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  1. A primitive sort of flight is possible. I can't describe it in words, so that's what ms paint is for:
  2. If Balefire can destroy mashadar, then maybe it can destory Machin Shin as well. Then again, maybe the most destructive force in the world isn't the solution...
  3. Slayer is my favourite, without a doubt. His development is so gradual; from his mysterious introduction in tSR, and subtle clues afterwords, we slowly piece together his character. Isam's PoV in the prologue was awesome, though I wish we got some foresight into if/why Luc was a darkfriend. The dream fights were awesome too. I would have to say that Semirhage was the most useful though - because choking min + accessing true power broke Rand WAY more than Graendal did in Arad Doman. My least favourite is M'Hael, he's the most selfish, evil maniac in the whole series and I'll never forgive him for killing Egwene. Also, I would laugh if anyone voted for Bel'al.
  4. Has anyone played Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess? I found that Lanfear was a perfect Midna to Perrin's Link. I, for one, liked their relationship and actually believed she was sincere. Her death was awesome.
  5. Tallanvor and Sulin weren't in the book, lol. Morgase was barely in it. Can't say that I really mind, Tallanvor was my least favourite character (was, because now it's Taim). It just makes me wonder, why give new names to so many soldiers rather than reusing characters?
  6. This thread on Tor's site is pretty great, especially when people started "quoting" aMoL XD http://www.tor.com/blogs/2012/06/what-are-your-favorite-wheel-of-time-quotes
  7. One thing that no one has mentioned yet is that Lan has extensive experience against shadowspawn and Aiel. Even if we could argue that he's not #1 (and we can't), Galad and Gawyn have only trained against other swordsmen. They wouldn't fare nearly so well against Trollocs, Algai d'siswai, or farmers with quarterstaves.
  8. Just a correction, from TGH, chapter 8 (retrieved, with hyperlinks, from wot wiki) :
  9. eWoT also has a timeline - it's far less detailed but easier to read, if you're only looking for how many years it's been. Edit: right, here it is: http://encyclopaedia-wot.org/history/timeline.html
  10. To me, what makes the most sense, is that his wavering in TAR is caused by LTT taking over his thoughts. Since he is confused as to how two people can exist in one body, that confusion is mirrored in his physical existence. As for Slayer, I think he knows full well who/what he is, and furthermore, understands TAR much better. I suppose it is possible that he switches forms by believing himself to be one or the other (or better yet, a voice-activated transformation sequence like "SLAYER TRANSFORM!" or "LUC MODE!") but I doubt it. I don't have the quote with me, but we see it in Winter's Heart ( http://encyclopaedia-wot.org/books/wh/ch22.html )
  11. Rand, Moiraine, Nynaeve Rand, LTT, Moridin Rand, Mat, Perrin Min, Elayne, Aviendha Saidin, Saidar, True Power Ya, there's a bunch of interpretations, somehow I doubt it's any one these.
  12. EDIT: right, spoilers... well, Hassy, you've read ToM, right?
  13. According to Michael Kramer and Kate Reading's facebook page (they're married if you didn't know), they finished recording on Nov 20th. That means they both know the ending, and the audio file exists somewhere in the studio...
  14. I recall one of the forsaken pointing out a flaw in the three oaths was that it was bound to what you personally believe (i.e. you can tell a lie insofar that you don't know it's a lie). Extending that idea, it would theoretically be possible - through intense hypnosis and psychotherapy - to brainwash yourself into believing that everyone is a darkfriend, or that swords are tools, not weapons.
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