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Hello Wheel fans!


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Hey there Siggi! It's great to see someone from so far north on here :)

How were you introduced to the WoT, and in which language do you read it?


Please have a look around the boards - there are discussion areas (both for the books and in general), social groups, and a whole role playing section. Feel free to ask questions here, or anywhere you land up :)

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Sorry for the late reply!

@kari - Yeah its getting pretty cold out here!

@cuddly Elaida, I got introduced to WoT by my father when he noticed I was hooked on Lotr and the Drizzt novels. From there it was no turning back! and they are only out in English here, its not that big in Iceland :/

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I like to read books in English, it comes straight from the author and dialog isnt changed in translation, so yes!

And compare WoT to LotR, ahh, thats a hard one! WoT is alot larger universe and we have had alot more characters and personal development in Wot.

LotR is your basic Good Vs. Evil, and in my opinion the starting ground for most fantasy novels/series in the world today. But since WoT is "bigger" I have to chose the Wheel!


What is your take on the subject? And do you guys recommend more series?

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Well I like LotR and yes it was the start of modern fantasy (and hey, Tolkien comes from South Africa, where I'm from heheheh) but I'm a total WoT fanatic.


Some other series that I particularly enjoy are the Pern series and the Pegasus series by Anne McCaffrey - I enjoy them particularly because their "magic" seems just as plausible as WoT's does.

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