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That relieved feeling ...


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I hope Davram Bashere doesnt turn out to be a darkfriend. I dont believe he is and he will simply die heroically. But he has been one of Rands biggest supporters and has stood by the Dragon Reborn thick and thin without any political dodginess or manipulation or anything of the sort (along with Dobraine, another underrated character.)

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I agree that Aram's death was poorly handled. Ah well.


Along the same lines, I was really hoping for an Egwene and Renna scene at some point. I was extremely disappointed when she died.


I'd really like to know what happens to Liandrin, Millie Skane and Alviarin. They're some of the DFs that were the most well defined and interesting to read. (I'd add Jaichim Carridan to that list, but he's dead, and for some reason I just found him annoying.)


-- dwn

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My guess is that Mili Skane is basking in the glory of the victory in Caemlyn. She was in Caemlyn under Moridin's orders; and she played a pivotal role in messing up Elayne's "stability." She'll kill Daved Hanlon over the spoils! That's just a wish, not a prediction.

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