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  1. favorites: Nynaeve -> one of the character of grow the most in the story Perrin -> i love his mixture of humility /responsebility and total BAD -ASSery :)) Min -> one of the very few young female char who aint a bully/idiot/presempteous bitch (Nyn started as such but she grown out of it :) ) Thom -> gleeman job is to get likd by people :) respected: Tam Lan Bridgit the wise ones , all the wise one presented to us (except the Shaido) was worthy of respect Siuan and Morrain Rodel Ituralde Verin Theodrin Paulin -> nasty woman but she got guts and morality
  2. trust me i'm QUITE FAMILIAR with the JUdaic version of god and in the Bible description of how God treated my ancestors :)))) and if u notice beeing god chosen ants -> AINT FUN :))) "do wrong in the eye of god ---> punished" is quite a repeatable thme in he bible :)))
  3. Order there are wolves HOTH that Perrin meet and release/send/lead... (not sure how to describe it exactly :) ) into the last battle. so if wolves get the honor.... why not other sentient beeing :) Barid i wont be able to do Gawin justice since i dont think he is horn worthy. i do believe U made a good case for him. i still await your arguments so i could post them :) Ares i never moved the goalpost, i brought Arthur as an example to a dominating quality , u somehow imagine him in a diffrent way then i brought him and u also ignore its only an example and that this thr
  4. the main problem with Nakomi beeing the Creator/ Patern Avatar is her meeting with Avienda why the world (creator/pattern / cosmos..) will care about 1 speicific tribe ??? do u play favorites with the scale in your hair/ or the ants in your backyard ... ??? the meeting with Avi had NO EFFECT on the great battle !!! her vision show the great battle was WON even if she do nothing after the meeting . and if u claim the creator do care in such details... please explain the existenc of any bad thing /evil empire... that exist in Rand univerce.
  5. Barid: good points , if u will ost a short explanation and 1 title sentence i will add Gawyn to the candidates, like the sentence in the poll and the small reasoning in the opening post that each candidate have (he is your candidate so u shoyld sell him best :) ). still not sold on Gawyn as an hero but i c now why he is a candidate :) Ave Birg and Gaid have "true love" love strong enough to survive trough death (strongly recomend seeing Princess Bride for a true love story). most of the char found love , which is kind of the way the pattern reward them, do what the pattern want ->
  6. disagrea on Gawyn, idont c what make him stand a part i think horn heroes should have something that make them stand out, dont c it in Gawyn btw: u dont need to die in the LB to become an hero :))), we simply know thanks to Badir that atleast 1 of the LB casulties become 1 . but that dont say that the survivors wont be inducted later :))
  7. thank you barid :) as i said spelling name is a bane of mine :)) Venin may be an option -> THE THIEF ! :)) Rhuarc might be-> we dont know how great his reutation and history was among the Aial or probably someone we dont know about :) could even been a Senchean or a Shara person who did great and grand deads that our P.O.V wasnt aware off :))) or an Ogair or a wolf :)))
  8. after some rereading i'm adding 1 more option and editing the starting post ( to add his qualification). if u have candidate u want me to add simply post them and the reasoning /qualification for the title. Mat is out (was told he not an hero) personally i feel Perrin should fall under Mat category , but i'm open to argument claiming diffrently .
  9. it very clear to me that Edmound field residents are reincranation of Mantheirn. most obvious is Mat who before the holes in his memory and it filling was speakiing the old tongue and had glimpases of ordering the heart guard. Egwene has a very strong case for beeing Eldrene incarnation , doughter of the village leader, strong channeler , born herself after her lover died (Gawin)... but also does Nyn -> the wysdom of the village (female leader) , epic love story with actually caring for her beloved MORE then for the WT, uber strong channeler... i guess other Edmond Field char
  10. as i said i nevr argue with the Author :) another fav theory (and defendable one) down the drain :( btw u have link to this saying ? 1000 wife /let cut the baby ruling /my father torment u with wheeps i will toment u with scorpions (his son speach to the ppl)..., but Solomon is NOT remembered for just or injust he is remembered for wisdom. Arthur is not remembered for wisdom he is remembered for justice and the ideal of the knight -> protect the innocent... the living Avatar is one of SEVERAL tests! that i put my candidate trough. the strongest living Avatar is Galad but not
  11. didnt remembered i used it first :) " When the Wolf King carries the hammer, thus are the final days known. " how it NOT referring to Perrin ????? if the tripod was only a metaphor why wasnt it used against ANY other char ? with all due respect to Perrin till the very end he had very minor impact, all he did was rouse 1 valley (2 river) and then go around and deal with the prophet and the remain of the Shayido, not even close to Egy deeds and much less impactfull then even Darlin and Dubreme who help very volatil position for Rand. yet from all P.O.V (Point of View) we are present
  12. thank you for the phrase "living Avatar" i struggle to find the right term to describe my point and that phrase nail it :) about Rand+ Mat+ Perin the SHADOW itself refer to them as the 3 legged stand ! meanning that they are 3 part of the SAME CONSTRACT cut 1 leg and the stand will fall.... and btw where the Dragon Prophecy refer to anyone but the dragon ? yes you can minimize anyone to a single definition , but not anyone can be the living avater (again thank you for this phrase) of that definition. look at our fables and myths: there are MANY heroes who can be minimize as "t
  13. minimizing the heroes into a dominant characterisation is just one test of several, and its not just a thing the character excel at but that it reach a level that they are percieved as literally the living avatar of that charecteristic. look at the heroes that mentiond: Bridgest : she describe herself as Archer , nothing more or nothing less just Archer , we all know she has a LOT MORE to her, but she can be minimized Paedrig: The PeaceMaker Mikel : of the PURE HEART (cant Galad lay claim to such a tytle) Shivan: the HUNTER Calian: the Chooser Arthur: can easily be minimized as the U
  14. as i said i view Rand + Mat + Perin as diffrent aspect of the same person /motive -> the Dragon for me these 3 are actually 1 whole split into 3. one of my test to check for horn availability is to c if u can minimilize the candidate into 1 charectaristic/aspect he personify. like Leopoled did with : Mat aka The Gambler :) btw if u have candidate i didnt mentioned or if u disagrea with few of the options i offer please post your opinion :)
  15. Lan : last son of malkier , the lone warrior who wage a one man war against the shadow, a warden of legendery quality, the best fighter of his time (as we know off) Nynev : THE HEALER , the woman who claim and proove that anything save death can be healed , who heal stilling and madness was believed impossible to heal even in AoL Lan + Nyn: the star crossed lover, the 1 man army against shadow who believe there nothing in this world for him except his impossible war and THE HEALER who penetrate and healed his heart Galad: the personalisation of law and morality, the man who single
  16. Taim was evil and a DF from the start . it was evident he was evil with his inital talk to Basher about what he did to one of Basher men and the total lack or remorse/pride he took in it. and in the "Black Tower" chapter it is mentioned he used a great black shiney rock as a podium and it was mentioned by RJ or BS (dont rem when and where ) that this rock was brought directly fromn Shayol Gull i think Taim was VERY effective DF but the huge amount of channelers Rand Ta'verness pull and Nyn healing or Logain (2 factors he couldnt controll or expect) hinder his plans, as Mr Ares said
  17. i agrea it relay on the ability to bluff. but could the sea folk took the risk ??? and is the argument -> "the DO playing with the weather , we need your help to fix it , but if u dont want to help we will try anyway " is really a bluff ??? wasnt the sea folk -> " we dont care about the weather and wont help u unless a+b+c+d+e...." a much bigger and much harder to believe bluff ??? i could easily see -> we help u and keep the bowl in return deal. but we keep the bowl + u give us slave teachers + we get dominion over u and who u sent (like the demand that Nyn will teach a
  18. the Jen Aiel was the only Aiel tribe with AoL AS. and Aiel tradition DONT prevent channelers from marriege and child bearing. so personally i see no problem with a small Jen Aiel tribe with AoL knowledge channelers surviving . also ruhidein (sp?) forest of crystal tar'angeril dont seem like the kind of thing u move a round on wagons so it stand to reason the Jen Aiel constructed these Tar'angeril which indicate they may have access to much better viewing of the future and past then what the prophecies provided the rest of he world. the rason i'm still inclined to Nakomi beeing a pri
  19. author words are final decrea :) shame it was a really nice theory :)) ithink Nakomi is a person with knowlege far behind these age. the main reason i dont accept a manifistation of the wheel is due to her talk with Avi, the wheel is neutral it will take no side in which ANT COLONY rule supreme.(even a totally evil sanchean colony). i now tend to think Nakomi is either a prior age Moirain (sp?) an eternal guide and teacher of the dragon (or to seal Morcoock term) to the eternal champion. or a Genn Aiel AS with either inverted weaves or ancient and enlighten enough to learn a new
  20. sorry . my apologies if i spoil to anyone and THANK YOU BFG for the fix :)
  21. may i ask where it was aid the dsragon was alway male , always as in every cycle and every age ? about only 1 champion of light soul -> Rand and LTT co existed for a time and cant a prior champion soul or a tleast a speicific part of it exist OUTSIDE of the patern waiting for the new champ soul to take it place ?
  22. this deal bother me as well. as mentioned before Nyn and Elaine KNOW that the bowl was an artifact of GREAT value to the Windfinder. but there another point that ppl ignore that make these deal even more horrible. the sea falk leave ON THE WATER ! they are much more VULNERABLE to bad weather then anyone else all Nyn and Ellaine had to do was to claom : o.k we wil;l try and play with the global wather in a try and error method , what the worst that can happen -> storms ? , Hurican?... it not like we are the ppl who leave on the sea.
  23. i hadnt readed all the 18 pages of prior discussion in this thread, so i apology if i repeat or reopen a close issue. Dirty_Bird said it first and i 90% agrea with. i think Nakomi is the last cycle dragon. my 1st theory about Nakomi was that she was a Jenn Aiel, but after MoL i believe she is a prior dragon. the wheel go in a cycle : a no DO age who end in the release of the DO -> a DO influenced age who end in his recapture -> a rebuild age who end in FORGETTING the DO existed -> ano DO age... i think Nakomi was the dragon in the last cycle (i dont agrea with the tak
  24. discovery can come from either years of practice or from moments of inspiration. Nyn is very intuative (and probably Flin as well) so i c no problem in her able to discover unknown before hr but beeing less skilled in the general area from the arguably the most non forsaken skilled healer (skilled not best) in WoT :) rem Sumako is not your ordinary channeler she is THE BEST Kin healer and they are arguably the best channeler healers (their main practce was healing). side note: about Flin being the best healer in WoT , i actually had a poll sometme ago who is the best healer , and i
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