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  1. Mark, I don't think a double bond situation would allow the non-foretelling channeler to "use" foretelling It is not a Talent that can be used. It simply happens to the person. This is what makes it difficult to determine if it is power related. Like Min's ability, she has no control over it. Now take Dreaming, Egwene was able to control that Talent. Would the double bond have the Talent-sharing effect on that? Come to think of it, all the abilities to view the pattern have little to do with channeling. Min, Egwene, and Perrin all have ways of seeing glimpses of the Pattern with their specific abilities. So maybe foretelling is just another way of doing this, but for channelers.
  2. @Jack of Shadows, What about Mat? He is a commoner and has become the Prince of Ravens. According to Fortuona's thoughts, Mat could potentially want to assassinate her to ascend to the throne. Which means a spouse has the ability to reign. And Elayne granted Perrin titles and stewardship, above even other Andoran Lords. Which means he is not a commoner anymore. So the possibility of Perrin wearing the Broken Crown and being King is there.
  3. To live, you must die. Three shall become one. Rand, Lews Therin and Moridin become physically connected. Or through some extension of their balefire connection, Moridin consumes Rand leaving Rand's blood on Shoyol Ghul. Alivia then Balefires Moridin/Rand/LTT, helping him die. Rand lives again, because balefire was enough to undo his death. How do you feel about Galad and Berelain hooking up. Didn't Min say something about her falling from someone like him?
  4. Thanks for the welcome... @LOLguy26, there are so many characters that I like. I think, though, that I am most comfortable and familiar with Perrin. Of the Two River's boys, he is the character I connect with the most. Gaul is also a character who is pretty awesome, like most Aiel he doesn't show much emotion, but is willing to risk everything in hopes of the bridal wreath.
  5. Imagine my surprise, I was introduced to this series back in the early 90's by a good friend. I fell in love with the stories, the characters, and the desire for the next book. Then, I never met another person who had even heard of the books until a couple years ago. He told me about this site and, never being one for computer networking, only just registered. I have read many of the posts, forums, and blogs and you guys are awesome. It feels great to know there are people out there that appreciate this tremendous work of literature. Honestly, I think when I finish AMoL, I will be ruined for other books. No other series has been so complete. Full characters, distict cultures, subtle nuances of people, it is mind-boggling. It has been a 20 year journey for me, thanks for being a part of it these last few years. Tom
  6. @Metal Head and Gwennifer, I have felt that the "three shall be as one" line to refers to the Rand/Lews Therin/Moridin situation. Since the crossing of the balefire streams, they have been connected, yet apart from each other. With Rand and Lews Therin complete now, Moridin must somehow be fully connected to Rand in AMoL.
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