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  1. question...is it the maimed one armed Galad, or the Galad in his prime? Only two blademasters on this list..i wonder if they would be the favorites/
  2. Q: Will there ever be a WoT TV series? Brandon: The rights are owned by Universal Pictures and they are developing an EotW feature film. Just me, but I am totally not looking forward to this...I'm thinking Kyle Mclachlin "Dune" meets Tom Cruises "legend."
  3. My thought of how i wanted to see it happen: Rand approaches on foot in his plain brown coat - "Barid Bel Biv Devoe (whatever his name is), i've come for you" and basically that two or three pages of simple will power / one power channeling fighting, with Big D making one tiny error and losing. Rand/LTT telling him he was sorry but it had to be...the whole time Rand is calm and at peas then he can go back to playing with Moridin up at Shayol Ghul....i dont think this is fan fiction...
  4. What I would like to know, and its probably on another thread somewhere...just point me there. How did all you spoil sports know a "body swap" was going to happen between Rand and Moridin? Even after reading aMoL - i don't understand how it happened either...did Alivia do it, or Rand?
  5. technically have we actually seen dueling from Lan? We have POVs with galad, rand, and Gawyn slicing people - but none of Lan.
  6. sorry yes...this pre release forum. I've gone to theoryland and tried looking up stuff from early 2000 and stuff. I can see that website staying around. theres a bunch of other websites that havent been updated since like FoH or CoS. I would like to see what some of you predicted after EoTW...haha.
  7. Just to stir up the pot...does anyone remember that :"longtooth" taught much of the blade to Lan? If everyone is giving their manlove to Lan...gotta give respect to his teacher - Elyas.
  8. sorry for the noob question but I was never around for the new book releases. And since this is the last one...i suppose theres no spoilers anymore, except for those that take 3 months to read.
  9. I just find it amazing that Randland has so many people - and no running water. You would think the dark one would have more rats running around with no aqueducts or irrigation system. Only that one town - the one where the Shaido fell to Perrin...cant recall the name had an plumbing system I just dont recall what it was.
  10. Has anyone actually kept track of all their own predictions and looney theories from Eye of the World to now - and can say...'hey guys i got 77% of my WoT theories correct. I'm da man!!!" As the last book with all the answers approaches, does anyone think they are 100% correct in their own personal theory count? Anyone at 0% correct? I find myself running about 70%, but most my own personal theories have to wait for the final book...hopefully they are answered there.
  11. isnt anyone going to call me a nincompoop? Was the title of chapter 11 released in real life?
  12. That stuff above is pretty interesting - makes me wonder in what area Taim has his "Talent," if at all.
  13. although it would never ever happen...fricken hilarious if berelain was a wolf sister...
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