in air than Moir because the vast power difference? Or are these individual strengths and weaknesses enough to close the gap? I really wish power levels and strengths/weaknesses had more hard data instead of pretty words... but thats probably the rulebook in me talking because honestly with generalizations like strong and weak it gives near infinite space to do what ever is wanted at the time. Which is great for a story, but less great to my rulebook mind
  14. I'm going to have to disagree a little here. If it were a simple weave than we wouldn't have forsaken talking about how even in the AoL it was a rare thing. In the AoL where both men (who are typically much stronger in earth) and women could make it routinely formed circles to do things there would be cuendillar all over the place. I mean this stuff is indestructible, you could build a skyscraper on top of a needle made of this. This stuff can survive balefire unscratched. I'm pretty sure i would have used it for the basis of just about ALL architecture. Yet even there it was rare and prized. This is another issue i have with Egwene's "discovery" of how to make it... 3rd Agers.... so rare, so rare AoLers... so rare, so prized Egwene.... sh** i make that stuff by the truck load... did you see the 2 mile long 8 foot thick piece of chain i made :insert internet trollface meme: It just doesn't fit
  15. Very True Luckers Yeah the only "strength" wins we really see in the books come in very different situations than battles (and largely involve Rand) Rand was able to shield and split his weaves dozens of ways in the Stone with Elyane and Egwene Rand was able to shield Verin and Alanna in the Inn after he was bonded with no effort Rand was able to destroy the weaves of the Salidar group when they confronted him in the royal palace and they were 6 linked The problem is that Rand is the uppermost echelon of channeling so its hard to say what anyone is really capable of because there hasn't really been much in the way of channeling battles where the channelers (or what they did with the power) mattered as much as the situation how/where the battles took place. (though we do have moggy vs black ajah, but she has tons of knowledge and years more experience than the black ajah women) The other issue is channeling strength and ability are useless... Its just phrases that have never been defined. We have phrases in the books that seem to make it look like strength is something that is overwhelming after a certain point (candle vs bonfire, powerful channelers walking over weaker like bugs, etc) but we are never shown anything like this except that the weaker tend to take it as true and act accordingly. Then are claims of deft weaving, skill, and dexterity and with the exception of just a small number of instances it appears that anyone can do any weave they are strong enough to do, once taught then the weave is doable. I'm going back to the victory belonging to Cads (and i don't even mildly like her) because at least she wouldn't be in this situation. Because honestly until we can compare Strength X vs Skill Y vs Dexterity N vs Unknown Factors Q,F,T,R, in real numbers this really is kinda silly lol And if this oddity of a death match were to occur it would basically end up how ever the author needed it to in order to carry the story forward. If things happened as they were supposed to Rand and company would have all likely died at the EotW.
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