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Welcome Bellygod!


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Welcome to the BT Bellygod!!!


I am a Storm Leader of the Light, so if you have any questions, feel free to contact me or one of the other staff members rollin' round and we will get back to you wif answers... >.> :smile:


So, tell us about yourself! What do you do as a bellygod? :biggrin:

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Well ok about me.


I work in IT as a configuration analyst.


I play lots of Videogames in my spare time.


I started reading The Wheel of Time back in 1994 and have re-read it about six times.


I was a member of Dragon Mount over ten yers ago but kinda fell away.


Anything else you guys want to know please let me know and get in touch!

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this tower is twisty and turny, built on spam and madness and... spam. games. more spam. and points. good gracious, we loves our points.


first thing you should do, is find the role call pinned near the top of the page, and sign in - you'll want to do that every month to remain an active member. also look for the code of conduct up there and sign off on it.


role call will give you 10 points, btw, and signing up as a new member gave you 10 points.


the significance of those will become more clear as the taint wroms its way into your mind, but.... for now... just know... they're shiny and good.


you have access to our public board right now, and you should peek into every thread, and post where you like. as the mood hits you. the only ones you'll want to avoid spamming are usually pinned threads that will advise you of their non-spamminess right up front. as for the others - post like your life depends on it and you'll acclimate beautifully.


best way to get to know people and things here is to jump right in.


in a few days, maybe sooner, more boards will become visible to you, and.... then it will really be too late for second thoughts :myrddraal:


there's a lot more to explain, but i'll leave it to someone more lucid.


i don't want to overwhelm you. i well remember the days when nothing here made sense. and... tbh, that never entirely passes...


anything specific you want to know, just holler. we're a generally helpful and generally friendly bunch :). barring mood swings and attacks of madness.

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Yerrr there are two factions, teh Shadow and te Light, and i'm sure other more knowledgeable people will be veri happy to tell you all about them and persuade you why their faction is better. But don't bee fooled. The Shadow is all :nods: :myrddraal:

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There are Light and Shadow.


Once you have been through the Intro to Saidin class and gotten enough points to become a Soldier, you can choose a faction if you wish. It's not required, but there are definitely good things about joining a faction.


As you get to know your fellow madhouse inhabitants, you will probably get a feel for the ones that you "fit" with best. :smile:

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Welcome to the Black Tower, Bellygod! Hehe, got any relation to the Fir Bolg? Kidding :tongue:.


I am sure everyone else already told you the wonderful frivolities you can do here. I am the Faction Leader of the Light, aka Logain, so if you have any questions at all, though, feel free to throw me a pm and I will do what I can to help.


Enjoy your stay in the madhouse :happy:!

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