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Character Perspectives

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Hi guys,


This is my first-ever post, so hello! I'm a big WoT fan (been reading them since book one, many years ago), and like many of you I am beside myself with anticipation for A Memory of Light.


My question, which has likely been answered before (but I lacked the motivation to comb the forums) is as follows:


Has anyone compiled character-specific perspectives that arc the series? Meaning, has anyone compiled all the Rand-perspective chapters from start to the current finish, or Mat, or Perrin, or Nynaeve, or...?


The reason I ask is that I'm going to re-read the books, but I'd frankly like to skip much of the less important, random Aes Sedai chapters that bogged down books #7-10. And, it'd be neat to track all their thoughts in an unbroken fashion for once.


Thanks guys!

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I haven't marked out exact times, but I've done this with the audiobooks. I use http://www.encyclopaedia-wot.org/ as a reference. At the bottom of each book summary, plot threads marked by chapter. It makes it very easy to build a compilation of chapters that contain the plot thread you are following. Of course, sometimes there are multiple plot threads sharing the same chapter, and it's not always the same character view, but it's enough information shorten your work considerably.


Then again, don't get stuck doing this, as you may miss out on major plot points. Because of this, I tend to miss scenes regarding the Forsaken, or other minor characters. These scenes quite often contain plot gems.

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Thanks, Clouded. I'll check that out.


The main reason I consider doing this is that I don't think that between work, wife, and a newborn kid, I'll have enough time to plow through thirteen books in their entirety. I'd like to catch up as much as possible on the main characters before January 8 hits. Hopefully those other "plot gems" can be refreshed (for the most part) through the main plot lines. And, of course, I have these forums to fill the gaps.

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I had made a list of these way back in the day on Stonedog's Forum, and they even archived it. It was only up through Crossroads of Twilight and I can't find it anymore though... :rolleyes:


What I can do is direct you to Theoryland's similar (and much improved from mine) list of the POV's. http://www.theorylan...hread.php?t=368


Encyclopaedia WoT's plot thread graphs are also very helpful for following multi-character threads, as Clouded mentioned.

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Honestly, I would definitely not recommend skipping the "minor Aes Sedai" scenes, or those from other minor characters. I find them usually (but not always) refreshing because they give us different perspectives and often reveal things not known to the reader from the perspectives of the main characters. In particular, those "minor character POVs" include some from the Forsaken, so we get a glimpse of their goings-on, and I like that.

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