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Greetings and salutations! Glad you've joined us, Stephenson!


If you haven't gotten through all of the currently released books yet, I would like to caution you that the General Wheel of Time Discussion forum is NOT spoiler free... in fact, the thread titles alone may spoil you on some events without even reading the threads. The Structured WoT discussion section has book-by-book threads you can hop in to that should be spoiler-safe, but if you don't want to have future events revealed to you before you read them, be really careful where you go for a while.


While you're poking around the site, don't miss the Social Community section -- there are great times to be had and fabulous people to get to know there. Plus you can discuss other books, TV shows, video games, debate political and current events topics, and play lots of games. Each of the Social Groups has a bit of a different focus and a different atmosphere, and you're welcome to join as many as you like, so feel free to dive right in as you see fit. :smile:


Any questions, definitely make sure to ask us... there are a lot of helpful sorts who frequent this forum, and we'll make sure you get your answers.


Have fun!

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hey Stephenson!! Im Dice.


Tress is absolutely rii rii rii (feels like the Fonz trying to say eh is wrong) not incorrect the Social Orgs (yes tress i still call them orgs) are a great place to check out!!


Tress and I are both at the Black tower...you wanna channel Saidin? Wanna Spam? BT is for you!


Im also in the Band...you like Horses? Im a Cavalry sarmation Knight I get to ride a warhorse AND kick butt!


Nature or wolf lover? try the Wolfkin!


but a couple of questions for ya! who's ure fav character? Whats ure all time fav scene and why? oh and for safetys sake just HOW far did u get the first time u tried the series?

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Well let's see if I can answer your questions here! :D Fav character at the moment is Perrin, fav scene so far this second time around is Rand and Ba'alzamon at the end of the first book (don't want to create my own spoilers here, but you know the bit I mean!) and I think the first time around I got to the fifth book... I think...


Oh and thanks for the welcome!

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