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Is there a "Lancelot" in this series?

joeron bigelow

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Galad - Galahad or Percival.


Is there a "Lancelot" that I missed?

He would have to be the greatest knight in the realm and betray Rand and then come back and make amends with Rand. The closest could be Mat. He's no knight, but a great warrior, one of Rand's best buddies and there's foreshadowing of him betraying Randthur.

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Lan = Lancelot, duh! :p


At least, by name. By character?


Lancelot was the best friend of Sir Gawaine, says wiki, also the one who betrayed Arthur with (e)Guinevere, and he supposedly saved Guinevere at some point, too. Also he may have a role related to Galehaut, an enemy of Arthur he befriends and turns to his side.


In short, Mat seems to fit alright characterwise; he saves Moiraine and supposedly is going to make the Seanchan befriend Rand.



Then again, he also went mad and was cured, which fits Rand well. And sir Bors is such a good guy he gets to drink from the Grail, so it's not all clear.


Lan as name-equivalent, however, is easy enough :)

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Galad == Galahad -> OBVIOUS !!! , the most rightous knight , the only one pure enough to find the grail....


Lancelot is trickier -> Arthur best friend, 1 of the few who fairly bit Arthur while he used Exaclibur (if not the only one who manage that)..

so far lan fit BUT :

slept with Arthur wife (true love case on both side) -> so unless Rand will Marry Nyn as well .... :)

have an affair with a noble lady (elain or something like that) which end in her suicide -> Lan isnt strike me as a big womaniser for some odd reason :)

galahad Father -> do Malkier and andor had connection we dont know about ? :))


the main prob is issue 1 -> a MAGOR (and some say inseperatable) part of Lancelot story is the love affair with Arthur wife ,it kind of hard to call it betray since Lancelot never turned against Arthur himself and was ALWAY willing to help him, he actually was marhing to join Arthur against Mordred and Arthur failed war parey with mordered was to gain time so Lancelot will arrive.

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