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CERN discovers chanelling!


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Okay slightly misleading title, consider it like a newspaper headline for a future day aha.


So the point of creating this was a little flight of fancy I just had. We all know that CERN is looking for the Higgs Boson, now I'm not a scientist, and the Higgs stuff can confuse even professional physicists so bear with me a little. Now what I'm thinking is we know that universe runs on specific constants and laws, we also know that Randland is a future version of the earth, now this implies that the same constants have to exist. Now that means that someway there has to be a scientific way to describe channeling so that it fits with the laws of physics. We wont go into the maths and everything (mainly because I don't know it, and the fact that if I did there wouldnt be enough room to explain anyway. So what if channelling actually comes down to the manipulation of different particles through the Higgs field. The five different elements that are used to weave? Why couldn't they be nothing more than a poor understanding of different types of particles moving through the field. This isn't as far fetched as it sounds, we can draw a parallel between the changing of the names for the particles to modern day language; swimming pool and piscina in English and Spanish respectively. Now the laws of science dictate that each particle has an anti version of itself. Hydrogen has anti-hydrogen, the electron has the positron, this means that there has to be an anti-Higgs, what happens if you manipulate particles through the anti-Higgs field? Why we get the True Power.


Now don't forget the common statistic of Humans only using around 4/5% of their brain, what would happen if we used more? Many people believe that ths could unlock telekinesis and such things, however isnt it just as likely that we could develop to manipulate particles, hell you could claim that telekinesis is just weaving air.


Now that the ravings of this madman are over what do you guys think? 

I do know that this probably isnt true, but hell, how nice would it be if this turned out to be spot on. It looks like only time, CERN, and evolution will tell. Anyway I hoped you enjoyed this crazy idea as much as I did, but remember no need to flame or rage, it's probably b******t.

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The statistic of humans only using 10% of the brain is misleading. While it is true that at any one time only x% of neurons are firing, it is much like saying that a book only uses 10% of the pages because 90% is white space around the ink forming the letters. What isn't being used is just as important as what is.


Manipulation of the Higgs field will require some new technology to be created, thinking that humans can use it biologically just because we know about it is crazy talk.

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I like your thinking because thinking is fun! It's all types of crazy thoughts that lead to interesting and new ideas. In terms of the Higgs though...


As a physicist, the problem is that of length scales. Think of it like an ant affecting how the earth rotates. The ant, no matter how much it tries will never be able to affect the rotation of the earth because it is just too small and the earth is just too big. Of course there is interaction between the ant and the earth, but not of the type to affect the earths rotation. This is the same with humans and the Higgs. There are interactions, yes, but the scale of a human and the scale of the Higgs are so different they cannot affect each other in the way you are thinking. Also, CERN has already found the Higgs.


The idea of an anti-Higgs? Well, not necessarily. While the standard model requires the Higgs to exist, there are no qualities to the Higgs like there are other particles so really, it is its own anti-particle. Think of the other particles like numbers, well, then the Higgs is a zero. So while the other numbers may have negative numbers the only thing the zero has is just itself.


Also, humans use all of their brain. I'm not a biologist but humans only use a certain part of the brain at a given time, then at the next moment use a different part, etc. The 10% thing is typical activation at a certain moment I believe.

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