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  1. Thanks, Clouded. I'll check that out. The main reason I consider doing this is that I don't think that between work, wife, and a newborn kid, I'll have enough time to plow through thirteen books in their entirety. I'd like to catch up as much as possible on the main characters before January 8 hits. Hopefully those other "plot gems" can be refreshed (for the most part) through the main plot lines. And, of course, I have these forums to fill the gaps.
  2. Hi guys, This is my first-ever post, so hello! I'm a big WoT fan (been reading them since book one, many years ago), and like many of you I am beside myself with anticipation for A Memory of Light. My question, which has likely been answered before (but I lacked the motivation to comb the forums) is as follows: Has anyone compiled character-specific perspectives that arc the series? Meaning, has anyone compiled all the Rand-perspective chapters from start to the current finish, or Mat, or Perrin, or Nynaeve, or...? The reason I ask is that I'm going to re-read the books, but I'd frankly like to skip much of the less important, random Aes Sedai chapters that bogged down books #7-10. And, it'd be neat to track all their thoughts in an unbroken fashion for once. Thanks guys!
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