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How to change a Shadowite... Enter to know! ;-)


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1. You take the shadowie and stretch it out good and proper,


2. then you stand it upright on its hind legs,


3. You wait for a gust of wind to topple the Shadowite over.


4. If it falls with its head pointing due north, continue to step 6


5. If it falls wrong, repeat :baalzamon:


6. Your shadowie should now be pointing due north...


7. Pick a bunch of flowers


8. Spread them out on the shadowie


9. Utter some undistinguishable words


10. Take the flowers back off


11. Roll the Shadowie onto its belly


12. Give it a swift kick in the but to remove the dark soul...


13. Then, finally, take it by the scruff of its neck and turn it 13 times to the LIGHT!



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