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hey there


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Only just discovered Dragonmount, after finishing the latest book a few weeks ago. Started this series years ago as a 13 year old wandering the library bookshelves - and have been a loyal (if somewhat lazy) follower of Rand is sometime-merry, oft-quirky band ever since.

This is also the first forum/thread/post-thing that I've ever done, so if I've misplaced to mistyped, excuse me.

Excited to dweeb out here with all y'all!

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Welcome Stark! Glad you've tracked us down, we're happy to have you join our merry band of WoT fans!


As Dice so eloquently put it *cough*, be sure to check out the Social Community section - I took about a year to venture into that area, and I missed out on a lot of fun and some good friends. Even Dice :wink:. Each of the Social Groups has a big of a different focus and a different atmosphere, and you're welcome to join as many as suit you.


Feel free to ask us any questions you may have, there's always someone stopping by who will try to point you in the right direction.


Most of all, have fun!

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even dice?? is overcome by emotion waits ok im good now :rolleyes:


it all depends on what you like to do The BT has a lot of Spam but also a lot of role playing not like the RP boards but u get to act evil (like tress) or act good (like ummm tress who's good there???) AND you get to bask in the Taint and use Saidin!!


the band is about music and traveling the wild things are at the wolfkin and so on

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Welcome, Stark! :biggrin: Do you like ASoIaF too? Asking because of your username lol - Go Team Stark! :P


Awesome that you've joined us here, I remember I was real nervous of this forum stuff before I joined :rolleyes: But it turns out I've had loads of fun on here and made many great friends.


Ooo yesh you must definitely visit us (and maybe even join!!) us over in the Social Groups! :D Come jump right in!

Are you most interested in the Discussion of the books and stuff? In case you haven't seen, there's a whole (lot of) boards on here dedicated to the original Wheel of Time series, whilst the Social Groups are mainly fun and awesomeness :D

Do you like writing, maybe even acting out a self-made character in the WoT world? There's also the RP (roleplaying) group on the lower boards, which I'm also a member of - if you're interested and have any questions I'm most happy to help out!


See you round Stark! :biggrin:

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