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On Ingtar's wikia page it says ...


It can be speculated that at theDarkfriend Social, an meeting of influential Darkfriends which he is known to have attended, that he was given some sort of compulsion to obtain the Horn


A couple things about this stick out to me and before editing the wikia I wanted to make sure there's nothing I'm missing.



First - how do we know that he was at the Darkfriend Social? The only POV we have about that event was Bors' and all Bors pointed out was what he could tell about other DFs by their apparel/behavior. We definitely don't get any names and we don't have a PoV of Ingtar to find out that way.


Second - quoting right from tGH...


It was my salvation I was thinking of. I would sound the Horn, and lead the heroes of the Ages against Shayol Ghul. Surely that would have been enough to save me. No man can walk so long in the Shadow that he cannot come again to the Light. That is what they say. Surely that would have been enough to wash away what I have been, and done.


... how, exactly, does that sound anything like him being compelled by the DO to retrieve the Horn and deliver it to some other DF/Forsaken?


IMO, the only task we know of Ingtar doing for the DO was letting in the assassin that tried to kill either Rand or Suian - if he was given a task at the Darkfriend Social, it was most likely that. The only other thing we see "off" about Ingtar is his desire that the Horn "must" be found. But there's nothing to even indicate this is compulsion or anything of the like. What we do have from the book is that Ingtar is desperate to find some way to save his soul and he believes the Horn is just that.


Speculation is fine, but I don't see anything fact-based deserving of making it to the wikia.

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There's no indication he let in Fain. In fact, Fain came openly to the gates, iirc, pretending to be someone who could help Agelmar turn back the DO. They deemed him insane, Morraine looked him over and then they threw him in the dungeon.


Ingtar's quote from tGH about what he had to do in service of the DO:


“I never knew what he was going to do,” Ingtar said softly, as if talking to himself. He had his sword out, testing the edge with his thumb. “A pale little man you didn’t seem to really notice even when you were looking at him. Take him inside Fal Dara, I was told, inside the fortress. I did not want to, but I had to do it. You understand? I had to. I never knew what he intended until he shot that arrow. I still don’t know if it was meant for the Amyrlin, or for you.”


If anything, it sounds like he let a Gray Man in.

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Even if there's no real proof, I could concede that Ingtar would probably be there being a Borderland Lord in a town that, at that time, was housing Rand al'Thor ... but everything past that seems like very loose speculation

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Here's some helpful interviews with RJ:



Yes, Ingtar was seen at the Darkfriend Social.




Question: Did Ingtar free Padan Fain in The Great Hunt? Or was it someone else?


RJ: It was Ingtar. Didn't expect a straight answer, did you?

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