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Hello friends.


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I've been a member and a lurker here for a long time and never introduced myself. It's awesome to have so many people to discuss and debate with. I think this is the best source for WOT on the internet. The staff seems to be great and knowledgeable and doesn't allow the horsesh!t that goes on with other sites. It's also great that they have the connections with Jordan, Harriet, and Brandon.

I'm looking forward to the end of the books.

I am 41 years old and have been reading and waiting for over HALF MY LIFE for the last book and the last battle! The main life lesson I've learned from Whee of Time is that after Memory of Light (And A Song of Ice and Fire) I will never read another series until it's finished. I've discovered I'm impatient and want to read the whole story without waiting YEARS between books.

I love the Wheel of Time and it's without a doubt my favorite book series of all time. Everyone who claims to like Fantasy should read these.

May you all find shade and water. Peace favor your swords.

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hey bigdoug im lolguy and wow half your life waiting for the end of one of the (in my point of view) best series. <.< half your life is older than me by about 5 years >.> anyway i hope you enjoy your time here and dont be afraid to join the social groups, and the discussions are always fun.

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