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In Depth re-reading


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First, I am sincerely sorry if this has been asked before but...


I am currently rereading the series for the first time (have only read it through once, had never caught up until the previous book) and am struggling to recall many different things. This has started to bug me at certain points which leads me on an endless search online with often no good answers. Anyone know of a good site to use for super indepth re-reading? I will throw out my example.




Currently on Chapter 5 of the Great Hunt, but back on chapter 4 when Moiraine meets with Siuan Sanche and they discuss there at this point secrety history of work together. They talk of how what they are doing must be done, but can be considered traitorous. That completely threw me for a loop. All honestly I remember is that they were present for the Foretelling of the Dragon being reborn and determined it would be their lifes' mission to find him and aide him. I don't get what part of that can be determined traitorous and can't find even a good summary of the foretelling in New Spring online....

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