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Hello to all...


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Imagine my surprise, I was introduced to this series back in the early 90's by a good friend. I fell in love with the stories, the characters, and the desire for the next book. Then, I never met another person who had even heard of the books until a couple years ago. He told me about this site and, never being one for computer networking, only just registered. I have read many of the posts, forums, and blogs and you guys are awesome. It feels great to know there are people out there that appreciate this tremendous work of literature. Honestly, I think when I finish AMoL, I will be ruined for other books. No other series has been so complete. Full characters, distict cultures, subtle nuances of people, it is mind-boggling. It has been a 20 year journey for me, thanks for being a part of it these last few years.



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hey tom, welcome to DM its an awesome place right


wow 20 years (thats befor i was even born >.> )


anyway i agree with you, after the WoT i doubt any other book series will be this awesome (not that im not searching)


anyway you can join the SG, the discussions, there's an RP community if you are into it.


so who are your favorites??

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Thanks for the welcome...


@LOLguy26, there are so many characters that I like. I think, though, that I am most comfortable and familiar with Perrin. Of the Two River's boys, he is the character I connect with the most. Gaul is also a character who is pretty awesome, like most Aiel he doesn't show much emotion, but is willing to risk everything in hopes of the bridal wreath.

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