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Long time lurker, decided to register properly for the end of the series discussions. Used to play and help run a large Wheel of Time RP MUD back in the day (wow ~15 years ago). WOT used to take up a big part of my hobby time (used to love checking out all the theories posted on the dominant websites back then) and so I was really good at remembering all the little subplots and events in the books. Unfortunately as I got older, I found it hard to remember most things and so now I rely on the good folks in this forum and wikipedia to keep up.

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Welcome Silvaire! Glad you've de-lurked and said hello.


So tell us a bit about your WoT obsession :wink:... Who are your favorite characters? Any current theories that you're really fond of right now?


Feel free to ask any questions about the site -- we've quite a few helpful types around here who'd be happy to point you in the right direction!


~ Tress

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