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The other half of the band

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Is this a spoiler? Where are the other half of the band of the red hand? The half led by torean and daerid?


Torean is from Tear and has no connection to the Band. As for Daerid and Estean there were left by Talmanes in Murandy with orders to move north into Andor. They were connected back with the overall group when Mat arrived.

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Nice question, as Mat should have used his agreement with Elayne to try and unite the Band. The Kin could have located them easily and Traveled them to Caemlyn; unless Mat intentionally left them out of the Andor mess for a purpose.


Estean is Torean's son; and he is leading the "other half" of the Band. He is a veteran of the Cairhien siege, and has been with the Band from the start. A good soldier; but not a good commander.

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