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Did you hear about the Red and her Warder who rode into Far Madding?


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Who knew that one needed to know the place you were Travelling from? Or that it took several hours at least to "learn" a place? Absolutely everyone, according to her Bonded. Larindhra sniffed and pulled her horse after her as she strode through the silvery opening. To the precise place where she's asked that he open the Gateway. She gritted her teeth and thanked him. Politely.


She was already rifling through her saddlebags when he stepped through and closed the Gateway. "Wear this - it's a Warder cloak." The Mistress of Novices had access to all the Angreal, Sa'angreal and Ter'angreal. Who was to know what she did with it before putting it back after teaching a class? Even years ago, Larindhra had believed in preparing for any situation.


"Turn around and don't peek! I'm going to change my clothing." She made sure he'd complied before stripping off her red satin dress and replacing it with a suitably rumpled looking plain brown woolen one. Her red-fringed shawl was carefully folded and followed the red dress into the bottom of the bag. It was replaced with a very basic brown shawl. She drew out the pins that kept her hair in it's customary bun, and shook her long, dark hair loose. A weave of Fire, Earth and Air turned the dead straight hair into loose curls, completing the transformation from tidy, fastidious Red Sitter into what would look like a typical Brown, to anyone who knew Aes Sedai even slightly.


She regarded Geirrin thoughtfully. How much to tell him? She pondered the matter as she mounted her horse and led the way out of the copse.



Larindhra Reyne

Red Sitter

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Geirrin stared at the warder cloak as if it were the strangest thing he had ever seen. As if Larindhra had just pulled a tinker out of her saddle bags. He inspected the thing with a look of disdain. Geirrin spent most of his life as a sailor prior to going to the black tower and sailors didn't wear cloaks, they simply got in the way. Dutifully he put the thing on then looked down and a feeling of disbelief overcame him. He had seen a great many wonders at the farm yet this seemed beyond compare. How under the light did someone make a cloak like this. Geirrin spun in a circle like a young girl in a new dress, perhaps he could get use to this.


After a few minutes passed Geirrin looked at Larindhra for the first time since being handed the cloak. His study of the cloak was so intense that he was surprised to see that the red had changed her clothes. Light .... even her hair was different. How under the light had she maanged that and when? It must be some trick of the power he assumed.


Geirrin mounted with a little difficulty due to never having done so with a cloak. He rode alongside Larindhra as she led them from the copse of trees occasionally looking down at the cloak in amazement.


Geirrin Hale


currently as giddy as a novice on prank night

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