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Old Bios I'm Finding


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Posting these here, since I cannot start a new topic on the Bio Archive boards.


These are VERY old bios in some cases--- pre-split. Some of them aren't actual proper bios, because you could be Aes Sedai and not play IC if you wanted to, pre-split.


Egwainne Ayne



Currently // Head of the Blue Ajah

eMail // ashaman_lu@hotmail.com

ICQ // 9179627


Egwainne is strongest in Spirit, then Air and Water, then Fire, and last Earth.


The White Tower touched the sky in front of Egwainne. She was sitting on her window, watching the fabled tower, just like she did every day since she could remember. Her blue eyes flickered in the little light a street lantern cast. A braid of hair black as night was resting on her shoulder.


In her mind was a picture she always had in her moments on her window. A proud and serene woman of age that could not be determined. Her black hair, tied with a blue ribbon, on her shoulder. Her blue eyes emanating control. An ivory staff rested in her hands. On top of it a large, blue stone radiated light. That was who Egwainne wanted to become. That was who she will become. She touched the staff that was beside her. The stone was only colored glass, not even her father could afford a gem of that size, but it was made out of ivory. He had given it to her on her tenth birthday. That was only a few days after she announced to her parents she would become an Aes Sedai. They reacted differently, but she knew now that both of them had the same idea. They were not going to let her go. Family business needed attention. She also understood now that her parents didn't have a good opinion about Aes Sedai. They lived here only cause Tar Valon was a big city always in need of a goldsmith. Her mother, very upset, told her she will not do any such thing. Her father took a different approach. He decided his little girl would be satisfied with her dreams. The staff was supposed to help her in dreaming. But he was wrong. Egwainne always knew she would not be content with her dreams. She would, one day, make her dreams come true.


Tomorrow was her fifteenth birthday. Tomorrow was the day. Her father told her that day she can take the Test. But the condition was that she takes it after her fifteenth birthday. He convinced her mother Egwainne would certainly forget her fancy till then. They probably forgot all about it. She never pressed the idea after that. Will they be surprised tomorrow! Egwainne got of her window. Her things that she would take to the Tower were already neatly packed. She placed the staff beside the bed, and crawled under the blankets. Tomorrow!


Rays of sunlight fell on a motionless face. It was a new day. The face stirred. Eyes opened radiating anxiety. In a few moments Egwainne was out of bed. While dressing, she carefully hid her staff under her long dress. She sewed placeholders for it the other night, and it didn't show at all. She would just have to walk a little more careful than usual. She decided she needed to hide the staff, cause she didn't except the Aes Sedai to look too favorably at it. She won't show it to anyone till she was raised a full Aes Sedai. She was ready. She picked up her pack. It was a little heavy, but she could manage it. She went downstairs. Egwainne knew no one would be awake at this hour. Servants only came when needed. She placed a note on the kitchen table. She supposed her parents would try to stop her no matter what they said five years ago. She didn't want another confrontation with them. In the note she told them she was of to become an Aes Sedai. They shouldn't be worried about her. When she could, she would visit them. That was all. Egwainne didn't think there was anything more to say. She opened the door, and stepped into her new life.


The sun blinded her for a moment. As she adjusted to the light, the vision and the colors returned. She could see the world. She took a narrow alley to a wide street. In spite of the hour, she had to make her way through crowds of people. The street merchants on the side shouted trying to attract people to their goods. The street led her to a great square in front of the Tower gates. She wrestled the crowed as to not be swept away by them. She admired the sight that amazed her again and again, no matter how many times she had seen it. The Tower shone brightly, sunlight reflected of its smooth white surface. The top was too bright to look at. She finally lowered her gaze. As she started for the Tower, a face she could have recognized in her sleep crossed her vision. A face she could not have put an age to. The face turned at once, revealing fiery hair. Egwainne turned and tried to follow. It was impossible to go against the crowd. She turned sideways, and pushed her way to the nearby edge of the square. She was finally out f the crowd leaning on a great building. She scanned the crowds for the fiery hair. The Aes Sedai walked slowly looking at the merchants' goods along the wall, even though an empty pocket formed around her. Readjusting her pack, Egwainne hurried after her. She caught up to her in front of a fruit merchant.


"Aes Sedai…"

The Sister turned slowly. Her frosty gaze softened as soon as she saw the pack on Egwainne's back. She seemed young, even for a Sister.

"Yes child? What can I do for you?"

Egwainne was stunned. The world ceased to exist apart from herself and the Sister. She couldn't find any reason for stopping the fiery-haired Sister. She had to go to the Tower, but she didn't need an Aes Sedai to show her the way. A warm smile formed on Sister's face.

"I want to be an Aes Sedai. Can you test me?" As soon as that was out a weave of embarrassment rolled over Egwainne.

"No, I can not test you now, child." The worm smile became even warmer.

"But I do not need to." At this Egwainne couldn't but stare.

"I already know you can channel, my dear. Though you seem to be very young for me to be able to sense the potential in you. How old are you child?"

Egwainne's mind raced. Up till now she didn't even consider that she might not be able to channel. But at the moment the Sister spoke she didn't need to test her, it was the only thought that formed in her mind. Her mind couldn't grasp that particular thought, though.

"Fifteen" Egwainne managed.

"Very young indeed" the Sister whispered, as to herself.

"I am Jhaenara Sedai. What is your name?"

"Egua… Egwainne."

"Come I will take you the Mistress of Novices. She will take care of you then." The warm smile never left her face.

The world came back. Suddenly Egwainne realized she made a fool of herself in front of a fruit merchant. But it didn't matter. She will become an Aes Sedai. Her dreams will come true. Egwainne hurried after the fiery haired Sister.







Currently // Sitter for the Blue Ajah

eMail // cyndrid@dragonmount.com

ICQ // 114421873

AIM // nad2cyn


Cyndrid had never been popular but this was the icing on the cake; being sent out of her own town with curses and stones following her with every jurky roll of her fathers old cart. She hadn't meant to do it she wasn't even sure what she'd done but she'd just been so...... angry then all of a sudden she was being bundled onto a cart to tar valen by a strange women, with a sobbing mother and a burning house behind her.


The women was an aes sedai, Cyndrid found out later, and questioned her unrelentlessly about what she had done.The ageless women had been travelling on her way to Tar Valon when it happened and had come and told Cyndrid's family she was a channeler and had to go to the white tower.


She was only 16: slender,black /red hair, peachy skin, blue eyed and attractive and hadn't wanted to marry that stuffy old noble so when he'd tried to...kiss....her she just had to get him off her. IT wasn't like she didn't like men or anything but he was about 99 and she didn't believe in marrying for money and politics.So she supposed that was what had caused her to injure that man so badly along with a good chunk of her familys old manor.


It wasn't that long a journey from her family's estates in andor, just west of braem wood, to tar valon. In no time at all, lost as she was in the sudden grief as all she knew was ripped from her,she arrived at the most beautiful site she had ever seen,the magical view of the city she would learn to call home.



Myrlindra Altourah



Currently // Accepted

eMail // sian_is_always@hotmail.com

ICQ // 125897823


Eyes – emerald green

Hair – chocolate brown

Skin – tanned

Height – 5’ 5”


Appearance/build – She has a slight build, not overly curvaceous, but not straight up and down. She is a pretty girl, transformed to beautiful when she smiles her slightly crooked, mischievous smile.


Myrlindra was born into a wealthy family that lives in Far Madding. Being the eldest daughter, she was taught, as soon as she could speak, the rules of the courts and histories of the city. She was not, however, interested in these things, and would relish her days off when she was aloud to walk the streets and meet the merchants and gleeman who’d come from all over the country with news of the outside world. She loved to hear about all the different places – Shienar, where nightmares walked and frozen rain fell in winter, and Tear, where the Atha’an Miere traded, and had rings in their noses!


On her 19th naming day, her parents held a dinner party for her, with all the important noble families and relatives of the First Nine. She soon discovered the main intention of the party was to introduce her formally to a young man from House Trithion – Meldwyn was his name. And that was what decided her. She was not going to wait around while her parents arranged her life and marriage, so the very next morning, having a day off, she packed a lot of extra coin into her saddle bags, as well as some clothes, food and drink, and leaving a note for her parents, left Far Madding without the intention to return for a long time.



She was headed for Tear (she wanted to see the Atha’an Meire), and had been travelling for a week, when she was stopped for the night in an Inn, only 50 miles from the city itself. She was just finishing her meal and about to go to bed when a Noble woman she’d seen enter earlier with several other noble women, approached her table and sat down. It turned out she was an Aes Sedai of the Brown Ajah, her name was Swaniana Sedai, and she asked Myrlindra if she could test her for the ability to touch Saidar. She was indeed able to sense the spark in Myrlindra, and then instructed her to accompany her, and her companions (more Aes Sedai), on their journey throughout the southern lands and then back to the White Tower in Tar Valon for her training. Myrlindra was in such a daze at meeting an Aes Sedai for the first time that she agreed, and found herself the next morning, following the party of Aes Sedai along to the road which would eventually lead her to the White Tower.



Myrlindra Altourah



Currently // Accepted

eMail // sian_is_always@hotmail.com

ICQ // 125897823


Eyes – emerald green

Hair – chocolate brown

Skin – tanned

Height – 5’ 5”


Appearance/build – She has a slight build, not overly curvaceous, but not straight up and down. She is a pretty girl, transformed to beautiful when she smiles her slightly crooked, mischievous smile.


Myrlindra was born into a wealthy family that lives in Far Madding. Being the eldest daughter, she was taught, as soon as she could speak, the rules of the courts and histories of the city. She was not, however, interested in these things, and would relish her days off when she was aloud to walk the streets and meet the merchants and gleeman who’d come from all over the country with news of the outside world. She loved to hear about all the different places – Shienar, where nightmares walked and frozen rain fell in winter, and Tear, where the Atha’an Miere traded, and had rings in their noses!


On her 19th naming day, her parents held a dinner party for her, with all the important noble families and relatives of the First Nine. She soon discovered the main intention of the party was to introduce her formally to a young man from House Trithion – Meldwyn was his name. And that was what decided her. She was not going to wait around while her parents arranged her life and marriage, so the very next morning, having a day off, she packed a lot of extra coin into her saddle bags, as well as some clothes, food and drink, and leaving a note for her parents, left Far Madding without the intention to return for a long time.



She was headed for Tear (she wanted to see the Atha’an Meire), and had been travelling for a week, when she was stopped for the night in an Inn, only 50 miles from the city itself. She was just finishing her meal and about to go to bed when a Noble woman she’d seen enter earlier with several other noble women, approached her table and sat down. It turned out she was an Aes Sedai of the Brown Ajah, her name was Swaniana Sedai, and she asked Myrlindra if she could test her for the ability to touch Saidar. She was indeed able to sense the spark in Myrlindra, and then instructed her to accompany her, and her companions (more Aes Sedai), on their journey throughout the southern lands and then back to the White Tower in Tar Valon for her training. Myrlindra was in such a daze at meeting an Aes Sedai for the first time that she agreed, and found herself the next morning, following the party of Aes Sedai along to the road which would eventually lead her to the White Tower.



Lola Briklyr



Currently // Head of the Welcoming Committee

eMail // jupiterdroplets@aol.com


Lola is strongest in Air and Fire.



Alizanth Prelofner alizanth-s.jpg



Currently // Sister of the Blue Ajah

eMail // alizanth@hotmail.com

ICQ // 34114545

AIM // AlizDM


Alizanth's the daughter of Berkin Prelofnor (a captain of the Queen's Guard) and Xantha Prelofnor (a "maid" in the Queen's service). Needless to say they lived quite close to the Palace.


Xantha went insane around the birth of Alizanth, she believed that the child was in league with the Dark One. (Of course she wasn't but Xantha believed it to be true, she even thought she met the DO during labor, like I wrote it was true to her, but no to the outside world). Anyway, the moments when she was aware of Alizanth as the child, the one she had given birth to and loved, was more than those when she thought the child to be Dark, during the first two years of Alizanth's life. During the third year she hardly ever recognized Alizanth and was utterly afraid of her. A couple of months before Alizanth's fourth birthday, Xantha disappeared and wasn't found until a few months after the birthday. She had drowned in the River Crry. The evidences found point to it being a suicide.


Alizanth's age is unknown, but Berkin raised her the best way he knew how after her mothers death on her fourth birthday. The year she turned 14 he sent her to the Tower though he really didn't want to. He never told her that, but she knows so. One of the reasons for him sending her was (besides the fact that she could channel, or at least be able to learn how to do it), Mahilh... her beloved, who according to her father was not good enough. It has now been about 4 years since she last saw him...


Her strength lies in Spirit and she is also quite strong with Air and her weakness lies in Earth.


She is not currently bonded.




Eledhwen Angelline



Currently // Sister of the Blue Ajah

eMail // angel_eledhwen@hotmail.com

ICQ // 152676674

AIM // AngelEledhwen



Julannah Damodred



Currently // Sister of the Blue Ajah

eMail // julannah_damodred@yahoo.com

ICQ // 59614143


Julannah Damodred is currently 20 years of age. She stands as tall as most men her age. She has grey, relentless eyes. Julannah wears her light-brown hair in one braid down to her waist. Her preferred clothes are silk-type trousers with a blouse and a belt separating the two.


Julannah was born in Cairhein. Her father was a noble from house Damodred. She was the result of her father's secret rendezvous with a Cairheinin girl named Galiane Erthistyl. Julannah's mother died short after giving birth to her, and Julannah, unwanted and mostly ignored, was brought up in the Royal Palace of Cairhein as a servant girl. It is thought that Julannah had a half sister slightly more highly regarded in the palace, and who went to train in the Tower, however, Julannah was never able to find out who she was.


It was explained to Julannah, once she was old enough to understand, why it was that she lived in the Royal Palace. She was ordered that she must never disclose the information as it could cause unnecessary scandal. Julannah kept her promise dutifully.


She left the Palace at age 16 when she fell in love with a market-boy named Tristhin. She was later married and lived in Cairhein. It was not until her late teens that Julannah decided upon going to the White Tower to find out whether or not she could learn to become Aes Sedai. She forsook her married life and her desire to have a family to pursue her childhood dream of becoming Aes Sedai, arriving in Tar Valor with high expectations.


Julannah's life has been filled with much misfortune and much disregard. Keeping to herself, Julannah was never liked amongst the other servants in the Royal Palace, where she lived for at least fifteen years. Her childhood struggles have lead her to possess the ability to work through her problems and maintain control of her feelings at all times.


Julannah hardly ever loses her temper or becomes angry. Her anger is a much more subdued anger that she keeps to herself, and often the only way to tell a smile from a cold-stare is through her eyes. Julannah is sweet and caring and a fiercely loyal friend, but she has a particular way of tilting her head and watching you if she doesn't know you, contemplating, as if she can read you like a book.



Kamarile Amanathiere al'Chera



Currently // Sitter for the Blue Ajah

eMail // kamarile@dragonmount.com

AIM // rigel4298


Kamarile had dark brown, wavy hair which flows down nearly to her waist. She kept it tied back as a healer apprentice with her mother, but upon traveling to the tower she cut it to her shoulders so it wouldn't get in her way. She has huge, deep emerald eyes, and is six and a half feet in Randland measurements. (That would be five foot five in our world.) She has a five inch long scar on her neck where someone tried to kill her. She loves animals, and gets very upset when someone mistreats them. She wears a firedrop, given to her by her mother, in the shape of the flame of Tar Valon around her neck. She has a biting tongue ever since her mother's death, and on her journey to Tar Valon her bitterness got her thrown out of three inns. She kept healing journals as an apprentice, and loves writing.


Kamarile Amanathiere al'Chera was born in Ghealdan, in a village just outside of Jehannah. Her mother, Caledra, was a village healer who went out to see the world before settling down with a husband. During her travels she fell in love with a Gheldaner merchant, and resumed her place as wisdom. As a child, Kamarile was entertained by her mother's traveling stories, especially the ones about the one power: Caledra had gone there while she was wandering, and she had seen the Aes Sedai heal, immediately and without herbs. Her father, Tys, was gone most of her early life, traveling into different countries to sell his dye. She never felt deserted by her father, but their relationship was simply a name, nothing like the bond she held with her mother. He was absent for months at a time, and usually only came back to see them for a few weeks out of the year. Hence the furnishings of their house were not based on her father's income, but her mother's, which was meager. Kamarile was used to sparse woolens, and she tended a garden and animals as well as being a healing apprentice. The only riches in the house were in her mother's chest, which held beautiful clothing and jewelry from her adventures.


When Kamarile was sixteen, her father revealed the true nature of his traveling. On her way to market, an Aes Sedai had felt her and seen that she held the spark to channel. Kamarile was extremely excited, and her mother was proud that her daughter might one day be the kind of healer she had seen in Tar Valon. In a heated argument, her father announced that they would not be going and that was that. Her mother, cool and composed, had said that if he really cared he would be around more often, and she left the room without another word. Kamarile, peeking nervously through the window, dropped her bushel of turnips. They would leave the next morning, her mother had said, so Kamarile packed the rest of the day and went to bed early.


* * * The clock chimed Last.


The night was unpleasantly warm, not nearly as scorching as the midday sun, but still humid. Kamarile's shift clung to her. She rolled out of bed for a glass of water. Tiptoeing so as not to wake her parents, she crept out of her room, and into the kitchen. Her breath caught. Outside, shrouded in the darkness, her father stood talking with a forboding shape. Voices drifted through the window . . . " . . . shame it came to this . . ." "Don't tell me you actually love her, Tys." "Of course not. My bond is held by none but the Great Lord. Still, one does become . . . fond . . . after eighteen years." The other man snorted. "Eighteen years spent mostly in Tar Valon, Tys. You call that a marriage? No matter. You will do what must be done." "I will." Her father hesitated, then: "The Great Lord we serve, and he commands us the proceed." It was a chant. "We will clear the path of the Great Lord's coming. We are tools only, to do the Great Lord's bidding in the hope of his favor. We proceed." The other man nodded curtly, and Tys crept stealthily into the house.


Kamarile bit back a scream. Her father! A Darkfriend! She ducked behind a shelf, breathing heavily. Tys and the other man walked slowly through the house, a blade in her father's hand gleaming bright silver. Not my father, she thought fiercely. Never again my father! She had to reach her mother; she would know what to do. She had to! With a cry, she flung herself past the Darkfriends and ran, shrieking, into her mother's room. "Mother! Mother! Wake up!" Kamarile threw opent the door and ran to the bed. Why wouldn't she wake up? Why wouldn't she . . . Her hand touched blood. A dagger, jagged and darkened with blood, lay on the bed. She picked it up slowly. "I figured you'd forget to reckon with the girl," said a voice. Tys and the other man crowded the doorway. "Araelis!" the Darkfriends shouted. "How?" "No need to show your stupidity anymore, Tys, Saanae. By the Great Lord, it's already proven ten times over! If I hadn't had forethought, Tys," Araelis said, "You would either be hanging from a tree, or swimming in the Pit of Doom! Blood and ashes, Tys, did you forget you have a daughter?"


Araelis stepped forward, resting a hand on Kamarile's shoulder. She jerked away, and he smiled. "I suppose I'd better do this, since you are having problems tonight, Tys." Kamarile shoved past them, screaming. Her mother! Light, they took her mother! The thought flooded her mind, her soul, drowning out any thought of fear with the indescribable sorrow. Araelis crept slowly toward her, Tys's knife in his hand. Heart beating fast, she watched as he took her neck in his hand. No fear. She was beyond fear; she watched him cut her neck behind a veil of tears. Saanae laughed. "What a little mouse," he said. "Pathetic." Kamarile's eyes blazed with anger, and hatred. They killed her mother, and they made games of her sorrow! She would teach them! Clenching her fingers around the dagger, she plunged it in to Araelis's heart. He gasped once, then fell to the floor, dead.


Saanae and Tys stared at her, surprised; then they began to advance again. She plucked the knife from Araelis's stiffening fingers; she wrenched the dagger from Araelis's already cold body and flung it with all her might. Like a bolt of lightning, it struck Saanae in his chest. "Yes," she said, glancing coldly at Tys. "I am not as easy as you would think." Tys swallowed; he stood weaponless, the knife he had held before in her own hand. He fled, tearing past her. Kamarile ran into her room, picking up her packed bag in a hurry. She had to get away. Tar Valon. It was a distant thought, but her mother had wanted her to go there, and she would. She fled the village, darting past the people who had come awake at her screams.


The moon was full, and her long legs carried her up the hill and on the road quickly. She looked down on the village. Tys was out there, somewhere. Still alive. She would go to Tar Valon, and she would be Aes Sedai, but she would come back. Blood trickled down her neck, coming together in a bead where her firedrop pendant hung. Suitable. But next time, it would be his blood. She would have her justice.



Kartos Dal'Avier kartos-s.jpg



Currently // Sitter for the Blue Ajah

eMail // kartos@excite.com

AIM // JFishGirl

ICQ // 36066590

URL // Rhuidean


Kartos was born in Saldaea. Her mother was born there too, but raised Domani. Her mother had been an orphan. Her mother came to Saldaea to trade with the Saldaeans. While there, she fell in love with a young Lord she had to do trade with. She decided to stay and marry him.


The daughter of that young Saldaean Lord and Domani, Kartos knows the Art of Flirting, though refuses to do it. She prefers to use her words.


About a year ago, a family friend who had disappeared without a trace, appeared at their doorstep and went to talk with her parents all night. (It turned out that she was a Yellow helping out in the Saldaea with healing in the battles and Raids from the Shadow.) In the morning, it had been decided that the 20 year old Kartos would venture to the White Tower. She had wanted to, she didn't want to be forced. But her mother talked with her, and they concluded that when she came home, she would dedicate herself to fighting Shadowspawn. And so she journeyed to Tar Valon...


Kartos is currently 30 years old and unbonded.



Kristal Meridin



Currently // Sister of the Blue Ajah

eMail // kristal_angel@hotmail.com


Description: Kristal is a small, slender Shienaran with a quick temper and a tendency to snap at anyone if things are not going her way. Her mother is one of the last pure-blooded Malkieri, and from her, Kristal has inherited characteristics such as a will of iron and the intention to use that will to somehow wrest the family's homeland back from the Blight. With her bright brown eyes and her long, honey-blond hair, Kristal is very beautiful in a sharp kind of way, although no one in their right minds would dare call her pretty, at least not to her face. Kristal is not a strong channeler, but has learned to weave with skill and thus make the most of the little strength she has. Mostly, however, she resorts to her other skills to achieve her goals. She is slightly stronger in Spirit than in the other four Powers.


Upon being raised to the shawl, Kristal chose the Blue Ajah because its philosophy best suits her independent nature. She has dedicated her life to finding a way to cleanse Shadow-tainted land.




Liselle Di' Huron



Currently // Sister of the Blue Ajah

eMail // anneliesheidekamp@hotmail.com

ICQ // 71522546

MSN // anneliesheidekamp@hotmail.com


I'm a Biochemistry student at Groningen university. I like reading, watching movies and sleeping lots.



Rinoa Heartilly rinoa-s.jpg



Currently // Sister of the Blue Ajah

eMail // rinoa@rinoa.nu


Rinoa's origin is Illian. Her father was a General serving the Companions and her mother was a Cairhienin native. Rinoa has an Illianer accent naturally, but she is also capable of mimicing a Cairhienin accent. She has shoulder blade length black hair, and often dyes it with herbs. She has brown eyes and a mix of dark and fair skin, which changes with the lighting. She is also usually found wearing a special ring on a chain.


Her mother is a wilder, strong with Earth and who is suffering from touching The Source. The Aes Sedai of Illian directed them both to the White Tower for help, but did not mention they intended for Rinoa to stay there, as there is no cure for her mother.


Rinoa is learning from her beginning network of informants about her mother's past. Her mother was not a noble by blood, even with her education and stature. Born into House Osiellin, she taken part, along with other siblings in moving the reputation of the family high enough to allow those of Cairhien into thinking so. Her mother's reluctance to speak to her of her family history was so that Rinoa would not be involved with the Great Game like she once was. There is more history beyond a simple Cairhienen family playing The Game. There are even more unknowns about Rinoa's father, including his real heritage and lineage.


Obsessed with manipulation and Daes Dae'mar, Rin had used it sucessfully in various pranks with her friends in the past. Studious and hard working, Rinoa had taken any course she could while in the Tower and is still learning. Her Eyes and Ears network has now expanded, and she is Assistant to the Head of the Blue Ajah Information Network.


Her strength in the One Power is Water, closely followed by Air and Spirit equally. She has little to no strength or control with Fire and Earth. She also has yet to discover that she has the Talent of Foretelling.




Silver Vidal silver-s.jpg



Currently // Sister of the Blue Ajah

eMail // jediknight2@zdnetmail.com

ICQ // 27721803


Silver Vidal was raised in Aringill. She is currently 32 years old. Her parents, both are still alive, work in a weapons smithy. Silver had no siblings that she knew of about a year ago, but recently she found out that Morgan Angrel is her sister. She also found out that her parents are not really her biological parents but very good friends of her biological parents. Silver had a joyous reunion with Morgan. Silver grew up happily in Aringill with a few good friends. She learned how to use a sword. Although she is not very good at it.


When Silver was about 12 her parents sent her to Tar Valon and the White Tower where she could be tested to see if she could become an Aes Sedai. She could become one so she stayed there to learn. After years of learning and training Silver was finally raised to Aes Sedai at the age of 29. She chose the Blue Ajah. It seems fitting that her sister belongs to the Green since Greens and Blues go together well.



Tilana Siharalin



Currently // Sister of the Blue Ajah

eMail // Tilana@dragonmount.com

ICQ // 29619294


I was born in Mayene, in the north of the drowned lands. My father was an adviser to the Lady Aleine Tarenne, a minor mayene noble with most of her estates in the drowned lands. He was born in Mayene, son to a fisherwoman and a seafolk trader. By working himself up in the world, Darein Taeilan became one of the Lady´s most trusted advisers. My mother was a second daughter in one of the many minor Cairhen Houses. With the right to wear a few coloured bands on her dress, Esayra Saharalin got an extensive education in daes´daemar, the game of the Houses. Her families estates lay in the south of Cairhien, close to the river Iralell. When Esayra began to grow older, she was allowed to come with her mother, the Head of the House, on some of the travels she made. Mainly to be able to spy on the relations between Tear and Mayene, Esayra one day found herself with her mother in the Drowned Lands, visiting the Lady Aleine Tarenne, a minor mayene noble.


Looking as an unimportant, worthless land, Lady Aleines estates had always been an important outpost in the Mayene espionage. There was always great political activity in the House of Tarenne, and many interesting visitors. Few is the Tairen lords or ladies who not feel themselves watched, while camping at the estates on their way to the city of Mayene. And of course, that includes every visiting lord. During the visit, Esayra was often escorted by one the Lady´s advisers, named Darein Taelinan. After a time, the cairhienin lady began to like the tall, dark brown haired, pretty ordinary looking man. Of course, Esayra did not became less suspicious on the adviser, suspicousness was an important part of daes´daemar. But they began to share a couple games of stone, and wanderings in the evenings. For Darien, this was an excellent opportunity both to do his job, to watch and listen, and to have an enjoyable time. Esayra was tall for a cairhienin woman, she reached Darien to the neck, and unusually fairhaired. Esayras grandfather had come from Andor, bringing the yellow hair into the Saharalin family. A heritage that I didn't get. Her eyes was dark green, glimming with an intelligence that Darien began to like. Getting to know eachother more, Esayra´s and Darien´s fondness became deep love. They found themselves liking the game they played with eachother, with secrets and intrigues. A challenge for them both. So when it was time to the Saharalins to go home, Esayra and Darien asked for permission to marry themselves. Lady Aleine did not really like the thought of having a cairhienin lady living at her estates, just because she was sure she would spy. In the other hand, Esayras mother approved greatly, both for the opportunity to marry away her daughter, and to have a contact in Mayene. But soon, Aleine Tarenne decided to trust her advicers judgement, and gave her acceptance. Two weeks later, there was a major wedding in the north of the drowned lands, with many cairhien and mayene nobles and a whole lot of spies.


Still very suspicious, Lady Aleine gave Esayra a job as an administrator of the swamp economics. The Talenne estates made a great part of their income from products of the swamp. Two month after the wedding, Esayra and Darien Saharalin announced they were going to have a child. As Esayra did not let pregnancy preventing her from working, and Darien knew better than to try to stop his wife, life continued almost as normal, until the child was born. Eleven month after the wedding, in the beginning of the summer, I was born to the world. I got the name Tilana after my mothers grandmother, and to admit, I was a very bothersome child. As soon as I managed to walk, I ran away as soon I got the chance. To look, explore, and learn. The thing my mother and father were most afraid of, was that I would drown in the swamp or the march. They solved that problem by letting a worker take me on boat-tours in the Drowned Lands twice a week. In that way my exploring disposition of the swamp became satisfied. Lady Aleine often took care of me too, seeing me as the daugther she never had. Her two sons were five and six years older than me. And in that time, my father also took me on my first trip to the city Mayene, to see his mother. I remember how big everything seemed, and how exiting it was to watch the oilfish-fishers and the merchants. Well, in that time, I thougt that everything new was fantastic and exiting, but Mayene really was an experience. After a week we, to my disappointment, went home to the little village in the Drowned Lands and the manor.


When I was four years old, I became a big sister. Often my twin little brother and sister have irritated me, but I remember how cute they were when the were small. Lenya and Camrean suddenly made our family a whole lot bigger. Now, my mother and father had three bothersome children to look after, and because I was the oldest, they gave me more responsibility. My parents told the Lady´s writer teaching me to read and write. I was quick to learn the things you could do with letters and books. So then my education began and I remember I was a little afraid that it would disturb my exploration tours at the estates. But they didn´t do that very much. My mother took care of my mathemathical education herself, and she began to follow me out on my tours, letting me count trees and flowers. She also began to teach me in daes´daemar, something I immediately found fascinating. Many times I had seen the silent, watching men around the house, on my exploration tours, and sometime even followed them. Now my mother, and my father, told me about spying and politics, and the terrible High Lords of Tear. Sometimes my training was to see how long I could follow one of the watchers, without him seeing me. It was fun and very exciting.


As I grew older, Lady Aleine let me follow her on some of her trips to Illian, Tear and Cairhien. Me, a young girl with black hair and average height, no one really noticed. Most thought of me as an usual serving girl or a young maid, but mainly, I acted as a spy. I often was snatched of by guards when I stood listening, and one time, a man even tried to kill me for some reason. Luckily, most mayene higher ladies are trained in self-defence, and I had a little training too. The man got a nice surprise, a blue eye, and a hurting diaphragm. And I got a nice new dagger. He could always buy a new, and something I thought I should have for giving him a valuable lesson. Unfortunately, Esayra and Darien decided that it was too dangerous for me to join the Lady´s voyages. I wasn´t allowed to leave Mayene. To make time to go in the Drowned Lands, I taught Lenya and Camrean how to cook marchsnakes, and such important things I learned myself as youth. They were eight years now, and just as wild as I used to bee. (And, perhaps, I still am. *g*) But I grew bore after a while, so I decided to explore one thing I had been curious about since I was youth. The ogier stedding Shangtai, located north of the Drowned Lands, in the Spine of The World. Tales from travelers and nobles spoke about the ogier, and I knew there really existed a stedding not so far north from Mayene. I will not tell you about my incredible journey now, it will take to much time, but the two months away were the best of my life. My parents were furious when I returned. I did not understand why, I had left a note, explaining everything. After many discussions with many hard words, I finally apologized, promised not to leave again without them knowing, and to accept whatever punishment they decided to give me. But the punishment did not become what I believed. Instead of having me beaten or lock me in room for two years, they gave me a job. Officially as my father´s secretary, but unofficially as Aleine Tarenne´s Mistress of Information. Then I was fourteen. It was an interesting job. I got more training in self-defence and espionage, and soon traveled along in the world to investigate and collect information. I even worked for the First of Mayene for a while.


Well, my interesting career took an abruptly end when I for the first time traveled to Ebou Dar. I was a little imprudent in that time. I had got a report from Mayene that an tairen assassin tried to murder Lady Aleine. Unsuccessful, but I still was very angry, and I did not concentrate myself as much as I should. I had been hunting a spy all the way from the estates in the Drowned Lands to Ebou Dar, and I almost had him. I followed the little man to a big, white house, where he went in. Usually knowing to have patience and to wait, I this time climbed in the house through a window, into a dark, empty room. A door was open to another, light room, and I could hear a man´s an a woman´s voices from it. I stood there, listening, but suddenly I felt the air freeze around me. I couldn´t move at all. A glowing ball of light appeared shining in the room, showing a woman with ageless face behind. Her gaze was cool and the voice sharpe. ”Well, well, what have we here? A little girl daring to spy on Aes Sedai?” The voice sounded almost amused at that. I was ice inside. Aes Sedai! I truly had spied on Aes Sedais! Light, what should I do? Now the Aes Sedai studied her intensively and when she spoke again, it was with a slight surprised voice. ”You have the spark, girl...” Spark....where had I heard that before...Yes, it was when you could....”It would be waste to handle you over to the guard, girl. You will come with us to Tar Valon, and we will teach you some manners. And give you a white dress. Or would you prefere the guards?” The Aes Sedai´s voice was convinced and resolute. I drew a deep breath...



So two months later a slender mayene girl with average height, sunburnt skin, straight black hair and blue eyes found herself watching the White Tower from a hill not far from Tar Valon...






Currently // Sister of the Blue Ajah

eMail // joanna-pl@go2.pl

ICQ // 98179990



Zerah Tristar



Currently // Sister of the Blue Ajah

eMail // mortma@online.no

ICQ // 95733940

msn // mortma@online.no

AIM // MariaAiel



Areyla Riversong areyla-s.jpg



Currently // Sister of the Blue Ajah

eMail // areylasedai@dragonmount.com

ICQ // 51590365

AIM // RavenO420

URL // Areyla's Homepage


Areyla Riversong was born a slave in Shara. Her mother was 'mistress' to the Master, a minor lord. However, times grew hard when Rey was five, and her father was forced to sell Rey and her mother to a much harsher master.


At the age of nine, Rey's mother was killed in front of her for daring to make a nameday cake for her daughter, and Areyla was promptly sold.


When she was 12, Rey caught the eye of a young princeling who bought her. When he made known his intention to marry her,


Areyla ran away, fleeing to the Aiel Waste. She wandered for a week before collapsing from lack of water. She awakened under the care of Mosin, the Seeker of a Tinker caravan, and his wife Kyra. Touched by the first kindness she'd ever known, Rey adopted the Way of the Leaf. 'Mem' Kyra soon made sure that Areyla met Byron Sterling, and the pair became very close. Areyla spent nearly five years with the Tuatha'an, but became disinterested when she saw her first Aiel. From a distance, she watched Maidens kill a lioness, and became completely entranced. Rey promptly left the caravan, much to the dismay of 'Mem' Kyra, 'Pep' Mosin, and Byron.


However, since she had not been born Aiel, she could not become a Maiden and therefore was promptly escorted out of the Waste.


During her time with the Aiel herders who accompanied her, Areyla learned something of the outside world, but not much. Her closest friend over the month or so was Jeaine, a girl in training to be a Maiden herself. It was from Jeaine that Rey learned how to fight using her hands and feet.


Just before they left the Waste, Jeanie died--killed by marauders. Rey was desolate, and could not fully enjoy being truly free for the first time.


As the months passed, Areyla's foreign accent and clumsy attempts to follow Ji'eh'Toh were the cause of much trouble and many fights. After one such fight was broken up by an Aes Sedai, Rey's ability to channel was discovered.


She was whisked away to the White Tower in the blink of an eye, where she became a Novice. Areyla was raised Accepted rather quickly, but has been an Accepted for quite some time.



Alecia Taranin alecia-s.jpg



Currently // Sister of the Blue Ajah

eMail // gokickit@hotmail.com

ICQ // 67560026


Alecia Taranin ajusted her best dress as she sat on the bench. She didn't even like the thing, it was too flowery. Her mother had made her were it. "It'll impress the Aes Sedai!" She'd said.


Alecia lived in the New City in Caemlyn. A group of Aes Sedai had just arrived and were testing for girls with the ability to channel. Alecia's mother had not been able too, and had always wanted to become Aes Sedai. But since she never would she had decided the next best thing was to have an Aes Sedai daughter who she could be proud of.


So Alecia sat on the bench with a dozen other girls, waiting to be tested. A serving woman came out of the Inn where the Aes Sedai were taking the girls. She glanced at the piece of paper she'd been given and called out a name. "Arona? Arona Tabor?"


Alecia winked at Arona as she got up and followed the woman into the Inn. Alecia again fiddled with her dress. It was really starting to iritate her. Her mother was stupid, where was no way they were going to let her be Aes Sedai just because she wore a pretty dress. And anyway, she'd never even suspected she could channel. She'd probably just be sent home again. She looked to he right where one of the girls who couldn't channel stood crying. She wouldn't be like that, she would just go home and...


"Alecia Taranin?" Asked the serving woman. It was her turn. She saw Arona smiling at her. Steadly, even thought she was scared to death, she followed the woman into the Inn. In the common room three women sat. Two in chairs on the far side of the room and one at a table in the middle. "Sit down please." Said the Aes Sedai at the table.


Alecia took a seat. Suddenly a small flame appeared between them, floating above the table. "I want you to consentrate on the flame. Clear your mind of everything but the flame." Alecia tried to consentate but her mind kept wandering. Could she channel? She had noticed anything before but.. "Concentrate!" Said the Aes Sedai.


Alecia cleared her mind compleatly and focused on the flame. There was a blue flash. Just quickly, and then another, and another. The flame dissapeared. Alecia sighed. She guessed she had failed. "Well done child,"said the Aes Sedai. "You have the ability, not the strongest i have seen, but, you'll do quite well in the tower." Alecia was overjoyed! What would her mother say! She left the room ran outside, she was so happy.


An Aes Sedai followed her out. "That's all for today. The girls already tested can go home to say goodbye. We'll leave for Tar Valon tommorow." Alecia ran all the way home. She told her mother, and she was happier than Alecia. They spent the rest of the day throwing things into a chest.


When Alecia arrived at the Inn the next day, most of the girls were already there, waiting to travel. She kissed her mother goodbye and hopped on tho the cart. As the driver shouted and the horses began to pull she saw her mother start to cry as she waved. Alecia waved back, but she didn't feel like crying. She felt like she was on top of the world.


She was going to Tar Valon. She was going to be Aes Sedai.



Arianya Taravin



Currently // Sister of the Blue Ajah

eMail // arianya_taravin@hotmail.com

ICQ // 69881247



Dreda Bonnelle dreda-s.jpg




Currently // Sister of the Blue Ajah

eMail // dredasedai@dragonmount.com

ICQ // 32867000


Dreda Lenee Bonnelle was born in Saldea to parents who were inkeepers. She has always considered herself Saldean even though she was of Andoran blood (her mother and father fled Andor after he had been wrongfully accused of a murder). She had a fairly normal childhood. She helped her mother in the kitchen and her father with the bookkeeping. After Dreda had just turned 12 her mother took ill. After 4 long months of pain she died. Dreda didn’t take it well at all. She shut herself in her room and refused to eat anything but soup for days.(even now she eats only soup when she is depressed). Finally her father talked her out of her room by telling her that if she wanted to make her mother proud of her, that she would help him run the inn. She blossomed. Her unique administration style had men and women 3 times her age doing the tasks she assigned them. She was their friend, daughter and helper all in one.


Her life changed the night before her 13th birthday. A particularly rough crowd was in the common room that night. Two men started brawling and all that Dreda could think about was that she had to save the common room from being destroyed, her mother would have never allowed that. Without knowing what she was doing, she channeled flows of air and bound the two men. Everyone fled from the inn. The only people left in the common room were Dreda, her father and a woman sitting near the fireplace, staring at Dreda with a considering eye. She introduced herself to them as Cairyn Sedai. Cairyn Sedai "offered" to take Dreda to the White Tower with her. Three days later, Dreda said goodbye to her father, her friends, and her life.


She moved quickly through the ranks of novice and accepted. She became known as a peacemaker, negotiating peace between fighting friends and also negotiating lighter punishments with the Mistress of Novices for her mischvious friends. Most thought that she would choose the Gray Ajah when she was raised to the shawl, but she chose the blue. Although she loved peace, she loved justice and fairness more. In the end, justice and fairness brings about peace.


Dreda met her warder, Asha’man Hawkwing, during the search for Sam d’ma Shadar, the rogue male channeler. She was drawn to Hawkwing’s confidence and character. They had a special bond – after Dreda bonded Hawkwing, Hawkwing bonded her. They had only been bonded for a couple weeks when the Breaking occurred and the bond was mysteriously severed. Dreda has bonded Hawkwing again. He has not bonded her again, and she is waiting for him to make his decision.



Jhaenara Kendhal jhaenara-s.jpg



Currently // Sister of the Blue Ajah

eMail // jhaenara@hotmail.com

ICQ // 6114597

AIM // Jhaenara

URL // Jeanne's Little Chaotic Corner


Jhaenara Kendhal is a young Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah who originally came from Whitebridge, Andor. She was an only child of parents who were well off tailors. While visitng with her friend, Raema, whose parents owned an inn, an Aes Sedai was renting a room and sensed the ability to channel in Jhaenara. Soon after, Jhae made her way to Tar Valon to enter the White Tower.


She wasn't very long as a novice, or even as an Accepted. The Aes Sedai found she had great potential and with things changing in the World, Jhae was raised fairly fast. She now is said to be the third strongest in the Tower, though she has not yet discovered her Talent (Cloud Dancing) She has also found she is very strong in Healing, but has yet to train much in that area. Jhae is strongest in Air and Spirit, with Water and Fire following closely, and Earth coming in last.


Jhae is Bonded to Jayce Conner, a strong and brave warrior from Shienar. The two met when Jayce and her brother, Jaksyn, stripped her of her shift while raiding the Tower during a Ward prank. Jhae was not pleased at first, but the women soon got to know each other, and Jhae knew without a doubt that she'd Bond Jayce.



More about Jhaenara


Here's a little description of Jhaenara:

Name: Jhaenara Kendhal

From: Whitebridge, Andor

Age: 24

Hair: Red-gold. long, a bit wavy

Eyes: Green Build: Average height, about 5'7" 125 lbs, Considered attractive/pretty.

Personality: Somewhat shy, Smart, likes to read. Likes animals. Overall friendly.

Which Ajah?: The Blue Ajah. Bonded to?: Jayce Gaidin Mentor of?: Caillean and Bellina



More on her background will come later, but just to let you know her family is well enough off. Her parents are merchants (tailors) in Whitebridge and she's an only child.


Lheanna Raelill lheanna-s.jpg



Currently // Sister of the Blue Ajah

eMail // lheanna@dragonmount.com

AIM // Paigely222






Mnemosyne Leigh Draekmont mnemosyne-s.jpg



Currently // Sister of the Blue Ajah

eMail // mnemosyne@cybersojourn.com

ICQ // 34597601

URL // CyberSojourn



Mnemosyne is 23, petite, and has long dark hair, dark eyes, and fair complexion. She carries herself with calm dignity and a fluid, feline grace. She has mastered the intricacies of Daes Dae'mar (Cairhienin Noble for a father) and the subtleties of body language (learned from her mysterious Saldaean mother). Mnemosyne was born with the power and was taken to the White Tower at an early age. Although she is on good terms with her kin, her only true family are her sisters. She is strongest in Spirit, Air, and (believe it or not) Fire, yet has difficulties with Water.



Moiraine Damodred



Currently // Sister of the Blue Ajah

eMail // moiraine@start.com.au

ICQ // 26785195

URL // Danae's Page


I am Moiraine Damodred, head of the Blue Ajah. I am 28 years of age, and was born in Cairhien as a member of House Damodred. I was brought up in the Royal Palace, though was never in the line of succession. I bring to the Blue Ajah great knowledge of the Game of Houses which has aided me in my quest to find the Dragon Reborn.


I am currently bonded to gilmae



Rhebecka Marcellus rhebecka-s.jpg



Currently // Sister of the Blue Ajah

eMail // rhebecka@softhome.net

ICQ // 96882823

AIM // Midnight Lark


Rhebecka Marcellus is Ebou Dari by birth, to an Andoran merchant father and an Ebou Dari mother, but was raised in Arad Doman. Standing at 5'8" tall, she has black hair that falls to her waist, blue eyes, a pale complexion and a solid build. She walks with a grace earned from years of ettiquette and sales training (she assisted her parents in the merchant business when she became old enough).


As a child, Rhebecka's parents exposed to her to many forms of art and literature, as well as the business of Merchants. She became literate in the histories of various nations as well as in legends and lore. Rhebecka also is talented in playing the violin, and spends her free time composing pieces, which she enjoys performing. She had a desire to become a Bard until she learned that she could channel.


Rhebecka learned that she had the ability to channel during one such performance. She was playing in an Inn owned by her uncle in Arad Doman when a group of Aes Sedai entered. They watched her closely throughout her performance, and approached her afterwards. The news came as a shock to Rhebecka and her family; for there had only been one known channeler in her family, and that woman was generations dead.



Rhebecka now begins her life anew in the White Tower, where she aspires to be a Sister of the Blue Ajah because of her knowledge of the world. She is mentored by Alizanth Sedai of the Blue Ajah, and is Roomie to Kandia and Aya.



Seraph Meloisy



Currently // Sister of the Blue Ajah

eMail // frodoia@hotmail.com

ICQ // 53523251

URL // Seraph's Room


Seraph is 21 years old, 5'7", 125 lbs, has reddish blond hair and blue-grey eyes.


Seraph's real parents died while she was still an infant, while fleeing political trouble in Shara. They were killed while passing through the Waste by pursuers. Her parents fought off their attackers, but in the process, both of her parents were mortally wounded. A day or so later, a group of Tinkers passed by, and adopted Seraph as their own child.


She had an overall pretty uneventful childhood, travelling with her adopted family. However, when she was 13, while gathering wood, her camp was attacked by local villagers, who thought that her family had kidnapped young girl of their village. By the time they realized that the girl was not in her camp, almost all of the Tinkers were dead, or dying. Seraph, having heard fighting coming from the camp, had run to the clearing, only to see most of her family dead, and wagons on fire. Seeing a man standing over her mother, with a raised sword, she had this odd feeling. Suddenly, the man feel, unconcious on the ground. Running to her mother, she gathered her into her arms. She had already been stabbed. Seraph had come too late to save her. The villagers, seeing her, talked quietly amongst themselves, as they advanced toward Seraph, with their weapons drawn. Staring at them defiantly, with tears in her eyes, she thought she was about to die. But, surprisingly, a blow did not fall upon her.


The missing girl arrived at the camp with a young man from Seraph's camp. Seeing what they'd done, she begged for Seraph's life, and told them her story. She had chosen to go with the Tinkers, and marry the young man. The other people of Seraph's group hadn't even known, and so had been killed for nothing. Feeling guilty for killing Seraph's family and friends, the villagers offered to escort Seraph, and her dying mother to Tar Valon where the Aes Sedai may be able to save her. They travelled for two days, and her mother clung to life. Along the way, Seraph's mother told her the truth about where she'd come from. Giving her two silver rings on a silver chain which had belonged to Seraph's real parents, her adopted mother slipped into unconciousness about 4 miles from reaching Tar Valon. The small group rushed to the White Tower, sped on by their last dying hope of saving her.


They were admitted hurriedly, and Seraph, with her mother, was led to the infirmary. There was nothing the Aes Sedai could do. Her mother's wound had become infected, and she'd lost too much blood. They said it was a miracle she'd lived long enough to make it to the White Tower. After hearing this, she immediately fell ill, and fainted. Awaking after several hours, she felt much better. Till she remembered where she was, and what had happened, that is. A little after awaking, a Yellow Sister came in, and informed Seraph that she had the inborn ability to channel. Seraph now had a choice, either stay and possibly become an Aes Sedai, or leave, and try to rejoin the Tinkers. Seraph chose to enter the White Tower.


After living there some time, she was injured in a small accident involving wards, her pet squirrel Slappy McNutty, a nut, and a large tree.


It took her two months to fully recover. Upon leaving the infirmary, to her shock, almost everything had changed. Her roommate had been raised to Accepted, and there was a new Mistress of Novices. After adjusting to all the changes, she was Raised to Accepted. Seraph found new friends, and had her first love, only for him to leave the Tower, after she realized she cared for him too much to bond him. Seraph is currently living in the Blue Quarters with her many squirells.


She has previously held the titles of Naughtiest Novice, Flirtiest Accepted, and is a Lifetime Member of the Naughtiest Novices Club. She is also promised to Joseph... No, not the Amyrlin's Warder... the other one.



TaliAnn Reeves taliann-s.jpg



Currently // Sister of the Blue Ajah

eMail // semister@hotmail.com

ICQ // n/a


TaliAnn was born in the Mountains of mists. She is of average height with a slim build. She has long dark wavy hair and dark green eyes..Her parents are unknown to her to this day. Her adoptive father is a farmer and hawk handler that lives on a sprawling farm at the foot of the mountains and her adoptive mother is the wise woman of the nearby village. TaliAnn had been found by her adoptive father who had been shocked to find a baby wthin the rubble of an ancient city in the Mountains. She had grown up on her adoptive parent's farm and had learnt her adoptive father's trade of hawk handling and of her adoptive mother's herbs and healings.


Tali had dicovered her ability to channel when on a bright summer morning her mother had asked her to start a fire to brew some of her herbs. TaliAnn had tried to light the fire in the pit and had failed and due to severe aggravation following the failure had set the whole roof aflame with the power.



Tylin Quintara tylin-s.jpg



Currently // Sister of the Blue Ajah

eMail // MBStorke@aol.com

ICQ // 89436234

AIM // MBStorke

URL // Meghan Storke's Home Page


My name is Tylin Quintara. I was born and raised in Ebou Dar. My childhood was as stable as you could get, living in Altara. I have 3 older brothers, my Mother, who has slight channeling ability and knowledge of herbs, and a Father who is head of the noble House Quintara.


I am slightly taller (5'8") and fairer in complexion than most Altarans. My brothers lovingly gave me the name 'Paleface' because of my skintone. I have long, black hair and dark blue eyes. I tend to like simple clothing, because of my many activities. I like to be prepared to wander, ride, fight at any moment if the occaision calls for it. Fancy clothes get in the way of this, altho I do admire pretty clothing.


When I was younger, I admired my brothers and wanted to do everything they did. That's why at 15, I know how to horserace, fight with knives, swim, and ride a boat. That teaching served me in good stead, when I disobeyed my parents and snuck out into the Rahad. Living amongst nobility my whole life (and being bored by it), I wanted to see the Rahad, whom I thought was a lively and exciting place to go.


Unfortunately, I was right. But not in the way I had expected. Seeing the cut and color of my (albeit simple) gown that marked me out as a noble, another girl picked a fight with me. Luckily enough, I managed to win the duel, but winning came at too high a price. My wounds (slashes on my back and right arm) were bleeding profusely. I was extremely weakened and had not one of my brothers come at that moment looking for me, I believe I would have died that day. My parents were less than thrilled, despite the underlying pride in their voice at their youngest daughter winning a duel in the roughest city in Altara.


My Mother knew that her small channeling ability, while Tower trained, was not enough to heal me, so she set the wounds with herbs. However, they were not enough to stop fever from setting in, so she sought the help of an Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah, who had come to visit my Mother that day.


After the Healing, I fell asleep. I later learned that the Aes Sedai found that I had been born with the channeling ability, and informed my Mother that she would taking me back to the White Tower for training. I had also learned that while training in the Tower, my Mother had made many friends. While she did not have enough channeling ability to become a full Sister, she become part of an Eyes and Ears network for the White Tower, which accounted for the visit paid by the Aes Sedai that day.


After I woke up and was given the news, I prepared to go to the White Tower.


I bid a sad adieu to my brothers and my parents.


And here I am, ready and willing to learn. I miss my family, though, especially my brothers.




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Gray NSW Bio from Pre-Split:



Sevrene L'aryssal



Birthplace: Arad Doman

Hair color: jet-black

Eye color: green

Height: Five feet, nine inches



father - Messhon L'aryssal

mother - Hetheane L'aryssal

younger sister - Mikai L'aryssal


Organization: White Tower


Position: Gray Ajah


Origin: Sevrene was born in Arad Doman, the eldest of a merchant and his wife, devoted to wide varieties of trade. Their business is widely successful, especially in Mayene and Andor, due both to her father's shrewd negotiating skills and her mother's beauty.


Childhood: Like many other Domani girls, Sevrene and her sister were taught grace and beauty, and taught to take advantage of this ability for their own benefit. To Sevrene, this was very much like a game, where scoring one over the men or hitting a large sale are the means to keeping score. In fact, she doesn't seem to know what she loves more, negotiating or teasing men, as she enjoys doing both, and doing them often. Learning the tricks of her father's trade by often accompanying her family in their travels helped her hone these skills. As the family always travels to where the profits are, Sevrene and her sister grew up familiar with the culture and people of many different cities and towns in many places.


Sevrene and Mikai often tended their father's business to help them learn more about the trade. When Sevrene was eighteen years old and Mikai sixteen, the family settled temporarily in Illian. Here, while haggling with a woman over an expensive silk cloth they were selling, both were surprised and a little disappointed when the woman paid for the bolt without much complaint. They was even more surprised later on when she learned that the woman in question was an Aes Sedai, who calmly informed Sevrene that she had the inborn spark within her, the ability to channel. Offered what would be the greatest bargain she would ever know - the chance to learn to train in the White Tower and become an Aes Sedai - for once in her life, Sevrene was speechless.


Upon hearing of their daughter's newfound ability, Sevrene's parents were reluctant at first - they had counted on her and Mikai to continue on with their business - but in the end, realizing their daughter's potential to be something more than just another merchantwoman, they agreed to send Sevrene to the White Tower, and let Mikai take over the trade. Excited, and a little sad at the thought of leaving her family and the life she learned to love, Sevrene soon arrived at the White Tower to start her training.


Tar Valon:

Accustomed to adjusting and adhering to her surroundings, Sevrene proved to be a good novice, and later on a responsible Accepted. There is however, her problem of loitering around the Warders' training grounds and trying to catch their attentions - sometimes even keeping them for a time - has sent her to the Mistress of Novice's room more than once. Much to everyone's surprise however, Sevrene chose the Gray as her Ajah when she was raised instead of the Green, as many expected her to. Apparently, the business table proved to be a much stronger lure than the affairs of men.


Personality: Sevrene loves a challenge; she leaps at every opportunity to learn something new despite the myth Aes Sedai try to maintain of knowing everything. Having encountered different people of different backgrounds, she knows how to deal with people and is quite friendly by nature. However, being a true Domani in both heart and mind, Sevrene still uses her Domani grace to its fullest extent even without men around - for practice, she says. Though she puts business first before pleasure, Sevrene remains an avid admirer of tall, handsome men, and is not above flirting every now and then - subtly, of course. (There's flirting, she says as well, and then there's flirting).


Appearance: Sevrene has long black hair usually in one thick braid, or sometimes in several smaller ones in Tarabon fashion, and green eyes often akin to a cat's. She always has a smile ready on her face whatever the occasion, and she tries to look neat and graceful. She can speak in different accents if she wishes to, although she doesn't often employ this except when needed. Her eyes always twinkle whenever she's up to some form of mischief or banter. She can't really be called a beauty, but she has a pretty smile and a graceful, quiet way about her that earns her more than just a second look.


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Marce Dalfor - Gray Ajah PC




Place of Origin: Kore Springs

Appearance: Marce has dark hair, brown eyes, and pale skin. She is short and plump.



Marce grew up on her father's sheep farm on the outskirts of Kore Springs. She spent most of her days helping with farm chores and chasing after sheep with her four brothers before her baby sister was born. At that point, her mother decided that she needed to behave less like one of the boys and help take care of her sister, as well as take on some of the responsibilities in her mother's growing weaving business. Marce hated the loom, and did her best to find excuses to take care of her sister, a task which allowed much more personal freedom.


Marce spent those moments of freedom daydreaming about being an Aes Sedai advisor to royalty and about bonding the very attractive silversmith's apprentice, who happened to be one of her older brother's good friends. Her second dream was shattered when the apprentice married a maid from Caemlyn. Determined not to fail in her other dream, she made plans to leave for Tar Valon, though her brothers teased her mercilessly that she would never be able to channel more than a frog could. Marce saw the White Tower as a place of sanctuary, where she would find comfort as well as power. She was determined to bond an army of Warders to make up for the boy she had lost. Against the wishes of her parents she ran away to Tar Valon. Her brothers came after her and brought her home three times before she was finally able to arrive at Tar Valon and present herself for testing. She was delighted to find she could channel, yet somewhat disappointed that it did not mean instantly receiving the ring and shawl.


Marce is considerably headstrong and impulsive, but is generally known for making good decisions. She has a great deal of empathy for others, which sometimes allows her to be fooled by those who would manipulate her. She is able to see situations from many different angles, a skill which enables her to get what she wants more frequently.



Marce's Arches



Marce's Arches


Marce was laying on her bed in her room. She had her notes from her OP Challenged class lying in front of her and she was brainstorming different offensive and defensive strategies she could use with limited resources and very little help from the Source. Her two roommates were laying on their beds studying other class notes, so Marce was surprised when the door opened after a light tap. The Mistress of Novices stuck her head in the door and shook her head from side to side. "I still don't know why I allowed you to pull an extra bed into this room," she said. "There's hardly any room to walk on that floor! Well, time to fix that. Come along, Marce."


Marce was surprised, to say the least. She thought that it was okay with Phrygiana Sedai that they three Novices had decided to share a room. She thought she was being moved until she realized that they were walking out of the Novice Quarters.


"Um, excuse me Phrygiana Sedai, but where are we going?" she asked. "Have I done something wrong?"


"No, Marce," she replied with a smile. "You've done nothing wrong. It's time for your Accepted test."


Marce missed a step and almost tripped over her own feet. "Now? Already?"


"Yes, now. Come along. The hour waits on no woman. The Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills, when the Wheel wills."


Phrygiana Sedai led her down a hallway and pushed open a huge wooden door. Behind the door lay a domed room. In the center of the room stood the ter'angreal with its three silver arches whose ends touched where they met on a silver ring. The room was lit by lamps on stands and at each of the places where the ends of two arches met sat a shawled Sister. Marce recognized the three. Lorelia Sedai, a White, had been in her OP Challenged course. She had once done a chore for Sabine, who was wearing her brown shawl. Evara was the Yellow who had healed the Ward she had been asked to watch over. It helped her relax seeing some faces she knew. However, she did not know the Red, who was looming over the table that contained three silver chalices of water, which Marce knew she would be wearing before she left.


Phrygiana Sedai turned towards her and started what sounded like a familiar speech. "Novices are given three chances. You may refuse twice, but on the third refusal, we give you enough silver for a year and you are sent out of the tower. You have the right to refuse. Do you wish to go on?"


"I do," Marce said firmly.


"Then you shall hear two things which no Novice hears until she enters this room. First, you must finish if you start. Refuse at any point and it will be the same as if you had refused for the third time. Second, to seek, to strive, is to know danger. Some women have entered, and never come out. When the ter'angreal was allowed to grow quiet, they--were--not--there. And they were never seen again. If you will survive, you must be steadfast. Falter, fail, and . . ." She fell silent and Marce swallowed, with what she was sure was an audible gulp. "This is your last chance. Refuse now, and you may still try twice more. If you accept now, there is no turning back." She fell silent to allow Marce to make her decision.


Marce looked around the room slowly, taking in everything she saw, before she turned back to Phrygiana Sedai and quietly said, "I accept."


She realized that this was point where she should be removing her dress. Having grown up with only boys until the baby was born, she was completely unused to anyone seeing her even mostly unclothed, let alone totally unclothed. This caused her more fear than thoughts of the ter'angreal which would show her all her fears. Her hands shook as she undid the buttons on her dress and removed it along with her shoes, shift, stockings, and smallclothes. She tried not to slouch or cover herself with her arms as she stood and stepped forward with Phrygiana Sedai.


"Whom do you bring with you, Sister?" the Red began the ritual dialog.


"One who comes as a candidate for Acceptance, Sister," Phrygiana Sedai replied.


"Is she ready?"


"She is ready to leave behind what she was, and, passing through her fears, gain Acceptance."


"Does she know her fears?"


"She has never faced them, but now is willing."


"Then let her face what she fears."


The ping-pong action of Marce's head going back and forth between Aes Sedai stopped with her looking at Phrygiana Sedai as the Mistress of Novices said, "The first time is for what was. The way back will come but once. Be steadfast."


Marce took a deep breath, knowing that this was her cue to step through the first of the arches. She shoved down her last reservations and thought please let me have clothes there as she moved her foot forward and stepped through...




...into an unfamiliar kitchen. She was standing at the stove with a spoon in her hand and she could hear a baby cooing behind her at the table. Her baby. But I don't have a-- The thought was cut off by another that followed right behind. Of course the darling is my child. I wouldn't give my little Nelia up for the world!


She had just finished the thought when she heard the front door slam. The way back will come but once. Be steadfast. "Dearling, where are you?"


Dearling? "Your daughter and I are in the kitchen whipping up a fantastic dinner to greet you with." His daughter?


A dashing man swept through the door and scooped her up into his powerful arms. The spoon she had been stirring the dinner with clattered to the floor. She instantly recognized the silversmith's apprentice, who she had dreamed over back home. The spell the arch had cast on her wavered. "But you're married!" she sputtered.


"Of course I'm married, my spring flower. I'm married to you! Do you think I'd have a home and a daughter with just anyone?" he replied teasingly.


Ahhh, my husband. "No, not me. I remember. You married a maid from Caemlyn." She struggled to pull herself out of his arms and out of the pattern of dual minds that held her stronger than his arms.


"My dear, unless you had an occupational change that I'm not aware of, I married a weaver from Kore Springs. We grew up here, remember? As far as I know, you've never even been to Caemlyn, and neither have I." He laughed as he answered, but he did let her go.


"You didn't meet her in Caemlyn. You met her when her lady came down to visit the estates of Lord Bryne." She quickly stepped back from him. This felt so real! Of course it was real! And she truly had been hurt and disappointed when her silversmith had married another. He married me.


His face started to show true worry now, and the baby must have been picking up on the emotions in the room, because she started wailing with a voice that could have woken the dead. "Marce, what's wrong? Are you okay?" He took a step towards her and slipped on the spoon she had dropped. As he fell, he hit his head on the edge of the table and his fingers pushed the baby's chair over, knocking her out of it and across the room. Marce could hear her child crying frantically from across the room and she could see a puddle of blood starting to form slowly beneath her husband's motionless head. As she rushed to her husband's side, she heard a distant thought. The way back will come but once. Be steadfast. She knelt beside him and felt for his heartbeat. Relief overpowered her when she found it. She looked up to check on her daughter and out of the corner of her eye, she saw a silver arch that looked completely out of place in her plain kitchen. She stood up to head towards her daughter, but found herself turning instead towards the arch as the words Be steadfast echoed in her head. The closer she came to the arch, the louder her Nelia's cries became. She was only a few feet away when her husband lifted his head and groaned out, "Marce, my wife, where are you going? Please help me! Please Marce!" She bit her lip and forced back the tears she could feel forming as she flung herself through the arch.




She could still hear his cries in her head as she came through the arch and back into the room with the silver ter'angreal. The tears she had been holding back started to fall as the Red Sister poured the first chalice over her head. The water was cold and as the Red spoke, Marce tried to imagine it washing away all the hurt she was feeling at this moment. There wasn't enough water to remove all that was her silent thought.


"You are washed clean of what sin you may have done, and of those done against you. You are washed clean of what crime you may have committed, and of those committed against you. You come to us washed clean and pure, in heart and soul."


As Phrygiana Sedai returned to her side, the realization that she could have lived the life she had dreamed of hit her. "Oh, please. Tell me it wasn't real," she whispered.


"No one knows," was the response she got. "Some have come back with injuries. Others have come back feeling as if they had been torn to shreds, but physically fine. Some believe that those who don't come back have chosen to live out their lives in another place. You must decide what you believe. But remember, whatever you believe, the danger is real."


Marce felt far from reassured, but she decided at that moment to believe that it wasn't real. If she believed that it could in any way be true, she would never be able to forgive herself for leaving her family. She stepped up to the second arch.


"The second time is for what is. The way back will come but once. Be steadfast." Marce stepped through the arch ...




... and into the garden that she often frequented since her arrival at the tower. She walked along a row of rosebushes, studying the flowers and delicately smelling each one. She did love the scent of roses! Suddenly there was a Novice by her side. "Excuse me. I was sent to find you. You have visitors."


Marce turned and followed after the Novice, wondering who could possibly be here to visit her. She arrived in the courtyard the Novice was taking her to and immediately saw her four brothers and half a dozen of their friends from back home.


"We've come to take you home, Marce," Wil, the oldest, stated forcefully and without prelude. "Father is quite angry with you and Mother is worried sick. I will have no arguing. You are coming."


"Wil, I am an Accepted of the White Tower. I cannot go with you without permission and I will not request it. My place is here," she replied with just as much stubbornness.


"Come on, Marce," Benji cajoled. He was the youngest and he had always been Marce's favorite. "Momma really misses you and Jina has been asking for you." Now that wasn't fair, bringing the baby sister into it. "Please come with us." His voice sounded sincere, but his eyes said that no was not an acceptable answer. He had always been the one who understood her dreams and fancies and wanted her to reach them. Why was he doing this?


"Benji," she started sweetly, remembering how much she loved this particular brother, "dear, I can't go with you. Even if I wanted--"


"You will go, whether you want to, or not!" her normally passive brother, Kale, burst out. He picked her up with the strong arms of an apprenticed blacksmith and threw her over his shoulder. "We are leaving," he said firmly, and the whole group started to head for the gates.


Marce could see some of the other Accepteds and Novices, who were also in the courtyard, were getting a bit concerned at this point. She had not wanted to channel in response to her brothers' threats because she really didn't want to hurt them. They carried her towards the gate, but were stopped by the guards. They were an obvious group to stop, ten men, one with a girl in a banded white dress thrown over his shoulder. Marce was still begging Kale to put her down, so she didn't really hear what started the arguing, but suddenly the men around her were removing their belt knives from their sheaths and holding their quarterstaffs in more threatening positions. The next thing she knew, she was back on her own feet and pressed firmly between the bodies of six of the men. She could see through the gaps between bodies that the other four men were frantically fighting the guards and started yelling at them to stop. When one of those surrounding her went to help an obviously overpowered friend, she slipped out of the gap and yelled, waving her arms around, trying to stop this useless confrontation. From her position outside the circle, she saw Benji in the instant he fell from the sword thrust of one of the guards. She screamed and ran to him. More guards came pouring towards the fighting and began to take the others into custody as Marce fell to her knees by her brother's side. He had numerous cuts, but the two worst were in the center of his stomach and high on his right thigh. She knew he would live if she found a Yellow Sister quickly. She stood up to dash off and heard The way back will come but once. Be steadfast. As she turned towards the tower, she saw a flash of silver from the corner of her eye and glanced over to see the arch that had appeared.


"No," she whispered, "I have to get a Sister. I have to help my brother. Now is not the time. I can't go! Oh, please, let it wait!"


She turned back towards the tower and took a step. She could see the arch wavering out of the corner of her eye. She let out a sob as she turned and flung herself towards the arch at top speed, trying desperately to ignore her brother's cries behind her. She shot through the arch ...




... and pulled herself up short. She melted into a puddle on the floor and soaked herself with her tears as the Red poured the second chalice over her. She felt the cold water mixing with her warm tears as the Red's words flowed past her ears unheard. "You are washed clean of false pride. You are washed clean of false ambition. You come to us washed clean in heart and soul."


Phrygiana helped her back to her feet and gave her a quick hug, saying, "It's almost done with. Just one more." They walked towards the third arch slowly, giving Marce a chance to choke back her tears and convince herself that she didn't leave her brother to die while her other brothers suffered imprisonment for trying to do what they thought was best for her.


As they stopped before the third arch, Marce wiped the tears from her face and then rolled her head in a large circle to loosen up the tension in her neck. She stretched her back and straightened her shoulders, then nodded at Phrygiana Sedai. She still didn't quite trust her voice to stay steady, but she wanted to get this over with.


"The third time is for what will be. The way back will come but once. Be steadfast."


She hardly waited for the words to leave Phrygiana Sedai's lips before she propelled herself through the arches ...




... and into a palace. She was just rising from a curtsy before a woman who could only be a queen. Trel stood on her left and Nina on her right. Marce had known Trel since shortly after she came to the White Tower. They had spent lots of time building a solid friendship in both their classes, and outside of the classroom. Nina had arrived just before Marce had been raised to an Accepted. Marce didn't know her very well, but felt that she was competent enough to present a good image of the White Tower on this trip. She knew they were an embassy sent to speak with this queen about the false dragons that had been found in her lands. The Amyrlin had made her the head of this embassy because she was of the Gray Ajah.


Marce took a small step forward and was opening her mouth to begin her planned speech, when she saw a glow surround Nina. She had embraced the Source. She could see the weaves of Fire and Air the other sister was gathering, but could not figure out what she could possibly be doing. As the weave for lightning formed, Marce found herself shocked and instantly alert. She prepared to embrace the Source herself and shield the sister, but found that she could not reach it. Suddenly, the lightning weave was cut. As Nina gathered the flows again, Marce turned to see that Trel was also embracing the Source.


"Marce, I'm going to need your help," she said calmly. "I can't keep cutting her flows forever. She's stronger than me. I need you to shield her."


Marce frantically tried to grasp the Source, but it kept slipping through her fingers. She watched as Trel cut flow after flow and knew she was beginning to weaken. She still couldn't grasp the Source. She was beginning to wonder why the queen was still sitting on her throne, when she noticed the thin weaves of Air that were holding her to it. She kept reaching and reaching, knowing that once she had the Source, her first move would be to cut the queen free, and then she would link with her friend to shield Nina.


Marce was becoming truly frustrated and was starting to lose her composure when she heard the words that, deep down, she had been dreading. The way back will come but once. Be steadfast. Right on top of that Trel cried out, "Light, Marce, if you can't reach the Source, punch her out or something!"


A ray of hope shined in Marce's eyes, as she turned and began to walk towards Nina. She stopped when she saw silver out of the corner of her eye. She turned her head, already knowing she would find the arch. "Marce, please! I can't hold her much longer!" Trel shrieked.


She turned towards Trel and whispered, "Forgive me, my friend," before she turned and ran through the arch one last time.




As Marce emerged from the final arch, she knew she had no more tears to shed this night, although her soul was weeping. She found herself blaming the Aes Sedai for all her hurts. They must have controlled the arches, must have had a way for them to appear at just the right moment so that she had to choose between those she loved and her place in the Tower. Her eyes swept across the Aes Sedai that had entered the room while she was in the ter'angreal and settled on the Amyrlin. Her pain was their fault. She knelt. The cold water fell on her head.


As the Amyrlin's words flowed, Marce took them to heart. "You are washed clean of Marce Dalfor from Kore Springs. You are washed clean of all ties that bind you to the world. You come to us washed clean, in heart and soul. You are Marce Dalfor, Accepted of the White Tower." The Amyrlin helped Marce stand. "You are sealed to us now."


Marce looked around the room at all the Aes Sedai present. They had all been through the arches, too. They knew the pain she was feeling. They knew the nightmares that would surely haunt her sleep for who knows how many nights. They were here to support her, not to hurt her. She managed the tiniest of smiles as the Amyrlin slipped the Great Serpent ring on her left hand's third finger. As the ritual was finished and Marce escaped to the warm towels and banded dress that waited for her, emotion overwhelmed her again and the tears started. When Phrygiana Sedai asked her if she wanted to return to her old room or go to her new one in the Accepted Quarters, she chose the second option. She wanted to be alone tonight.


Marce Character Development RP


Marce's Development 1

Marce looked up from a stack of books and rubbed her sleeve across her eyes, careful not to touch her face with her dusty hands. It had grown late and her eyes were tired from the strain of reading by candlelight. She had studied through dinner again and her stomach was growling in protest to her new-found forgetfulness. She stood, her body stiff from long hours in one position, and unsteadily made her way towards the kitchens.

As she ladled something from a pot on the stove into a bowl, she reviewed the little she had learned today. She had come to the White Tower dreaming of having the chance to be an advisor to royalty, among other things, and she had heard a few weeks ago that there were some advisory positions waiting to be filled. Her first response was to immediately begin studying all of the nations which did not have an advisor in the hopes that her knowledge would help her to gain one of the new positions. She was slowly finding that she could only learn so much from books.

As Marce headed back towards her rooms, she began to brood on her situation. She was born and raised in Andor, whose Queen already had an advisor. She had never traveled anywhere else and had no personal experiences of any lands besides Andor and Tar Valon. Even her experiences in Andor were limited to her home town of Kore Springs and occasional visits to Caemlyn with her family. She had been too busy trying to keep ahead of her brothers on her trips to Tar Valon that she really hadn't spent any time studying the area or getting to know the people.

That was probably her biggest disappointment with books at the moment. It wasn't so much the history that made a land, as the people. History was important, yes, and she should learn it, but books were nearly always dry renditions of things that were done by people, happened to people, and changed people. She didn't want to learn what had happened as much as she desperately wanted to learn how the events of the past had affected the people. Those were the things that bred different cultures and made traditions. If she could understand the motivations behind cultures and traditions, she could begin to truly understand the people. Only when she understood the people could she be an effective advisor.

She kicked her door open and then closed again behind her as she crossed the room to her favorite cushy chair. I certainly wouldn't be a very effective advisor at the moment. It still rankled her that she had done very little traveling in the years since she had come to the Tower. I have no chance of ever getting to know people of other nations if I never leave my room. There had just never seemed to be time. She had gone from taking classes and being mentored to mentoring and teaching classes. Somehow in her earlier days as a Sedai, she had gotten it into her head that she would be better off studying books and waiting for agelessness to settle in than she would be galavanting off and visiting other lands where she may not be respected as a Sedai because of her youthful appearance. Now she was ageless and after seven years of studying books, she still knew very little about the world outside of Tar Valon. It was time for her to put the books away and begin studying the present people instead of dwelling so much on the past.

But where will I go? That was the question that had kept her bound to the Tower for the last two years. She had gained her ageless appearance five years after being raised, but still she had stayed in the Tower because she was undecided on what she should do next. She knew she could go anywhere she desired and she wasn't sure what she wanted. She had spent two years trying to figure that out.

She scraped the bottom of her bowl with her spoon, realizing at that moment that she had no idea what she had just eaten. She set the empty bowl on a table beside her and picked up the book sitting beside it. Turning up the flame on her lamp, she continued her search for the piece of information that would draw her to one land rather than another.


Marce Character Development RP 2

Marce Now

With all her books returned to the library save one, Marce pulled her straight-backed chair up to the large desk in her quarters. The desk had become the hub of her life so easily when she decided in her first year as a Sedai that she would get more studying done in her rooms than in the library. She had taken many of her meals there, as well as sometimes slept there on nights when the answers she was seeking seemed to be just around the corner. After seven years, she was no closer to those answers than she had been on the day she chose the Gray. Her fingers found the familiar grooves in the edge of the desk and rubbed them gently as her thoughts drifted.

It was only in the last year that Marce had realized that you could only learn so much from books. Browns would believe that blasphemy, but Marce had buried herself in text after text on laws, customs, cultures, histories, and any number of other works. Everything she had learned from those books could have just as easily come from the people of the various lands she had studied. The only differences were the way texts tied ideas together and the eloquence of word choice. Marce didn't need fancy words. She needed facts, and she needed one thing that she would be very unlikely to find in a book. Emotions.

She had never realized before just how important emotions are to people. She could read all the histories, she could read the words, "This action angered her people." Still, she could not know the depth of that anger. She could not see the results of the anger among the common people, among the individuals in a city. She found the emotions held in books to be empty, devoid of any degree of severity or even reality. People were sad, happy, nervous, excited, any of those simple words, but no one was capable of fully describing emotions in words. A writer use words such as, "His innards roiled and he shook, his muscles tense and his face growing increasingly redder," and some would read this at anger. Others would not understand because not everyone has the same physical reactions when they are overwhelmed by an emotion. Marce knew that in order to advise effectively, she would need to study emotion. After all, it wasn't the careful treaty that prevented wars or taunting words that started them. Marce knew that it was truly emotions which fueled the fire of decision. It slowly dawned on her that she had spent the last year carefully avoiding the thoughts which were now most prevalent in her mind. She had known for quite a while that she would not find the emotions she needed to observe and understand in her books. She knew it was time for her to travel and see the places and the people she had studied. Yet, she was reluctant to leave the security of the Tower. Her home in Andor and the Tower were the only two places she had ever really known. Perhaps it was childish, but she didn't feel ready to head out on her own. She wasn't sure she was ready for that step.

Sighing softly, she pulled the single book on her desk towards her. She had only kept one book out of all the stacks that had been resting on every free surface in the room just the day before. She opened it slowly and gazed down at the picture inside the cover. It was a map of the world stretching from Falme to the Spine of the World, and from Illian to the Blight. The book was filled with maps, but she focused on this one first. Caemlyn already has an advisor, as does Cairhien. She would make these the last stops on her trip home. It made sense to stop and gather the news from the Tower on her way back. Then she would know what to expect when she arrived. Logically, that means I should start with the Borderlands.

A small shiver shook her body. She had read countless stories of war after war and year after year of trying to contain the Blight. She greatly admired these people, who had such strength of mind and spirit that they could continue on, always in or near battle. Yes. That would be her first direction.

Scribbling neatly, she recorded, Shienar, Arafel, Kandor, Saldaea. From there it made sense to continue in a circle. Arad Doman, Tarabon... The circle abruptly ended. What to do about Amadicia? Go through or around? She did look ageless now... Around. Head back to Arad Doman and then throught he smaller towns in West Andor and into Ghealdan, Altara, Murandy, Illian, Tear. To go to Mayene, or not? Hmmm. I'll decide when I get to Tear. One way or another I'll have to leave from Tear when I go on. Andor, Cairhien, then home again.

She put down her pen. At least she had a plan now. She stood carefully, stretching her already stiff muscles, before she walked to her door. She was off to do something she hadn't done in quite a while. She was going to have her noon meal outside of her room.



From here Marce joins up with the Borderlands RP lead by Lanfir.



Updated Marce Bio



Marce is short and very plump. She generally wears all or part of her long brown hair coiled on her head and held in place with decorative combs. Her dark eyes, wide set in her pale face, would be her most attractive feature if they were not typically narrowed in scrutiny.


Marce was born in Kore Springs, Andor


Marce grew up on her father's sheep farm on the outskirts of Kore Springs. She spent most of her days helping with farm chores and chasing after sheep with her four brothers before her baby sister was born. At that point, her mother decided that she needed to behave less like one of the boys and help take care of her sister, as well as take on some of the responsibilities in her mother's growing weaving business. Marce hated the loom, and did her best to find excuses to take care of her sister, a task which allowed much more personal freedom.


Marce spent those moments of freedom daydreaming about being an Aes Sedai advisor to royalty. Marce saw the White Tower as a place of sanctuary, where she would find comfort as well as power. Against the wishes of her parents she ran away to Tar Valon. Her brothers came after her and brought her home three times before she was finally able to arrive at Tar Valon and present herself for testing. She was delighted to find she could channel.


Marce spent 8 years as a Novice in Tar Valon and 10 years as an Accepted. During her training she was known for her good behavior and was only ever punished for the most minor of infractions. She was seen as more of a book worm than a prankster and knew the library as well as some brown aspirants. Until her last year as an Accepted, it was not known whether she was aspiring to the brown, gray, white, or yellow. In the end, it was the dream she had come to Tar Valon with - being an Aes Sedai advisor to royalty - that made her choose the gray.


After being raised to the shawl, Marce began seeking out an advisory position. Her inexperience and youth were both against her, so she returned to her library research, studying the history of various nations. Twenty-five years after gaining the shawl, she was one of three Sedai who were sent to Arad Doman. Three others were sent to Tarabon and between the six Sedai, their assignment was to form a lasting treaty that would end the wars over the Almoth Plain. Of the six Sedai, she was the lowest in status, so even when she did have the chance to state her ideas among her sisters, they were usually discounted. However, she did get along well with the people of Arad Doman, and in her 13 years there she adapted well. It took her only a week to learn to manage her sursa like a native, within a month she had dresses tailored in the neck-to-toe style of the domani dresses, though not quite as sheer, and within a year her outlook towards men had changed. She knew she would not consider bonding a male warder because she believed that all men could be manipulated by a pretty face and feminine whispers of promise. Her time with the domani was ended when her party was recalled to Tar Valon with word of an Aiel invasion. She was kept busy during the Aiel War with various responsibilities in the White Tower, but immediately after the war, she joined with her gray sisters in their attempts to keep the unity of the Alliance intact. She realized more quickly than her sisters that these attempts would not bear fruit and returned to the White Tower, where she was selected as a Sitter in the Hall.


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Nymphia Marisa Sedai - biography

111bar.gif Age: 20

Place of birth: the Four Kings

Email address: Nymphia@dragonmount.com

ICQ number: 30842620


My life till now:


I was born in the Four Kings 20 years ago. My full name is Nymphia Marisa Sedai. I think I look like my mother with my red hair and green eyes. I am not so tall, but tall enough. I think I'm quite nice too if I'm in the right mood, but this isn't something you can say about yourself, is it? Well, I'll tell you how I became an Aes Sedai, from my point of view that is of course.

Everything went well in my life until my mother got pregnant again when I was six years old. We were a really close and loving family. This pregnancy wasn't like others and when the baby was born, it was already dead. My mother was really sad about this and got sick. She didn't care about anything anymore, all she thought about was the baby. She really hurt my father and me then. All she could do was cry and scream the baby's name, the name is Sakira. I've become to hate that name. When she finally died I actually was relieved and I felt guilty about that.

At the age of 10 something happened and my father send me of to live with my aunt in Caemlyn. At first, they wouldn't tell me why I had to go and live there and I didn't like it at all. Now I understand why my father send me there. Back then it was really hard for me. My aunt told me just before I went to Tar Valon to become a novice. Here it comes:

When I was 10 years old, something happened. When it happened I was very sick and I wouldn't have known if it weren't for my aunt. I somehow made a small fire in the heat of a fever and after my father burnt himself in order to put the fire out I healed him, or at least someone or something did. He still has no scars of burns to show for it but it's what he told my aunt after she forced him to tell her. This was the first sign of my abilities. My father didn't know how he could handle this and was also a little scared. I don't remember any of this but I believe my aunt. My father still doesn't want to talk about it, I don't blame him.

My father thought that maybe it was because he was on his own in raising me, although he had help from almost every woman in the Four Kings. He thought it was some girlie thing like menstruation or something. He didn't want to ask the women in the Four Kings because he also thought it was witchcraft or something like that (and it was *g*).

Now you might be wondering why I was sent to Tar Valon then. Well, it was partly my choice and partly a decision my aunt made when I first came to live with her. She had almost immediately understood that I had the ability to channel. Not that she could channel herself but she had been in the presence of an Aes Sedai for a long time so she recognized the signs. For me it was partly because I wanted to become one of them, now my sisters, the most powerful women for as far as I could see at the age of fourteen. I didn't know I had already channeled by then. The second part of me wanted adventure, I still seek that a little. That is probably the reason why I joined the Green Ajah.

When I was a novice I suddenly saw this girl, Lanfir, she used to come to Caemlyn often. The woman she lived with was family of my aunt. We became good friends. They used to visit us every once in a while and Lanfir and I always had a lot of fun together. Then one day they didn't show up on the day that was appointed in one of Marisah's letters. They did not show up at all. My aunt was very sad about that because she was besides family also a good friend of Marisah, the woman Lanfir lived with. It was then that I heard that Whitecloaks had searched for her ever since she left Caemlyn. My aunt sent me for the White Tower a few months after that. At that moment I really didn't want to go at first. I was madly in love with a boy from Caemlyn, Merrin. It was a hard choice because one part of me said I had to and the other part of me wanted to stay in Caemlyn . I went anyway. I promised Merrin I would come back as soon as I could. After a while in the Tower I forgot about him and the promise.

I can't even begin to descripe how surprised I was when I found out who my roommate was: Lanfir! We also shared the room with a girl named Lyssa, but she ran away with a ward when we were at the point of being raised to Accepted. We've been novices together for 4 years, it was probably one of the most terrible times of my live. Always cleaning, cooking and following orders, partly as a punishment for the pranks I pulled. On the other hand, the slumberparties were great, and they still are. I also laughed a lot in that period of my live.

When I became an Accepted and walked through the silver portals I found it terrible. As soon as I stepped through the first one, I was in our old house in the Four Kings. My mother was still alive and it took all the strength I had in me then, to leave her, after having the change of being happy with her and my father. In this world, there was never a brother. When I stepped through the portal, it was with pain in my heart, for I knew I left her. I had to step through the second portal though, and I did.

There was the present, this one was even worse. Again I was somewhere in my past. With my aunt. Lanfir and Marisah were there too… Marisah was being chased by Whitecloaks and Lanfir had hidden somewhere. Everything turned dark and there was one of the Forsaken, Lanfear. She turned to Lanfir and said ‘I played with your parents, now you are mine too. Swear true to the Dark One and you shall live.’ Somehow she had Lanfir in her grasp and I had to rescue her. At that moment the portal appeared. It was hard but it had to be done. I stepped through the portal. I had betrayed my best friend and left my mother, thinking it couldn’t get any worse, I walked to the third and final portal.

The Mistress of Novice walked with me to the third portal. This was the last one, the hardest, she said. In there was the future. Well, maybe it is the future, maybe not. I was in a beautiful meadow with lots of flowers and I was happy. I wore a beautiful dress, and a green shawl. I walked around smiling, enjoying the peace and quiet, until I discovered that I was really alone. I walked around for a while and then I finally saw someone. Some children ran towards me and called me mommy. I didn't understand, I didn't have children, couldn't have children as an Aes Sedai. A man appeared as out of nowhere. He stepped to me and kissed me on the cheek. The man seemed vaguely familiar to me but I didn't recognize him at first. I could feel that I loved the children very much, after all, they were mine. The man apologized to me, said he loved me and asked me to never leave him again. I realized that I loved this unknown man as much as I loved the children. I was really drawn to him. Then I recognized him, he was a boy from Caemlyn I met just before I left for Tar Valon, Merrin. I was in very much in love with him at the time. Even though I knew I couldn’t, I had a duty that had to be done, save the world from the Shadow, I promised him I wouldn't leave him again and at that very moment, I heard the voice say 'The way back will come but once. Be steadfast.' and the portal showed. How could I ever leave these children alone? Somehow, I managed to turn myself from their sad faces and their crying. When I came back into the room, I just stood there for a moment, all dead inside. Now, I was an Accepted.

I was an Accepted for another five years. These years were a little better than my novice-years. I was raised to the Sisters half a year after Lanfir and I chose the Green Ajah, the battle Ajah. Soon my eye fell on a young warder and after some time I asked him to bond me. He said 'yes' and since then, we are bonded. His name is SSJ Prince Vegeta. Well, what can I say, he fell for my red hair and green eyes *smiles*. We had a brief but great time together. Unfortunately he died in a horrid way but more about that later, when I feel more comfortable talking about it. It has been only a short time since this happened.

After the broken bond with Vegeta, I met this new Warder, Gallorand. We were bonded for a while but he disappeared and never returned. Somehow the bond was broken so I just presume he is dead also. It seems to me that I am talking very coldly about this, but that is because I have to. I have to move on with my live. My duty is to fight the Shadow and I can’t do that when I keep mourning over a Warder. Since then I haven’t had any Warders. I didn’t need them, since I never left the Tower anymore. Now, the last battle has come or is coming, I need one bad and therefore I am looking fervently. I am travelling to the Borderlands with Asandir, he was bonded to Leandreen, my Sister, may she rest in peace.



Nymphia Arches





Nymphia followed the Mistress of Novices down the Tower. She had never been this far below the ground. At least, she thought it was underground, there were no windows and they had walked a lot of steps down already. This moment was one she had been waiting for ever since her name was written down in the Novices Book. She knew exactly what was coming, or thought she did. During the lessons, the coming event had been explained over and over again. She knew it by heart. After this she was going to be an Accepted. With that came a lot of privileges a Novice didn’t have.

Suddenly the Mistress of Novices stopped. Nymphia was so caught up in her own thought that she almost bumped into her. ‘Are you sure you are ready, child?’ the Mistress of Novices asked. Nymphia nodded and the door opened. They stepped in and the Mistress of Novices turned to face her. ‘Very well then, I will tell you two things now that no woman hears before she is in this room. First, once you begin, you must continue to the end. If you don’t, you will be put out of the Tower, no matter your potential. You will receive enough silver to support you for a year. You will never be allowed back.’ Nymphia nodded and the Mistress of Novices continued.

‘Second. To seek, to strive, is to know danger. You will know danger here. Some women have entered and never come out. When the ter’angreal had grown quiet, they just weren’t there. They have never seen again. If you will survive, you must be steadfast. Falter, fail, and…’ The silence said more then words could have at that moment. ‘You can still refuse now. That would leave you with only one mark against you. You will be allowed to come back here twice more. The third refusal will put you out of the Tower. It’s no shame to refuse. Many do. You may speak now.’ She looked at Nymphia, who said ‘I am ready.’

The two of them walked further into the room and it was only then, that Nymphia noticed the Sister standing at a table with three chalices on it, all filled with clear water. In the middle of the room stood the ter’angreal. Three arches. Around it sat Aes Sedai, staring at the ter’angreal.

The Aes Sedai at the table stepped forward. The ceremony would now begin. ‘Whom do you bring with you, Sister?’ the Aes Sedai said formally. ‘One who comes as a candidate for Acceptance, Sister.’ the Mistress of Novices replied.

‘Is she ready?’

‘She is ready to leave behind what she was, and, passing through her fears, gain Acceptance.’

‘Does she know her fears?’

‘She has never faced them, but is now willing.’

‘Then let her face what she fears.’

With that, Nymphia quickly undressed and looked at the Mistress of Novices expectantly. ‘The first time is for what was. The way back will come but once. Be steadfast.’ Nymphia stepped forward, through the arch and into the light. The light was everywhere.

Nymphia looked up in amazement when she realized she was in her old bedroom. Quickly she got up and went downstairs. Her father was beside the house, chopping wood. ‘Ah, there you are, sleepy-head,’ he said smiling. ‘It is a good thing your mother isn’t coming back 'til late in the afternoon.’ Playfully he pulled on her braid. My mother?? Is she still alive?? She could vaguely remember her mother's death, when she was little. ‘Is mom still alive? I thought she died after giving birth to Sakira.’ She said to her father. He looked at her in shock and worry, ‘What do you mean, is she still alive. Of course she is. He went to visit your aunt in Caemlyn, remember?’ Nymphia wasn’t quite sure about what she had said to her father. ‘I am sorry father, I think I just had a bad dream. I miss mother a lot when she’s not around.’ Her father smiled at her, looking less worried, ‘I know dear, I miss her too. But she will be back soon, so if you go make dinner, I will clean up the house so your mother won’t get mad at us for not doing that.’ He grinned at her and she went back in the house.

After she had washed and dressed herself, she came downstairs to make dinner. She had now convinced herself that it was indeed a bad dream, her mother was still alive. After cooking dinner and helping her father clean up the room, her mother came home. Nymphia was very happy to see her. Later that night, she and her mother sat on a bench outside the house, watching the sunset, when suddenly an arch appeared. I could stay here and be happy with my family. She and her mother had been talking about whom she would marry and where she would live. Always close to her family. The way back will come but once.

I could stay here, and be with my mother. I missed her so.

Be steadfast. The arch started to flicker. Nymphia got off the bench and ran towards the arch. Without looking back, she stepped through.

Nymphia fell on her knees, still crying. Suddenly she felt cold water being poured over her. The Sister that had been standing at the table had emptied one of the chalices over her head. ‘You are washed clean of what sin you may have done,’ the Aes Sedai said, ’and of those done against you. You are washed clean of what crime you may have committed, and those committed against you. You come to us washed clean and pure, in heart and soul.’ 'I left my mother!!' Nymphia cried. The Mistress of Novices put an arm around her. 'The first one is always hard, and it gets worse. Do you want to go on or not?'

'I continue to the end,' Nymphia said, still sniffing. The Mistress of Novices nodded and said: 'The second time is for is. The way back will come but once.' She stepped through the second portal. Again she was surrounded by light. Nymphia was in a large room. It looked almost like a room in a palace. Vaguely she remembered the Hall of the Tower. Also in the room were her aunt, Lanfir and Marisah. They were being chased into this hall by Whitecloaks, they were after Marisah. Lanfir had hidden somewhere. Suddenly everything turned dark and there was one of the Forsaken, Lanfear. She turned to Lanfir and said ‘I played with your parents, now you are mine too. Swear true to the Dark One and you shall live.’ Somehow she had Lanfir in her grasp. Nymphia knew she had to save her somehow, although she couldn't think of a way. Marisah shouted at Nymphia: 'Save her!! You have got Powers don't you? You have to rescue her!!' At that moment the portal appeared. Nymphia shouted an oath and looked at Lanfir. I have to save her! Suddenly she heard a voice coming from nowhere and everywhere at once: 'The way back will come but once. Be steadfast.' She heard Lanfear laugh, it sounded terrible and she saw how Lanfir was drawn towards her. She ran to the portal and stepped through.

She felt numb inside when she looked around and saw the room in the White Tower where the ter'angreal stood. Again there was water being poured over her. The Aes Sedai again spoke in formal tones. 'You are washed clean of false pride. You are washed clean of false ambition. You come to us washed clean, in heart and soul.' The Aes Sedai stepped back and the Mistress of Novices came to Nymphia. 'Was it bad?', she asked, and when Nymphia didn't answer, she continued, 'the third will be worst of all.' I left my mother and didn't save my best friend when I could and should have. How can it become worse? The had reached the third portal. 'The third time, is for what will be. The way back will come but once.' After those words, Nymphia stepped through hesitantly of what would lie behind the light.

The light surrounded her and suddenly she was in a beautiful meadow with lots of flowers and I was happy. She looked down and saw she wore a beautiful dress, and a green fringed shawl. She walked around smiling, enjoying the peace and quiet, until she discovered that she was really alone. She walked around for a while and then she finally saw someone. Some children ran towards her, calling her mommy. This can't be true. I can't have children, I don't have children. I am an Aes Sedai. She looked at the ring around her finger. A great serpent, biting his own tail. A man appeared as out of nowhere. He stepped to her and kissed her on the cheek. She could vaguely remember the man but didn't recognise him at first. Suddenly she felt herself be filled with love for the man and the children. She remembered marrying him. The man apologised to her, said he loved her and asked her to never leave him again. Then Nymphia recognised him; he was a boy from Caemlyn she had met just before coming to Tar Valon, Merrin. She had been in love with him at the time. I have a duty to do. I have to keep the world from falling in the hands of the Shadow. She felt that the love for her husband and children could keep her here. 'I will never leave you,' Nymphia said. 'The way back will come but once. Be steadfast.' and the portal showed. How can I ever leave these children alone? Even after making the promise to stay, she turned to the portal and stepped through. When she came back into the room, she just stood there for a moment, all dead inside.

It wasn't until the Mistress of Novices touched her arm that she could see the room again. That was when she saw there were more Aes Sedai in the room then there had been. Suddenly she realised she was naked and tried to cover her body with her arms and hands. The Amyrlin was in the room too, with a shawled Sister from each Ajah beside her. She became more aware of the room around her and remembered what she had to do. She could remember everything she had learned about this ceremony. She knelt before the Amyrlin. The Amyrlin poured the last chalice filled with water, over her head.

'You are washed clean of Nymphia Marisa from the Four Kings. You are washed clean of all ties that bind you to the world. You come to us washed clean, in heart and soul. You are Nymphia Marisa, Accepted of the White Tower.' She handed the chalice to one of the Sisters beside her. 'You are sealed to us now,' she said, helping Nymphia up her feet. Then she turned and walked out the room, the Sisters followed her. Nymphia stood there for a minute before the Mistress of Novices came to her and handed her clothes to her. 'You are an Accepted now, child. But remember that it doesn't mean you can be summoned to my Office.' The Mistress of Novices waited until Nymphia had dressed before she left the room and walked to Nymphia's room. There she turned and walked towards her office, already telling Novices who were standing still, to come to her Office. She had chores for them.


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Deanne al'Moiran -Gray PC



Age: 50+


Origin: Taren Ferry


Physical Description: 5'5", plump, brown eyes, sable brown hair, she has a dazzling smile and appears motherly.



Deanne's parents died when she only 7 years old. She was raised by her aunt and grandfather, a farmer. She was sent to the White Tower by her Aunt who had come from White Bridge and held respect for Aes Sedai.


She was not a wilder, but when tested it was discovered she could learn to channel. She spent the average time as a Novice (around 5 years) and was raised to Accepted in the normal way. Her arches were very painful for her as they were for every other Aes Sedai, but she recovered well.


Whilst she was an Accepted she got into a 'food fight' with another Accepted Tylin (now an Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah). As punishment Sabine (then the Mistress of Novices) put a pair of ter'angreals around both their necks for a week, that effectively formed a 'bond' between the two girls. They had to stay within 100 feet of each other or they would both be violently ill.


As a result of this bond, Tylin and Deanne became fast friends and they both wear a necklace with a silver pendant depicting two women kneeling and clasping hands.


When she was raised to Aes Sedai she chose to join the Grey Ajah. She had a talent for resolving quarrels and personal disputes.


She took over the Grey eyes and ears from an elderly sister, mostly because no other sister wanted the duty. Deanne went on a trip to meet the agents and even picked up a few more on the way.


Deanne was elected to the Hall by her ajah at a fairly young age, but not so young as to be unique. She is still a sitter, although that is liable to change should someone else be more fitting for the job.


Recently she bonded Aristos Stavros, the sensation is new and she is still growing used to it.


Deanne Arches


Deanne sat in her room, Calia was already asleep and her roommate’s heavy breathing was a comfort. With shaking fingers she lit a candle, letting the small glow settle across the small writing desk she shared with Calia. Taking out a small leather bound book, a dairy of sorts that had been given to her by her aunt just before she left for the Tower. Deanne didn’t write in it much, only momentous events were recorded, such as the first time she had touched Saidar, the pages were to precious to waste on drivel. Taking a quill and ink out if her pack she began to scribble furiously while the memories were still fresh.


My arches

By Deanne al’Moiran


I have just returned from the depths of the Tower, it is well past midnight and still I shake like a leaf in a hurricane wind. I am now Accepted and though I feel no different I know I have been changed, molded and shaped by my experiences tonight. (Some say that what is seen and felt in the ‘other place’ is not real, but it was very real to me and thus I will call it experiences rather than visions ) Even now the mere memory of them is enough to leave me silently weeping, tears of great joy and even greater sorrow.


It was just after sundown when Sabine Sedai came for me, wearing her formality like the shawl at her elbows, with familiarity and comfort. I knew why she was there, somehow I knew, but still it shocked me to hear her intone the words that every Novice both fears and longs to hear. “It is time.” That was all but it was enough. I felt my stomach clench and my knees turn to water but even through that I couldn’t help the excited buzz in my head.


We went down a ramp, an endless ramp or so it seemed when we walked it but eventually we were in a great domed chamber and what caught the eye straight away were the Arches. Three silver arches, just tall enough to walk under, sitting on a thick silver ring with their ends touching where they joined it. An Aes Sedai sat cross legged on the bare stone before each of the spots where the arches joined the ring. Each wore her shawl, there was a Yellow sister, a Gray sister and a White sister, I knew none of them by name but I had seen them around.


And then Sabine spoke and I dragged my gaze away from the mesmerizing arches and focused on the Mistress of Novices. “Now I will tell you two things that no woman hears until she stands where you do. Once you begin you must go on to the end. Refuse at any point and you will be put out of the Tower as if you had refused for the third time. Second. To seek to strive, is to know danger. Some woman have entered and never come out. When the ter’angreal was allowed to grow quit they were not there. If you will survive you must remain steadfast. Falter, fail and…” At this point she gestured an eloquent, elegant gesture that spoke more clearly than words the price for failure. I think maybe I shivered then, but I can’t be sure. It was all surreal at this point like the time between dream and waking. “This is your last chance. Refuse now and it count only as the first. You may still try twice more. I f you accept now there is no turning back. It is no shame to refuse. Choose.” And I think if I had known what would happen, just turned and run right there and then and never have returned. But of course I didn’t know and truth to tell am glad I am here now to tell the tale, if only to you. So I said in a clear if soft voice. “I accept.” And apparently that was the right thing to say because Sabine nodded. “ Then ready yourself.” And at first I was confused but then I remembered that you must enter the ter’angreal naked. For the first time I felt no discomfort at being naked in front of another person, perhaps it was because I was being eaten up by nerves.


I was led forward by Sabine to a sister of the green, I knew her vaguely but couldn’t put a name to her face. She spoke very formally to Sabine, “Whom do you bring with you, Sister?”

“One who comes as a candidate for Acceptance, Sister.” Was the measured reply.

“Is she ready?”

“She is ready to leave behind what she was, and, passing her fears, gain Acceptance.” When I heard those words I didn’t realize that they were more than pretty formality, what a fool I was.

“Does she know her fears?”

“She has never faced them but now is willing.”

“Then let her face what she fears.”

“The first time for what was.” And the next sentence Sabine seemed to stress. ”The way will come but once, be steadfast.”


And then I stepped under the arches and into the glow and the world I knew slipped away…



Deanne looked around her and a smile came to her face, this was her land. And there were her sons, two fine strong sons that would grow with this land and work it as she and her dear Micah worked it. And they would love it as she loved it. Just looking at them playing amongst the fields made her heart swell with love and pride. And then she felt arms around her, callused palms rubbing against the backs of her hands, Micah his name was like a sigh on her lips and she leaned into the embrace, suddenly everything was right. Deanne sometimes wondered why she didn’t glow with the contentment and fulfillment she felt shining through her. The way will come but once. Be steadfast. The thought was not hers but that didn’t seem to matter, it wasn’t to be questioned it simply was.


Then her sons were barreling toward her on sturdy little legs and Deanne threw open her arms and caught them to her breast laughing in delight at the feel of little hands clasping her tight. And then she saw an arch of silver light just a little ways off and Deanne was torn. Could she push away her boys, her blood and walk the path she had chosen. The way will come but once. Be steadfast. The voice was insistent now and still she could not move. Tears welled at the thought of abandoning her family, they needed her and she them. But the arch held something, she wanted more than this, although Deanne could not think of anything that could be better than this.


But the arches called her and she tore herself out of the warm and loving embrace. Micah looked at her oddly. “Dee what’s wrong?” Dee, his pet name for her, her heart clenched in pain, squeezing until she thought it may just burst. Sobbing, Deanne turned away, left the love of home and family, and ran to the arches.



And still sobbing and shaking with sorrow and regret for what could have been (for what, for a short time was. ) I felt cool water run down my face washing away tears I wish I could have kept, for in my mind keeping them would have made my grief a little more real somehow. Then the Green sister pronounced “You are washed clean of what sin you may have done, and of those done against you. You are washed clean of what crime you may have committed, and of those committed against you. You come to us washed clean and pure, in heart and soul.” But all I could do was cling to Sabine and sob, great choking sobs for my children, my precious boys and Micah. “Did I just leave them? Are they there now waiting for a mother that will never come home? Is it real?” And Sabine just shook her head sadly and replied, “No one knows.” Then she led me forward again. My sobbing had quieted a little but my body still shook. “Are you ready?” she asked. I wanted to say “No!” and run far and fast from the Tower and all the pain that was here. Instead I nodded, albeit a little hesitantly then before, and Sabine nodded. “The second time is for what is. The way will come but once. Be steadfast.” I thought I was ready, that nothing could be worse than what was. How wrong I was…


Deanne felt the world slip away once more. She was dressed in fine dove gray silk, a silver necklace hung at her neck, a gift from Tylin Sedai, she never took it off. When she had been but a novice her and Tylin had been close, closer than many people ever got to be and the necklace was a reminder of that time and that closeness. Tylin wore one exactly like it, a thick silver chain with a pendant swinging from it, an oval with the engraving of two kneeling women facing each other with hands clasped. Deanne had not seen Tylin for a long time, having become the advisor to a well to do Nobleman in Tanchico.


There was a knock at the door and Deanne called for the person to enter. The visitor swept in a swirl of blue silk. “Deanne you’re looking well.” Deanne would have known that voice anywhere. “Tylin.” Dropping her usual Aes Sedai reserve she ran to the other woman and threw her arms around her. “It’s been too, long…” She felt the other woman return her embrace. “Yes, too long…” Then there was a great commotion outside and they both broke apart quickly and rushed to the window. The city was under attack it seemed, flames burst here and there. What was truly odd was that she could feel women channeling all around her and she knew there were not nearly that many Aes Sedai in the city, unless Tylin had brought them. She turned a questioning gaze to Tylin. “Not I little sister, I brought no one with me.” Deanne would have laughed at the ‘little sister’ if the situation had not been so grave. Tylin had taken to calling her that a long time ago, just as much from a desire to stir Deanne up as from affection she was sure.


Rushing down the stairs, she flung herself out the door and came face to face with a panicked mob. Deanne wasted no time trying to calm them, people were like spooked animals when they got into a group of more than four, instead she pushed her way through them toward the docks where she felt the wielding of Saidar. She caught a glimpse of Tylin in the corner of her eye matching her stride for stride through the crowd.


The way will come but once. Be steadfast. The thought was not hers but that didn’t seem to matter, the voice was not to be questioned, it simply was.


Then Deanne saw the glow of Saidar around a woman in a gray dress. What puzzled her was she seemed to be chained or leashed to another woman in a blue and red dress. Then she saw a shield come hurtling toward her, cutting the weave with spirit, Deanne silently thanked Tania for making her practice that weave. Then another two women appeared and the other woman in gray threw a shield of spirit toward her, cutting it with spirit Deanne turned and ran around a corner. Most could not channel at what they could not see. She saw the silver arch in front of her and started toward it. Tylin screamed, a shrill terrified scream and called her name, Deanne froze. She couldn’t leave a sister fallen and helpless with these wilders. Be steadfast. The arch waited, Tylin screamed again. Deanne cried in frustration, she couldn’t leave Tylin, but something more important lay beyond the arch. Although she could not think of anything more important than this.


“Deanne please!” and the arch shimmered and Deanne turned from her friend and sister and stepped into the silvery glow.


I shuddered without cease when I stepped back into the real world. There were no tears this time, just a sense of failure, of loss, that could not be expressed with useless tears. “You are washed clean of false pride. You are washed clean of false ambition. You come to us washed clean, in heart and soul.” The Green sister intoned formally but the words gave little comfort, I had still abandoned a friend in her hour of greatest need. Sabine squeezed my hand as she led me to the third arch. “The third time is for what will be. The way back will come but once. Be steadfast.” And I stepped through…



Deanne felt the world slip away once again. She found herself in the Tower, wondering the halls, her warder at her side. They were to go out this day, just a ride in the country to soothe her nerves. She had been nominated for Sitter of the Hall and Deanne could barely contain her excitement or her fear. It had been Tania’s idea to take a ride in the country side and Deanne had found the idea appealing.


Once the had left Tar Valon behind them, Deanne breathed a sigh of relief, it was an almost instantaneous lifting of the burdens she carried. So great was the feeling that Deanne impulsively reached across and gave her warder a playful pat on the rear. When he turned his shocked gaze to her, Deanne actually laughed out loud. Oh this was the life, sometimes she wished she could stay here forever. Then a buzz passed her ear and she exchanged a startled look with her warder. The first buzz was followed by another and another and all of a sudden it was raining arrows. Spurring her horse she made a run toward the city.


The way back will come but once. Be steadfast. The thought was not hers, but that did not matter. The voice was not to be questioned it simply was. Silver glowed ahead.


She felt a burning in her chest and even as she looked down she knew that she had spilled no blood. Looking back she saw her Gaidin’s horse was riderless. Crying out wordlessly she wheeled her horse and rode to where her lay. Putting up a shield of air to protect them she delved with Saidar to access the damage. It was bad, very bad. He would make it if she could get him to a Yellow sister immediately. Be steadfast.


No! She could not leave now! He would die, without her. She could feel his strength waning, slowly slipping away. The arches shimmered. There was something worth more than her warders life on the other side. But she could not think of what would be worth more that that. She sobbed, indecision tearing her.


And even as the man at her feet nodded in understanding she ran to the silver light. Sobbing and tripping over her skirts she felt the light consume her.


I stumbled from the arch and collapsed on the cold stone. There were no tears, just an aching grief that seemed to swallow me whole. And as the water poured over me I hoped that the words spoken were true. “You are washed clean Deanne al’Moiran of Taren Ferry. You are washed clean of all ties that bind you to the world. You come to us washed clean, in heart and soul. You are Deanne al’Moiran, Accepted of the White Tower. You are sealed to us now.” And somehow the words gave comfort, my suffering was for something, it was worth the pain. And Sabine slipped a gold ring on my third finger of my left hand. I look at it now and feel the thrill of finally earning the right to wear it. And I think of the price. It was worth it, I have to believe that what I did in the ‘other world’ was a fair price to pay for what I may become.



Myriam Asynja - Gray PC



Myriam is 29 years old, stands five feet three inches, is a natural type beauty. Her hair is dark with reddish hues in the sun, her eyes are a deep dark chocolate color. She is athletically built, small, but firm.

Myriam grew up humbly, sometimes remarkably so. Her father owned and ran an Inn in Altara, in the city surrounding the capital. From a young age she worked there, helping her mother and sister, first in the kitchen, then later tending to customers. Myriam had always had a sweet reserve to her, had always aided her mother in dealing with her two younger siblings.

Working in the Inn allowed Myriam to be exposed to the boarders they too in from time to time, her people skills were subtle, but solid. Myriam was respected by their customers, knew how to handle situations despite her respective youth. Their boarders often befriended the quiet, sweet child, teaching her things. Learning gave dimension to her personality and inter personal skills.

When she was sixteen the Inn had an unexpected customer. A Sister of the White Tower, attempting to keep a low profile, stayed at their inn, hiding her identity from Myriam's family until she was preparing to leave Altara. The Sister had informed Myriam's parents of their daughter's ability to learn to channel, and informed them in no uncertain terms that she was to accompany her back to Tar Valon. Her family, slightly disgusted and more than a little shocked by the sister's revelation, provided Myriam with a scatchel of her possessions and waved her off to the safety of the White Tower. All before the girl could sound a word of protest, still lost in shock.

The White Tower has been Myriam's home for some time now. Rarely do her thoughts go to her home, or her family. Her novice days passed quickly, she spent only four years in all white. Her days as an Accepted, though, passed at more length. She spent eight years wearing her white robe edged in the colors of every Ajah.

The day before her twenty-eighth name day Myriam took her oaths to become Aes Sedai. One of the servants of all, and took her place among the sisters of the Gray Ajah. Barely a year has passed since that day, yet strange and subtle changes have taken place in her life. Among her sisters Myriam found similar purpose, but something else as well. She found herself disillusioned and reeling from the bite of reality. Myriam has sworn her oaths again, to an altogether different master.

She fights for a cause she believes will never come to pass. Peace she sees as a whimsical taunting for children. But to meet her you would never know.

Myriam provides a face of endless calm to the world. Her voice is low and smooth, her ways quiet and reassuring. Even as one so newly raised to the shawl she finds many friendly aquaintances among her sisters, and is generally thought of as mild tempered and thoughtful.

Her training with sisters of the same dark persuasion begins soon. In her heart she hopes only to find the peace that evades her, although her sense tells her it is impossible.


Tania Ramsey -Gray PC



Tania Ramsey

Age: 48

Place of Origin: Tar Valon

Parents: Died when age two

Siblings: None

Raised By: Orphange

Hair Color: White

Eye Color: White

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 147 lbs.

Skin Color: Was once bronze, but has faded to normal from being inside for many years.

Characterisitcs: A single scar that runs across her right palm. Strong muscle tone, very thin


Tania was an orphan. She always tried to protect people who couldn't protect themselves, and stood up for what she believed in, even if it meant getting in trouble. She likes being around Warders because she herself learned how to fight with her fists and feet. When she was little, she would fight people, even if they were armed, which is were she got the scars from. She doesn't know who her parents were, she doesn't know where she was born. All that matters is what is ahead of her. Tan wants to become the best Aes Sedai she can be.


If another person is in danger or is being threatened, she will come to their aid. She'll also defend the person who's losing an arguement. She's very smart and is a quick learner. Aes Sedai usually come to orphanages, and Tania was found in such a way. She was found when she was fourteen. She asked for as much time as she could to decide, because she helped out at the orphanage and didn't want to just up and leave. She finally came to the White Tower at sixteen. At the Tower, she met her know bloodsister, Taya Gille, and the two raised utter chaos together.


Only a few months after being raised to the Gray Ajah, Tania was kidnapped by the then Head of the Black Ajah, Gwenna, and forced to the Shadow against her will. She had become a violent and hateful person in secret, and planned to avenge herself against those who caused her so much pain. Tania has also created a false identity that she goes by, Shadar da'Mordero, or the Shadow of Death. She uses the Mirror of Mists to disguise herself, and has excellent skill in subterfuge and assassination. She uses a black gauntlet on her left hand for hand strikes meant to kill, and to use as a form of shield.


During her Turning, Tania encountered a man who stirred something in the back of her mind, a Dreadlord by the name of Rasputin. Several years later, she awakened mentally, and remembered who she had once been, another Dreadlord who had killed herself during the Trolloc Wars, and married to the very man who she had ran into. Both had died and been reborn, and had once again met one another. After so long, they were reunited, and had a child named Cara, who is still only an infant. Once known as Crimsonthorne the Rapier, Tania intends to battle for life in a world where both sides murder without thought.



Tania's Arches



Tania blinked as she sat up in bed. Who could be stopping by at this hour? she thought to herself. Glancing over at the still-sleeping Yavanne and her new pet, she slipped her shorts and vest on and walked quietly to the door. The petite cat yawned and stretched, and Tania smiled as the feline went back to sleep. Opening the door, she nearly leapt out of her skin. It was Phyrgiana Sedai! Light, what'd I do this time?

Dropping to a curtsy, Tania sweated nervously. "Good evening Aes Sedai. What might I do for you?" She was surprised by how calm her voice sounded.

"Come with me, Novice Tania Ramsey." With that, she turned down the corridor. Tania grabbed her Novice dress as she hurried along behind her. I'm so dead... she thought. Phyrgiana lead her down a long hallway, then down some stairs, and then down some more. After what seemed like an hour, Tania gave up trying to memorize the path. Finally, they entered a domed room. In the center were three silver arches, joined together at a single point. At each arch sat an Aes Sedai of each Ajah. Tania wanted to throw up.

"Who do you bring with you, Sister?" It was Reile's voice, echoing throughout

the room. Tania restrained herself from waving.

"One who comes as a candidate for Acceptance, Sister." Phyrgiana replied.

"Is she ready?"

"She is ready to leave behind what she was, and passing through her fears, gain Acceptance."

"Does she know her fears?"

"She has never faced them, but now is willing."

"Then let her face what she fears."

The words made Tania clutch the folded Novice dress tighter against herself. Phyrgiana walked her over to the arches, and gestured to her dress and shorts. Nervously, Tania removed her clothes and folded them neatly on the ground. Goodbye, little white dress. I think I will miss you . . . She barely noticed the cold of the room.

"The first time is for what was." Phyrgiana stated. "The way back will come but once, be steadfast."

Tania stepped into the arch.


"Tylin, you have to stop sneaking out this late. Someone might decide that they could make some money by selling you to slavers! Do you want that?"

Tania's voice was friendly, but had an edge of truth. The little girl nodded and walked back towards the orphanage. Tania smiled shaking her head. She was standing on the road she knew so well, the street that she had grown up on. She smiled again as she studied the orphanage that she had grown up in.

"Little rascals, going to get yourselves into trouble some day."

“Hey Miss Ramsey!" a young voice shouted to her across the street. She walked away from the orphanage to talk with Alric, a young man she had grown up with. A few minutes later, though, she smelled smoke. Turning around, she barely contained her scream. The orphanage was on fire.

At full sprint, she crossed the street and yard, stopping in a hail of dirt. The doors were engulfed, and she could see the children inside, crying at the windows. As she reached for the window, the heat grew unbearably intense, and she fell backwards, tossing the burning cloak onto the ground. The children's cries for help brought tears to her eyes.

"No!!" she screamed. "Light, not them!!" She clenched her fists as she prepared to ram the door.

Be steadfast. The words bounced inside of her head. Lowering her eyes, she began to remember where she was, what she was doing. “Not them . . . ” Tears ran down her face, and she stared at her feet. “I must be strong . . . I MUST!!!” She unclenched her fists, noticing the silver arch that had appeared a little ways off.

With a heavy heart, she walked through blinding light, her body destroyed.


She stepped out into the domed room, and clenched her teeth as freezing cold water poured down her head. She was too shocked to cry, too shocked to hear the words that came out of the Mistress of Novices’ mouth.

“The second time is for what is. The way back will come but once. Be steadfast.”

Grinding her teeth, Tania walked into the arch.

“Eidhe said we were leaving in the morning, Tan. She told me to start packing.” Doman closed the door to their room quietly, almost noiselessly. Tania sat in a rocking chair, but when she looked at herself, she was cradling a sleeping baby in her arms. My little one . . .She smiled as Doman walked over and kissed her. “Will she be alright, traveling I mean?” He moved with the deadly grace of a Warder. MY Warder! she realized. She wanted to cry she was so happy.

“I’ll pack my things. Did she say where?”

He nodded. “To the Two Rivers, the Black Tower.” He seemed sad, almost worried. Black Tower? she asked herself.

Standing, she placed the baby in her crib. She smiled as she put a little blanket up to the little one’s shoulders, breathing peacefully. For the first time, she noticed her clothes and the rings on her fingers. A marriage band and the Great Serpent ring. She wore her shorts and vest, but they were grey, fringed with white, with embroidered vines running up the sides. A Sister of the Gray, a FULL sister . . .

As she turned to pack, she saw the silver arch, standing in the middle of the room. Doman hadn’t seemed to notice it. “No . . . “

Be steadfast. the voice mirrored her thoughts. NO!!! This is what I want too! A life, my baby, my Doman! She wanted to cry.

The arch flickered and almost disappeared. Be steadfast! The voice sounded nervous, almost frightened. Tania blinked, swallowing down her emotions.

“Tan, are you alright?” Doman had crossed the room without her even noticing. He held her small hands in his. “Is something wrong? If there is, I can tell Eidhe we can’t go. I don’t want you to stress yourself.” His eyes looked her up and down worriedly. I can have what I want, I have to be patient. . .It hurt to pull her hands free, but she walked over to the faded arch.

“Tania?” His voice followed her, and she pulled free. Stepping through the arch, she let the tears run freely. A little longer . . .


The water made her gasp, but not so much as the first time.

“You are washed clean of false pride. You are washed clean of false ambition. You come to us washed clean, in heart and soul.”

Reile turned to stand by the table once more.

“Reile!” Her mentor turned to look at her. “Is it . . . is it wrong to love a man openly?” She knew she was blushing, but it meant a lot to her. Her mentor smiled and shook her head, as Phyrgiana lead her to the next arch.

“The third time is for what will be. The way back will come but once. Be steadfast.”

Closing her eyes, she walked into the arch.


She was walking through the shadowed halls of the Tower. Where IS he!? He was supposed to meet me an hour ago! I’ll just have to go on without him... She noticed there was no one out, not even for fresh air. Good, no one will know I’ve returned . . . That thought startled her, and she stopped at a nearby mirror, looking at herself in the dim light. Her face had the agelessness that all experienced Aes Sedai had, but it wasn’t her face that made her throat clench. Her normally white eyes were black, blacker than the darkest night. Just the pupils. Why should that scare me? They forced me to the shadow! She wanted to scream. Memories of thirteen Myrrdraal along with thirteen Dreadlords, standing around her. Her soul being twisted as she contorted in pain. One man stood out among the rest. His face was young, and handsome, but his hair was gray as if ancient, and his laugh was maddening, sounding like an old man and a youth at the same time. Without realizing it, she was standing outside Taya’s room. I wonder how she’s been. A visit won’t hurt, and I’ll just tell her that my eyes decided to change after all these years. Good thing I didn’t bring Doman, he would’ve given us away for sure. Pushing the door open, she came into what looked like a war. The gray haired man, Cyril she remembered his name as, was suspending Taya high in the air. She was shielded, and Eos lay on the ground unconscious.

“Cyril!” she barked after she closed the door. “Release her at once!” The man simply looked back at her, with a simple smile, but those red eyes seemed to try to dig into her mind. “We are here on business!" His laugh grated her bones.


“You care for this slip of a girl? PHAW!!”

He hurled Taya across the room, and she crumpled to the floor next to Eos. “She will easily be turned, but I think you are overstepping yourself AGAIN Tania!!” His voice had taken an edge of hate.

How she loathed this man, she could barely begin. The only reason she listened to him was because he was nearly, if not AS powerful as the strongest of the Chosen, and by far more cunning and underhanded. “No, we won’t turn these two to our cause. You will kill them, here and now.” He said it so matter-of-factly that her skin crawled. “If you do not, then Jeraal will be more than happy to end their lives. I hear he has a taste for Aes Sedai blood, as Gholams go!” He let out a loud bark.


It was then that she realized how strong she was. She could easily kill him, now that his defenses were down. As the thought came to her, a silver arch appeared at the end of the room. I can beat him, AND save my friends. I can redeem myself! The arch flickered as if warning her, sensing her thoughts. She gritted her teeth and ran at the arch, his laughs following her the whole way.


She tripped as she left the arch, landing on the palms of her hands. She stood up just in time to be drowned in freezing water, barely managing to not run in complete fear. STUPID WATER!!! FARK!!!


It wasn’t Reile who spoke next, but the Amyriln herself. “You are washed clean of Tania Ramsey from Tar Valon. You are washed clean of all ties that bind you to this world. You come to us, washed clean in heart and soul. You are Tania Ramsey, Accepted of the White Tower. You are sealed to us now.”

A Great Serpent ring was placed on her hand, and she was given a new dress, with the colors of the Ajahs on the hems. She dried off with the towel that was handed to her, then slipped the dress over her head. Kneeling, she kissed Kathana’s ring, praying to herself that she would rather die than be turned to the dark.



Bronwyn Almindhra -Gray PC



Height: 5'5"

Weight: 110

Age: 25

Physical Description: long, dark brown, curly hair, blue eyes slender build fair hair

Brief History:

Grew up in a village outside of Amador, Amadicia. Her father was a very successful Herbalist/Healer. His success caught the attention of The White Tower who thought he may be a male channeler. They investigated him and found he could not channel, but that the Almindhra family was very deferential to Aes Sedai. Bronwyn's mother became part of the White Tower's Eyes and Ears network. The White Cloaks later found out that the family was working for "The Tar Valon Witches" and branded them darkfriends. The family fled their home and in the process Bronwyn was seperated from her parents.

When Bronwyn reached Altara she searched for an Aes Sedai who might have info on her parents. This Aes Sedai she found had never heard of her mother, but recognized Bronwyn's potential to become an Aes Sedai herself. Bronwyn was then taken to Tar Valon. Along the way she discovered that her parents had been captured and hung by the White Cloaks.

Bronwyn was a mischievious Novice and Accepted, but also did very well in her classes. She made many friends and became involved in many causes, most thought she would join the Blue Ajah. Once she was raised though she chose the Gray, but still hoping to work with the Blue Sisters on certain projects. Bronwyn is new to Sisterhood and is eager to start getting involved with White Tower affairs.



Krystonia - Gray PC Arches





Krystonia stepped into the small room in the White tower, her heart in the pit of her stomach. The blood drained from her face when she laid eyes on the three rings; the ter’angreal which each novice was required to go through at the time of her being raised to accepted. Light, she had seen the terrible emotional distress, which the ordeal had caused on the newly raised acceptors. Most of them refused to speak about, it, however their eyes gave it away. Krystonia took in a long tremulous breath and began to undo the buttons of her white novice dress. Her fingers barely worked, shaking as they were. Setting her garments on the floor against a nearby wall, Krystonia ‘s gaze met that of the Mistress of Novices, whose eyes met a momentary flash of pain. Perhaps the remembrance of her own trip through the rings, or perhaps empathy for Krystonia, or, maybe both. Realizing she was standing in front of the group of Aes Sedai, in her skin and shaking like a rabbit; Krystonia squared her shoulders and nodded to Phrygiana Sedai. The age-old ceremony began, sending Krystonia into the ter’angreal to face her fears.

"The first time is for what was. The way will come but once, be steadfast"

With those words, Krystonia stepped into the first ring and was immersed with light. She felt as if she would explode. She was being picked apart; fiber, by bloody, fiber. And then blackness.

Krystonia’s eyes finally adjusted to the dim light of early dawn. She washed using the gilded wash stand, which stood directly across from the large bed. Her husband, who had been her childhood sweetheart from the tender age of thirteen, had already woken, and was most likely with their three children. Malcolm was a very good father to their two sons and little daughter; a great change from the brash youth which she had fallen for. His arrogance had mellowed with age, perhaps, Krystonia loved him all the more for it.

‘The way will come back but once, be steadfast.’

The words floated in Krystonia's mind unattached; she knew they meant something and she felt as if she should know the voice which spoke them. Feeling somewhat confused, she dressed herself, left her chamber and walked into the hall. Everything was pale in the morning light, however there seemed to be an air of joy and simple happiness. She could remember the manor bright and cheery, the wonderful balls and banquets which had brought much joy into her life. Striding along the wide halls, Krystonia had an idea where her beloved Malcolm and their three young children would be. Opening the doors to the garden, she saw that she had been correct. There, Malcolm, standing tall and handsome with his fair hair, dark eyes and roguish smile. There her beloved sons, Faris and Jerome, miniatures of their father, frolicking in the grass with play swords. And there little Zenith with her golden curls and crystal blue eyes and ready grin. Krystonia’s mind was interrupted by a foreign thought. "This is not right, Krystonia, Not this". She stopped to consider the small voice, which spoke so urgently, and dismissed it at one look into the loving eyes of Malcolm.

"The way will come back but once, be steadfast."

Off in the distance she saw a sort of shimmer, a sort of an arch, she started towards it. She was compelled by it, she knew somehow it was right.

"Wherever are you going, dear?" Malcolm’s eyes looked mildly surprised, "Are you well?" Trembling, Krystonia stopped and looked and looked at her family, the sun shining down on them, highlighting them with a golden ray. The arch shimmered once again, fading now. Krystonia quickened her pace.

"Ma-ma?" There was a look of confusion on Zenith’s small face.

"The way will come back but once, be steadfast."


As Krystonia neared the archway, she heard an anguished cry. When she turned, she saw Malcolm’s beautiful face filled with pain it felt as if her heart was being ripped out of her breast. With a sob, she plunged herself into the archway just as it was about to disappear. Light blinded her and picked her apart with an agonizing slowness. Finally Krystonia found herself back in the White Tower, in the room with the ter’angreal. It was a shock to feel water pour on her hair and trickle down her naked body. Shivering and sobbing like a woman who had nothing to live Krystonia sat down hard on the gray stone floor.


"You are washed clean of what sin you may have done, and of those done against you. You are washed clean of what crime you may have committed, and of those committed against you. You come to us washed clean and pure, in heart and soul." It all seemed incomprehensible to Krystonia, but it did not matter to her what the voice spoke of. Nothing mattered.

"The next time is for what is. The way will come back but once, be steadfast."

Krystonia’s tears had subsided somewhat, but her eyes held pure murder for the ter’angreal and the women who seemingly forced her to use it. Gritting her teeth, Krystonia propelled herself into the second arch. Light blinded her and plucked her apart thread by tiny thread. Through the haze of intense pain, one thought burned in Krystonia’s mind, louder than the sensation felt by her every shred. ‘Why? All this for what?’ To this query, Krystonia replied with force, ‘To be Aes Sedai’.


When Krystonia opened her eyes, she found her fists had clenched so tightly that her nails had made impressions on her palms. She felt dazed and did not adjust to her surroundings immediately. Her head ached and she found it a challenge to think coherently. Where was she? Who was she? Her eyes finally adjusted let her see her surroundings, a city, with all the hustle and bustle of the common days work droning in her ears; Caemlyn. Home. But something was not right, her attendants looked dreary, as if there were a dense cloud downing their spirits. Something was terribly wrong.

Krystonia was surprised by the sudden stop of the carriage; she seemed to almost bolt, like a startled horse. She waved away her maids concern and stepped from the carriage and was immediately approached by a fat balding man who seemed familiar. Her uncle Stavian. She remembered being lifted up onto those shoulders; he was much younger then, and happier. He was not happy now, lines of worry creased his face and his eyes were shadowed.

"Krystonia, quickly dear. He has been asking about you all day. We fear he might not have much time left."

It hit Krystonia like a blow to the stomach, her father. He was ill and that was why she had made the journey. Memories of her dear father’s smiling face flooded back to her, filling her to the brim. Not her true father, yes, but Krystonia had known no other and had not felt the need to.

"Oh yes Uncle Stavian, lead me to him," her voice was filled with a sudden urgency.

"The way will come back but once, be steadfast." The words floated in Krystonia’s brain and were overridden by the sense of urgency; she had to see her father. Uncle Stavian led her through the halls of the manor, to the wing, which contained her father’s chambers.

There were people everywhere; all as grim as the as the stone walls seemed to be. She remembered those faces, loving faces that had cared for her all her life. She was promptly ushered into the chambers by the manor staff.

"The way will come back but once, be steadfast." An arch glimmered before her like a beacon. It was mesmerizing.

"Oh thank the Light, Krystonia, you are here! He has been asking for you day and night." Krystonia recognized the voice somewhat. Her gaze fell upon the bed, there on the silken sheets lay her father, a mere ghost of the man he had had been. His brilliantly gold hair now in hues of ashy gray and white, his cheeks hollow and eyes sunken deep. Krystonia felt a lump forming in her throat, her father had always been a constant in her life, she could not, she would not, see him wasting away like this. Her father’s eyes opened and opened and seemed to light up with newfound hope when they saw Krystonia. She knew that fire in her father’s eyes; he would survive.

"The way will come back but once, be steadfast." The arch seemed vibrate and slowly began to fade. She started towards it.

"Krystonia, where are you going?" She did not turn back to see who had spoken.

"Krystonia he will die if you don’t stay with him," the voice was urgent now. Still Krystonia walked on.

"Krystonia?" It was her father’s weak voice and Krystonia’s stride faltered at its pitiful sound.

"The way will come back but once, be steadfast."

There was a commotion as her father sat up, an arm reaching for his dear daughter. Pleading shouts followed Krystonia to the archway, which seemed to be fading faster and faster. With one look back at her ailing father, now gasping for breath and desperation in his eyes, Krystonia plunged herself into the archway and was blinded by light. Tiny daggers pricked Krystonia, sparing no inch of her body.

It seemed like an eternity before Krystonia found herself facing the Aes Sedai in the same room in which she had started; their smooth and calm faces irked Krystonia. How could they be so collected when they sent a woman through what was seemingly worse than death? This time Krystonia did not feel the tears, which leaked down her face and the water emptied onto her hair was not a shock. All she could think of this time was that she still had one more ordeal to live through, and by the Light she would survive.

"You are washed clean of false pride. You are washed clean of false ambition. You come to us washed clean, in heart and soul." Krystonia thought she recognized the voice of one of the Aes Sedai, but she could not be sure, nodding again to the Mistress of Novices, she steeled herself and prepared to go through the third and final arch.

"The last time is for what will be. The way will come but once, be steadfast."

Krystonia steeled herself as she prepared to step through the arch, this would be her final time and Krystonia wished it were over already. She stepped into the third arch a sense of dread filling her, no matter how hard she tried to suppress it. Light blinded her and plucked her apart, thread by bloody thread and through it all, a voice of determination spoke in Krystonia’s mind.

"This is the last one Krystonia, after this you will be Accepted." Light, but why did it have to be so hard? Slowly the pain faded and Krystonia once again found her eyes failing her. Gradually she began to see her surroundings; a meadow and it seemed to pull at her memory like she should know it. Off in the distance she could see a grouping of structures, a city. The structures themselves were beautiful, yet everything seemed gray and dismal. She could even make out clouds of smoke, from many fires, seemingly merging into one thick cloud of smoke which hovered over the city. As she got closer, she could make out some of the individual fires; they gave the smog a sickening orange cast. Her mind was clouded still, however, once she got closer to the city some of the memories came back to her. With painful slowness, she recalled the cause of this mass destruction, civil war plagued Caemlyn. The succession had not been settled this time and Krystonia’s family had been key to it. Yes, they were not strong enough to put in a claim to the throne, yet they were a force to be contended with if they chose to support a single claimant. That was what had started the civil strife in Caemlyn, three claimants were deadlocked each with ample supporters to meet the others, yet not enough to beat anyone of their rivals. Krystonia’s family had been solidly behind one of those claimants, as were other powerful houses, and the whole drama had been dragged out so long that it finally ended in violence. As she neared the outer city, Krystonia felt a twinge of pain, the beauty of the city itself was marred by the lack of life in the usually bustling lanes. Here and there, a few fires still burned and Krystonia was drawn to a particular one, just ahead of her. Krystonia’s stomach turned to ice, she recognized the building, it had been an orphanage, one she had patronized herself. Not only had she been the institution’s benefactor, she had also visited the place quite often, it was unusual for most nobles to do so, yet Krystonia had felt drawn to the place. Making the children smile seemed to have given her great satisfaction out of life.

"The way will come back but once, be steadfast." The words once again floated in Krystonia’s mind unattached; however, they were swallowed by the intense emotion, which filled her. The fire had perhaps been quite recently lit, it had not spread to all the rooms in the house, some of the front rooms were not in flames yet. With a start, Krystonia thought she saw movement in one of the windows; a smallish shape. Krystonia’s heart raced, it must be one of the children.

"The way will come back but once, be steadfast." An arch appeared once again the distance, and shimmered. Krystonia could hear faint noises now, like a child sobbing and her heart tore when she saw a small little face peeking out of the second story window. She did not know the child, yet it did not matter, those large dark eyes were filled with a hope and Krystonia knew she could fulfill that hope.

"The way will come back but once, be steadfast." The arch was fading now, and Krystonia started towards it.

"Help me," the whimpered cry was so weak that Krystonia almost began to turn back to help the child.

"Why wont you help me, why?" It seemed as if Krystonia’s heart was being torn out of her. It was the hardest thing she ever had to do, but she steeled herself, tears pouring down her face, and plunged herself into the arch, ignoring the anguished cries of the child. Light blinded her, burned her and plucked her apart but she still could not get those dark eyes out of her mind; they haunted her and light, they would forever. Finally, the pain began to subside and Krystonia found herself before the Aes Sedai once again, their calm faces regarding her with expressionless eyes. It was over, but Light, Krystonia did not care. Nothing could have been worth what she had been put through. Krystonia barely looked up from her sobbing when the third chalice of water was poured over her.

"You are washed clean, Krystonia, from Caemlyn" she recognized the Amyrlin's voice this time, "You are washed clean of all ties that bind you to the world. You come to us washed clean, in heart and soul. You are Krystonia, Accepted of the White Tower. You are sealed to us, now." Once Krystonia had dried herself off, she was given the banded dress and great serpent ring, which marked an Accepted. She was Accepted now, yet, for Krystonia the title held no joy.



Josselyn - Gray PC



Josselyn was the third daughter of an Inn keeper in Shol Arbela, Arafel. The Inn her family ran was a large one, and all the family worked to keep it clean and running smoothly. She changed beds, cleaned rooms, polished furniture, waited tables and worked in the kitchen. All her siblings did the same. Despite the hard work, it was a happy family. Her parents rarely argued and the income from their business kept them all fed, clothed and in comfort.


She liked working to keep the bedrooms clean and hated waiting on tables. Her older sisters worked the common room and she stayed in the kitchen doing whatever needed doing. Mother was the cook and supervisor of most things in the Inn. Her father managed the guests and the accounting. He also kept a close eye on his daughters working in the common room. No foolishness was allowed. Josselyn was hoping to marry the son of a cloth merchant down the street, but her parents deemed her too young at 17. They wanted them to wait another year.


Josselyn’s life changed when an Aes Sedai stayed at the Inn and determined the girl could learn to channel the one power. Her parents were swayed by the Aes Sedai, feeling this was a great honor and sent her to the White Tower, with the Sister. Josselyn, was not happy about the situation, but would not defy her parents wishes. She had some interest in seeing the city of Tar Valon, but she was not at all certain she wanted to stay there. How did the woman know such things? But go to Tar Valon she did.


Josselyn is 5’ 5”

Reddish brown hair, worn long with several braids from the front gathered in the back.

A few freckles sprinkled across her nose and cheeks

Green eyes

Personality: She is easy going and is hard to anger. Its in her nature to follow rules and not cause problems. At home, she was the peacemaker when her siblings quarreled and was the obedient child.




Eidheann Merida - Gray PC



Eidhe is from Cairhien, so is short (5' - 5'1"). She has long straight brown hair and blue eyes. Her skin is fair and has the tendency to freckle. That, in addition to her height and rounded face, gives her the appearance of being 10 years younger, even tho her Agelessness is not yet apparent.

Eidhe is one of 3 daughters of a Merchant from Cairhien. Her father, Mekal, deals mainly in textiles. They are good quality, but he carries none of the silks and velvets that the nobles would favor. He occasionally sells simple dyes as well.

Eidhe's mother, Arian, died when Eidhe was 10 in childbirth to Anora. Eidhe's older sister, Selana, was left to see to most of the household duties at 14, leaving Eidhe to take care of Anora. Selana married the son of a wealthy merchant 4 years later, leaving Eidhe in charge of both the house and her sister.

When Eidhe was 19, her father was injured when he fell from a cart, landing on his back. He was unconsious for two days so the family took him to an Aes Sedai. A Yellow Ajah Healed him and Eidhe became enraptured by the idea of doing the same some day. She remained home for another year, trying to convince her father to let her go to the White Tower for testing. He always refused, not wanting her to leave and for Anora to lose her as a mother figure. Eidhe became impatient and one day left a note for her father and took some money and food, and set off for the Tower.

When Eidhe arrived at the Tower, she was tested and it was found she had the ability to learn to channel. It was a great disappointment to her when she learned she never would be the great healer she had dreamed. She nearly left the Tower. However, her roomate discovered her plan and stopped her for the nite. By the time morning came, Eidhe had decided that she was still going to be a Great Aes Sedai.

Eidhe turned her interest towards Browns after that. She never had the chance to read and learn as a child, so learning was a novel experience for her. She didn't know that Reile, Ajah Head, had her pegged for Gray.

Sure enough, Eidhe's peacemaking nature ruled out over her love of books. She was Raised to an Aes Sedai of the Gray Ajah and has thrown herself into her duties, which admittedly are currently few. She dreams of proving her mettle in a crisis situation, with peace and good sense ruling out.


Almindhra Dhasara - Gray PC


Almindhra Dhasara was born of Gual and Kylanna Dhasara of Caemlyn. Kylanna died in childbirth and Almindhra was raised by her dad. Gual was a common blacksmith and wished that his daughter was male and could carry on his occupation.

There was always joy in the local taverns. A good joke and music always made for fun. An new and exciting people were always at hand. Flirtatious, with an eye for intelligent, good humored men, Almindhra has kept her distance while luring men to her. There was a certain thrill about it. Her talents are singing and joking, and she prides herself on her wit.

An Aes Sedai discovered Almindhra in the nearby tavern. And she went, going against her father's wishes.

The White Tower offered her control of the Power she possessed. From the first time Almindhra entered into the Tower, she knew her goals and set them high. She wanted to rise above the rest of the girls quickly, and to always keep focus of what she was after, becoming an Aes Sedai. As an Accepted, she gave careful thought as to what Ajah she was to become a part of forever.

Eidheann Sedai helped in the decision. The Gray Ajah offered her something that she already had growing in her. From her childhood, Almindhra loved to talk to the people from all over the world. Their tales of politics and lust fascinated her. With the Grays, Almindhra would be able to roam in far off places to help in time of crisis. To mediate when there is a dispute. Also, her love for the White Tower would lead her into negotiations that could possibly benefit them too. Or her calling may be as a counselor to members of the White Tower. Almindhra did love the young girls and now it was her duty to her Ajah to meet and greet every newbie out there and show them the joys of the Grays.

Tall, about 5'7". A full, voluptuous body. Her eyes are a deep green with long eyelashes. Lips are full and a bit flush...Cascading, thick locks of curly, brown hair fall down to the small of her back. Usually worn down. Prefers clothing in violet and dresses with a square neckline, a little lower than most, with long, fitted sleeves, and a sash worn around the waist. And carries with her her mother's violet cloak.


Danera Rohayne - Gray PC



Danera Sedai is from the Atha'an Miere. Her father was Swordmaster and her mother was the third daughter of one of the Nine Nobles of Illian. There was the ability to channel in her mother's family. She channeled the first time during a storm to save her little brother. She followed the education of the windfinders, but her ability was too important. She wasn't able to control the One Power, and Tigrayne, her mother, wanted to send her to Tar Valon. Her father refused, because Windfinders were the secret of the Atha'an Miere. But at the same time he saw that she might die because she wasn't able to control the One Power. Then Danera Rohayne swore to the Mistress of Ships that she would never say anything about Windfinders and their ability to channel. She went to Tar Valon, and studied hard. It was difficult for her because she had always stayed on the islands or the ships. Then she chose the Gray Ajah, because she has strong empathy for others. She is powerful with water, spirit and air. She has poor results with Earth and Fire.


Reile Tarkene - Gray PC



Reile Tarkene is the youngest of nine children and only daughter of Merle Tarkene. Her family's estate, Giles vin Glory, lies on the road between Shol Arbela and Chachin of Kandor, near one of the tributaries to the river Erinin.

Merle Tarkene is a highly respected and profitable merchant in the city of Shol Arbela, where he specializes in rare but desirable merchandize for the noble classes. In an indirect sort of way, this has given him and his family an uncommon amount of power and influence not often seen in the common classes.

The oldest of the children, Rieborth, assists his father in Shol Arbela. It is Reiborth who will one day inherit the merchantile assets of the Tarkene estate. The next three children, Galiver, Brinat, and Mikala, live on the family estate. Here they farm, protect, and manage the vast amount of property, associated with Giles vin Glory. The four youngest sons, Locrian, Prag, Visile, and Marx, are serving, in honor, their required term in the Army of Arafel.

Reile is the youngest by a good five seasons from her youngest brother Marx. Her mother, Emireile, was assumed to be past the age of child baring. When the news of her pregnancy came, she was over come with joy. She knew that this child was a precious gift given to her by the Light. With every fiber in her body, she knew that this child would be a girl and that someday she would go on to do great things.

Reile had been told early on in life that her mother had died during an epidemic of chlorea before Reile reached her first full season. With the increase in fighting over the last twenty years bringing more and more Aes Sedai into the region, this tale of an epidemic never set well with Reile. She never understood how women who were supposed to be so powerful in the arts of healing could allow an epidemic to spread. And how could one of these women not be summoned by her father? Yes, he is a commoner. But, he carries high authority amoungst the nobility of Afarel. Almost anything he has ever needed was handed to him, just for the asking. So, why wasn't an Aes Sedai summoned? And if one was summoned, why did she not come? Why did she not do anything to heal Reile's mother? Are these women that much above the rest of us?

As Reile matured, so did her questioning. The more questions she asked, the more vague the answers became. And with each winter that past, her unrest and anger towards the women who should have been there grew. In fact, she became so disenchanted with her unfair losses, that her negative emotions expanded to include not only the Aes Sedai but all women. She wanted no part of being a woman.

Living with nine men who worshipped the ground she walked on made it very easy for her to hide from her own womanhood. She learned to farm and about horses and hounds. She learned to hunt and track. She learned to fight with knives, short swords, and the basic martial arts that her brother's would teach her when on leave from the King's Guard. She learned what any other young man would learn.

Yet, Reile knew little of sewing or cooking for her family employed hired help to tend to the house. She learned little about socializing or children. She learned nothing about managing a home or family. She knew almost nothing about being a woman. Except it was a curse that she was borne into, and she would give almost anything to change what she was.


Phrygiana Agricola Parrish - Gray PC (and MoN)



Phrygiana was born in the small Andoran town of Kourt, which lies along the road between Caemlyn and Tar Valon. Her father was the town tailor and from a young age Phryg helped out. She was especially talented with knitting needles and managed that part of the family business. When she was just 15, Phryg caught the eye of Raef Parrish, the oldest son of the town's innkeeper. They fell in love quickly, which shocked the town of Kourt because Raef was ten years her senior. They soon planned to marry, in spite of the raised eyebrows of the town. But all of those plans were changed when it was discovered that Phryg could channel and would die from a channeling disease, as many wilders do, if she didn't go to the Tower and learn to harness her power. So Phryg went and left Raef behind.


Phrygiana's progress at the Tower was normal for the most part. She discovered that she had a particularly strong talent for making shields, but no other specific strengths. She was known as a novice for pulling pranks and got into trouble on more than one occassion, especially when she filled a Green Sister's bathtub with frogs from the garden. All these events aside, her life changed forever when Raef came to visit her. They decided that they simply couldn't be apart, and eloped one afternoon. Raef took a job at an inn in Tar Valon and waited patiently for many years until Phryg was raised to a full Sedai and could live with him. Raef was also instrumental in Phryg's decision to bond a warder. Reluctant to create such a close connection to another man, Phryg sought out an alternative. When she met Radzynne Gaidin she knew she had met her match. Radzynne was like the sister Phryg had never had . . . or perhaps the mother, since she is continually pulling Phryg out of trouble by her ear.


Her goal is to be the kind ear for others in need and to help those who are in need and bringing peace to those who are at war.

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Lylana Diandaere - White PC


Lylana walked through the bustling streets of Cairhien serenely, side-stepping children that were running through the crowd, and wandered from booth to booth. Since she was only 12 most people ignored her, though a few keen-eyed merchants saw the silk dress under her plain white cloak - her father was a smart merchant who made wise investments enough for their family to live a little above average - and immediately took a greater interest in the small, brown-haired child. She just smiled, and continued on. No sense making them upset; people had an annoying habit of disrupting her day when she ignored them. She supposed they didn't like the fact that a child would snub them, even if they could snub children all they wanted and didn't think anything of it. She shook her head. People could be so confusing.


Lylana had been brought up quite open-mindedly by her parents. Because she was the only child of Jhaeyen and Sienda, she was often allowed to do things that other children were strictly forbidded. Such as wearing boy's clothes. Lylana had never figured out why it was that women were never to wear them - they were so much more comfortable! Besides, a dress got all tangled up and in the way when riding horses or other such things. Her father was often away on business, but he always had time for his only daughter, and he taught her when to ride when she was little. She was now quite good, better than most of the boys. Sienda, her mother, was a proper Lady, and did not fully approve of some of the things Lylana did, but did not openly object.

She had her own horse, given to her on her 10th name-day. What a beauty she was, all brushed and shining beneath the golden sunrise that morning! Lylana named her Shae'nel from a book she had read when she was a child, after a beautiful, couragous Unicorn. Shae'nel was a tawny light brown color, with mane and tale of the most amazing gold color... light blonde. The mare was pretty and dainty, perfect for a young girl. Of course, she turned out to run like the wind, too, and was an amazing jumper. Lylana loved her so much, and it was almost as good as having a sister to talk to. Well, maybe more. Sisters talk back and compete and... no, Shae'nel was just perfect.

As Lylana walked through the usual bustle of the city, a sparkle caught her eye. She walked closer to the booth, to see what it was. Just a stone-seller, pretty, but the sort of things you gave children. There was no sign of whatever it was that caught her attention. As she turned to go on, she saw it again, a corner sticking out from under an ugle blue lump of what was supposed to look like a saphire. She moved the blue gem, and there it was - the most beautiful purple crystal, set in a thin, delicate, lacy silver. Oh, what a thing! Lylana thought, and reached out a finger to touch it. All the other gems on the table were glassy and cheap-looking, but this one was different. It must have been looked over with all this other junk, and surely no one paid much attention to this table. Curious, she asked the merchant who was ignoring her - not one of the keep-eyed ones, obviously - how much it was. The man barely glanced at her and the stone and quoted a price. A very low price, suited to the other misshapen stones on the table. With great pleasure, Lylana asked if the man would take less, then paid him curtly after a short negotiation. She tucked the amythest - for that's what it must be - into her pouch and carried on her way.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

A few years later Lylana rode Shae'nel through the streets towards the small forest where the horses were jumped. She was wearing one of her boy's pants, plain and black, a simple dark blue shirt, and her knee-hi, black riding boots. Her hair was down about her shoulders, and no one mistaked her for a boy. Well, not anymore, anyways. People glanced at her as she rode past, and she gave a little smile to them all; riding always put her in a good mood. One woman - well, she could have been only a little older than Lylana, but somehow she doubted it - looked at her suddenly as she walked past, a considering look passing across her face. Lylana only smiled as she did with everyone else, maybe a trifle bit more, and continued on her way.

After she brought Shae'nel back in her stall, and left her all rubbed down, fed and happy. Her family did well enough money-wise, but a place for Shae'nel down the road was the best they could do in the packed city. On her way down the street the woman she had seen earlier appeared and walked up to her.

"Hello," Lylana said, politely. "May I help you?"

The woman looked at her, that strange look on her face again. "Yes. Yes, I think you can. What is your name, child?"

"Lylana Diandaere, my Lady." She looked enough like a Lady, anyways. Always good to be polite.

"Well, Lylana, if I may speak with your parents?"

"Yes, my Lady. We live just down here." Lylana led the woman to her house, a small, narrow, three-story building sandwiched between others like it, then inside.

Sienda was in the kitchen preparing the mid-day meal, and came out to greet both Lylana and the woman she had brought home. All were seated in the sitting room before the woman spoke.

"I am Yveva Sedai of the White Tower." Sienda paled slightly at that, but kept her composure well, under the circumstances. Lylana's heart quickened, in anticipation. An Aes Sedai! Here! Oh, how very exciting! "All Aes Sedai can tell another from a few paces, can detect the spark of saidar. I detected it in Lylana, here. I do not know how much information you have about such things, but she must go to the Tower to learn to control it."

"Yes," Lylana's mother said, not looking all too pleased at it and slightly faint, "I'm aware of the laws and dangers. Lylana, dear, she is quite right. You will have to go to Tar Valon with Yveva Aes Sedai."

Lylana was filled with a great joy and excitement. The next day Lylana parted with her mother and father, and started the journy to Tar Valon, to the White Tower of Aes Sedai. To her new home.


Lylana Arches

Raising to Accepted


Lylana looked up from her book to see Alosha standing before her. "Come, child, it is time for your test." Lylana stood and followed her.

Deep into the Tower they went, into a room with three silvery arches. With a searching gaze, Alosha asked, "Are you ready to do this? You may choose not to, now, and twice after this."

Lylana took a deep breath and looked Alosha in the eye. "I accept."

Alosha nodded and gestured for her to follow. "You must remove your clothes, and know two things: to fail is to be put out of the Tower, and to seek, to strive, is to know danger." Lylana's throught constricted a bit, but she nodded her understanding - she had read a little about this part, at least, and obeyed, laying her clothes in a pile by the wall. She then took off her amythyst that hung on a silver chain, and placed it on top of her clothes. Then she stood, tall, head high, ready to face her trials.

An Aes Sedai she did not recognize spoke, with the ring of formality and ceremony.

"Whom do you bring with you Sister?"

"One who comes as a candidate for Acceptance, Sister," Alosha responded in turn.

"Is she ready?"

"She is ready to leave behind what she was, and, passing through her fears, gain Acceptance."

"Does she know her fears?"

"She has never faced them but now is willing."

"Then let her face what she fears."

Alosha turned to Lylana and said, "The first is for what was. The way back will come but once. Be steadfast."

Lylana faced the first arch, closed her eyes for a moment to mentally prepare herself, then stepped through into the unknown...

The daily bustle of Cairhien surrounded her, and she felt relieved at the familiarity of it all. She was wearing slacks and shirt - men's clothes, but her usual attire. A familiar noise quickly turned her around, and she saw Kylaen, the family dog, racing towards her. A smile blossomed across her face and she gave a cry of surprize and delight. "Here, girl, my baby!"

A motion at the corner of her eye caught her attention. As if in slow motion, a horse wildy ran down the street, spooked from something unknown. It bore down on the dog, and Lylana screamed. Hooves slammed into shiny black fur, and it felt like they had connected solidly with Lylana. Her beloved pet lay on the street, unnoticed by all the passerby.

The way back will come but once.
A silver arch appeared to her right and behind her, and she looked from it to Kylaen. Tears streaming down her face she walked towards the arch, slowly at first, then quicker. Soon she was running, and through the arch.

Lylana sobbed uncontrollably, incoherent, and sunk to her knees. "You are washed clean of what sin you may have done, and of those done against you. You are washed clean of what crime you may have committed, and of those committed against you. You come to us washed clean and pure, in heart and soul." Cold water splashed on her head, and she was led to the next arch. A deep fear gripped her heart, for if the first make her do this, what would the others be like?

"The second time is for what is. The way back will come but once. Be steadfast." Lylana squeezed her eyes shut, and stepped through.

The heat hit her like a wave, so strong and powerful it almost bowled her over. Sweat broke out across her brow, and her clothes stuck to her, all sticky. The castle before her was ablaze, lit up like a giant bonfire. The smoke curled into the sky above, curling up in great grey ribbons.

She could here people inside the castle, calling for her help. And the animals, oh, the animals. They couldn't save themselves! It wasn't their fault! Oh, Light, why? Lylana knew she could do something... she hadn't been taught the One Power for nothing.

Steeling herself against the onslaught of heat and doubt, she closed her eyes and opened herself to
. It flowed through her, stronger than ever before, than she had ever imagined. Shurly she could help with this much Power! Weaving the threads by instinct, she grabbed it, ready to throw on the flames, like a spring set to uncoil.

Inside her head, where she was fully concentrated on controlling the Power, she heard
The way back will come but once. Be Steadfast.
It sounded so familiar, so important. A silver arch appeared, to her left, calling to her. Somehow, the words, the feeling, had something to do with that arch. The silver reflected the harsh red of the fire, and the cries from inside it increased, until Lylana thought she'd never get them out of her head. She stumbled towards the arch, blind from salty tears that the acric smoke and pleas from those trapped drew from her eyes.
I'm sorry!
Her heart cried,
Please, forgive me!
and she fell through the arch.

She was caught by Alosha, and the other Aes Sedai poured another cup of cold water on her head. Lylana shivered, from the touch of the cold water upon her skin, and from the touch of the echoing cries upon her heart. "You are washed clean of false pride and false amibition. You come to us washed clean and pure, in heart and soul." Alosha led her around the
to the next and final of the arches. With her gaze down and her heart heavy, Lylana stepped through.

She stood in a small room, a waiting room of some sort. A large group of people could be heard on the other side of the closed doors. Lylana looked down and saw that she wore a shawl fringed in white - she was White Ajah, then. Memory flooded her, and fear crept into her thoughts.
Why was I called here?
She started pacing, back and forth across the delicately designed carpets that covered the bare stone floor.
Why would the Hall meet to discuss me?

The time ticked by, and every minute seemed dragged out, as though they were doing this on purpose.
Which very likely is the case with Aes Sedai,
Lylana thought.
I should know.

Finally, an Aes Sedai in Green fringe opened the door with a solemn face, and beckoned for her to follow. To the front of the room, with everyone watching. Lylana's throught went as dry as the Aiel Waste, and her eyes darted about the room. Afraid to say anything, she simply stood there.

"So here, you see. Lylana, do you know why you are here?"

Lylana swung her head about to stare at the speaker; namely, Kathana, the Amyrlin Seat. She shook her head vigorously, "No, I don't." It came out as a rough whisper. She swallowed.

Kathana addressed the Hall, as well as Lylana. "You stand before the Hall to account for certain things said."

Lylana thought she was beginning to know what this was all about. "But, certainly, that doesn't warrant..."

"It certainly does. So you do know, now, why you're here?"

Without waiting for Lylana's nod, the Keeper of the Chronicles plunged on, "We're here to hear your side of the story. So, explain."

Lylana opened her mouth to protest, to explain, to do ANYTHING to straighten this all out... and an arch appeared on the right side of the room.
The way back will come but once. Be Steadfast.
Everyone else ignored it, but Lylana couldn't take her eyes off it.

"Well, do you not explain?"

Be Steadfast.
Lylana took a step towards the arch.

"She is obviously guilty."

"No!" Lylana ran towards the arch. Important. Must go.
They'll think me guilty!
She cried in anguish, and flung herself through.

"You are washed clean of Lylana Diandaere of Cairhien, Andor. You are washed of ties that bind you to this world. You come washed clean in heart and soul. You are Lylana Diandaere, Accepted, of the White Tower. You are sealed to us now." Lylana looked up and realized that it was the Amyrlin Seat that had poured the last chalice of water over her, who was talking to her now.

"You believe me, don't you," Lylana whispered, looking beseachingly into the Amyrlin's eyes. "I didn't mean it..." Kathana smiled reassuringly, and slid a Serpent Ring onto the third finger of her left hand.

"Rise my daughter, and welcome," Kathana said, then leaned in to kiss both of her cheeks.

Lylana gathered her clothes in a daze, donned them, then walked silently back to her room. After the door was closed behind her, she sat carefully on the edge of her bed, and burst into tears. She collapsed, then, and hugged her knees to her chest, rocking back and forth. She tried telling herself that it was nothing, it wasn't real, it didn't matter. That just made her cry even harder.


Lylana & Ryker 1

Aquiring Ryker



Lylana meandered slowly along the paths on her daily walk outside in the fresh - if warmer than usual - air. Her train of thought was halted by an odd sound, one that sounded faintly familiar. A small frown creased her brow, and she followed the sound, trying to place it in her mind as she did so. She peeked around a bush and her eyes alighted on the originator at the same time as it fell together in her head - it was a cat! A rather young one, and fairly dirt-covered, but a cat nonetheless.

Lylana crouched down so as not to frighten it and extended a hand a little ways in front of her. "Here kitty kitty. I'm not going to hurt you, it's alright." She continued to talk softly, letting her voice sooth the frightened creature, who had shrunk back against the bush at her approach. Slowly he took a few tentative steps forwards, then suddenly darted back under the relative safety of the bush. Lylana remained unperterbed and kept talking, coaxing him out. He stepped towards her, and sniffed her fingers. "Poor kitty. C'mon." She brushed a finger against his cheek, and he leaned into her hand and started purring softly. She scratched behind his ears, then layed her hand lightly on his head and delved him as gently as she could. She quickly Healed the cuts and bruises he had aquired, then petted him as if nothing had happened. He froze for a second as she Healed him, then shook his head and continued purring.

Smiling softly, she picked him up and cradled him against her, uncaring that he was covered in dirt. She used to have a cat, when she was a Novice. But that had been a long time ago. Perhaps she would now have another cat, she really did love having them. This one looked in dire need of a little love and affection. She had heard that the Amyrlin now had a cat...

So she carried him down the paths, into the Tower, and up to her rooms. On the way she stopped a girl in the halls, who curtsied and stood quietly, awaiting directions. "Child, fetch me a tub of water, some soap and some towels, and bring it all to Lylana's room in the White Ajah quarters."

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

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~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Lylana got to her room and sat talking to the cat. He regarded her with big yellow eyes, as if he understood perfectly. They both looked up as the door opened and the Novice knocked and entered carrying a tub of water, staggering a slight bit from the sloshing weight of the water. A little surprized, Lylana recognized the girl as the Novice she had seen earlier - and the poor thing obviously recognized her - and she looked a mess. "Reile... What happened??"

The girl looked just about ready to burst into tears as she set the tub on the floor. "I fell," the Novice managed to get out, and she edged towards the door, as if trying to escape.

"Oh dear." Lylana felt sorry for her, being a new Novice was hard enough without problems with dresses and miscreant tubs of water. "Who is your Mentor, if I may ask?" Lylana thought she remembered something mentioned...

"Phrygiana Sedai," the girl replied in a quiet, strained voice.

Lylana nodded thoughtfully and smiled. At least she knew the child was in good hands. "Well, thank you, Reile..."

The girl darted out through the door before she could get any further.

Lylana looked at the tub of water, then at the cat she still held in her arms.

"Per-reow?" he purred, question evident in his voice.

"I hope you like water, cat," Lylana muttered softly. "Otherwise I'm going to have troubles here."

She took the three steps to put her at the tub's side, and knelt down. The cat's claws dug in a little, and his ears leaned back. His look seemed to say,
What, are you nuts?!
Lylana considered using the Power to put him in, but decided that would not be a good idea, and that the poor cat would probably not react well to being held up by the air alone.

Detaching him from her clothes - not an easy task in itself, as his claws kept re-latching on as soon as she turned her attention to the other paw - Lylana held him out away from her body. His ears were now flattened completely down, and he glared in her direction. She felt sorry for him, and told him so, but he simply had to get cleaned up. He didn't agree.

She lowered him into the bath, and his tail flicked as it touched the water and he became more determined to escape. His front claws dug into her hands while his back paws scrambled for a hold on her bare arms, leaving long red scratches. She scowled and plunked him in the water, holding him securely from escaping. He growled deep within his throat and sent her a dirty look. She channelled water up from the bath and let it pour over him, soaking his fur. He sulked. She grabbed the soap and rubbed it over him, getting a lather and working it in to get all the dirt and grime. She then channelled again to rinse it all out of his fur. When she was satisfied that he was clean enough and free of soap, she picked him up, his claws sinking deep within her. She bit her lip a little and tried to ignore the stinging the soap and water on her cuts had caused.

She set him down on one towel and used the other to rub him, getting most of the water from his fur. She stood up and backed up a step, letting him go. His fur was gray, she now saw. With black stripings and a white stomach. And it was now damp and sticking out funny. He peered up at her miserably, his ears still half back. Black stripes formed a diamond on his forehead, and he was really quite a pretty cat. He then proceded to slink off under a table and lick himself clean and dry to his own specifications.

Lylana figured he would be all right in her room, and decided to go get some food for him - and find someone who could Heal her; her arms stung! A name, she needed a name for him... she thought for a few moments, then her mind alighted on "Ryker". Ryker... Yes, that would be perfect. She smiled, then grimaced at her arms. Her dress was ripped, too, a bit. She sighed.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Lylana came in quietly and closed the door. "Kitty, kitty..." she called out as she turned around, but was halted mid-sentence as her mouth dropped open at the sight of her room. It was a complete mess. The curtains were shredded, along with the cushions, whose contents were flung across the carpet. The carpet itself had clawmarks in it and was ripped up here and there. The wall had gouges in it as if the little cat - she couldn't have believed such a little thing could do all that! - had tried to climb it, several times. The papers that had been on her desk were strewn about, looking as if they'd been trampled by a small herd of wild horses and then chewed on a little bit for effect.

And the cat himself was no where to be seen. A pile of clothes sat in a disheveled heap half on a chair and half on the floor, and she guessed what had happened; someone must have come in with the clothes, and he must have gotten out. How he had managed to attack the clothes, as well, she couldn't have guessed. Lylana groaned and held her hand to her forehead for a moment, then spun and walked briskly out the door.

If only she could find the person - a Novice or Accepted, most likely - who had entered her room... Almost before that thought was finished she rounded a corner and spied a young girl in white nursing her arm. She had an unpleasant half pout, half scowl on her face, and was talking to another Novice. "You, child," Lylana said as she approached them. "What happened to you?"

"A cat, Aes Sedai," the girl responded.

Lylana nodded. "Where did he go, did you see?"

The Novice nodded and pointed down the hall. "That way, running, was the last I saw of him. I - I'm sorry he got away, I didn't mean..." She looked a little frightened, as if she thought she might get in trouble.

Lylana shook her head then reassured her, "I know you didn't, it's not your fault. Thank you for your help. And sorry about the scratches." She called the last one over her shoulder as she strode down the hall in the direction the girl had pointed.

Where would he have gone? Lylana walked down the halls, thinking and keeping a sharp eye. The gardens, he would have wanted to get outside, and there were gardens all over. And the nearest one was... that way. She turned and walked purposfully towards the garden.

She stepped out into the sunlight, and looked around. There, under the bush - a gray tail stuck out. A smirk flitted across Lylana's features, then just as quickly disappeared. She stepped up to the bush and sat down, sitting comfortably cross-legged like she always had done. "I'm sorry, I know you're mad at me. But you're all clean now, and surely feel much better." She ducked down and peered into the bush. "I can see you, you know. You might as well come out, I'm not going anywhere." Lylana continued on the same way for a while longer, just talking. Slowly she saw an ear, whiskers and one eye peek around the bush. She smiled and held out her hand, grateful that she had thought to bring some cat food with her. Ryker considered for a moment, then padded over to her and ate what was offered. She scratched his ear and he purred, and all was forgiven.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

After the incident with the room, he generally seemed to respect her and left her stuff alone, though anyone else's belongings were fair game. Most of the time he followed Lylana around like a puppy, or possibly a Warder - he seemed to take it upon himself to protect her from nasty things like birds and leaves. Never mind that he was only six inches tall and looked about as mean as a pillow; he only sniffed when she told him that, denying that he was cute in the least, and continued to hold his head and tail high and trail her around acting as bodyguard.

He followed her on her frequent visits to Phrygiana's Inn, and the two really didn't like each other. Phrygiana had already had a run-in with the other cat in the Tower, who had had great fun with her yarn, so she was wary of him from the start. Ryker immediately picked up on that and was watchful of her - though that didn't stop him from going after the yarn himself, her curtains, and even once one of her patrons when the man accidentally stepped on his tail. Luckily, after the cat had jumped up with a yowl and attacked the man's leg, they only exchanged glares and went their seperate way, much to Phrygiana's relief. He was a spirited cat, and Lylana was glad that once again, after many years, she had a cat - or, rather, was owned by one.


Lylana & Ryker 2


Further Exploits of Ryker



Lylana pushed open the door to the Marshal's Hawk and paused a bit mid-step as she entered through the doorway. Her cat, Ryker, almost walked into her leg, and shot a glare up at her before stalking off to find either something to eat or destroy. Lylana paid him no mind as she scanned the room for Phrygiana. There were people here she recognized - Warders, it seemed. Or, rather, Wards by the look of them. She spotted her friend, waved, then started working her way across the room. When she was half way there the woman Gaidin stood up and tapped on the table. Lylana noted that this must be Phrygiana's Warder, Radzynne, as she walked over to stand next to Phryg by the wall.

The Gaidin spoke to the Wards, who listened silently, then she handed out packages to three of them. Phryg and Lylana exchanged a smile at the surprize on the Wards' - no, Warders' - faces. They congratulated each other and continued their little celebration.

Out of the corner of her eyes Lylana saw something small and grey, and she groaned inwardly. She turned, and yes, it was as she had surmised - Ryker stealthily padded across the floor, ears turning to catch the sounds coming from the other patrons of the inn. He headed straight for the table of Gaidin, but only Lylana seemed to notice him. The trouble making cat disappeared under the table, and Lylana only sighed and waited. Sure enough she saw one of the Wards frown and look under the table, then shake his head as he saw nothing and dismissed it. A few seconds later the cat landed effortlessly on the table from the floor on the other side of it. Eight heads from around the table turned to stare at him, and the bold cat nonchalantly walked over and daintily took a drink from Sparhawk's wine glass.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Raef considered himself a patient man. You had to be to marry a woman and not be able to live with her for three years. He also liked to think of himself as hospitable. He'd grown up in inns and had been running the show in them since he was able to carry a tray and pour a mug of ale. But he had to draw the line somewhere.

When Lylana's cat, THAT CAT, jumped up on the table and started apping at one of the Warder's drink he jumped into action. In one fell swoop he sprung forward, scooped the cat up and marched over to Lylana.

"I believe this belongs to you, Lylana Sedai," he said with a tight voice. He was one of the few men in the land who honestly didn't think there was anything out of the ordinary about Aes Sedai. He was married to one after all. They sort of lose their mystery when you've seen one of them naked . . . and more.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

As Raef held the cat out to Lylana, she sighed and took him from the man's arms. "Yes, I do believe he is. I'm terribly sorry, Raef." Lylana then frowned at the cat and said in a quiet, yet exaspirated voice, "What am I going to do with you?" Ryker simply purred. She let him jump down, and he wandered out the door.


Lylana walked briskly down the hall towards the Novice quarters, to find a girl who could look after her cat for her while she was gone. If I can find anyone willing to look after him, what with all the messes he's caused, she thought as she looked down at Ryker, who trotted along at her heels. He looked about him, probably looking for someone to terrorize or something to tear to shreds. His gaze rested for a moment on a tapestry, and Lylana winced and wondered how long it would be for someone to tell of the tapestry's demise.

She came upon a small group of Novices, three girls walking down the hall leaving their quarters. Two of the girls winced when they saw Ryker, and the other one glared at him. They all three of them hastily curstied quickly when Lylana stopped in front of them, then they glanced at each other and one said, "May we help you, Aes Sedai?"

"Yes... Would you girls be willing to look after my cat while I am away from the Tower, or know someone who would?'

"Umm..." "You see..." "We're..." the three girls stumbled over their words, all speaking at the same time. The same girl who had spoken first glanced over her shoulder as the sound of a door closing was heard, then turned back to Lylana. "I'm sure Lorelia wouldn't mind!" the girl blurted out, relief evident in her voice, and pointed at the Novice who had just stepped out into the hall from her room. She then grabbed her two companions by the arms and practically hauled them off down the hall, and they hurried after her eagerly.

Lylana walked up to the Novice - Lorelia - whom they had pointed out. "Child, would you be willing to look after my cat while I'm away?" she asked.

The girl looked up, surprized, then dipped in a curtsy and replied, "Yes, Aes Sedai, it would be a pleasure."

Lylana's lips twitched up as if to smile, but kept the serene look on her face - the girl obviously hadn't met her cat yet, or she wouldn't have phrased it quite that way. "Wonderful!" Lylana placed her hand between the bewildered Novice's shoulderblades and propelled her down the hall towards her room while rattling off directions.

When they got to the Aes Sedai's room Lylana finally finished with the instructions, placed the cat in the girl's arms with a reminder that he should stay in the room for a bit so he could get used to the idea of her leaving, and grabbed her bags. Ryker stared at her curiously, and Lorelia tried to absorb everything she had said. Lylana turned and left the room, calling, "See you when I get back!" over her shoulder as she hurried off down the hall.

When she reached the docks she saw Phrygiana and Raef standing on the deck of a ship. She greeted Phrygiana with a wide smile and a hug while Raef quickly scanned the area and relaxed when he didn't see a trace of her cat. Lylana moved belowdecks and put her bags in her room, a simple, small cabin with a bed and desk, all bolted to the floor. She then went back on deck to wait for the others.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Lorelia stepped out of her room to go to the library. As the door swung shut behind her, she heard someone say, "I'm sure Lorelia wouldn't mind!" She looked in the direction of the voices to see 3 novices scurrying madly away from an Aes Sedai carrying a kitten. She thought her name was Lylana, but she wasn't sure. Lylana Sedai asked her if she would mind watching her cat for while she was away. Ooh, she just loved cats and kittens were the best! She told Lylana Sedai she it would be a pleasure to take care of her kitten while she was away. Next thing she knew, the Aes Sedai had put her hand on Lorelia's back and began steering her to her rooms. The whole time giving directions. "I will need you to feed him, of course. Keep him company. Oh, and I would like for you to clean my rooms. Dust, make the bed, put things away. You probably should keep Ryker in my rooms until he is used to me being gone." She finally placed Ryker in Lorelia's arms and took off out the door,leaving Lorelia trying to remember all the instructions she had been given. Ryker sat in her arms until the door was shut behind Lylana Sedai, then he scratched her on her arm. "Ow!" Lorelia said aloud. "So, that is the game you want to play! Fine, I will leave you alone while you adjust!" She could almost swear he was glaring at her, while he licked his paws.

For the first time, she looked around the Aes Sedai's room. "Oh my god! What in the Light happened here!" The room was trashed. Someone had slashed the curtains, there were paper bits strewn all over the floor, and in the midst sat suspect number one. "No wonder she needed someone to clean her room. She did not have enough time to fix your mess before she had to catch that boat. Well, I guess the first step would be to get new curtains. Then clean the floor,I wonder if anyone would object to me using the One Power to get those. And since I don't know when you were last fed, I will get you food while I am getting something done about the curtains." She kept a steady stream of conversation directed at the cat, casting him disapproving glances every so often. They did not affect him in the least. Lorelia went to the curtains to take them down so she could use them to find new ones. These were beyond salvageable. She reached up and was trying to work them down, stepping tiny steps so as not too lose her balance. She felt something playing around her legs. Lorelia glanced down to see Ryker clawing at her novice dress. "Stop that before you make me fall! I could fall on top of you and that would hurt!" Just then the one side of the curtains came lose and she lost her balance. Down she went in a bundle of curtains, cat, and novice. "Oh, no! Ryker!" she just knew she had landed on him. She began pulling the curtains away under her looking for him. Just as she saw him scampering away the rest of the curtains fell on her head. It took her a few minutes to work her way free, she had twisted herself up worse when she was looking for Ryker. She finally got herself loose, and looked around for Ryker. There he was, sitting there staring at her as if she was stupid! And was that amusement in his eyes!?

"Ah, you think that is funny do you? We both could have been very hurt! Behave for a minute and let me get all this straightened out!" She began folding the curtains up, keeping a very wary eye on Ryker. After she got the curtains all folded, she went to the door and stopped. "It is bad enough that I will have to replace those curtains. See if you can keep your claws to yourself until I get back with new ones and your food." He sat there calmly bathing himself while she talked. She opened the door and Ryker darted past. Oh no! She dropped the curtains and took off after Ryker. She ran behind him, calling "Ryker! Ryker! Please come back your going to get me in trouble! Here kitty kitty kitty! Oh Ryker, please come back!" She had to catch him, Lylana Sedai would have her scrubbing pots for years, even after she was raised Aes Sedai. She bumped into several novices and Accepted chasing Ryker through the halls. At one point she tripped on her novice dress and barely caught herself before she fell, still running. Where was he going? She hit one novice and sent her skiddering with books flying. Lorelia hoped she wasn't a Brown. She could barely keep Ryker in her line of sight! She flung back an "I'm sorry! The Aes Sedai's cat!" trying to put a name to the face so she could apologize later. Just as Ryker turned a corner Lorelia heard an authoritive voice behind her.

"And what, Lorelia, would send a novice careening through the Tower ignoring Aes Sedai?" Lorelia halted so fast she fell to the ground. Oh no, I'm dead, she thought. He's gone. She stood and curtsied to the Aes Sedai meekly. Almost in tears from the run, the idea of the lost cat, and the trouble she knew that she was fixing to be in, she hoped Soraya Sedai would go easy on her. More, she hoped Lylana Sedai would.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Lylana got up on the deck of the ship and walked over to where Phryg was standing. "Where are the others?" she asked her friend, looking around.

Phryg scowled a bit, then motioned towards the door to below-decks. "The two girls, Ryell and Reile, are down in their cabin."

"Oh." Lylana nodded thoughtfully, knowing from Phryg's demeanor that there was more to that story than she had said. "Why-" She stopped her sentence right there and stared at the dock. But that... I think it is... Oh dear... A familiar gray feline ran silently down the docks, dodging the people milling about and heading straight for the boat that Lylana was on. Phrygiana followed her gaze, her eyes widening when she saw.

The cat continued towards her, deviating from his run long enough to pounce on a rope that was trailing behind a barrel being carried down the docks. He came to a stop at the end of the dock and surveyed the 1-foot gap between the wood he was standing on and the side of the boat, glaring at the water lapping against the piles of the dock below him. The boat moved up and down a little bit in the water, and he hesitantly stretched out a paw towards it, then settled back on his haunches when he couldn't reach. Gathering his muscles, he crouched down, then sprang easily towards the boat, expecting to land perfectly on the edge of the railing - but he didn't. Just as he jumped a wave made the boat rise up, and the cat reacted quickly and grabbed the side of the boat with his paws - he had missed the railing by a few inches - and let out a "mewl" of indignation that his objective didn't sit still properly, like normal things. The hard, slick wood combined with the slope of the side was too much, and his claws slipped a little, then a little more, and finally let go altogether. He landed with a splash into the water.

All this had taken place in a short span of time, and it was just then that Lylana reached the side of the boat, the last few steps taken at a run when he dropped out of view. She quickly wove water and air threads around the cat, and lifted the soaking wet, miserable animal out of the water and onto the deck. He shook some of the water from his fur then pressed against her leg, purring happily at having found her. "My goodness, Ryker!" she exclaimed. "What have you done now?" It was too late to take him back to the Tower; besides, there was no guarantee he would stay there, even if there was. She sighed, picked up the sodden and still purring Ryker, and turned to the other Aes Sedai. "Um, Phrygiana? It seems we have an addition to our crew. I hadn't planned on it, but there's no way I can take him back, nor get him to stay behind."

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

With the cabin all in order and Phryg's naughty novices safely tucked away in their own little box, Raef made his way back up to the deck to find Phryg. He was getting a little impatient for the journey to begin, especially since Phryg had already started out with a whopper of a fireball. He needed to get her mind on something else to prevent any real disasters from happening. Maybe the book on the history of Mayene that she brought with her?

On deck, Phryg was standing next to Lylana, who was leaning over the side of the boat slightly. She couldn't be sick already, could she? A few seconds later he saw a dripping wet cat come floating over the edge of the ship. His jaw dropped. He strode quickly over to Phryg's side.

"What's this?" he asked, trying to hide his true feelings for the cat. "Is that cat coming with us?"

"There really isn't any way to take him back," Lylana explined, cuddling the wretched thing.

Raef tried not to look stern and angry. he tried not to let his feeling show, but he knew from the slightly teasing glint in Phryg's eyes that it was a losing battle. Strangely, Phryg's eyes put him more at ease.

"I'm sure Lylana will keep him out of your way," she said, putting a comforting hand on his arm.

"I'm sure she will," he answered. It was time to change the subject, and fast. "Would you like to see where I put everything in the cabin?" he asked. It was an innane question, but he just wanted to get away from the cat smoothly. And it wouldn't be that bad to be alone with his wife below deck, in that small, cozy cabin . . . .

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

"What's this? Is that cat coming with us?" Raef didn't look at all pleased at the thought.

Phrygiana reassured him a bit, and Lylana carried the cat down to her cabin and got a little more of the water towelled from his fur. Then she let him sit on the floor cleaning himself while she sat down at the desk and pulled out a pen and some paper. She hastily scrawled - if scrawled could be said of her precise printing - a note for someone to take back to the Tower. It read:


To whomever this gets given to: please deliver to Lorelia Novice.


Do not fret, as I'm sure you are, my cat is safely with me. I do not have the time to return him, so he will be travelling with me. You can still look after my room for me, if you care to. Thank you for your help, and I know it was not your fault; Ryker is quite the troublemaker.



She left the cat prowling around in her cabin while she went back topside to hand the note to a boy, with instructions to deliver it to the Tower. Satisfied that her ageless face and serpent ring would ensure the boy did deliver it, she leaned against the railing and waited for the rest of the party to arrive so they could leave.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Once the ships had left the docks, Lylana decided to follow the others' example and go back down to her cabin for a while. She paused at her door and opened it a crack, checking that her cat was in no position to go streaking past her. When she saw no sight of him she opened the door enough for her to slip through and closed it firmly behind her. Hard on the heels of relief that he wasn't going to try to escape came uncertainty - by all means he SHOULD have been. And he still wasn't anywhere in sight. Lylana looked about. The room seemed untouched. She blinked in surprize, trying to think what could have happened, and where he might be.

A scratching noise interrupted her thought, and her gaze fell upon the trunk that sat on the floor, where she had put her clothes in. And which lid had been open when she left the room; the rolling of the ship on the waves must have been enough to knock it closed. Two steps took her to stand in front of it, and lifting the lid revealed a clawed up trunk, mussed up and mangled clothes, and one scowling cat. His ears were half back and his eyes wide for the darkness inside the trunk, which narrowed to a slit when the light of the cabin hit them. Ryker jumped out and flicked his tail, then walked across the room to stare at the desk's leg as if absorbed by it, his pride refusing to let him aknowledge that he's been caught by an inanimate object. He was starting to show a definite dislike of this thing that looked like a building but appeared to have a mind of its own, having "gotten" him twice already - one with the result of him getting wet, which he had no love of in the first place.

Giving a small smile at the acting her cat was doing, Lylana decided to see what people did for food on a ship, and what could be done about feeding Ryker. As soon as she opened the door Ryker dropped the bored, uninterested act and was through the doorway and down the hall in a grey blur. If Lylana were more prone to such things she would have uttered an oath, but being as she was she only pursed her lips and sedately followed after him. There really wasn't anywhere he could go, and she had long since given up expending energy trying to keep up with him.

Ryker swiftly ascended the stairs to the boat's deck, then slowed his pace to a brisk trot over to the side of the boat. He stopped in bewilderment when he saw there was water where ground used to be. He turned to face the rest of the ship and sat to consider his situation. He eyed the people scurrying around the boat, then walked confidently towards a practicing Ward. When he was close but far enough away that he wasn't obtrusive the cat sat down in the middle of the deck and watched. He sat there for a while, ears facing forwards and tip of his tail twitching every now and then, silently observing the dance the man flowed through, smooth and controlled even on the gently rolling ship.

Lylana came on deck just as the billowing of the white sail caught Ryker's eye. The cat's turned his head and looked up, suddenly very interested in the ropes and canvas stretched across the wooden beams. Not taking his eye off his prey, he got up and moved fluidly as only a cat can, slowly at first, then quicker, towards the large mast in the center of the boat. Lylana stopped and closed her eyes for a brief moment, and opened them to see her cat swiftly climb up the pole two man-heights, then get onto a fairly large beam that stuck out from it like a branch. He moved out on the beam a few feet and wrapped his paw around a taut rope that tied the mast to the beam, diggin his claws triumphantly into it. Movement from below - Lylana approaching the base of the mast - distracted him and caused him to look down. Looking around a bit he came to the conclusion that going down the pole would not be nearly as much fun as it had been to go up it, and he sat and meowed plaintively. Lylana watched her cat and snorted at his request to be let down; he had been rescued enough by the Power to know that he could be. She figured he wasn't going to get hurt and she would catch him with Air if he fell, and smiled sweetly at this chance to get back at him for the trouble he'd caused. "Sorry kitty dearest... this time you can get down on your own!"


Lylana Learning Quarterstaff



Learning the Quarterstaff



Lylana pushed open the door to the Marshal's Hawk and paused a bit mid-step as she entered through the doorway. Her cat, Ryker, almost walked into her leg, and shot a glare up at her before stalking off to find either something to eat or destroy. Lylana paid him no mind as she scanned the room for Phrygiana. There were people here she recognized - Warders, it seemed. Or, rather, Wards by the look of them. She spotted her friend, waved, then started working her way across the room. When she was half way there the woman Gaidin stood up and tapped on the table. Lylana noted that this must be Phrygiana's Warder, Radzynne, as she walked over to stand next to Phryg by the wall.

Lylana idly flipped through her notebook, petting Ryker when she stopped turning pages to read something. Closing the book with a snap, she leaned her head back to rest on the back of the chair. She has forgotten how little there was to do here in Tar Valon. All the Novices and Accepteds has chores and studies to do, the Aes Sedai all had jobs and classes to teach, even the Wards and Warders all had duties. But Lylana was bored. She let her mind wander, thinking of everything and nothing, just drifting in thoughts and memories. The picture of the pirate raid slowly filled her vision, persistantly not leaving. She frowned, trying to figure out what was bothering her about it, a thought she had... Ah, yes. Now she remembered: it was during that battle that she had realized how very helpless she was. Without the Power she was nothing. Other memories touched lightly at the edges of her conciousness, and she grew more annoyed with each one. What if she was shielded? Or if the person didn't threaten her life or that of a Sister's? Or if she was simply too tired to Channel any more?

Ideas and arguements swirling through her head, Lylana drummed her fingertips on the book, her only outward sign of her state of mind other than often-present crease in her brow. Coming to a conclusion, she suddenly stood up, Ryker looked at her with a half-interested look on his face. She turned to him and planted her hands on her hips. "They don't teach enough here at the Tower. I am going to learn some other way of protecting myself, that doesn't use the Power." Ryker flicked his tail and looked away. Lylana changed from the confortable skirt and blouse she was wearing into one of her pants, one that would not hamper any movement she might have to do. A ribbon of doubt wound through her confidence, but she calmly refused to aknowledge it.

She moved quickly through the Tower, her step only faltering a bit when she reached the Warder's yard. What, exactly, was she looking for? Her mind quickly listed her requirements: a teacher, one who will listen to her and not turn her away, preferably someone she knows, and fair. Before she had taken two steps she had come up with Phrygiana's Warder, Radzynne, who was even the Mistress of Wards. Even if she couldn't teach Lylana herself, she would know who could. Pleased with her choice, Lylana stopped a Ward that was passing by, asking in a no-nonsense voice, "Where might I find Radzynne Gaidin?" The Ward directed her to the practice grounds where Radzynne would be teaching. Walking over, Lylana waited quietly and patiently for the Warder to notice her.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Radzynne paused for a moment, letting the Wards hold thier position as she made a bow to Lylana Sedai.

"G'day Lylana Sedai, might I help you with something?"

Lylana glanced at the wards, who, though they did thier best, still cast glances to the figure that waited on the outside of the circle, not sure what it meant or what to do with the Head of the White Ajah standing so close to them. Lylana also glanced at the Wards before returning her gaze to Radzynne, and the begining of a question opened her mouth, but she shut it and waited.

Catching the hint, Radzynne bid the wards to continue and she walked to where Lylana stood, brow raised slightly in curiousity. Once away from earshot of those who did not really need to hear, Lylana began to speak, and the more she spoke, the more curious Radzynne became.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Seeing that the Wards were out of range, Lylana outlined her thoughts of earlier, how she felt that the training of Aes Sedai was inadequate. She really couldn't tell what the Gaidin was thinking, and Lylana schooled her features to cover the growing doubt she felt. Aes Sedai were not Warders, she should never have presumed to think that others would see it like her. "... and I think that it would be beneficial for me to learn some sort of weapon, to protect myself. I do not have a Warder yet, to protect me; besides, Warders can't always be right there, though they try." She had added that last bit on a whim, and, true to her instinct, it reminded Radzynne of the unfortunate fire incident of Phrygiana's. "Might you be willing to train me?" Lylana was still very unsure of what kind of response she would get, so she stood, waiting, hoping.

Radzynne listened paitently as Lylana voiced her reasons and request. It wasn't so absurd as some might think, for hadn't she tried to teach Phrygiana something, just in case something happend? Stopping beside a low wall, Radzy looked at Lylana for a moment, sizing up her stature and possible weapons passed through her mind till they settled on only one.

"Aye, I think I can do this service for you Lylana Sedai. I've but two requests of my own. Tell no one except Phrygiana, and when you do, try to convince her to the the same, for I'll not have her defenseless again. Meet me at dusk here, for I'll not have all gaping at you while you learn the begining, it isn't fitting."

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Lylana let go of a breath she hadn't realized she'd been holding at Radzynne's affirmative reply. It wouldn't be difficult to do as she asked; she had no one to tell but Ryker, who was now somewhere to her left, in search of a Ward to pounce. Sparing a glance in the cat's direction, she said, "I shall see you at dusk, then. Thank you." Nodding at the Aes Sedai, the Warder turned and walked over to the Wards she had been practicing with.

Lylana stood motionless for a few moments, contemplating what she had gotten herself into; once the intial feeling of accomplishment faded, she started imagining all sorts of scenarios, few of them pleasant. She groaned inwardly.
Oh, light, I hope I know what I'm getting myself into.
Before her troublemaking cat could start a ruckus, Lylana scooped him up in her arms and carried him off with her. "And
," she said to him, tapping his nose, "I know too well - would you
stop planning to attack people!"

Ryker just tried to look indignant, which he really couldn't achieve, as he was being held cradled in the crook of Lylana's arm like a baby.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Right at dusk, Lylana quietly made her way down to the practice yards once again. Radzynne was already waiting, and gestured for Lylana to follow as she walked away from the yards. After they had moved a ways off, near a stream, Radzynne stopped and picked up what appeared to be a stick. No, Lylana knew better than that: it was what was known as a staff.

"This is a quarterstaff," Radzynne said, confirming Lylana's guess. "It's what you'll be training with."

This allayed some of Lylana's fears; at least it wasn't a sword or something of the sort. She took the long piece of wood from the Gaidin gingerly, holding it awkwardly, and waited for some sort of instruction on what to
with it.

Radzy watched Lylana take the staff in her hands and hold it like she'd hold a viper. With a shake of her head, she took both of the Sedai's hands and placed them closer together in the middle of the length of wood.

"Tonight we will get you familiarized with your staff."

At the curious look this earned her, she plowed on.

"Yes, your staff. It was cut with you in mind, since the standard staves are made for men of greater height and strength. Now then, hold it before you, hands as they are placed. Feel it's weight, feel the balance between both ends. If you must, close your eyes and do this."

Lylana complied. Squeezing her eyes shut as she held the wood before her paralell to the ground. After only moments went by however, her arms began to tremble and the frownlines along her mouth stood out. Seeing this, Radzynne waited a moment more.

"Let your arms down. You will need to build strength in them before you can accomplish much, but, this will come with time and practice, for you cannot learn any weapon within a day. What we will work on is this. It is more difficult then it looks, though it will help you greatly with control as well as stamina."

Re-adjusting how Lylana's hands held the staff, placing the wrists crossed, though the backs of her hands facing each other, Radzynne took up her own staff to demonstrate.

"Watch closely, I will try to move slow."

With her hands holding the staff the same as Ly's, she began to rotate the wood in a spin, first one palm slapping into the wood before sending it in an arc to the next, and so on and so forth.

And as the staff spun, Radzynne talked.

"This is not a move I would consider to use while against an opponent. I only show you this so you can learn to find the balance of the staff in it's center, and learn control from one hand to the next as it spins. It will help your coordination as well as your strength."

Letting the staff slow then rest on the ground, Radzynne nodded.

"Do not be discouraged if it doesn't happen all at once. It will take time and practice as well, before you learn even the simplest of moves. Now, try."

And so she waited.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Lylana watched as Radzy spun the staff around and around in complete control, studying the movement with narrowed eyes.
Just do that and that...
Radzy stopped and looked at her, waiting for her to try.

Lylana hefted the staff again, holding it like Radzy had. Swinging it back and forth, she tested the weight and balance. Finally, she tried to spin it.
to spin it. It did a half a circle the way it was supposed to, but then the second slap of her palm put it off-kilter and the staff did a rather spectacular loop up into the air, still spinning. One end hit the ground and it bounced up a bit, and the other end hit, then it settled to lay flat on the ground.

Lylana was still poised, hands held in front of her as if she held the staff, frozen to the spot. Lylana and Radzy both looked at the staff laying on the ground for a second, then Radzy turned her gaze to Lylana. Gathering her dignity about her, which she was sure she was going to lose by the time this was over and done with, Lylana bent to retrieve her staff - HER staff. She smiled a little at that thought.
If I ever learn to use it,
she thought. The smile quickly disappeared.

Placing her hands properly, Lylana spun the staff again, determined to do this as many times as needed until she learned. One slap, two slaps, thr- WHAP! The staff had tilted off the vertical plane, and the end that was pointing down hit Lylana directly on her left shin. She bit her lip as she felt the pain shoot up her leg - the staff had
been going slowly - then subsided, leaving a dull throbbing sensation.
That's going to leave a bruise...

After what seemed like a hundred more tries -
No, it was probably only about ninety
, Lylana thought dryly - and countless bruises, flying staves and pointers from Radzynne, Lylana had the basic idea. It was touchy, and she couldn't do it for very long, but she was getting the rhythm of it. Stopping the staff, she held it more easily in her hands as before, and waited with a smile of triumph on her face.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Radzynne nodded her approval.

"Your getting the hang of it." Looking at the slightly fattend lip of Lylana after a particularly bad swing, she almost took it back, however, encouragement with praise seemed to work just as well, so she went onward.

"Since you have seemed to have grasped the concept of balance." remembering dodging more then once a flying would-be bit of kindling "We will try it with one hand. Now, the concept is the same, however, your point of balance is the center instead of both sides. You will roll the staff across your palm like you did before, however, instead of your free hand catching it, it will be a quick move of the same hand to finish the manuver."

Radzynne took her own staff up again, thinking before it was safer to have both hands free incase of incoming not so missle objects. With her right, she held the staff centered in her palm. With a twist of her wrist, she sent it spinning as before, however, another twist back and the same hand caught it again, sending it along the path once more.

"Now, balance and concentration, first your primary hand, then your off hand."

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Lylana's smile faded as Radzy showed her the next trick: the same thing, but with one hand instead of two.
Oh boy...
She held the staff out in front of her, more confidently now, but with a good distance between it and her, and Radzy took a step backwards. Then another.

Taking a deep breath to focus and calm herself, Lylana spun the staff. And it worked! Just as that thought crossed her mind, the staff took off rather horizontally and disappeared into the trees with a crash and a yowl.
A yowl?!?
A grey blur shot out from the direction the staff had taken, turning out to be Ryker, who had taken up not-so-safe refuge in the trees. He huddled up against Lylana's legs, unaware that she was the cause of it all in the first place. Radzy was trying to conceal laughter, Lylana was sure.

Giving Ryker a
, Lylana nudged him away from her with her foot, muttering, "If you don't move you're going to be more than a little sorry..." she glanced at the bruises that were already showing on her arms, "I know." The cat moved a ways off, towards the stream, and disappeared down the stream's bank. Sure that he was out of range of most of her mistakes, Lylana retrieved her staff and set to work trying it again.

Again and again she tried - spin the staff, twist the wrist, spin it again - and every time it either flew, fell to the ground, or got caught in her fingers. After the staff had fallen to lay lifeless on the ground,
Where the light-burned thing ought to STAY
, yet again, Lylana stood motionless, rubbing her sore fingers. Radzy approached, shaking her head. "You're not doing it right."

Lylana gave a snort, as if to say, "No, really??"

Radzynne went through the motions again, slower. The second time through the demonstration, Lylana saw what she was doing wrong: she wasn't shifting her wrist the right way, and was grabbing for the staff too quickly. Radzy backed off and let her try again.

After a few fumbles she finally had it; once she had identified the problem, it wasn't too difficult. Radzy even stopped looking as if she was ready to drop to the ground any second.

"Alright, now you've got your right hand, let's try your left..."

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Since coming back from Mayene Phryg had felt strangely bored. Life had been non-stop during that mission, and as hair-raising as the behavior of her little novices had been, she missed the action. That restlessness was what took her out of the Marshall's Hawk and into the Tower grounds that night. She could feel Radzy through the bond and hoped that finding her would provide at the very least someone to talk to for the evening.

As she approached the Warder's Training Yard she was nearly beaned by a flying quarterstaff. But she was the lucky one. A yowling sound came next and Phryg saw Lylana's cat Ryker get hit with the big stick. Lylana followed soon after, keeping to the shaddows as though she knew she wasn't supposed to be out there. Phryg let the image sink in for a few minutes before following to the yard itself.

In the yard she saw Radzy with a quarterstaff apparently showing Lylana how to work it. It was a curious site indeed.

"What are you up to?" Phryg asked her friends with a mildly curious exp
ression. She immediately didn't like the glimmer of an idea and the feeling of opportunity that slipped through the bond.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Radzynne watched Phryg step up and smiled.

"What are you up to?" she asked with a smile.

Radzy grinned, twirling the staff around in her hand and pushing the idea down deep before the bond fully took hold of it.

"Oh, just practicing." More thoughts ran through her mind and she shoved em down again....'patience radz, patience'

Phryg looked to Ly when her warder wouldn't open her mouth.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

"What are you up to?" Phryg asked, looking at her and Radzynne curiously. Lylana jumped when she heard Phrygiana's voice, and almost dropped her staff. She scowled a little at that; dropping the staff whenever something made her jump would be a really dumb thing to do.

"Oh, just practicing," Radzy replied. Phryg looked to Lylana for further explanation.

Lylana hesitated a moment, then sighed. "I'm learning the staff, Phryg. I don't have a Warder, I feel woefully helpless without the Power, and I'm bored. Your wonderful Gaidin here agreed to teach me." Lylana spared a small smile in Radzy's direction. Small because she hurt all over - and they hadn't even done much yet! Remembering Radzy's words earlier, that she was to try to convince Phryg to learn, too, Lylana continued, "Really, Phryg, you should join me. I'll need a sparring partner who isn't going to kill me straightaway as Radzy's surely capable of. Besides, you could probably do to learn a little self-defence, too." Ryker stalked up to Phrygiana to inspect the newcomer, while Lylana stood, shifting from foot to foot.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Lylana slowly trudged through the Warders Yards on her way to the Tower, the light from the crescent moon fading and growing as clouds passed over it.
One foot in front of the other, just one foot in front of the other.
Ryker was looked around with unseeing eyes from his position in her arms, as he was still half asleep from being woken up; after Radzynne was done knocking her senseless Lylana had found him curled up by the tree. Lylana gave a little smile as she gazed down at the little furball in her arms, he looked so peaceful, so cute.
Too bad he loses that cuteness as soon as he wakes up,
she chuckled softly.

She stumbled into the Tower, looking in suprize at the door sill that she could have sworn was never there before. Shaking her head, she realized that she was just really tired. Having woken up, Ryker struggled to be let go and jumped to the floor, with not a sound from his padded paws. The halls were silent, the only noise coming from Lylana's soft footsteps. Ryker, in his usual un-cat-like way, galloped down the hall and around the corner. Lylana sighed and closed her eyes for a moment, then continued on, mentally cursing her adventure-seeking, trouble-making cat. She stopped dead in her tracks when she rounded the corner to see Ryker sitting in front of the door to her room, staring up at the doornob. He immediately looked at her and meowed pitifully, touching a paw lightly to the door. Lylana took back all the thoughts she had been thinking, and let both of them in the room.

Lylana walked directly to the bed, disrobed to her shift and crawled carefully beneath the sheets, wincing as she felt the effects of a particularily large bruise. She smiled as she felt Ryker jump up and curl up against her stomach, then all thoughts fled as sleep overtook her.


The next day Lylana groaned as she awoke, feeling sore all over. Ryker's ears perked up at the sound, and he got up from his position stretched across her legs to walk up and greet her, purring loudly. She didn't move for a few minutes, just layed there and tried to convince herself to move.
Oh, this is gonna hurt...
Instead of pushing herself to a sitting position, she just rolled over and half slid out of bed onto the floor, then slowly stood up. Testing her muscles, she found that she couldn't lift her arms over her head and her legs were stiff and covered in bruises, but it wasn't as bad as it could have been. She felt energized, glad she was finally
something. Dressing was a tedious task, as she frequently couldn't quite convince her arms or legs to move the way they had to. It took her four tries to lift her leg high enough to step into her dress, and she spent a good fifteen minutes trying to do up the buttons. Finally she gave up and chose another dress that only had to be pulled on, one that had divided skirts for riding. This, too, was a trial, but once she got it over her head it was fine. Looking in her mirror, Lylana knew she really ought to brush the mess that was her hair, but just thinking of the effort required in the once-simple act made her arms ache already. She stood there motionless, unsure of what to do, then she laughed as the answer came to her: she was Aes Sedai, a Novice or Accepted would easily help her. Poking her head into the hall, Lylana called the nearest girl over. The Novices's eyes widened as she took in Lylana's fat lip and mussed-up hair and she opened her mouth as if to say something, then, thinking better of saying anything to an Aes Sedai in this condition and unknown temperment, shut it just as quickly. "Child, I need some help, might you be able to brush my hair for me?" Lylana asked, not letting any emotion show in her voice or on her face. The girl nodded mutely, then scurried in the door when Lylana stepped back to let her in.
~*~ ~*~ ~*~

** A Novice brushed my hair as a chore, but she wrote Lylana sounding kinda mean, so I'm just going to leave it out, since it doesn't fit with her character. **

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Lylana felt sorry Ryker had scratched the girl, that cat was impossible! Lylana had given him a word or two after the Novice had left.

After getting put back in order by the Novice, Lylana strolled easily down the hall to the kitchens. She kept her face completely impassive, but scowled a little at anyone who looked too closely at her, and no one paid her any bother. She was laughing inside, though, at how easy it was for an Aes Sedai to scare people. She didn't like to do that often, but she simply didn't want to have to deal with any questions or comments today. Once at the kitchens she changed her outward appearance to show how tired she was, and the cook took pity on her and gave her an apple, some cheese and bread, then added a small bit of chocolate to the pile with a wink. Lylana thanked the woman sincerely and continued on to the Library, only wincing now and again when she took too large of stride and her leg muscles protested.

She was almost to the Library when she heard a familiar sound and Ryker came around the corner, almost running into her leg. He skidded to a stop, looked up at her, and meowed in chastisement for leaving him behind. "Oh, sorry, I forgot about you, didn't I?" Ryker spotted the food she had gotten and, putting two and two together, gave her an even dirtier look for going to the kitchen without him. Noticing where he was looking, she told him, "Now, remember what happened last time they found you in the kitchens. I did
appreciate being told that you attacked the Mistress of the Kitchen's broom!" Lylana grinned at the memory, but quickly returned her face to its state of passivity.
I wonder what people must think of me standing in the hall arguing with a cat...
Well, they were most likely used to such strange things from Aes Sedai.

Lylana continued along, Ryker trailing behind her, pouncing every so often on the hem of her dress, so it went somewhat like: 'step, step, step,
stumble... repeat.' When finally she reached her destination - the Library - she hadn't dropped anything and didn't give a second thought to the food in her arms, until she caught a frown from one of the Browns. Returning the look cooly, Lylana inwardly sighed and decided to just take a book out and go back to her room; she'd never be able to read with the Brown sisters giving her glares all day. After walking up and down the assorted aisles, Lylana selected two books, both non-fiction to read just for fun, and signed them out.

Getting back to her room, thankfully without tripping over Ryker and dropping everything, she put the food and books down on a little table, dragged it over to her reading seat, then collapsed into the comfy chair. Ryker immediately jumped up, only to be pushed back off. Lylana drew her legs up under her, slowly so as not to strain anything that was already hurting. Ryker jumped up again. She pushed him off and grabbed a book. When Ryker deposited himself on her lap yet again, she only muttered and let him stay. He layed down beside her legs and purred, happy that she had given in. Lylana only shook her head and started reading, absently reaching for food with her other hand. She was, however, glad to have Ryker's companionship, no matter how annoying he could be.


A few hours later Lylana realized she had just read the same paragraph for the third time, and she still didn't have a clue what it said. She reached for her bookmark, and only when her arm was almost painfully fully extended towards the table did she realize that it was on the other side of the room. She could see a corner of it sticking out from the top of her bookcase, and she stared at it dully. Muttering to herself, she struggled to get up, meanwhile disturbing Ryker's sleep. He opened one eye and looked at her, then stretched, rolled over and fell back asleep. Lylana copied the cat and stretched, but gingerly, then walked over and used the bookmark to mark her page. Considering she was already wearing a dress meant for riding, Lylana decided to pay a visit to Stardust. It would be best to not sit still, anyways. The door was almost closed behind her when Ryker scooted through, almost getting his tail shut in the door.

Stardust greeted Lylana with a whicker and a toss of his head, obviously recognizing her. Lylana asked the stable master - Joilen she thought she heard someone call him - to get Stardust ready for a ride, and he complied quickly, then led the horse over to where Lylana was standing. After two failed attempts to get her foot in the stirrup, Joilen asked, "Are you alright, Aes Sedai?"

Put off by her inability to mount her own horse, Lylana said, perhaps a little sharper than needed, "No, I'm not alright!" He jumped and wasn't sure whether he should help her or get out of her way. Lylana sighed and made her tone slightly apoligetic, "I could use a little help."

After Joilen had assisted Lylana into the saddle, courtesty of a little help from a nearby fence, she thanked him and turned Stardust away from the Tower. Ryker ran up ahead, and the horse and rider started out on a leisurely walk, both enjoying the warm sunshine.


Lylana Death


Silent Farewell



Lylana looked up from her latest class's outline, then put her pencil down and stretched. It had been a long several hours, but now she had what she was going to teach each lesson all written out. It still amazed her, that after 80 years in the Tower she could still find new and interesting things to study and teach. She was more than a little Brownish, she thought ruefully. But her interest lay in philosophy. She could spend weeks just going back over all her books full of notes she'd made over the years. She cast a glance over the shelves she had all over the well-worn, comfortable-looking room. She was happy with what she had gotten done. Maybe it wasn't much, for the amount of years she'd been here, but it was enough to spark pride in her. Her hand touched her desk softly, running her fingers lightly over its familiar angles and curves. She smiled slightly. This was home, had been for a long, long time. She could imagine no other. She wondered how long it had been since she had left Tar Valon. Many years, she guessed. But it didn't matter. Why go elsewhere when everything she needed was right here?

She paused to study her hands. They were still what she always had, slender fingers with a small scar on her left wrist. She touched it lightly with her other hand, fondly remembering her beloved Ryker who had given her that scar. It had been many years since his presence had filled these rooms and terrified the other occupants of the Tower. She still missed him so much. She had been inconsolate for weeks after he had died, and no one had known quite what to do. Ellienne was always a sweetheart, but she had loved everyone in the Tower equally. None could ever replace Ryker.

But those times were long past, the memories faded as the pages of time turned and new lives were written in. Lylana herself hadn't changed much, but everything around her had. Times were so different now. New people were in the Tower now, not that she really noticed all that much. The White Ajah had grown greatly in the time she had been in charge, and she was proud of it, too. She got along with all of them well, everyone doing their part, often spread out from the Tower. Lylana was the center of operations, and regularily got reports from Sisters and informants. Most of the time they meant little to her, but sometimes information came through that was of interest to her or one of the White Sisters. The White halls were warm and welcoming now, the lived-in air of home permeated the entire hall. Lylana herself supervised the little bit of simplistic decoration that made it seem just right.

Pushing her chair back, she stood up and deliberately and carefully replaced it to its spot at the desk, just where she liked it. Tying a ribbon around her brown hair to keep it out of her face, Lylana shrugged into her favorite dark cloak, comfortable and well-worn, to make a quick excursion into Tar Valon to pick up some more notebooks and peruse the bookstores for the latest books on philosophy that the Tower library hadn't managed to snatch yet. Every once in a while she got lucky and found a real gem.

The sky was just starting to turn darker, and she smiled as the twilight descended over the city, bathing the road in the faint light from the sprinkling of stars appearing, while the fading sunlight still lit her way. It was cool, but not cold, yet still she wrapped her cloak over her pale blue dress, a dress that matched her eyes perfectly, to keep herself warm. People walked by now and again, and she ignored them, carefully planning the order she would visit the stores today. A scuffle of footsteps close behind her as she passed by a darkened alley grabbed her attention too late, and she was roughly shoved face-first into the stone wall, bruising her side and knocking the air out of her. A sharp, stabbing pain burst through her, centered on her back. Her eyes widened and she choked out a sob so empty of hope it tore her apart. The knife the man had used to stab her slid out in slow motion and he pawed her for a second until he found her coinpurse, then disappeared from her sight as he left the scene of the crime. He didn't know, she realized sickeningly. He didn't see her ageless face, or her hand with her serpent ring. And she had had no warning, no time to channel. Lylana, the once-respected Head of the White Ajah, slid ungracefully down the wall in the secluded alleyway, the tall, white Tower visible to her over the rooftops. She sobbed as the pain immobilized her. The years meant nothing, she couldn't remember her life, it all seemed so far away. It had been good, though. She had been content. She wondered if there was an afterlife, as the world faded and ceased to exist for her, amused that her last thought was typically philosophical.
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Taegan Idris - PC yellow




My name is Taegan Idris. My first memories were of the kitchen quarters I slept in. It was a place that was an inferno of heat during the day and froze in the night. I was aloud to sleep in a cubbord near the fireplace that had been made into a makeshift bed. I was a slave, a person without an identity or a past. My master was a drunk miserly old man who was prone to gamble. If he did well at the cards he came home in joyous spirits but if he had lost we all hid till he was sober the next afternoon. One evening he came home in a fit of rage after having lost a considerable amount of money and caught cook unawares in the kitchen. He began yelling and throwing things. His tantrum escalated until he began

hitting cook. I remember becoming extremely upset upon seeing her blackened face and then blacking out. When I woke up I felt extremely ill and I was in the market waiting to be sold. The man who bought me was no better than the first. He was given to fits off rage as welll but they came less frequently and more severely. One of the girls in the house had enough and went to run away. She was caught as she tried to steal a horse and the master slit her throat as a lesson to us all. I was determined to leave as well but I would not get caught doing it. It took me a month of waiting before the master left on a trip and I could get away.I told Nathen, the stable boy that the cook wanted me to go into town and fetch some things for her and that I needed to borrow the horse. I took off in the opposite direction and never stopped running. The brand that I carry could easily

give me away at any time and even now I still often feel I have to be cautious.

When it became to cold to travel I took up lodging under Kiara's house, a relative of Soraya's. It was there that she met me and brought me with her to Tar Valon.



Meara al'Jade -yellow PC


Name: Meara al’Jade

Birthplace: Unknown. Meara was raised in Andor, but she is clearly of Cairheinin


Physical Appearance:

Hair: Dark Brown. Curly. Meara prefers to keep it pinned up, but it is very

wayward and she often ends up with curls hanging down her face.

Eyes: Big, green eyes

Height: Typical of Cairheinin, Meara is short and petite

Scars: Meara burned the palms of her hands very badly, and she is very

self-conscious about the scars that criss-cross her palms. She prefers to wear

gloves to cover those scars up.


Meara is rather good-hearted. She has a soft spot for animals or anyone who

appears lonely. She is rather shy though, and has a hard time feeling comfortable around others. It is very hard to gain her trust, simply because it has been broken so many times.


I’ve always been called Meara, but I don’t know if it’s actually my name. Kellan

said it was though, and it stuck. See, my brother and I were abandoned at an

Andoran inn when we were very young. I don’t remember my birth parents at all.

Kellan always claimed he did, but I had my doubts.

Thankfully, we were quickly taken in by an older couple who had never had children. Gain and Patinia were good parents to me, but I chose to keep the name my brother claimed for me, Meara al’Jade.

I grew up on the farm, and was quite happy there. I loved the animals, and I often thought that I had a special connection to them. I always imagined myself as being married eventually, and raising my family on a farm. It didn’t work out that way, though.

One day a village meeting was called when a Yellow Sister showed up in our village. Gain and Patinia hitched the wagon and went to town, but Kellan and I remained on the farm.

Not too long before my adoptive parents had left, my best friend Ryn appeared in the distance, walking up the road to our small farm. She was not only my best friend, but she was Kellan’s sweetheart. I had always been extremely close to my brother, since he was the only actual connection I had to my family, my past. I had grown up being protected from bullies by him, listening to his stories, and yes, being picked on by him. We had a very special relationship, and I was so happy with his relationship with Ryn. I could not have chosen better for him myself.

Kellan and Ryn went into the barn to “talk”, or at least that’s what they always claimed happened in that barn. I continued on with my work in the house, until I

smelled the smoke and heard the screams. The barn was on fire!

I dropped everything I had and made a dead run for the barn. I could hear Kellan’s screams, and I realized that they were still trapped inside. I didn’t know what to do, everything was happenning so fast. The door was on fire, but I still reached in and grabbed the handles with all the strength I had. Together with Kellan pushing from the inside, we managed to get the door open and both of them out.

Kellan seemed to be fine, except for a few minor burns, but Ryn was badly hurt, and she couldn’t breath for all the smoke in her lungs. My hands were burned practically beyond recognition. We hastily got the horses and livestock from the barn, then hitched the extra wagon and rode to town with the horses at a full run.

When we arrived there, Ryn was already gone. I didn’t have the heart to tell Kellan, and I don’t think he would have believed me anyway. The rest of that horrible day is much of a blur. Kellan declared that the kind Yellow Sister who tried to help us was a Darkfriend, since she couldn’t save Ryn. He left that day, and I haven’t heard from him since. I received word not to long ago that he has joined the Children of the Light, which is especially heartbreaking considering where I am now.

Yes, I’ve ended up in the White Tower, not on a farm raising children. The Yellow Sister Healed my hands for me, but even her Talent could not keep away the horrible scars. She informed me that I had the spark, and offered to take me to the White Tower on her return trip. Seeing at how I actually had little choice, and in truth wanting to run away from the memories, I went with her.

It’s not the life I had chosen for myself, but the Healing that I do as a sister of the Yellow Ajah helps me. I try to think of how I’m helping others, and it takes the sting out of not being able to help Kellan.

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Novice and Accepted Bios from Sabine's old site



Aaolian Ybadith



Aaolian Ybadith

I am the 16 year old daughter of a wealthy merchant. I was born and raised just outside Caemlyn in Andor. I am an only child, and somewhat spoiled. I say somewhat spoiled, because it is mostly that my parents were very over-protective. I have never had to do very many chores, and NO sort of hard labor at all.


I would be considered a wide-eyed babe in most circles, as my parents never let me outside our immediate circle of friends. I have never been taught any kind of prejudice, but by the same token I don't know anyone that is truly different from myself.


You will find out very soon that I have a way with animals. Mostly cats, but all animals seem to take an immediate liking to me. This is wonderful, but can get me into trouble if someone's beloved pet suddenly decides that I am their new master!!


I am about 5'2" tall, and weigh about 138lbs. I have bright red hair, and hazel-green eyes. Upon first sight most people exclaim over the multitude of freckles that the Creator decided to "Bless" me with, and to top that off I have the palest ivory skin you've ever seen. My mother was tested at the WT but never was strong enough to embrace saidar & actually channel on her own. She is able to sense the power in other women, and on my 16th naming day she woke me early, packed my things and bundled me off to the White Tower to be instructed properly.


I am having my first taste of adventure, and I LOVE IT!! The world is a very interesting place, if a bit dirtier than I once thought. I am very curious, and eager to make friends.


I am a red-blooded girl, so I have a natural, if somewhat limited curiosity about men (boys!). So far I am very impressed, and intimidated by everyone & everything to do with TV & the WT. I am used to being respected, due to my station, but I was raised with the proper etiquette about Aes Sedai. I know that their station is that of (or above) royalty, and therefore have no problems remebering my place (most of the time-hehe).



Althena Leareen



Althena Leareen

Her name was Althena Leareen. A tall girl, standing 5'9, she was slim, with darkened skin, and jet black hair. Her dark eyes were piercing, serious but with a lust for life. They matched her personality. She had grown up in Tear, with her two younger brothers, her mother and her doting father.


It had been a wonderful child hood, with a lot of laughter and happiness in the home. With her two younger brothers, she often found herself mending the small wounds that they received rough housing, or looking after them when her mother needed a break from their youthful energy. She never minded though, she loved taking care of them.


There had never been anything that could make her think that she would ever leave her home. But then, when she was 17, it happened. Her youngest brother, Ryan, was playing around the stables in the back yard. Althena was watching him, but thought nothing of it. He had run into the stables one minute, the next there was a crash and a loud yell. She ran into the barn to see what had happened, and there her brother lay, covered with straw and rubble from where the loft �had collapsed when he had run across it. His arm was twisted in an ugly manner. Unable to help, she called her father, who left to get the women who could help. Ryan was eventually to recover, but as she stood there watching the women fix his arm, she felt the first spark of what she wanted to do with her life.


It burned inside her mind as she thought about her life and what �was important to her. I'll be a healer, she thought. She loved life. She would help any living creature, human and animal alike. She knew though, that she did not have the skills to help as of yet. Light, she couldn't even set her brother's arm! But she would learn. She discussed this with her parents. Ever supportive, they discussed where she could go to study. Her mom named a few places for to go around Tear, while her dad stayed unusually silent. She looked at her dad.


"Dad, what do you think?"


" I think, Althena, if you are serious about this, you should go to Tar Valon , to study at the White Tower."


Her mother gaped, and a whole new realm opened up to her. She pounced on the idea., and within days, was packing and getting ready to start her life.


So, here she stood at the entrance to the city, at the mere age of 18, sitting astride her little dun mare, Sweetwater, pondering her next move. Taking a deep breath, she entered, not knowing what to expect, or what she would find.



Arette Nenatiar


Arette Nenatiar

My family is from Baerlon and we belong to minor rural nobles. Though we were poor, my parents were very ambitious. When I was seven years old they sent me to Caemlyn to my distant relatives. They were supposed to raise me and teach me etiquette and how to ge noble so I´d get married with a rich man. Just the opposite happened. My father´s second cousin´s family treated me as a servant and the only thing I was taught was how to read. But that was enough because Suinevirs had a big library and I spent all my free time reading.


At first I was very angry to my parents and refused to write to them. Now when I´m older and understand their motives better I pity them and once in a year write polite letter to them. I lived with Suinevirs eleven years. Only joyful moments of my life I spent at their library. Two weeks after my eighteenth birthday Morna Suinevir, family´s beloved and only child, came to my room. She told me that I would have to come with her to queen´s balls as her companion. I would get decent but not beutiful clothes so that I couldn´t compete with her beauty.


At the balls my life changed. No one payed me attention, which I was greatful of, until I saw the gueen´s Aes Sedai advisor. She saw me too and seemed surprised. She came to talk with me and told me that I had a spark of channeling. She asked my name and where I lived and then went away. Rest of the evening I was very confused.


Next day I had my answer when coaches arrived to Suinevirs house. The coachman told to family that he was there to take me to Tar Valon. Now I´m here and wait excitedly to learn how to be an Aes Sedai.



Ariana Danarith



Ariana Danarith

Ariana Danarith age 21


She was born in Caemyln to a life of wealth and privilege. Her parent are Karrie and Jonah of the prominent house of Danarith.


She recieved all the best schooling from private tutors, who considered her quite precocious with a "mind for the books."


Ariana was never one for dresses and "girly" things. She would change quickly into pants and a boys shirt to play with servants children, a fact her mother disapproved.


As soon as she could understand it, she despised the Game of Houses and anyone who played it. She hated the way Daes Dae'mar would change her parents into totally different people. About the age of 13, Ariana became withdrawn, and suspicious of everyone.


Ariana became so fed up with the Game of Houses that she decided to leave Caemlyn and went to Tar Valon. After living there for a while, a sister from the White Tower recognized the ability in her and brought her back to the tower to train to become an Aes Sedai.




To Ariana, everyone has a gimmick, everyone is fake and has a scheme that comes before anyone elses feelings. She comes off as snobby and aloof because of her suspicious nature. She can be quite shallow, basing judgements on looks alone, but her instincts about a person have always been 99.9% accurate. She is very independent, determined to do everything herself, her way until it is correct.


Once you get past her cold exterior, after she lets you in she totally changes. Her barriers come down to you, and you see her private self. She is a free-spirit. She loves books. She loves nature and becoming immersed in how the wind blows or how the setting sun reflects off of a pond. She loves easily, and is fiercely protective of those she loves, and is a very loyal friend. She is the happiest lying in the grass, staring at the stars. "It's all happening"


DESCRIPTION:5'8shoulder length red hairblue eyesfreckles(lotsa those)


"has meat on her bones"-but vouluptuous about 160 lbs


darkly tanned skin from hours outsideconsidered very striking by many



Arie Tarou



Arie's Bio


Physical: She is 18, and umm…she has silver-blonde hair that flows to her waist in soft waves, and silver-blue eyes that almost look sad, but sparkle with a joy that is rare when she laughs, with a small, up-pointed nose, and a small scar on her right cheek, and small formed lips.. She’s about 5’8”, thin and medium build. She has good strength, but faster than she is stronger. (in a way, I’m making her more like me, cause I have found from various RPG’s that it just makes the Character that much more believable!) (The silver thing doesn’t make her Aiel, only human. And was never meant to be so!^-^)


History: (Warning, this may be a little long and sad, but…I just couldn’t help it with my love for a good story!!!^-^) Arie was the first and only child of Ravien and Mariie Tarou. When she was born, her mother, Mariie, got very sick, and was close to death, but was saved be the local Wise One, but she was then unable to have other kids, so, Arie was an only child. Ravien was a Master Woodcrafter, and made beautiful wood from and type of wood, including sung-wood. Arie continued to help both her father and mother, and excluded herself fro the other children. She learned responsibility at a young age, and was a quiet and shy girl. When she was 12, she met a young boy the same age as her, and they soon became friends. As the years went by, Claith, the young boy, taught Arie about survival in the woods and how to use a bow and arrow. Her skill greatly surpassed his, and she hit her mark every time! When she was 16, and her 17th year was soon to arrive, Claith wasn’t at their meeting place. Of late he had been missing meetings, and when he did show up he was pale and tired. Arie never asked what was wrong, and Claith never said anything. When he hadn’t shown up for the past week, she went to where he lived. She had only visited once before, but she had memorized the way. When she got there, the door was wide open and there was no sound, other than the fire burning in the hearth. The house was outside of tear, deep in the woods. When she went in, she was horrified at what she saw. The on the bed in the one room shack was Claith sitting in the old rocking chair beside the bed where his mother, his only relative, was laying. As she approached she could see that they were both dead. But in Claith's hand was a letter addressed to her. Apparently he was to bring it to her for some time but was…detained from doing so. When she read the letter it read:


Dearest Arie,

I am unfortunately unable to tell you this in person, for the sickness is too great. I want to let you know that I love you. Take my Bow, the one that your father made me from sungwood, and the chain that I wear around by neck. Put it to good use. It pains me that I will never be able to marry you, but, my mother needs me more. I wish I could be there to give you your first kiss, but I can’t. I Love you, and I wish I could be there with you, but…I can’t, and I’m sorry. Please don’t hate me, but that is for you to decide. I will be with you always. The Light illuminates you.

Love Claith


Arie then took the bow, letter, chain, and then left Tear. Before she left the hut, she set it on fire so that the disease could not spread, and to keep his secret safe. She stood there till the fire was out. No one cane for she was too far from town. She left a letter for her parents, and then started her journey to find the happiness that she lost. She had learned a lot over the years of travel, and made many friends. She has learned to smile, but true happiness is yet to be found! It was when she was in Tar Valon was she found and was asked if she could be tested. (This story I though was important because it would be useful to have an important event that changed her, and who she was. It happens even to the best of us!)


Quirks: She, at times, can be too hyper, to too serious. She love jokes, books, outdoors, and dreams. A gift that she has had since she was little was that she can sense when someone is in pain, emotionally, and she will be there for that person, friend or foe. (I truly have this gift myself, and sometimes it can be a curse, because I take on their moods as well, as Arie will!) She is very gullible, and can take a joke! Too creative with stories and fabrications, but not very good with history. Fascinated by magic, and has a phobia of night crawler, the icky ones like spiders (if there are any). *Shutters* She cannot channel when she is angry or frustrated, and only when she is completely calm and sure of herself.



Ayrlin Tantrasine



Ayrlin Alisande Tantrasine

Ayrlin Alisande Tantrasine is a 16 year old Saldean. She has mid to dark brown hair and blue eyes that change shade depending on her mood. She is of average height and weight.


Ayrlin's parents are well-off merchants, and she is the youngest of three children. She has a 17 year old sister called Caitiri and a 20 year old brother called Danyel. She was apprenticed to a gleewoman, Kaitayrenne Ashkevrin, at the age of 14, as that had always been her ambition. She can play the harp, flute and fiddle, juggle and do a little tumbling. She is very good with knives, but has never picked up a sword in her life. She has a passion for history and her hobby is engraving gemstones. She is charming and very outgoing, and has a lot of acquaintances. However, she finds it hard to make good friends, as she does not often show her feelings.


Ayrlin was discovered by some Aes Sedai who were searching for prospective Novices in Saldea, and was brought to the Tower even though she didn’t want to go. She enjoys questions of philosophy and ethics, and so wants to be a White. She is now settling in at the Tower, although she still bears a grudge against the Aes Sedai who she feels tore her away from the life she loved.



Bhanta Niccoli



Bhanta Niccoli

Bhanta doesn't have much in the way of family... never has. Her mother always took her with in the merchant train so she never had many friends either except the gaurds. When she asked about her father her mom simply said he was dead but that didn't stop the fights she constantly got into over it. She soon learned to avoid the fights by reteating to the library every time the stopped in a town. That is how her love for books developed.


On her 17 birthday her mom decided to have her sent to Tar Valon for schooling since every tutor she was given had a hard time competing with the books she read. Also Bhanta had suspicions that it was also because she was drawing stares and attention a little to often with her red hair and green eyes. It wasn't as if she couldn't protect herself but her hieght put her at a slight disadvantage. Reaching only about 5'4" and being a pale twig made people think she was weak and easily beaten down.


At Tar Valon the Aes Sedai that her mother talked to about placment gave her one look and led her mom away for a "private" talk. Soon it was all settled, she would stay on to learn to become a novice.



Cailet Ryan



Cailet Ryan

From a small village in Kandor. 5 feet 11 inches tall

160 lbs

Pale blond (almost white) hair worn in a Prince Valiant style

Very pale blue eyes

Muscular, tomboyish physique

Plain facial features

Thin scar running from the corner of her right eye along the jaw line

Very pale skin

Age 17


Found by a Novice search party


Cailet is every inch the tomboy. She has little use for boys but, then again, she has little use for girls either. Her father was a sheepherder and her mother died when she was quite young. With no siblings to help Cailet was required to tend the flocks from a very young age so her life was very hard, physical and isolated. Her father, having desperately wanted a son, discouraged her from acting feminine, trying to mold her into the son he never had. As a result she has very little grace or poise, but she is physically strong. She has an affinity for dogs, especially large ones, but absolutely loathes cats.



Chanecia al'Lexis


Chanecia al'Lexis

Chanecia is from Baerlon in Andor. Her father was a farmer, and so Chanecia spent most of her life living on the family farm. She led a fairly sheltered life as a child, and never travelled out of the city she was born in. She had two brothers, who were several years younger than her, and so she didn’t really have anyone to play with as a young child, and therefore spent much of her time with her mother. Chanecia learned to sew and cook from her mother, who was very good at both of these things.


As Chanecia grew older, she began to make friends in the village. She was a rather talkative and friendly girl, and she cared a lot about others. Chanecia began to help her father on the farm, even though she found the work quite boring. But she liked being able to help others, so she always agreed to help. Chanecia led the rather simple life of a country girl, but she knew that she didn’t want this kind of life forever. She loved her mother, but did not want to end up a farmer’s wife like her mother had. Chanecia wanted to do something on her own, and something that she considered to be more important than just farming or looking after a family and a household.


When she was sixteen years of age, two of Chanecia’s friends planned to move to Caemlyn to make a living, as they thought there would be more opportunities in a big city like Caemlyn. When Chanecia heard what her friends planned, she was determined to go with them. She had always wanted to travel, and she hoped that she could find something she wanted to do with her life in Caemlyn. Chanecia managed to convince her parents to let her go. They were worried about her, but understood that she needed to leave.


It was quite a long journey to Caemlyn, but once they got there, Chanecia and her friends were pleased to find the kind of place they were hoping for. Caemlyn really did seem to be a place of opportunity and activity to Chanecia, and she found it an exciting city to be in. There seemed to be so many new things to do, and so many new people to meet!


For the next two years, Chanecia enjoyed a good life in Caemlyn. She didn’t really know what she wanted to do with the rest of her life, but for the moment, she found work and was happy. She got a job as a dressmaker’s assistant, and later as an assistant cook and waitress. The skills her mother had taught her had really come in handy!


Shortly after her eighteenth name-day, Chanecia’s life changed significantly. While working at the Inn, she served a woman who was very well dressed, and had a strange look about her face. While she appeared to be young, there was something about her that suggested that she was much older than she seemed. Chanecia had grown used to serving unusual people, and thought nothing of it. As she delivered food to the woman, the woman stopped Chanecia. "Would you sit for a moment?" she asked thoughtfully, looking up at the girl.


Chanecia was a little confused, but with a "Yes, Ma’am," she decided to sit and see what the woman wanted with her. Only for a moment, she told herself, as she knew that the head cook would have a fit if she saw Chanecia sitting and chatting to customers! "I have an offer for you," the woman said. "I believe there are better things you could be doing than working here. Do you not agree?" Chanecia was still uncertain of what to make of this mysterious woman, but she decided to be friendly anyway. She told the woman that this was good and honest work, but that she did intend to make something of herself, but wasn’t sure what yet.


The woman nodded, and told Chanecia that there were many powerful and influential women in the world. The girl wasn’t so sure; the only people she could think of who fitted this description were Queens, nobles and Aes Sedai. She wasn’t sure if this woman was any of those things! "Have you ever thought of training to be an Aes Sedai?" the woman asked. Chanecia was a little surprised at this. She shook her head. "I’ve never really thought much about Aes Sedai at all," she said truthfully. "Well, I think that’s going to change! I can sense the ability to channel in you. If you agree to come to the tower with me, I’m sure you will make a fine Aes Sedai one day," the woman told Chanecia.


She then explained that she was an Aes Sedai who had been out of the tower for quite some time, and was now returning. Chanecia realised that this was the opportunity she had been waiting for. If she went to the tower, she would have the chance to do wonderful things and be able to help others and impact on their lives. Chanecia knew that this was what she wanted, and so she agreed to go to the tower. Chanecia and the Aes Sedai set off on their journey, and the girl quickly discovered from the woman’s talkative nature that she was of the Blue Ajah.


By the time they had reached Tar Valon, Chanecia was thoroughly convinced that she should join the Blue Ajah one day, and she hoped that this would allow her to help other women, as she thought this to be an important cause. When they arrived at the White Tower, Chanecia was enrolled as a novice, and she began a new life at the tower.






Cyndrid had never been popular but this was the icing on the cake; being sent out of her own town with curses and stones following her with every jurky roll of her fathers old cart. She hadn't meant to do it she wasn't even sure what she'd done but she'd just been so...... angry then all of a sudden she was being bundled onto a cart to tar valen by a strange women, with a sobbing mother and a burning house behind her. The women was an aes sedai, Cyndrid found out later, and questioned her unrelentlessly about what she had done.The ageless women had been travelling on her way to Tar Valon when it happened and had come and told Cyndrid's family she was a channeler and had to go to the white tower.


She was only 16: slender,black /red hair, peachy skin, blue eyed and attractive and hadn't wanted to marry that stuffy old noble so when he'd tried to...kiss....her she just had to get him off her. IT wasn't like she didn't like men or anything but he was about 99 and she didn't believe in marrying for money and politics.So she supposed that was what had caused her to injure that man so badly along with a good chunk of her familys old manor. It wasn't that long a journey from her family's estates in andor, just west of braem wood, to tar valen. In no time at all, lost as she was in the sudden grief as all she knew was ripped from her,she arrived at the most beautiful site she had ever seen,the magical view of the city she would learn to call home.



Daelin Ekelle



Daelin Ekelle

Daelin Eidheann Ekelle is the daughter of Laurya Ekelle, sitter of the red ajah. �She was born as the result of rape by Laurya's father (a darkfriend channeller, later gentled by Laurya)when Laurya was 17, and therefore her father is also her grandfather. �She was named for a friend of her mother and the Yellow who helped with her birth, a surprise as Laurya dislikes the yellow ajah. �Daelin was raised in the White Tower by members of all the ajahs, and knows only of one living relative, her grandmother, whom she only knows of as Grandma.


In looks, Daelin is 5'7" tall and fairly slender. �Her long dark brown hair (which she often forgets to brush) frames an elfin face, enhancing large eyes of a startling bright green and bringing out the mischief there, even when she's trying to act innocent (she's pretty bad at it). �Daelin usually lets her hair hang loose, though she has been known to tie it back on occasion.


Her skin is neither fair nor dark, tans easily whenever she spends time in the sun, and has never been known to burn. �A scattering of freckles appear across her nose in the summer, which she hates with a vengeance, but accepts because she can't do anything about them. �Straight white teeth are marred only slightly by a tiny gap between the front two.


Having grown up in the Tower, Daelin is very familiar with the OP and its uses, and has spent her entire life waiting for her chance to enter as a novice. �She doesn't know which Ajah she wants to join, but it won't be red, no matter how much her mother's been pushing her towards it. �At her present age of 14 years, she is beginning to discover boys, and thinks she wants to be a green.


Dailin grew up playing with Thom, Areyla Sedai's ward, and is only now beginning to experiment with boy/girl stuff. �Most of this involves Thom, who enjoys it as much as her. �Laurya strongly disapproves of this, and all male contact, so Daelin must be circumspect in it when her mother is around.


Being the child of forced incest, Daelin's view of the world is slightly skewed towards cynicism, and she tends to have serious mood swings, which she often attempts to hide by joking around and acting crazy. �After hearing Laurya's horror stories about men all her life, she is sometimes shy around men, but not nearly as much as would be expected. �She more thinks of them as being exotic than scary.


At present, Daelin prefers to spend much of her time reading and learning about the world, but also enjoys being outdoors as much, sometimes more. � She often prefers to be alone, and but can get depressed if she feels ignored, though it annoys her when she is interrupted.


Daelin's entry into the Tower is so far the most exciting event of her relatively sheltered life, and she is eager to graduate as a full Aes Sedai, vowing to finish training as fast as possible.


The End...or is it?



Darchana Nephari


Darchana Nephari

Darchana is a small village farm girl from Ghaldean, somewhere in the middle of 12 siblings, though her mother often swears she was adopted. She led a normal life, helping out on the farm, more often then not substituting for her wayward older brother. Standing at an embaressing 6'2" tall, (a gift from her father) with her mothers almost black hair and soft brown eyes, she was never considered beautiful by many mens standards, though they did tend to court her due to the other gift her mother gave her, her oversized bosom.


It pained her, this portable shelf in which peoples eyes rested, one because it was hard to meet hers due to her height, and two because they preceeded her by a good distance wherever she went. More often then not, she wondered in her days of growing up, if it was possible for the fabled Sisters in the Tower, to do something about this abnormalty of her body, but just thinking about asking made her cringe and push the notion far into the recesses of her mind.


Though her faults as above were many, none plagued her so as the one apparently given to her at birth. Her father and brothers were tending feilds that day, her eldest sister left to care for thier pain stricken and delivering mother. As it happend, her sister, being so bereft of brains, dropped the wee Darchana, placing a small dent in her head, that in later years would develope into the problem that came, her memory loss.


Now, this memory loss wouldn't have been so bad, had it been small nor consistant. However, the poor child would loose days at a time, sometimes going as far as to black out entirely, only to come to sometime later doing something she would not have been caught doing before.


Perplexed and at a loss of what to do later in life, she sought the help of a passing Sedai, begging the lady to please help her. As it was, no help came, though the Sister felt a spark of the gift deep within the lass who begged.


So, with little to her name, large hopes and fears, she tread her way to the fabled city, hoping to learn.




Ember Dione


Ember Dione

Name: Ember Dione


Age: 18


Origin: Tear


She is the fifth child out of 12 in a minor nobel family. For most of her life she has quested for knowledge and trained as a warrior. However due to her small stature she has failed miseresbly in this attempt. She attempted to excell so as to recieve attention from her parents, and this has caused a slight inferiority complex. She was found to have channeling ability and was going to be sent to Tar Valon for training. However she can never return home because when she was discovered, her family ostracised her. Her father even went as far as to say she would be killed. Fearing for her life she ran away, and has spent the last few months traveling to Tar Valon, hiding in the woods, and hiding from human presence. She has lived off of roots and small animals, but her camping skills leave alot to be desired, and so she is very thin. She sees Dragonmount as a sign of acceptance, and sees Tar Valon as a city of hope. She has come to be a novice. And will never again run in fear from anything or anyone. But first she must gain strength and ability.


Ember is barely 5' tall. She has short cropped red hair, that looks like it was cut with the dagger she carries. Her eyes are a blue-grey color and have a look of innocence. She in bone thin due to undernorishment. Her colothing is ragged and looks to have had several owners including a few servants. Her exposed skin is red and peeling. Her fair coloring has not been helpful these past months.



Erina Dolcezza



Erina Dolcezza

Erina was born as the fifth and last child to a pair of middle class merchants in the small village of Jarra just north of the Amadicia border. As a youngster she was very quiet and basically ignored most of her childhood. Her parents taught her older siblings the business and about weights and measures of the coppers the village people would trade for trinkets such as tables and curtains and such. Erina, however, spent most of her time sitting out front of the building playing with bugs and watching everyone as they went by. She was mute until the age of 12 when she had to learn to communicate for schooling. For the most part, the average looking young girl had no friends and kept to herself.


As she grew older she longed for the day she could leave her village, she was pretty much out of the running for taking over the family’s small store, and go east. Travelers at the store had spoken more than once about lands to the east with great cities and great halls of learning. At the age of 20, also long passed the age to be promised or married, she set out following a band of peddlers and a great many weeks later found herself in Tar Valon where she lived a quiet life as a servant at an inn.


A few years later, as the pattern would have it, a couple of young women came into the inn to search for a lost youth who ran with them. They seemed to have a certain interest in Erina and asked her to return with them to their home in the great white tower in the middle of town. Having absolutely nothing to hold her to anyone or anything she went to be “tested”. And in her heart she new this was the beginning of her life she had been wanting as long as she could remember.


Today, Erina is a small but curvy girl, perhaps only five foot and a few inches in height and maybe only a hundred twenty pounds. Her face is young, although not as approachable as youth would usually suggest, and framed with shoulder length, dark hair. Her eyes are large and dark, almost darker than her hair. She is slow to speak, and quite naïve of the tower. Willing to learn all that she can there is a certain “blank page willing to be filled” quality that makes her ignorance forgiven. Now she is known as, Erina Dolcezza Novice of the White Tower.



Esme De Vries



Esme De Vries

Name: Esme De Vries


Origin: Arad Doman


Physical Description: 1.60 Meters, 121 lbs., Waist-length, straight, black hair, dark green eyes, fairly thin, not plump but not skinny, a short scar on the left side of her jaw (to be explained later…), smooth copper complexion


Age: 17 years


Learned I could channel: Came to tower to be tested.


Family history: Raised by my father, brother, and an aunt, mother died in childbirth. Looked up to my 5-years-older-than-me brother for advice and as a role model, somewhat a tomboy for a Domani.


Quirks: Total clutz. That scar mentioned in the description? First attempt to walk in heels when 11. Clipped a countertop on the way down. Refused to be Healed to remind me that I’d never be that *perfect Domani*. Tendencies to misplace items, can be absent minded at times. Love to draw anywhere/on anything, usually with charcoal or led. Doesn’t give up easily on anything, very stubborn. (When I don’t forget myself) A people-person, a listener.




Grace Raebon



Grace Elayna Raebon

Grace Elayna Raebon


Heigth: 5'6

Weight: 160

Parents: Katerina and Dwyt Rhaebon

Siblings: Joseph and Mahminda


The eldest daughter of Katerina and Dwyt, Grace Elayna was born on a cool and clear day in autumn. A shy and quiet child she helped watch her siblings, often while her mother tended the daily chores. Growing up a child taught the Way of the Leaf, Grace knew of no other way.


The day before her 15th birthday, the caravan was traveling south of Tar Valon when they were approached by a group claiming to be the People of the Dragon. Not caring what this group stood for, the caravan offered the people a place to rest and eat, there by their fire, as they did with all people.


Late that night, Grace awoke to screaming. Frightened, she crept out of her wagon, looking for her family. Once her eyes adjusted to the night, she was horrified to see that the group they had fed and sheltered only hours before were ripping the other wagons apart, killing anyone who tried to stop them. Shocked into a silence that ended up saving her, her mind went on auto pilot and crawled into an overturned cookpot nearby. Not knowing what had happened to her family, all she could do was pray to the Creator that they were safe somewhere. Quietly sobbing, she fell back asleep.


Sensing that the pot above her was moving, Grace jolted awake and covered her head, afraid that one of the men had found her. When no one yanked her to her feet, she looked up with red eyes and a tear streaked face to see the face of a beautiful woman. Dark eyes looked down at her with a mixture of wariness and compassion. Curly blonde hair stayed tucked back into the hood of a rich, red velvet cape, lined in cream colored silk. The woman's tall body was clad in a matching red velvet riding dress with red leather gloves tucked into a gold belt. Wordlessly, Grace took the hand offered to her, noticing the gold serpent ring on the ring finger of the woman's hand. Self conciously dusting herself off, Grace mumbled out a greeting and curtsied, keeping her green-hazel eyes down cast. Brushing Grace's hair out of her eyes and gently cupping Grace's chin she tilted her head back. Looking into Grace's eyes, the woman smiled and asked Grace if she had any idea what had happened. Shaking her head slightly, unable to break eye contact, the tears began to fall once more.


"There is no one left, is there?" Grace asked quietly.


"No, child, you are the only one" the woman said kindly.


Sobbing loudly, Grace's knees gave out and she began to sink to the ground. Holding her up, the woman moved Grace to a remnent of steps that had once led to a wagon. Gently sitting down with Grace, the woman tried to console her, stroking Grace's auburn hair and murmuring, "Hush, hush, now child" over and over again. Eventually Grace calmed down enought to tell the woman her story, about the men and the screaming and how she hid. The woman listened to all that Grace had to say and then stood up. Looking down at the young girl, she then said,"Grace, I am Yavanne, Sitter for the Red Ajah of the White Tower. Do you know what the White Tower is?" she asked. Grace nodded wordlessly.


"I would like for you to come back with me and be tested for channeling ability. Would you like to come with me?" Yavanne stood there, her hand out to Grace.


Pausing for a moment, Grace Elayna looked up at the woman, at Yavanne, and thought to herself, what do I have left? As she looked around she thought of her family, her parents and siblings, her friends and the boy she had been taking walks with. As the tears begin to fall once again, she silently said goodbye to the life she had known, the way she had known, and all her loved ones. Breathing deeply, she accepted the hand of her new friend, afraid of what the future held.



Gwen Lucerson



Gwen Lucerson

Down a dark alley stands a small house in the Foregate of Cairhien. �Three generations live in the house that stands there. �Magen Lucerson born her three sons and two daugthers in this little house. �One daughter and one son, may they rest in peace, died shortly after their birth. �The remaining three children lived, or what you could call lived. �They reside in the house they were born in. �Magen had married her beloved husband at the age of fourteen. �Magen needed to be away from her parents, and ran away. �Magen never spoke of her family after leaving the dreadful place. �She made a life of her own, marrying her Sammuel. �Sammuel lost his job shortly after their marriage, but they manged just fine with out. �Once the children were of age they were able to go out and sell wares and goods as did Magen and Sammuel. �


The eldest of the Lucerson children Regan married Sallae. �They had two children, Aric and Trent. �The boys were the first grandchildren to Magen. �They were born when Megan was 30 years old. �


Glada was the next oldest of the Lucerson family. �She married Gilren. �Gilren and she live in the house with Glada's mother. �They have only one child, after losing several. �Sean was born two years after the twins were born. �


The final living son, Tilan married Shaina. �Tilan and Shaina are the parents of Gwen and her little brother Phyll. �


Three generations have lived in the same house for the past 15 years. �The house is a small three room shack. �Each room is living quarters for each of Magen's children. �Magen herself passed on shortly after Phyl was born. �The Lucerson family still lives in the same house in the same conditions. �They honor their family's name by doing so. �


Phyl is 12. �Gwen is three years his senior. �Sean is now 16, Aric and Trent are 18 and almost ready to move out of the house. �They unlike their parents aren't ready to get married. �They are each apprentices in their given fields of choice. �Aric is learning to be a blacksmith and is becoming very adept at it. �Trent is learning to be a carpenter. �He is also getting very good at what he does. �


This generation of Lucerson's are growing up to have a better life than their parents before them. �It was about time that the family got a better start on life. �Sean is not home most of the time. �His family believes he has become a cut purse. �He's been arrested on a number of occations, but nothing could be proved. �He was lucking out on that part of his new life. �He was hanging with the wrong crowd.


Gwen and Phyl were still helping their parents selling the wares that they made. �It was nothing special, but it took them into the city proper. �Gwen loved the city. �She enjoyed watching the nobles and the merchants. �She was always fascinated with the merchants guards and the fancy women. �She wished she could be one of the fancy women, but she knew that she would never be one.


One evening Gwen was selling her wares and saw a young boy not much older than herself. �He was elegant. �Gwen fell in love the with boy. �She knew he would never return her favor. �She was a brave child and approached the noble boy. �"Do you wish to buy anything My Lord?"


He looked shocked, "Um. �No." �He walked on, his mind was elsewhere.


Gwen wondered where his mind was. �He was not interested in anything on the street.


Weeks passed and Gwen continued to see this boy. �He was always alone and always elsewhere. �Gwen followed him one evening. �She had stayed out late and followed him around the city. �He took her into the very wealthy part of the city. �He stopped and watch a lady passing. �She was pretty, but she looked funny, as though she didn't belong in the dress. �She was on the arm of Dylan Rasad, a wealthy merchant in Cairhien. �He follwed them. �Gwen didn't know why. �The couple turned down an alley. �Gwen thought that was a strange place for a wealthy couple to be, but she watched from a distance. �The boy ran down the alley just as metallic sounds rang down the alley.


Gwen walked to the alley slowly and cautiously. �There was a fight going on. �The women in the dress had been attacked, but the men were now all dead. �And a much larger party of people were gathered there. �Gwen watched and listened from the shadows. �She could barely here what was going on. �The only things she heard was Tar Valon. �Then they all left. �She didn't know where they had went. �She assumed they all went to Tar Valon. �She didn't know why though.


Gwen went back home. �She had nightmares that night of men atacking women. �She awoke in sweats. �For weeks Gwen patrolled the areas she'd last seen the boy, but she saw no sign of him. �Gwen wanted to see him again. �But she didn't know where he had gone to. �Then she remembered something about Tar Valon. �She gathered her small belongings and took the money that she had earned that day and left for Tar Valon. �She didn't even leave a note for her parents. �Not that she could have had she wanted to, she didn't know how to read or write. �Gwen left north and walked for hours, before getting tired. �It was going to be a long trip if she didn't get a ride.


Gwen walked the entire way to Tar Valon. �It took her about three weeks to get from Cairhien on foot. �She had caught a few rides from farmers along the way. �She was starving and dehydrated by the time she got to the White Tower. �Gwen didn't know where to find this boy she had seen. �She walked to the center of the city where the White Tower stood. �She heard wood beating against wood. �She was curious and decided to look. �She saw men and a few women practicing swords. �She saw a woman that she could have sworn she knew teaching a group of young boys. �She was pretty, but she didn't look right. �


Gwen sat and watched until she recognized one of the boys that the woman was teaching. �It was the boy she had followed and fell in love with upon mere sight. �She smiled and looked around. �She saw women watching the practicing boys. �Gwen didn't know what to think of anything in the area. �She had heard of the White Tower, but never dreamed of actually seeing it. �Then she remembered who lived in Tar Valon. �Aes Sedai. �She shrank away. �The boy was going to be a Warder. �There was no hope now. �She was heart broken, she would never really meet the boy now.


Gwen wandered into the city of Tar Valon. �She didn't know where she was going. �She kept walking. �She stumbled up some stairs and into a giant hall. �Girls in white scurried around the hall, talking to visitors and then scurring away when a woman wearing a shawl told them to do something. �She bumped into a woman. �


"Can I help you?"


Gwen looked up and saw an Aes Sedai. �She frowned and shook slightly.


"Are you here to learn?"


Gwen only nodded, not know what to say. �The woman called to one of the other girls and told her to follow her. �Gwen followed, but didn't know where she was going. �


That began Gwen's time at the Tower. �She didn't know what she had gotten herself into until it was too late. �Gwen could actually channel. �Meeting that boy was now a possiblity.



Jaelynn Nachiman



Jaelynn Nachiman

Jaelynn was born in Shol Arbela, the Capital of Arafel. Her mother died in birthing her and she was raised by her loving father and two older brothers. It is rumored that they have the king?s blood in them but the relation is so distant you could not even trace it. Her father is the owner of a profitable Inn, The Swan, in the inner city and has run it for as long as she can remember.


She is 5'6" and has Chestnut Brown hair with smoky gray eyes. Which are said to be one of her best features. When she was a little girl she fell from a tree and to this day has a slight limp in her left leg from where it was broken. She also got a small scar on her face by her left ear from this wonderful experience. An Aes Sedai had been staying at the Inn at the time and had healed her. Jaelynn had learned later that she was of the Yellow Ajah and thus had started her life of rescuing any animal or person that was sick, to the dismay of her father.


You would think her working in her father?s Inn that she would be a very outgoing person but the opposite is true, until she gets to know you, then you can?t get her to be quite. One night they had some strange visitors come to the Inn and she made sure to serve them. That was when the Aes Sedai discovered that she could channel. So at the age of seventeen she was packed up and headed off to the Tower with the Aes Sedai and her Warder, leaving her father and her sweetheart behind. Now the only thing on her mind is becoming an Aes Sedai and becoming part of the Yellow Ajah and getting to heal people.



Jedaiyen Syrtis



Jedaiyen Syrtis

Jedaiyen Syrtis was born and raised in Ebou Dar. her mother, a well-to-do goldsmith, was often frequented by the Altaran nobility looking for quality work, which gave them enough money to live comfortably. Despite this, her father still insisted on captaining a fishing boat, much to her mothers irritation. As the only girl in the family (she has two brothers, who help on her father's ship), Jedaiyen was often spoiled by her parents, who usually gave in to whatever petty demands she had once she stamped her foot.


This was worsened by the attitudes of boys she encountered- because she's unusually good-looking, young men in Ebou Dar were more than willing to get into knifefights over her; behavior which she delighted in and often encouraged. All this changed about eight months after her sixteenth birthday, though. When she suddenly manifested the ability to channel, her mother became upset and distant. Within the week, Jedaiyen found herself in the custody of an Aes Sedai who was to escort her to training in Tar Valon, and no amount of foot-stamping would prevent it.


Unknown to Jedaiyen, her mother was actually an informant for the Kin, and used all her influence with the Kin to get her daughter out of Ebou Dar and into the Tower ASAP. Jedaiyen's mother was afraid that her activities might be uncovered if an Aes Sedai were to come looking for her daughter, and sent Jedaiyen to the Tower against her wishes. Jedaiyen is extremely upset at this turn of events- not so much because she was sent to the tower, but simply because she was told she had no choice. Jedaiyen has no knowledge of her mothers activities with the Kin- she doesn't even suspect. All she knows is she was sent here against her will and wants to go back home . . .


Jedaiyen is now 17, 5'6" tall, with long curly black hair, dark brown eyes and an olive complexion. She has a quick temper, a testament to the years she spent always getting things her way. She's good-looking and knows it, and often uses her looks to every advantage while dealing with men.



Kairina Dragoran



Kairina Dragoran

Kairina Dragoran is a 17 year old from Baerlon, Andor. She is only five feet six inches tall. She has brown hair that goes slightly past her shoulders. It is mostly straight except it curls inward at the bottom. She has royal blue eyes and a slender build. She comes from a family of wealthy traveling merchants. She has one older brother who is the black sheep of the family. He stabbed her once in the side when she was younger leaving her with a permanent scar. She also has three younger sisters the youngest of which are twins. Her parents are very loving and devoted much of thier money to her edjucation. She naturally has a green thumb and loves to sing and dance. She is also shy but strongly independant. At about the age ten she discovered that she had a talent for pickpocketing. She first found out she could channel when they were selling in Caemlyn. She ran into an Aes Sedai while lifting a mans wallet and she requested to take her to The White Tower.



Kamarile al'Chera



Kamarile Amanathiere al'Chera

Kamarile had dark brown, wavy hair which flows down nearly to her waist. She kept it tied back as a healer apprentice with her mother, but upon traveling to the tower she cut it to her shoulders so it wouldn't get in her way. She has huge, deep emerald eyes, and is six and a half feet in Randland measurements. (That would be five foot five in our world.) She has a five inch long scar on her neck where someone tried to kill her. She loves animals, and gets very upset when someone mistreats them. She wears a firedrop, given to her by her mother, in the shape of the flame of Tar Valon around her neck. She has a biting tongue ever since her mother's death, and on her journey to Tar Valon her bitterness got her thrown out of three inns. She kept healing journals as an apprentice, and loves writing.


Kamarile Amanathiere al'Chera was born in Ghealdan, in a village just outside of Jehannah. Her mother, Caledra, was a village healer who went out to see the world before settling down with a husband. During her travels she fell in love with a Gheldaner merchant, and resumed her place as wisdom. As a child, Kamarile was entertained by her mother's traveling stories, especially the ones about the one power: Caledra had gone there while she was wandering, and she had seen the Aes Sedai heal, immediately and without herbs. Her father, Tys, was gone most of her early life, traveling into different countries to sell his dye. She never felt deserted by her father, but their relationship was simply a name, nothing like the bond she held with her mother. He was absent for months at a time, and usually only came back to see them for a few weeks out of the year. Hence the furnishings of their house were not based on her father's income, but her mother's, which was meager. Kamarile was used to sparse woolens, and


she tended a garden and animals as well as being a healing apprentice. The only riches in the house were in her mother's chest, which held beautiful clothing and jewelry from her adventures.


When Kamarile was sixteen, her father revealed the true nature of his traveling. On her way to market, an Aes Sedai had felt her and seen that she held the spark to channel. Kamarile was extremely excited, and her mother was proud that her daughter might one day be the kind of healer she had seen in Tar Valon. In a heated argument, her father announced that they would not be going and that was that. Her mother, cool and composed, had said that if he really cared he would be around more often, and she left the room without another word. Kamarile, peeking nervously through the window, dropped her bushel of turnips. They would leave the next morning, her mother had said, so Kamarile packed the rest of the day and went to bed early.


* * * The clock chimed Last.


The night was unpleasantly warm, not nearly as scorching as the midday sun, but still humid. Kamarile's shift clung to her. She rolled out of bed for a glass of water. Tiptoeing so as not to wake her parents, she crept out of her room, and into the kitchen. Her breath caught. Outside, shrouded in the darkness, her father stood talking with a forboding shape. Voices drifted through the window . . . " . . . shame it came to this . . ." "Don't tell me you actually love her, Tys." "Of course not. My bond is held by none but the Great Lord. Still, one does become . . . fond . . . after eighteen years." The other man snorted. "Eighteen years spent mostly in Tar Valon, Tys. You call that a marriage? No matter. You will do what must be done." "I will." Her father hesitated, then: "The Great Lord we serve, and he commands us the proceed." It was a chant. "We will clear the path of the Great Lord's coming. We are tools only, to do the Great Lord's bidding in the hope of his favor. We proceed." The other man nodded curtly, and Tys crept stealthily into the house.


Kamarile bit back a scream. Her father! A Darkfriend! She ducked behind a shelf, breathing heavily. Tys and the other man walked slowly through the house, a blade in her father's hand gleaming bright silver. Not my father, she thought fiercely. Never again my father! She had to reach her mother; she would know what to do. She had to! With a cry, she flung herself past the Darkfriends and ran, shrieking, into her mother's room. "Mother! Mother! Wake up!" Kamarile threw opent the door and ran to the bed. Why wouldn't she wake up? Why wouldn't she . . . Her hand touched blood. A dagger, jagged and darkened with blood, lay on the bed. She picked it up slowly. "I figured you'd forget to reckon with the girl," said a voice. Tys and the other man crowded the doorway. "Araelis!" the Darkfriends shouted. "How?" "No need to show your stupidity anymore, Tys, Saanae. By the Great Lord, it's already proven ten times over! If I hadn't had forethought, Tys," Araelis said, "You would either be hanging from a tree, or swimming in the Pit of Doom! Blood and ashes, Tys, did you forget you have a daughter?"


Araelis stepped forward, resting a hand on Kamarile's shoulder. She jerked away, and he smiled. "I suppose I'd better do this, since you are having problems tonight, Tys." Kamarile shoved past them, screaming. Her mother! Light, they took her mother! The thought flooded her mind, her soul, drowning out any thought of fear with the indescribable sorrow. Araelis crept slowly toward her, Tys's knife in his hand. Heart beating fast, she watched as he took her neck in his hand. No fear. She was beyond fear; she watched him cut her neck behind a veil of tears. Saanae laughed. "What a little mouse," he said. "Pathetic." Kamarile's eyes blazed with anger, and hatred. They killed her mother, and they made games of her sorrow! She would teach them! Clenching her fingers around the dagger, she plunged it in to Araelis's heart. He gasped once, then fell to the floor, dead.


Saanae and Tys stared at her, surprised; then they began to advance again. She plucked the knife from Araelis's stiffening fingers; she wrenched the dagger from Araelis's already cold body and flung it with all her might. Like a bolt of lightning, it struck Saanae in his chest. "Yes," she said, glancing coldly at Tys. "I am not as easy as you would think." Tys swallowed; he stood weaponless, the knife he had held before in her own hand. He fled, tearing past her. Kamarile ran into her room, picking up her packed bag in a hurry. She had to get away. Tar Valon. It was a distant thought, but her mother had wanted her to go there, and she would. She fled the village, darting past the people who had come awake at her screams.


The moon was full, and her long legs carried her up the hill and on the road quickly. She looked down on the village. Tys was out there, somewhere. Still alive. She would go to Tar Valon, and she would be Aes Sedai, but she would come back. Blood trickled down her neck, coming together in a bead where her firedrop pendant hung. Suitable. But next time, it would be his blood. She would have her justice.







Kylia was two years old when her parent’s died. She new almost nothing about them except that they were Domani and of noble blood. She often wondered about them, but no one seemed willing to tell her anything about who they were or how they died. It was after their death that she was sent to live with her grandfather in Caemlyn. Kylia and her grandfather shared a small apartment in the Retired Servants’ Quarters in the Royal Palace, as Kylia’s grandfather had served the Queen for many years. Now he devoted his life to his studies, and spent most of his time in the huge library immersed in literature, history or philosophy. Sometimes she would not see him for days on end. Kylia was very attached to her grandfather and he often taught her about what he was studying. Most of the time she pretended not to be interested, but she loved to hear old stories, especially those about the Heroes of the Horn.


Kylia spent half her life in the libraries amongst dusty bookcases and dustier old men. Sometimes she would explore the basements and vaults of the Palace, but most of the time she listened to her grandfather. The other half of Kylia’s life was completely different. It was spent running, playing and fighting in the back streets, alleys and rooftops of the New City. Here she met other children, mainly urchins and orphans who lived on the streets. These were some of the greatest times when her worst fear was having to face the housekeeper with another ripped dress or being caught stealing apples from the market. Her grandfather knew about some of it and didn't care about the rest, so long as she listened as he taught her in the cold evenings and winters. Kylia lived in perfect contentment with her grandfather for twelve years, however at the age of fourteen her world was shattered when her grandfather died, peacefully in his sleep. suddenly the most important person in Kylia’s world was gone and she was left homeless and friendless.


Having nothing left for her in Caemlyn, she decided to leave. She took the little money her grandfather had left her and bought a horse. then she set out to ‘see the world.’ Kylia travelled for over a year before finding herself in Illian. the city was in chaos as hundreds of man and women took their oath as Hunters of the Horn. Eagerly and proudly Kylia joined up, though she was years too young. The Great Hunt had begun. The next two years of Kylia’s life were spent as a hunter, travelling the country for rumours of the Horn of Valere. Her search took her to most parts of the continent and during that time she became at least proficient with a sword, dagger, bow or whatever was to hand. She fought fiercely, if without much skill. It was while she was in Arafel that she learnt she could channel. She was playing cards with some fellow Hunters and kept winning. Eventually they gave up and turned to dice, but she won at that too.


They began to get suspicious and were running out of money, so she stopped playing and returned to her room in the inn, as confused as her opponents by her luck. A few hours later she had a severe fit of shivers and cramps. Aoife, another Hunter sharing her room, went immediately to find a Wise Woman. On hearing the symptoms, the Healer, who had seen this before, sent for the nearest Aes Sedai. Kylia protested bitterly, but a week later she was on her way to Tar Valon.




Kylia is typically Domani looking with copper skin and dark, curly hair, however she doesn’t have them same gracefulness or elegance that most Domani women possess. She is average height and has piercing dark eyes which often make the subject of her haze feel uncomfortable. She hates wearing dresses and much prefers the baggy trousers Kandori women often wear. While not beautiful, Kylia has a pretty face, although she doesn’t show much interest in men. She has a cheaply made sword and a pair of daggers of slightly better quality. Her horse, Niamh, is a large bay and her most valuable possession.



Lillianna Vee



Lillianna DeLe Vee

Lilli glanced to either side of the road nervously, willing her mare to a quicker pace. The surrounding forrest was making her nervous, though after a week and a half of traveling through strange cities and odd countrysides, she should have been over it by now. Villages frightened her the most, she avoided them like the plague. The Two Rivers was so different from these villages, even Tarren Ferry folk were better than the sneering, suspicious villagers she'd encountered along the way. Her heart fell when she thought of home. Devon Ride seemed an eternity behind her now, but there was nothing left for her there. Her father and brothers were dead, and she guessed her sister was too. Her mother had become addle-brained and went to live with her aunt and cousins on there farm. She sighed, wondering if she would have been better off going there to, but once again she dismissed the idea. She needed a new life, one to make her forget home, and the white tower would bring that, she hoped. She was sure she wouldn't be able to stand it if she was turned back. She had allready been robbed once, and only her quick horse kept her from getting killed the second time. She shuddered, remembering the villagers who simply turned their heads. What cared they if an outsider was robbed and beaten, perhaps worse? She hoped the white tower wouldn't be so unwelcoming.


She heard a rustling from the forrest and her breath caught, "may the creator shelter me," she breathed softly, ready to prod Glory to a run. A small doe, perhaps even a yearling bounded out of the forrest and she let her breath out in a relaxed rush. "You didn't have to frighten me so!" she scolded as it it dissappeared in the opposite side of the road. She patted Glory's neck, though the horse hadn't shied a bit when the doe appeared.


She was even more nervous after that, and wanted to let Glory run, but kept her at a steady ground eating pace. There were no more noises or animals to scare her that day, but she never realxed. She slept fitfully that night and was sore the next morning. The nights were still cold and she only had her cloak for warmth. She kept Glory's reign wrapped around her hand, trusting the horse to wake her if need arose. She had no weapons, so running was her only defense if someone were to come upon them. The next day was just as bad for her, and her hunger was back full force. She hadn't eaten in three days, and for a while her hunger left, just making her feel empty and weak, but it returned with a vengence and she eyed every shrub and root, wondering what was edible. She had no weapon to speak of, not even a knife, so hunting was out of the question, (not that she would know one end from the other if she had a weapon) so she kept riding, holding her stomach and keeping a wary eye on the forrest. At midday, she saw a Village and decided it was time to ask directions, to make sure she was going the right way. She rode in reluctantly and eyed everyone who glanced at her askance, ready to bolt at the first sign of trouble. A few glanced, but most went about their business without looking up or even noticing her at all. There was a smithy on her right, but it was cold and empty, and the building next to it looked to be an inn, but it was also quiet. She decided it was her best option, the innkeeper would be nice until he found she had no coin, then he would kick her out, but not before she got the information she needed from him. She slid from Glory's sadle and threw the reigns to the groom, though she could had dropped them to the ground and Glory wouldn't have stirred a step. She entered the inn quietly and was surprised to see a handful of patrons, two of them appearing to be nobles. A woman appeared from the kitchens and eyed her up and down with a frown. Lilli was crestfallen. Women tended to be less kind to her than men, it was the curse of her face and shape. The woman looked at the door, then back at Lilli. "Are you traveling alone Miss?" Her voice was kind, and her tone concerned.


"Yes Maam," Lilli stammered, relieved. Smells wafted from the kitchen, wonderful smells that almost made her knees buckle. The noble woman stood and started upstairs, while the man left through the front door. He wore a sword on his back, and Lilli stared at him open mouthed. She had never seen a soldier, but she was sure he was one, even if he wasn't wearing a uniform. "I.. I was wondering if prehaps you could tell me if I were headed in the right direction..."


"I can tell you, you have come to the right place. Sit down child, I'll have some bread and stew brought out, and some cider."


"I havn't any coin.."


"I didn't ask for any now did I? You just sit right here, and I'll tell you everything you want to know as soon as you get some warm food in you." The woman hurried back to the kitchen and Lilli stared at her back dumbfounded. It was the first time anyone had been kind since she had left home. The woman returned with a plate full of stew and bread and a young girl carried a cup of warm cider behind her. "There you go, now eat this, then ask your questions."


Lilli fell to it with a will, not caring that the few patrons that were left in the room chuckled to see her gobbling her food down. It was good and hot, and the bread warm and crusty, with freshly churned butter and sweet golden honey. The cider wat tart and spicy, just the way she loved it, and she beamed at the innkeeper when she swallowed the last bite. "Thank you! Thank you so much!"


"Your a ways from home with that accent, I'd say Baerlon perhaps."


"I'm on my way to Tar Valon," she said softly, not wanting the men to overhear. "I want.."


"Shhh," said the woman, her face now worried as she glanced around the room. She fidgeted uncomfortably, like she was debating something, but her face contorted to downright fear when the noble woman came down the steps.


"Mistress Ar'anen, I thank you for your hospitality, but Madon and I will be leaving in just a few moments."


"Mistress Callista, may I have a word with you in private?"


"There is no need. Child, what is your name?" she asked addressing Lillianna.


"Lilli miss," Lilli answered frightened. "Lillianna DeLeVee."


"A Two Rivers name. I would be pleased Lillianna, if you would join Madon and I. We are traveling north and east."


Lilli looked at the woman, then at the innkeeper, who nodded her head vigorously. Lilli swallowed hard, then stood up. Had she done something wrong? What could this woman possibly want with her? "I...I.."


"Madon has allready retrieved your horse, and if we leave now, we shall arrive before nightfall tomorrow."




"Very good, are we ready then? He has your horse out front." The woman ushered her out the door, and Lilli was to frightened to even remember to thank the kind innkeeper.


"Madon, this is Lillianna, will you help her onto her horse?"


Lilli stared at Madon stupidly as he stepped towards her. Madon wasn't overly large, but Lilli had always been very small, and the man towered over her. She squeeked as he lifted her onto Glory's back then handed her the reigns. She thought of spurring Glory into a run. The man and woman weren't even mounted yet, she could probably outrun them. She glanced at the mans horse and the thought died. The stallion made Glory look like a nag. "I.." she began again, but could think of nothing to say.


"Child," said the woman as she mounted gracefully. "Perhaps I can persuade you to hold your questions until we are on our way?"


Lilli snapped her mouth shut and Let Glory follow them out of the village. An eternity passed, then the man rode ahead at a gallop and the woman turned to her, her eyes serene and confident.


"Child? Are you aware that you can channel?"


Lilli's eyes almost popped out of her head, then she turned and wretched noisily, gripping Glory's reigns so hard it hurt. She ran her sleeve across her mouth, then just stared wide eyed at the forrest not seeing it, her head resting on Glory's mane.


"I don't know where you were headed, but now we are going to the white tower,"


"Are...Are you..?"


"I am Callista Sedai, and Madon is my warder."


"Thats where I was going," said Lilli softly, tears in her eyes.


"I thought it might be. You don't trust people do you Lilli? It is apparent on your face. You are afraid of people, or is it just men?"


Lilli's face reddened. "I am afraid of no-one"


The Aes Sedai only laughed. "Novice white will be a good color for you. You are very small, it with give you a bit of weight. Are you nervous?"




"You should be. It's very hard. Most don't make it, and I will let you know now, you are weak in the power, perhaps not even strong enough to make it to accepted unless you develope quite a bit."




"It's the level after novice, before you reach sisterhood. How old are you?"


"Sixteen..... well almost, in just a few weeks."


Lilli glanced at the Aes Sedai, wondering if age meant anything, but the woman only looked thoughtfull. She was not a beautiful woman, but she looked regal, and very lovely in her light blue satin dress, with a matching cloak with ermine trim. Lilli was made very aware of the tattered brown gress that she wore, the best dress that she had owned. It was grimy and torn and very ill fitting compared to the Aes sedai's and she began feeling very self conscious. Madon appeared again, but only for a moment as he galloped back the way they had come. Lilli shivered. A warder. And she had thought him a soldier. She had never felt so backward and ignorant in her life. She thought again of her family. She helped bury her father and brothers, but her sister was never found. Her twin, her lovely fearless sister. Faeryl was not like her. She was afraid of no-one, and she could hunt, and shoot a bow as good as her brothers. She was a master with a quarterstaff, and she was everything Lilli wished she could be. Lilli could sew, and her bread was the envy of every woman in the village. She could weave a perfect pattern, but not Faeryl. Faeryl was another son in their fathers eyes, while Lilli was the only daughter. Her long, honey blonde hair and dark brown eyes made her look sweet and naive. She was small in every way, and though Faeryl was small also, she managed to always hold her own. Lilli and Faeryl were both saught after by the young men from the village, but while Faeryl laughed and smiled and encouraged with a quick wit and a sharp tongue, Lilli was terrified and tormented at the thought. She didn't trust men, and she didn't care for their company at all. Even her brothers were proof that all men were pigs. They talked of this girls ankle, and that girls pretty face. Men were beasts. She had absolutly no use for them. She faught back a sob as she thought of her sister, then forced her mind to something else. What lay ahead. Tomorrow evening her life would change forever. She forced a ragged smile and rode on.



Lola Briklyr



Lola Briklyr

Lola Briklyr came to the tower only thinking that she hoped the Amyrlin would bless the land her cousin The First had given them and to keep it safe in from the impending civil war in Mayene. She was somewhat frightened to be in a place with so many Aes Sedai in it, but she was not scared of one Aes Sedai by herself. She had gotten to know her cousin's advisor, and loved to hear stories about the White Tower. Lola's family were minor nobles in Mayene, and their long time friends, The Reyez family and their son Jonoten, were minor nobles as well and had come with them to the tower. Lola was wondering the Tar Valon shops with Jonoten when an Aes Sedai approached them.


Jonoten stepped in front of her like a true gentleman and asked the Aes Sedai what she wanted. His voice was polite but wary. "Hush child." the Aes Sedai said, "My business is not with you. It is with the young woman behind you." "Me?" Lola said with a squeak in her voice. The Aes Sedai nodded. "You have the spark child. You should come to the tower to be taught." And with that the Aes Sedai swooped out of the shop and was gone. Lola was stunned. HER?! With the spark?! Lola had heard stories of girls who had the spark and were taken to the White Tower, but never a noble's daughter! "Jonoten," she whispered when she finally regained the ability to speak. "You won't mention what happened here will you? I need some time to adjust to the idea before I tell mommy and daddy." Jonoten nodded, obviously he was as stunned as she.


Lola and Jonoten left the shop looking dazed and confused. Lola never got the time to adjust to the idea of going to the tower. That evening while dining in the Inn they were staying at, her parents were called into the main dining room and returned with the same Aes Sedai Lola had seen earlier. Lola gulped the mouthful of food in her mouth and earned a sharp look from her mother. "This Aes Sedai," her father began slowly, "says she sees the spark in you Lola. Your mother and I have discussed this and decided we want you to study at the tower. It will be the safest place for you if Mayene does go to war." Lola jumped up and nearly knocked her chair over. "NO Daddy!" she cried, "I can't leave Mayene, it's my home!"


One look from her father told her he hated to see her leave, cherished the fact that she loved Mayene as much as he, and that the matter was settled. Jonoten's father saw her despair and spoke up. "Jonoten has always been Lola's protector before this, why not have him stay at the tower and train to be her warder?" Mr. Reyez looked to the Aes Sedai, "Is that okay?" The Aes Sedai nodded. "But they won't see much of each other." And so it was settled, and Lola and Jonoten were sent to the Tower. Lola's mother obviously senseing her sadness, sent Lola some of her most treasured belongings, her books, and some dried red roses, her favorites. Lola loved gardening and poetry, she only hoped her roomie didn't mind Plants and Papers everywhere.....







Marissa was born in Cairhein, an only child to a graying minor noble and his wife. Due to her advanced age, her mother did not survive the birth. She was raised by her father who retired after she was born and her mother's old body servant.


When Marissa was 10 she discovered her love for the arts. She had a good eye, and was surprisingly good at it. It took her only a few days to fill the whole estate with her work;) she considers her art to be the one thing that defines who she is. It is her passion, and her way of expressing herself and her feelings. Besides that, Marissa loves books and visits the library in the Sun Palace regularly. (not to mention the cute noblemen studying there..;))


At the age of 13 her father remarried, and his new wife had a babe boy.


She considers this one of the more important events in her life. Her life changed with the arrival of the boy, and her field of studies expanded from managing the estate to include becoming a mother.


A few years later, She was out in the city when she spotted a few noble-looking women eyeing her. Being naturally curious, she asked them if everything was alright, and why they werelooking at her that way. As they introduced themselves, she gaped and stared- realizing they were Aes Sedai. They told her they'd like to speak with her, and explained to her the nature of her gift. She could channel, born with the spark, and was old enough to start her training at the White Tower. The whole concept of her being Aes Sedai scared her, but excited her more. She has always admired the works of the Aes Sedai, and was curious to how it felt to acually channel.


Marissa had long black wavy hair she wairs loose and blue-green eyes. She is slim and tall-for a Cairheinian- still considered short in most places. She has a scar on her right temple from when she fell off, fooling around on her favorite horse as a child, and another on her right elbow from the same incident. She has a light Cairheinian accent. She is a hard-working girl, serious when it comes to her studies or her art, but knows when its time to kick back and enjoy life. She loves a good prank, even if it gets her in trouble. *g*






Mashiara Ha'bri

My name is Mashiara Ha'bri, I am 21. I am the eldest of three children form Scot and Serena Ha'bri. My parents grew up in Malkier but fled a year before it was consumed by the Blight. They moved to Fal Dara, where my two brothers and I were born. My father became a soldier and my mother sold herbs. When I was 8, my father was killed in a Trolloc raid. My family and I then moved to Fal Moran.


Around my 21 name day, my brothers went off into the Blight and never returned. My mother and I decided to get away from the Blight and all the pain it has caused us, so we ventured out to Caemlyn. While passing through Tar Valon, we ran into an Aes Sedai in a tavern. She noticed that I had the inborn ability to channel so she took me to train in the White Tower.




Myra Steeward


Myra Steeward

Myra is 17 years old and the oldest child of Martha and Merrick Steeward. She is of slighty above average height, around 5' 6" and is of average build, around 135 lbs. She has sandy blond hair and and light green eyes.


Her mother died when Myra was 12 years old, leaving behind 7 small children. Myra's father immediately placed Myra as head of the house since there was no one else to rely upon. Quite the daunting responsiblity for a girl so young. So giving up her childhood to become the matron of her family, Myra spent the next 5 years working the family farm on the outskirts of Whitebridge being the mother to her siblings.


It was on a cold spring day, in the middle of a blustering storm. The family was gathered around a fire as Myra cleared the table from the evening meal. A couple of her sisters were doing the dishes and one of the boys stoked the fire, when a knock was heard on the door. What stood on the other side would change Myra's life forever. If she had known at the time, who it would be, she never would have opened that door.


The begining.


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Myriam Asynja



Myriam Asynja

My name is Myriam Asynja. My eyes are off a strange breed that cross back and forth between green and brown, and are set in my pale skinned face, which in summer heat becomes slightly cast with freckles. I always wanted my light brown hair to be long, so that the redish highlights working their way through would pick up the sun… but it was kept shoulder length by my mother in the fashion at the time for girls. Since her death I haven’t had the heart to change it.


My stature is blatantly average; I stand approximately five foot four, and am proportionally on the slim side, but not especially gifted in any area. Some have called me pretty, several cute, and few beautiful. But beauty is born of love, and love is above average, so all things stemming from it must also be. I am known for listening closely, and speaking little in front of people I do not know well. Closeness is won over time, and trust is implicit when gained.


The truth to it is, I have this implicit urge to trust people. I really truely want to. So, given a chance, my manners can be very warm and welcoming, and love to confide in those I can trust. Ever since I could remember I've been peering at the world from behind a book. This natural caution came in handy, since when I was seven my father, Jaman Asynja, moved to Tar Valon from Dorlan, the small town I was born in. There he opened an inn with his brother-in-law, Almend Odenil, since Dorlan was really too small for an inn of any substance to prosper. They christened their inn "The Sliver Loon." Tar Valon is where my memory starts, and where it ends


My childhood was nothing out of the ordinary. I was the only child in my family, and we, my father, mother, and myself, lived on the main floor of the inn. Mother, respectably Delain Asynja, was a happy woman. I really can't think of any other way to describe her. She constantly smiled as she oversaw the cooking and more domestic aspects of running the inn. Mother was a haven for small cuts and bad dreams, a place for warm tea and comfort. Father was big and burly, and usually had a small book about him somewhere. His passion for the written word sparked my obsession for reading. This addiction made mother worried, as she seemed to think it made me reclusive. Father always told her not to worry, and his little 'chalinda', as he called me, would be no worse I had what they called the spark, for channeling. for the knowledge.


Living in Tar Valon unless you are blind you know an Aes Sedai when you see one. I grew up watching the ageless women carry on through the front window of the inn's dinning room while I was supposed to be washing tables. My path didn’t cross an Aes Sedai’s for the duration of my childhood. As I got older, the years seemed to catch up with mother. She slowly became sick with city living, and began to miss the country around Dorlan where she had grown up. By this time I was sixteen, and I hardly had a single memory of this place. All I knew of Dorlan was that it held two elder cousins. Both of who were my uncle Almend's children, Jaren and Leya. They lived on farms with their families and preferred that to living in Tar Valon surrounded by Aes Sedai, even though it held their father. The Silver Loon had been doing splendidly, so as mother's hints at going back to Dorlan got less and less subtle and her health slipped quietly, father came to the conclusion that it would do no harm to visit our cousins and see the country.


I had been confined to a city since age seven; both mother and father seemed to think it was time for me to spend some time in fresh country air. At first our visit to Dorlan went along very pleasantly. We stayed at Jaren's house with his wife Nerrine and their two younger children, Adelin and Hurin. We had been there for one month, and while mother did seem happier, her health was not improving. Then... things happened fast. One day I was out with the children, playing Trick and Catch in a field on the skirts of their farm. We stayed for hours, just enjoying the sun and welcoming the break from chores. When we finally came back to the farmhouse, we walked into an utterly quiet house. Not sure if anyone was there, I went to the loft to see if anyone was upstairs. I found my cousin sitting beside my mother's bed, holding her aunt's hand. Father and Jaren had left in a hurry to get the wisdom from town.


Mother had collapsed in the kitchen, while she and Nerrine were baking. No one could guess why... they had tried anything and everything to rise her. She had a fever, but was deathly limp. Father and Jaren had carried her upstairs before they left. Mother died before they returned with the wisdom. Father was so beside himself he could barely think the next week. We buried her in the country she loved, and left for Tar Valon the next day. We never went back to Dorlan. Father resumed his care for the Silver Loon with a diligence I'd never seen. When ever he wasn’t working his head was more and more in his books. By now I was seventeen, and the responsibility of the inn was falling more and more into my hands. I welcomed the work as an escape from my mother’s sudden death and my father’s broken spirit.


One day a woman staying at our inn became very sick. She was supposedly visiting Tar Valon on nondescript "business." Apparently her business was of importance, because as her condition progressed a sister of the Yellow Ajah was sent for. The beautiful Domani sister who came to see the woman wore a thin dress of yellow silk and moved with a serpent’s grace, her face was friendly though, and I must say she was impressive. One does not often see an Aes Sedai in your own inn's dinning room. I was the lady of the inn now, and though I was a bit intimidated by the woman in rich silk, I was admittedly quite intrigued. I lead her up to the well-furnished room our sick guest was staying in. I stood outside as she worked, admittedly more comfortable with the door between myself and the work she was doing. Not that I was so much afraid of these powerful women and their work, but I had been raised with the understanding that though I lived in a city dominated by Aes Sedai, our lives were our lives.


Tar Valone residents in stubborn silence will never admitt that the sisters run their lives. She emerged and replied that the woman would be well soon to my questioning, and asked me if there was some where she could go privately to have a cup of tea. A bit shaken, I quickly remembered to show respect, and showed her to a comfortable private dinning room. As I turned to leave her, saying I would send a girl with tea, she requested, well, it was more a demand than request, that I bring back two cups of tea myself. I started a bit, but did as she asked.


I made quick work over getting tea, afraid of making the sister angry, and in no little way curious as to why she wanted two cups of tea. . . . Surely she did not expect me to drink tea with her, did she? Uncertainty settled over me. Tea with an Aes Sedai. A woman who’s words held the power to crush, woman who’s job was to run the world. . .


I returned with the tea and at the sister’s request sat across from her at the room’s small table. I sat quietly stirring my tea, completely unsure of why I was there. Then the Aes Sedai started to speak . . . She started speaking of the One Power. Just generally, telling me what it was. The female half of the source that turns the Wheel of Time. The very power used by the creator. What she then told me turned my world upside-down. According to this beautiful powerful woman I had what they called the spark for channeling. I stared at her with my mouth clenched shut in disbelief as she explained to me that I had been born with the ability to learn how to channel. I didn’t know what to say. I’m sure my face spoke confusion and denial.


I certainly could never channeled! I stood up suddenly... I thought briefly of running through the door and leaving, hiding from what this woman was telling me. . . Images of Warders and women with shawls draped over them raced through my head, blurred, half frightening, half irresistibly foreign and beautiful. I paced around the room, and as she continued in her calm smooth voice I sat down again, and listened. That very day I left for the Tower. Telling father was strange indeed. But, he seemed so far removed. His face barely twitched when I told him I was leaving. “Where to?” he asked, but he sounded distracted. “The White Tower,” I managed after gulping. He looked at me for a second, and for the first time since mother’s death he looked like himself again.


My father who called me his chalinda and always had a new book for me. But only for a moment. His blank expression that had become so common returned to him, and he bid me go with the Light’s blessing. I still can’t believe that is where I am, the White Tower. But I have answers to find, and my life to start. It seems like I’ve always known I wouldn’t tend the Silver Loon forever. My life held little for me when I was living it, now it seems fadding memories already.


The yellow sister lead me through the city in fading light that evening. To the sparkling White Tower who’s shadow I had grown up in. As we reached the entrace way the sister’s eyes locked onto a sister in a white shawl walking through the hall. “Sister, today I stumbled across this girl in my work. I have pressing business, if you wouldn’t mind, could you show her to th Mistress of Novices, light knows these coridors would have her in the Warder’s quarters before she would reach her.” This... Mistress of Novices? Warders? Light preserve me, this was to be my life. I settled it in with a firm determination. Nothing could shake this conviction from me. Answers and a new life, were the gifts the White Tower held for me. My old life became memories I was determined would not trouble me. Now was all.



Myrrian Fiedlar



Myrrian Fiedlar

name: Myrrian Fiedlar

age: 21

origin: Bandar Eban

height: 5' 7"

Weight: 130 lbs.

Hair: light brown

Eyes: jade

Skin: fair


Loves to read and play the flute (at the same time, no less). Myrria is fairly shy, and not very strong (both of which her father considers a humiliating disgrace). Many is the man that has commented on her beauty. She is well educated, and reads many books a year.


FAMILY HISTORY: Siblings: two brothers. Names: Cyan (23, deceased) and Sabin (19). Parents: Cid and Alexis. Cid and Sabin are currently enrolled in the army. Alexis is a weaver.


Alexis and her only daughter, Myrria, are very close. Myrria was going to follow her mother in the art of weaving, but Cyan's death changed all that. Cid, Sabin and Cyan were also close to each other, all three being in the army. Alexis adored Myrria, but Cid considered her a blemish on the family's name.


JOURNEY TO THE TOWER: Cid and Cyan were seriously wounded on the battlefield. Alexis, Sabin and Myrria journeyed to Tar Valon seeking help. Cid was healed, but it was too late for Cyan. The shock of Healing is believed to be his actual cause of death. While there, it was revealed to Myrria that she could, in time, harness the One Power. She always wanted to be a warrior, but was restricted by her gender. She feels that the One Power could do the work of a hundred soldiers, and hopes to someday fight along side her brother and father, and finally prove her worth.



Ria Musume


Ria Musume

Ría was born to a very unloving family in Tear. Her father died in the Aiel War at which time her mother barely shed a tear before becoming lovers with her uncle, a powerful lord. Ría loved her father very dearly and despised her uncle, and hated the new living arrangements with all her heart. She had 3 (male) cousins who treated her like garbage. “Ría take clean my room” was the nicest thing that came out of their mouths. She was given a room right next to the servants’ quarters; her mother said it was for the view, but she knew otherwise – why would she be forced to do chores when they lived in a lord’s mansion?


Her cousins were always trying to pick fights with her, so she spent a lot of time peace talking and studying in the library, even for a lord’s library it was huge. She really enjoyed learning and once she’d finished all the books, she began to take lessons from the boy’s tutor. She learned all about the world beyond the books, but perhaps, more importantly, the Aes Sedai. All three of her cousins joined the Children of the Light. It only took a few minutes for her mother and uncle to blame that on her. She was heart broken. She hated both of them more, but she couldn’t bring herself to yell at them. She considered fighting unjust. Feeling terribly saddened, Ría decided that there was nothing she could do but leave her parents and her house, hopefully to find a better life somewhere else in this world.


On her way she stayed in several small towns. At one she met a lady on horseback, on second look she had an ageless face and a ring of a serpent biting its own tail. Aes Sedai. She wasn’t scared of her, nor did she try to avoid her. She was forced to stay in the town a bit longer because Londres, her horse and best friend in the world, had hurt his foot. One night at the inn, she was crying in her bed when she started to remember the tales she’d been told of Aes Sedai. Froten, the tutor, told her once that the White Tower offered sanctuary from ones problems.


The day she was to leave the town the Aes Sedai came to introduce herself. Ría was stunned to hear her tell of the spark. The Aes Sedai told her she could – or had to by her tone – be come a Novice at the White Tower.



Shaerlene Kleember


Shaerlene Kleember

Shaerlene Kleember was born and raised in the heart of Caemlyn. Her father was an influential banker in the city and she should have grown up as a high-class lady being married off to some rich merchant’s son or the son of a lesser noble. But Shaerlene was not born with good fate on her side. She was the second born of a set of twins. The only children of Tabian and Merthe Kleember, Shaerlene not only took second place at birth but throughout her entire life. Her brother, Mikeal, was born sickly and a cripple. So, Merthe spent every waking moment and the twins’ entire lives around the boy. The house was kept emaculate and silent. It was like living in a sterile tomb. Shaerlene grew up in fear of making mistakes, being too loud or making messes. She quickly grew into a shy, timid child who stayed out of people’s way.


Part of her obsession to hide found her looking for newer places to hide. When the normal places, under beds, behind doors, under blankets, etc, seized to be good enough. She looked towards new heights, literally. By the time the girl was 8, she was climbing rooftops and living on top of the world. Oh she still was in her bed each night, but often would crawl out the window and shimmy to the top to sleep beneath the stars no matter the weather. That was where she was safest.


At the age of 10, she met up with a band of young rogues. She knew most of the city like the back of her hand, but at an entire different prospective then anyone else. They started to train her and with her great agility she became good very quickly. By the time she passed her 14th name day, she had even earned the name Darlene of the Night. She had helped her band to a small fortune even by stealing from her own father.


Although she had done so much for her band, her fear of disappointing or causing trouble never let her get close with them. She was her own person staying away from as many as possible living in the shadows, returning home less and less as her parents never noticed anyway.


It was on the eve of her 15th name day when she had heard of a shipment of jewels coming into the city. Making all the necessary plans she decided this heist was too risky to involve others and went alone. Jumping from building to building she made her way there and into the room only to find it was a trap set specifically for her.


She was hauled off to the palace and sat in a stinking vile cell for nearly a week before it was time for her trial. Terror never once left her. She hadn’t heard from her parents and the fear had kept her from nearly breathing for a week let alone eating or drinking much more then to keep the worst of the thirst away. By the time they came for her she was as weak as a newborn kitten. They nearly had to carry her from the prisons to the trial hall.


She was brought before the Queen to be tried. As she made her timid curtsey on shaky knees, she watched as a woman draped in a green shawl leaned over and whispered something in the Queen’s ear before the trial started. The man stepped forward to begin the trial then but before he could speak the Queen raised her hand and spoke, “The girl’s sentence has already been declared by the Light. She will be sent to Tar Valon tomorrow. She will be going to the White Tower.”



Sierra al'Diete



Sierraphina-bridalynn Al'Diete

My name is Sierraphina-bridalynn Al'Diete, though I just go by Sierra. I am the only daughter of a minor Andoran noble and lived with my father and brother in Caemlyn prior to coming to the tower.


About 5'5", weighing 115 lbs, I'm slim, though muscular, with rather broad shoulders. My long hair is medium brown with a light, reddish-gold tint, and flows down, to about my mid-thigh, length-wise, and is most often kept in one or two slender, simple braids except for when I just leave it down. My eyes are brown and green, and I get sun-freckles on my nose during summer, and also have a slightly-dimpled smile that I really hate, because everyone says that it makes me look younger, and 'cute.'


I have a twin brother, and though I am technically the elder, he is spoiled rotten by our father, who lets him get away with everything! Oftentimes, I wish that I had been born a boy too. I'm the better rider AND archer! My brother's okay though. Father tried bringing me up 'properly' after my mother died, and soon became too controlling in my life. I ran off from home after learning that my father intended for me to marry Jerald, an uncouth little lout of a lordling with a big inheritance wavering over the failing health of his uncle, his only living relative. I had been unfortunately plagued with knowing Jerald for most of my life. Luckily, my brother shared similar feelings, and helped arrange a ride toward Arafel with a familliar, well-to-do merchant who once knew my mother well.


Verandai, the merchant's wife, spared me some money after dropping me off in one of the bridge towns of Tar Valon, she said it would be a shame to miss seeing the city while they went to their business, so I set off, wandering around the bridgetown. I stopped to buy a honeycomb from a stocky street vendor, and eventually found myself across a bridge, and in the city of Tar Valon itself, staring up at the amazingly beautiful Ogier masonry in the foreground of the White Tower itself. I backed up, balancing on tip-toe, to get a better look and turned apolagetically as I bumped into someone behind me. My eyes widened a bitas I looked up, and me knees bent in a practiced, though shallow, curtsy.


I had seen the Queen's advisor in the Andoran palace, if at a distance, and knew something about the ageless faces of Aes Sedai, and saw just that right in front of my face. I was dragged to the tower, scared half to death, and found myself in a white dress before realizing that the Aes Sedai had been so blunt and rude because she mistook me for a runaway from the tower. I guess I became more of a runaway to the tower. Everything happened in a blur, and I can't even remember how I reacted when the Aes Sedai, in all her ice-cool serenity, told me that I could channel the One Power. I was as giddy as, well..., any of my fellow novices when they too first learned that they could channel.


I had to adjust to life in the tower, and soon found my place along with the other pure-white dresses dashing up and down the halls. On the outside, I'm very quiet and shy- quite the introvet. I'm often seen with my nose in a book, walking down the hallways, easily avoiding obstacles and curtsying respectfully to Aes Sedai I pass by, all at a promptly brisk walk, without skipping a beat, or a sentence either. I adore reading, especially prophecies, myths, and adventure stories- I've read the Travels of Jain Farstrider seven times! With friends though, I'm quite the extrovert, and rather outgoing. My clashing personalities throw people off from tuning in to my true nature, and so most people find me difficult to understand and even see me as rather aloof. I'm really deep and philosophical, though happy being creative and artistic, or just being surrounded by nature in general. Because of my extremely sensitive nature, I easily become depressed and self-pitying over both real and imagined slights.


My reserve and sensitivity in public bring aloneness and friction in my life, regularly resulting in a depleated energy level, and mild skin irritations on my hands and forearms. But, generally, I'm a pretty happy-go-lucky novice, ready to do anything to become Accepted. I most often display the height of my excitement, entusasm, and all around jovial gaity by skipping down secluded hallways laughing or humming up beat tunes along with the best of my friends.



Sirena Taliba



Sirena Taliba

Sirena Taliba is the daughter of a shopkeeper in Baerlon, Andor. When she was 10, an Aes Sedai came through, and stopped at her father’s shop. Sirena talked to her, and decided that she wanted to be Aes Sedai. Her father did not approve. She started to talk to merchants on their way to Tar Valon, and they told her stories of the city, cementing her desire to go there. When she was 17, she ran away from home, and convinced some merchants to take her to Tar Valon. In exchange for her passage, she kept their legers until they reached Tar Valon. When she reached the city, she went strait to the White Tower and asked to be tested.


Sirena has brown hair and eyes. She is medium tall, for a woman. She keeps her long hair in an untidy braid, and hacks it off whenever it gets too long. She has a distinct tendency to daydream, but she is determined to become Aes Sedai, so she does her best not to drift off during class. She is an avid reader, and is seldom seen without a book somewhere about her person, and she grabs every spare moment she has to read. She has tried walking and reading, but she ran into people and things and had to give that up as hopeless. She has made a rough bag for the specific purpose of carrying books. She also made another one to carry note-taking material.



Zara Ravenwood



Zara Ravenwood

Origin: Tarbon



Bramble is a slender girl with light hair tightly braided with strung with blue glass beads, and seasonally a crown of lavender. (She always wares the beads won't take them of if you promised her the moon.) Her eyes are the darkest black. And her face like all taboner's is covered by a sheer vail.


Her eyes are gray green and she stands about 5'3. In addition to her hair beads she always were a string of copper ones around her neck, and her glasses. (Bramble is nearsighted but not to such an extend that it impairs her life- though she can't see more then a few feet in front of her clearly with out her glasses)


Age: Barely 15




Bramble's family on her fathers side were merchants. Her mother was a well to do Miller.(This is only important because it explains why she has such a rural name.) At the Age of twelve she when to work in the fathers bissnes.


Over the years several girls in her family have fallen pray to a wasting sickness. Most die screaming. Bramble was the first in three generations to exhibit the systems of this "Disease," during a trip to the North East to work out an agreement with a Ruby Merchant in the borderlands. Early systems- giddiness ,dizziness and fervor. It was Bramble's Grandmother who recognized the warning systems. Bramble's was an only child and her parents were very over protective. Since they were they were all ready in Kandor , Brambles mother, "persuaded" everyone to head for Tar Valon, where they took her to the Tower of Healing. Only there did they learn that she was not ill- but that she was touching the True source. There arrival was quite timely. Infect they were informed thathad the postponed there journey by even one month-Bramble. would have been beyond help.


Other: Bramble is very curious always reading. She has even tried to teach her self The Old Tongue. (Just a few words picked up from her travels, a Two Rivers Farmer told her that "Al" means "son of". A Gleeman that "Aes Sedi" originally meant "Servant Of All". Certainty not enough to make or translate a sentence. But a enough to wet her appetite. She wants to eventually learn Ogier well.


She also enjoys sing and dancing- however dispute this fact she ****horribly*** clumsy. She is an awful cook, and a terrible seamstress. She's quite skilled at keeping accounts. She loves Calligraphy, wants to learn Illumination (the Writing not the Fire works. ) She also has an unusual fondness for waterfalls.



Ziona Lamare



Ziona Lamare

Name: Ziona La'mare

Age: 16


Born in Saldaea to a noble, Ziona has lived a fairly easy life. She did not have to do chores, she got pretty much whatever she wanted, and was never bossed around by anyone. She was born beautiful, and men tend to fawn over her, but she is very discriminant against who she dates, and has only held one boyfriend. She is of average height, has beautiful long blond-red hair and very light blue eyes. She has a very shapely body, and is of average weight, though much of it is muscle she has gained through fighting. Born with great intelligence and a curiosity unmatched by even a brown sister, she has lived most of her life with her head in the books, and when it was not in books it was in the clouds. Always eager for an adventure she would often sneak out with her brothers to go near the blight and hope to fight some beasts.


She often got in severe trouble for doing this, but she did not stop doing it, in fact the challenge of not getting caught urged her on to try even more. She always seeks a worthy challenge, always trying to push herself to the limit, and she will never back down from a challenge, but will always object to doing anything that she did not want to do. After her refusal to stop going near the blight her father hired an instructor for her to learn some weapons. She also became a very skillful manipulator during these trips as she often had to convince the guards to let her out. She tends to use her looks to manipulate men.


But her entire life changed one day when an aes Sedai visited her father's palace. she had always dreamed of being an aes Sedai, and had been planning to sneak off to Tar Valon within the year. When the Aes Sedai came she immediately went to meet the Gray sister. When the Aes Sedai told her that she could channel she was elated. Though her father and mother were reluctant, they gave her money, kissed her goodbye, and sent her on her way to Tar Valon. And so her true story begins.....


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